I keep getting invited to download a update of important safety that will make some of my incompatible modules. I don't want to lose my Add-ons.

I love Firefox addons. Some are quite brilliant. Why then I would lose - or at least some of them - to download an important security update? It happened for about three weeks. I want to update security, but I don't want to lose any of my modules. Who has no sense - or I'm just a dumb Aussie. (Seriously, however, why would anyone want to do on the internet without FIREFOX. Loves it!)


Hi ian.rolph,

It is important to use the latest version of Firefox because of all the new features and (as noted) security updates. One of the things that makes Firefox so amazing is that it is constantly improving.

I understand your hesitation, but from 10 FF the default is to assume that an addon is compatible unless otherwise stated, while older versions to assume that add0ns were not compatible. So, you should see fewer upgrade issues. Also, given that Firefox is now on a fast release cycle addon developers will be more concerned with keeping things up-to-date. At least that's the hope!

Hope this helps!

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