I reinstalled creative cloud and Dw after having a problem with Windows 10, but they do not work after restarting my computer. It's as if they are not installed

I reinstalled creative cloud and Dw after having a problem with Windows 10 and I restored it to windows 7, but they do not work after restarting my computer. It's as if they are not installed.  I worked through all the steps without result troubleshooting.  Everyone experienced similar?


Hi Trickstar777,

Please follow the steps below:

  • Please check if you have installed browser security extensions, please disable them. (For example: AD BLOCK, Advisor to Mcafee website, toolbar of internet security etc.)
  • Disable the firewall on your machine.
  • Turn off the firewall of the security program installed on the computer Internet. (Norton 360 - disable the following in it: Surf safely, firewall, browser protection, download intelligence)

These changes are temporary you can restore these changes back to normal once your creative cloud application is in place and functioning *.

(1) uninstall Creative Cloud Desktop Manager:

Using creative cloud | Uninstall the creative cloud desktop application

(2) delete following folders: (if you do not see any folder skip this step)

C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe\OOBE

C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe\Adobe Application Manager

C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe\Creative Cloud files

C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Adobe\ MAA UPDATER and two OOBE (App data & Program Data is folder hidden please see, Show files and folders hidden in Windows 7, 8.x, 10, or Vista)

\Adobe\ DONNÉES C:\Program rename SL-STORE like SL-STORE_OLD

3 - Click on the link below and download Creative Cloud Installer file and use them to install the creative Cloud Desktop application.

Download Adobe Creative cloud apps | Free trial of Adobe CC

Let us know if that helps.

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    Hi Dawud,

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    Download tdsskiller run it, everything it found, select cure and then restart your computer. Then try again

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    I need creative Cloud for United, so before you buy it I use to the top of my 30 day trial. So far what I downloaded is creative cloud and Illustrator and every day I turn on the PC, go to launch Illustrator, and an error occurs. Every time he tells me I equal to 1. You need to reinstall Illustrator or 2. I have to download another creative cloud software. Today, I got the error 16 and was told to contact support. It's extremely frustrating because I have some chores to do on Illustrator and I have to learn this software as soon as POSSIBLE, but I spend about an hour fixing it everytime I go to use it. The tab bar, he calls a "Configuration Error".

    Uninstall creative cloud also DOES NOT WORK. It will not uninstall (program is removed, but the files remain and I can't reinstall it)

    Tasks (if necessary) PC

    10 Windows Home premium | 64 bit | 8 GB of RAM. Dual graphics cards or any.

    Hi Rhys % 20Dyson,

    Please visit the links to solve the problem and prevent it from happening again below:

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    Error 16 prevents me from working completely

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    Let us know if that helps.

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    N ° guarantee replaces the defective do not part to which you have become dissatisfied.

  • Tried to reinstall creative cloud and now getting error code 1.

    I did EVERYTHING im says do it for 2 days now. I have no more time to lose, I have clients waiting for their photos! Someone please helpppp


    Please see the below help document to fix the error:

    Error: "unable to install". Creative cloud office

    Kind regards


  • whenever I have try and download the creative cloud office it gives me error 202 or 204? Why it is not installing?

    I tried to download the desktop version of creative cloud for the office installation program, but every time I want to install it gives me code error 202 and 204? They are not on the help sites.

    Follow the procedure below:

    N ° 1)

    Navigate to C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe.

    Open file Adobe and If necessary remove file Adobe Creative Cloud.

    Impossible to remove? Rename it to Adobe Creative Cloud centenarians.

    Step 2)

    Temporarily disable anti-virus and firewall.

    If you use Anti Virus Mcafee, AVG, Notron applications... etc. Be sure to turn off their smart firewall.

    Step 3)

    (1) open Control Panel and then click on the network and Internet"" option.

    2) click on Internet options, click on the tab "connections".

    (3) in the 'Connections' tab, select 'LAN' settings, you will be able to view the LAN settings box.

    (4) check the box-"automatically detect settings" and then "uncheck" all the other boxes as "configuration Script auto use", "Use a proxy server," proxy server ", then click on the ok button."

    5) click on the "Network settings" button once again, make sure that "Automatically detect settings" is the only option you select, the window of properties of LAN so clear.

    Note: If you use Wireless/Wifi Internet connection, try with Ethernet connection.

    Then try to install Adobe Creative Cloud app again.


    Download error, installation or update of Cloud Creative applications

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    Hi steve, I managed to install in the end.  I upgraded to a hard drive more that I wanted more space and copied the image to the new drive.  FSX is not yet accept the keys during the installation.  I ran the above utilities (see blog Amritas) to clear the license keys, empty temporary folders and change the registry entry by using 'regedit' on the command line, but still his wouldn't.  In the end, I installed and uninstalled three times until I finally installed it on a partition on the drive and he finally accepted the license keys.  This was done on the original admin user account that I had problems with from the start.  I have now it works.  The utility I used was KB928080 Microsoft.   I can only suggest you keep trying or partition of your hard drive and try and install on the new partition after erasing the license keys and temp folders (see above Amrita).  I can't guarantee that it works well.  To me it's a question of licenses i.e. acceleration has been uninstalled and reinstalled many times so it will no longer accept the license keys.  Happy installing! I don't know how is it frustrating.

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    1 transitions won't load. The word loading will appear and it will not come to the top.

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    3 keeps closing on me. It will be something that comes up that says "Adobe premiere elements has stopped working and closes in the program. He does constantly.

    Please help me I don't know what's the problem with him.

    The first two numbers sound like a video driver issue.

    What is the make and model of your video/chip card?

    What is the installed video driver number and date?

    For the last number, it could be many things, including the video driver. I look over this ARTICLEand if there is nothing in the first part, then proceed to set up a computer in the second part of the OS. It would probably be a good time to publish the complete specifications. your computer and the images of your project and Source. Finally, the third part covers many of the troubleshooting tips and provides many links.

    Good luck


  • I am having some problems with Windows 8 randomlly slow operation.

    So the other day I was looking through internet and suddenly my computuer has been very slow, almost like the FPS lag in games. When I turn it on and it works normal for a little while then becomes slow. I tried a lot of things like CCleaner, Defrag, Malwarebytes, for turning on and off and some commands cmd, but I can't remember which. Can someone help me with this problem.

    The problem with cleaning products, is that you are 100% guarantee that your computer will be slower after use.

    Here's why: your computer has cached information it needs (creates a temporary copy).  When you use a product cleaning, you delete the cache (temporary files) and it has rebuilt their brand new from scratch - which is slow (it's why he tried to cache if it didn't build them!) and your computer to get slower and slower, causes each time that 'clean you '.

    I'll stop run the cleaners and stop all the caches of compensation.  You need people.

    The real cause of a slow computer, he is busy running a process (like reconstruction of a cache that you have deleted or deactivated).  Or it could be another process which is busy.  So to remedy this:

    1. Press Ctrl-SHIFT-ESC to display the Task Manager.
    2. Disable everything under the Startup tab, then restart
    3. Leave the computer and idle for a little while if it can end all caching for the indexes, superfetch and more.  You can use it during this time also, but it will end sooner if she is not alone.

    Then, if the slowness is returned, follow these steps:

    1. Press Ctrl-Shift-Escape again and look at the first tab.  Find something that uses a lot of CPU resources.  Programs that use the most CPU are programs causing the slowness.  Now, you know what programs are causing the problem, and you can quit the program, turn it off or do other things to speed up the return.

Maybe you are looking for