I love Personas, but I can't figure out how to display the part of the image that can be displayed at the bottom of the window; How can I activate this part?

Beautiful image shows the upper part of the window, where the toolbars. But the part that can be displayed at the bottom of the screen (above the taskbar (I think it's called?)) does not appear and I can't remember/find a way to work in so that it is displayed too.

"Personas" are basically dead. The name was changed to 'Lightweight thèmes' and the Mozilla seems to have lost all interest in this feature. IMO, it is corporate ADHD - build, promote, many users ignore the hook on the feature, of it do not continue to "show the love" and in two or three years 'kick on the sidewalk.

Basically, the add-on bar went in Fx29 - so there is no image at the bottom. There is an extension that restore the bar of the add-on, and it seems that it supports Personas - based on the screenshots on the page to download add-on.


Tags: Firefox

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