I lose my apps apple makes such as numbers, pages, imovie, garageband etc after restoring backup from my iphone recently brought 6 s

I lose my apps apple makes such as numbers, pages, imovie, garageband etc after restoring backup from my iphone recently brought 6 s why? I just brought a new phone and restore from backup, but after the restoration of my new devices I don't see it.and I pick up on the app store and its application to pay... its happened... there please help me anyone... Thanks in advance

new phone iphone 6s 128 GB

iOS 9.2.3


Are you logged in using the same as before Apple ID? Under the "iTunes and App Store", you can check in the settings menu.

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    I have synced my favorites for a second PC and then deleted some of them. This resulted in the removal of these same bookmarks from my first PC. Is it possible to restore these bookmarks (for example, the House of firefox iphone app)?

    Turn off sync on the PC first, then restore a backup of bookmarks (Firefox saves 10 days of backups).


  • Some iPhone apps don't transfer after restoration at the new iPhone SE

    I got my iPhone SE today and made a backup of my 5s iPhone and when I restored the new SE from iTunes a lot of my applications didn't transfer via. Another strange thing is that a few apps is not found in the app store now even if I used them on my 5s.

    Some of the applications are for labour (US Army) in order to get them back would be great.

    iTunes does not transfer apps from your iPhone to your computer as a result of the thinning of the app. This feature, introduced with iOS 9, allows an application to take less space on your phone by downloading only what is needed for a specific model and not the entire application. To restore a new backup of the old phone, you need to have downloaded them to iTunes on your computer or on your new phone already if you want on your new phone. Unfortunately, applications that can be found is no longer on the app store is no longer available.

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    If you simply want to watch as download you them from your camera, you can simply use the default built in app Preview. He opens them - that is what I use before deciding that one has need of some 'creative' changes or anything, and then drop them into my own folder of Photos (in my documents) that I created when I decided that I did not care to iPhoto or Photos.

  • Apple does not allow me to check the status of the guarantee from my iphone

    How can I check if my iPhone 6s has a valid warranty since apple does not allow me to do?

    What do you mean that they do not check it out?

    You can check it out here: https://checkcoverage.apple.com

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    Hi viggiavu

    try the excellent SearchReset module , the add-on uninstalls after doing the "job."

    Thank you

  • When the export file .docx for .pdf on iMac functions (such as numbers, page references) are static text display - error?

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    I work with Word to Office 365 on an iMac with OS X El Capitan.

    Any help? Why is it not possible to create a good ISO pdf / a file?

    OK, in my opinion, there is a setting in Word Printing Options. It will vary with the version of Word, here's an example https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/326503

    Creation of PDF files will use a printing technology and can be affected by some of the same settings.

  • Creative Cloud App Manager will have spent blank page on Mac Yosemite after that migration cannot connect everything suggested in the forum I can find tried

    After the migration to the new iMac, signed the old Mac, can re-install on old Mac and connect you but new Mac creative Cloud menu bar icon is greyed out, window remains empty, tried everything I can find on the forums, the deleted files in ~/Library/Application Support in Adobe files and Library/Application Support changed permissions etc etc., still stuck on the empty window, if I left and try to run it asks me to download a new copy of the Application Manager, experienced countless times now without effect.

    Am on iMac 27-inch 5 K Retina Display, processor i7, 8 GB of RAM and disk fusion 3 TB, Yosemite

    After all the advice, I have found here, I solved this problem after you find some files from Adobe in the utilities subfolder of the my Applications folder and delete all the.

  • How to remove a faded from an iphone app?

    There is a faded App on my iphone that I can't remove.

    I can't find the developer on my app store or the app in my list of purshased.

    I started my phone, tried to remove the old fashion way but nada.

    Hello BlueStar345,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    If I understand correctly, you cannot delete an application from your iPhone.  Knowing the importance of keeping as much space on the phone as possible, I'll try to help.

    Just to confirm, it looks like you have tried the usual steps:

    Remove an application

    1. Press and hold the application until it stirs.
    2. Press on the in the upper left to remove.

    You may be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the app. If you see a pop-up that says, "[application name] remove will also remove all the data," press DELETE.

    If that does not remove the application, you can also tap on settings > general > storage & use iCloud > storage management.  Once there, type on the application, and then on remove App.

    Have a great day!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Will I lose my apps with a...

    update through desktop BB software?   I have just connected my phone to the desktop for the first time in a while and there is an upgrade of the OS.  If I make this update I lose all my apps?

