I'm trying to install a HP printer driver, but get a massage of error that remind me that I can not install the__driver without administrator privileges.

I am registered as an administrator and is the only user of this laptop. I did not have a password. I installed a few programs without having this problem.

This is the error message:
 This software cannot be installed using the command "run under...". ». The installation cannot continue until this is resolved.

Action required: click Cancel to exit this software installation. Sign out and then sign in as a user with administrator privileges. (Contact your system administrator for more information.) If there is no system administrator, ask the primary user of this computer installation software. Restart the installation by removing and re - insert the installation CD.
I tried to open a session as a different user, but it doesn't help either.
Can anyone help please. Thank you. I'm not a computer expert.

Try right click on the printer driver > run as admin.

See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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