I lost all the Contacts. He said: your contact list is empty

That's all. He's contacts have disappeared. can I restore?

Thank you, Leo T


Firefox does not have email and don't have a "Contact List", it's strictly a web browser.

If you use Firefox to access your e-mail, you use "webmail". You must seek assistance from your service provider or a forum for this service.

If your problem is with Mozilla Thunderbird, please Tag this thread as being for Thunderbird in the right column of this page. This issue is currently in the queue of Firefox to get answers.

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  • Cannot send emails because I lost all the contacts on my windows live account

    Cannot send emails because I lost all the contacts on my windows live account

    Try to connect to http://people.live.com to see if your employees are there.

  • I can't open my email msn, lost all the contacts!

    On the middel of November, I was unable to log in to my MSN email I've had at least 8 years. When you try to connect, would not accept my password and leave me to my email. I made a big mistake and posted a reply on Facebook my email address who want an answer from someone who wanted to know the truth about a person I despize. Presence that I was not able to connect to my MSN email, I got a new email address and I have no e-mail address of friend and family to fill in the form to retrieve my email MSN! I did, however, read a page that says that this could possiabley get it within 24 hours! It never happened. Could Microsoft or MSN call me at (217-825-5557) and please help me. James L Roemelin

    You will find support for Windows Live Hotmail in these forums: http://windowslivehelp.com/forums.aspx?productid=1

  • How can I removed all the contacts list?

    Hello, all.

    I want to removed the entire list of contacts from my blackBerry with blackberry API.

    I wrote this...


    try {}

    List of strings [] = PIM.getInstance () .listPIMLists (PIM. CONTACT_LIST);

    BlackBerryContactList bbList = (BlackBerryContactList) PIM
    .getInstance () .openPIMList (PIM. CONTACT_LIST, PIM. READ_ONLY, list [0]);

    Enumeration enm = bbList.items ();

    While (enm.hasMoreElements ()) {}
    Contact = enm.nextElement ((Contact));

    bbList.removeContact (contact.);


    } catch (Exception e) {}

    e.printStackTrace ();



    But there "No trace of the stack" exception.

    So, what do you think, forge, can you help me with this problem.

    Thank you.

    Thanks to you all.

    I solved this problem.

    Here it is...


    try {}

    BlackBerryContactList bbList = (BlackBerryContactList) PIM
    .getInstance () .openPIMList (PIM. CONTACT_LIST, PIM. READ_WRITE);

    Enumeration enm = bbList.items ();

    While (enm.hasMoreElements ()) {}
    Contact = enm.nextElement ((Contact));

    bbList.removeContact (contact.);


    } catch (Exception e) {}

    e.printStackTrace ();



    I changed "PIM. AndI READ_WRITE"need not"[] list.

  • I lost all my contacts list when I click on any list appear how can I get my list back Please help!

    My computer is an Acer touch screen with windows 7

    There is a problem which was announced two days ago. Many users report 'lack of contacts.'.
    I suggest that report you it on the status page. If enough users that they degrade the question
    See the status for an eta on the fix page.
    You may be able to view your contacts in the mobile view.  To access that...
    1. login to your account
    2. follow this link http://profile.live.com/contacts?bfv=um.
    3. click on the word "PC site" in the bottom of the page

    If you want to return to the mobile just sign on m.mail.live.com

    If the above does not work
    Try another browser, optimize your browserand try Disabling flash plug.  He worked for some users
    Try refreshing the screen using F5 (or its equivalent)
  • Z10 blackBerry lost all phone contacts after the OS software updated

    I got an update of the software and has accepted it. After that the update was on two things that happened.

    1. my outgoing emails from my email box began to fade, before the current version of software, the emails would not go out.

    2 but disaster me stuck by deleting all the contacts in phone with the updated version.

    I tried to restore my last backup before the update of the operating system, but could not retrieve phone contacts in the restore option.

    Can someone help me to recover my phone contacts?

    Also in this link BB software, it has no option to sync contacts with outlook contacts as we could do with the previous models of BB using desktop software.

    Worried well enough. Please help me guys.

    venks009 wrote:

    Open the link and connect your Z10, soon you'll see that the Z10 connected in one of the lower link tabs and click the Z10.

    Click the left top settings (looks like a gear).

    In the left pane, you will see backup, restore, etc. Click on restore and after a minute, you should see a popup window to the files available for the restoration. At the bottom of this, you should see a link to click to restore a backup file of legacy device. Click here.

    Then choose your old backup and restore. You should be able to choose ONLY the address book.

  • Installed an update for Skype and lost all my contacts



    Since your problem is with Skype, it would be preferable to join the Skype's Forum's Support for targeted assistance.

  • Help blackBerry smartphones, I've lost all my contacts!

    OK, so I just installed new software on my Storm 9500 (Version and now I've lost all my contacts.

    As far as I know they have been stored in the Blackberry Desktop Software, how do I now restore them?


    KB10339 How to restore data from a backup file to a BlackBerry smartphone

    If you don't know where is the backup file, search your entire hard drive for a file with an extension of the RPI (*.ipd). Inspect the results - mainly date/time of the file. Select the candidate most likely and use it as a source in the above procedure.

    Good luck!

  • Hi, I have just reset my Firefox and he lost ALL the TABS at the top. Bookmarks, history, leadership, Edit and Options tabs are GONE. I don't know that I named by a r

    Hi, I have just reset my Firefox and he lost ALL the TABS at the top. Bookmarks, history, leadership, Edit and Options tabs are GONE. I don't know that I named all right, but they ARE GONE. Please tell me how to get back them. Thanks, Chris

    Edit: removed your email address from the public view, since the only thing that will attract are spambots. you will be notified by email whenever someone replies to the thread, because of a bug in the forum unfortunately with a slight delay. (philipp)

    The toolbars are still on display in your browser?