    Thanks in advance.

    No, he's going to reinstall all your applications and data.  You will, however, may lose data in applications e3rd, such as better scores brickbreaker, etc..  This info will not be saved and restored.  Everything will be restored.  All your contacts, calendar, password keeper, etc will be backed up and restored.

  • Portfolio app Apple Watch cannot add credit card

    I have iOS 10.0.1 on my iP6s and 3.0 on my series 2. I have 4 cards in Apple pay on my IPhone. Under the portfolio app Apple Watch, everything that appears is 'Mirror my iPhone' and 'Custom '. All infrastructure pay Apple seems to be missing. I restarted the two devices.

    Any ideas?

    Looking to watch > Watch My > portfolio & Apple pay or watch > Watch My > Notifications > Wallet & Apple pay? Make sure you only select the former.

  • I have Safari 9.1, El Capitan. The changes I make in the Safari preferences are not saved after that I close the program. There is no such thing as a Library/Preferences/Safari. What should do?

    I have Safari 9.1, El Capitan. The changes I make in the Safari preferences are not saved after that I close the program. There is no such thing as a Library/Preferences/Safari. What should do?

    I think you're looking in the root folder not your home folder.   Tilde ~ in front of the first slash indicates the folder.

    Try this...

    Quit Safari.

    Open a Finder window. In the Finder menu bar, click go > go to folder

    Type or copy paste the following text:

    ~/Library/preferences/com. Apple.Safari.plist

    Click OK, and then move the com.apple.Safari.plist file to the trash.

    Restart Safari to test.

  • Unable to update Apple software such as iTunes, Safari, camera RAW via AppStore mac

    I could not update Apple software such as itunes, safari, camera RAW... etc via the mac app store.  Whenever I click on update, it will show 'installed' within seconds without actually updating the software and the same installation notification will appear again in the app store.

    I can update some of the apps manually through the apple website and download the update file. However, I wonder if there is a remedy to this problem without having to manually update each time.

    This problem is only limited to the Apple software, 3rd party applications I've downloaded from the app store can be updated without problems.

    This problem started when I Yosemite, and I've since updated to El Capitan (without a clean install) and the problem persists...

    I'd appreciate any help to solve this problem. Thanks in advance!

    Update App Store problems See Linc Davis response.

  • If I install the iCloud drive on my laptop and remove this app from my iphone due to the lack of storage, to lose all the data that I saved in there?

    If I install icloud drive in my laptop where all my important data is saved and uninstall the app from my iphone icloud drive, my data is secure?

    A couple of things...

    -If you have an Apple laptop or desktop, with a software update system, so there is no way to 'install iCloud Drive' to this topic as it is already there as a function of iCloud.

    -remove the iCloud (app) drive icon on your iPhone will do nothing.

    -If your data is already in iCloud, so rest assured, it is already safe.

  • Impossible to download or sync music from my library using the android app Apple music

    I'm unable to download or synchronize my library of Apple's music on my device Android in-app music Apple.

    I've been using music Apple on Android for a few months, but has recently shifted from a Nexus 5 to a motorcycle G4.

    I installed the Apple music app and logged as usual. When you select the my music option in the menu, the app has attempted to update my library but gave a message 'don't miss not a Beat - find your Favorites and add them to my music, then come back and enjoy them here '.

    I already have hundreds of songs in my music that I can access my desktop and access on my Nexus 5 institutions.

    I tried to add new songs from the application, but this will not happen. Neither the app let me download all the music section to browse.

    I can listen to music, but not to download and sync.

    No matter who else facing the same problem? Or someone who can suggest me a way out?

    Hey there AppleUser_4491!

    It's really nice to have your Favorites saved in the app Apple music for easy reading. If you do not check the steps described in this article: get help with music from Apple on Android - Apple Support

    Try to restart the application first:

    Restart the application

    Most of the problems solve if you leave the Apple music, then re-open it.

    To ensure that the application is completely closed and all background processes are stopped until you reopen it, follow these steps:

    1. In the home screen, tap applications.
    2. Press settings.
    3. Scroll down to Applications and press 'Application Manager'.
    4. Press Apple's music.
    5. Press Stop Force. If you see a message that says "If you force stop an application, it can lead to errors," press OK.
    6. Return to the home screen or in your applications list, then reopen the Apple music.

    Let us know how to work the steps described in the article.

    See you soon!

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