I'm getting a new computer and he won't get any web browser preloaded software. Can I get a CD with Firefox to install?

I have a new computer that does not have any installed web browser when I acquire. So, I can't download Firefox, say, by using Internet Explorer. Can I get a copy of Firefox on a CD and use instead.


Hello, Lars.

Although not related to your problem, I must remind you that the version of Firefox you are using right now has been deleted and is no longer supported. In addition, he has known unpatched bugs and security problems. I invite you to upgrade to the latest version of Firefox, for maximum security, stability, performance and ease of use. You can get it for free, as always, to getfirefox.com.

If you want to buy a CD of Firefox, go here. Remember that Firefox is free software, and you will pay only for the CD itself and the packages and ports. You can download Firefox from where you want, where you want, when you want, and you can share it with whoever you want, always. In my opinion, I think that you simply store the installer of Firefox in a USB key (download it from {[http://getfirefox.com| getfirefox.com], of course}) or a removable storage like this device and then reinstall it from there, the new computer.

Also and by the way, what OS will? I can't think of any modern operating system that does not have a way to download the software immediately the bat. Windows comes with Internet Explorer, or with a way to download another browser of your choice, Linux has an absolutely brilliant software Center where you can type just Firefox and it will download and install the latest version of Firefox in two clicks (he's genius really), and I think that Mac OS X should have some sort of something like that also. In addition, it comes with Safari, I think. I don't know about Solaris, Unix and other operating systems like that, so I'm just curious.

In any case, I hope this helps.

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