    If you still have the address bar, right click on any part that is not a text box or the icon, or if you do not like that of any space right click on the three horizontal lines on the right side of the address bar window. This should show some options, click on 'Menu Bar' and the tabs you are missing should appear.

    As a side note, usually if these options are missing, your icon of firefox in the upper left corner of the window should look different (being a rectangular button itself as opposed to an icon), and the 'file', 'Edition', 'Bookmarks', etc., are found after clicking on this button.

    Hope that helps.

  • I lost all my contacts.

    All of a sudden I lost all my contacts that have been linked to my iphone via outlook.com. And I tried to unplug the outlook account and adding one more time, but it did not work. All contacts are always available on outlook. Help, please. Thank you!

    I'm having the same problem. Woke up this morning and all my contacts from Outlook.com had left the phone is off. Add the account not the fixed not.

  • Lost all my contacts after installing iOS 9

    Downloaded the latest 9.2.1 on my iPhone & iPad iOS and lost all my contacts on both.

    If you had a backup of devices, or had contacts synchronized to a supported on the computer or in iCloud application or other service of Cloud Computing, you can get back them. Where have you looked for contacts? Have you checked to make sure that you look not just to an empty group in Contacts on the devices?

  • How can I remove and replace all THE contacts on my iPhone 6 s

    I just got a new iPhone 6s and had my contacts migrated to she an old HTC Android phone at the office of my carrier. Migration not be passed not as planned and all my contacts are screwed up. I would like to delete all contacts and replace them in the good list which is on my MacBook Pro. How is the best way to do it? FYI, I'm long (Senior) Mac user, but a smart phone for novice user. Once I get the old deleted contacts, can I do a direct link to my MacBook via USB? Or should I create an Archive of my contacts and somehow get in the cloud and download it from there? Thanks in advance for your help.

    I fixed this problem myself. Here's how I did it...

    (1) on my new iPhone 6s, I went to settings > iCloud > Contacts and turned on OFF.

    (2) then I went to my MacBook Pro > address book. In my address book on the left hand side there was a list called "ICloud all.» I selected all the contacts in this list and deleted (it has not deleted the list "on my Mac".)

    (3) I went back to my iPhone settings > iCloud and turned the "Contacts" button. Back to my phone button and selecting 'Contacts' verified that there is no left of Contacts on my iPhone.

    (4) go back to my MacBook > addressbook, I copied the 'groups' I wanted to list "all iCloud.

    (5) I did a "hard reboot" on my iPhone and Voila! -all my contacts are now on my iPhone and I could turn the groups on or off because I am pleased.

    NOTE: I could have done the same thing except in step (4) above, I could have copied 'All the Contacts' in the field 'Cloud of all', but I wanted to only certain groups on my phone.

    I hope this helps others with the same problem.

  • I lost all the contents of my files when I moved a folder to a new folder.

    I lost all the contents of my files when I moved a folder named my file which was a lot of archive folders inside subfolders to another folder named Folder1 My, who was not in the archive folders...  I have a copy of my portable hard drive on a hard disk, how can I recover the lost files from it?  I have Outlook 2010 and Windows XP Pro.


    1. What do you mean, you have a copy of the portable hard drive on a hard disk?

    2 do you mean that this means that the files that has been removed from your computer are always present in your portable hard drive? And you want to copy the files on your computer?

    Try to find if the files in the recycling bin. Also if the files are present in your computer and have not got deleted follow the link below to

    Search for files and folders in Windows XP


    It could be useful!

  • I lost all the photos, files and programs, can someone help me please?

    I did a system restore (I think) and lost all the photos, files and programs.  Can someone tell me please how do I get back them?


    Looks like your user profile has been corrupted in some way and XP connected to a new profile.  This means that when you connect, you see one of your stuff and can be also lack all the other programs you may have installed previously.

    Note that the system restore do not know or care about the personal files on your system.

    Unless there's a disaster or instead of a system restore you done a system recovery files would be still on your system somewhere - you just find them... and when you find them, you can correct what happened.  If you have made a recovery of the system instead of a system restore, then all is lost and you need to recover from a backup.

    Have you performed a search of Windows to see if you can find some of these photos and files?    For example, you could search for something like "Resume.doc" or a file name that you remember exactly to see if it is anywhere on your system and where it is.

    Why don't you get in Windows Explorer and (assuming that XP is installed on your C drive), navigate to this folder:

    C:\Documents and Settings

    Below, you will see that each user on your system has their own folder for their personal belongings.  You will see also some folders listed user that you do not recognize, but that's normal.

    Under the folder of each user, there is another folder, as "Documents of Jose" and under this 'Jose music' and «De Jose Pictures»  Dig a little and check them all to see if you can find your missing stuff.

    Just take a look in the Control Panel, add/remove programs to see if "missing" programs are still installed, but all not available when you are logged in (you don't have to 'do' something - just look at).

    Assuming that you can find your missing stuff, determine where we (which will make feel you better knowing that it is not really gone), then report back and someone can help you straighten things.

  • I lost all the games with the exception of Freecell on my computer

    I lost all the games with the exception of Freecell on my Dell 8200 Windows XP computer. I followed the guidelines to reinstall using Add/Remove Programs, Windows Components and it said: everything is fine, but the games are never as far as I can tell.


    original title: games

    I found that I had to delete the games that were not there before I could add them.

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