I saved my file of macbook 2008 on external hard drive. Can I view these files on my macbook pro

I got a 2008 Macbook that I backed up my external drive and files.  Can I view these files on my new Mac Book Pro?  There may be things I do or do not want to keep.

If it is formatted for Mac, you should be able. What is a time machine backup? If so, you need to hold down the option key down when you open it.

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    Yes you can, however by doing so, you will cancel the guarantee of the Ant or Applecare that you might have:


    There are other options available as well.


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    You can export the current bookmarks in a backup HTML file.
    Make sure that the file has a .html file extension.

    Import an HTML Backup merges with existing bookmarks bookmarks.

  • 8 victory: The external hard drive with a system image back to usable for saving other files?


    In the back of the System Image, I find that the system only allow to use external hard disc.

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    If I save files inside, it causes the system recovery process in the future to failure?

    Thank you


    Yes, external hard drives can be used to make files backup and store. Backups are stored in separate locations and files user does not, unless the save area is changed manually.

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    Hello. My name is Michael, an authorized dealer for clear and I have an external hard drive. I have dual boot with windows XP pro and Windows 7 Pro. I contacted western digital on my files and they told me to talk to you. Well, I backed up my files of windows 7 on my external hard drive to reload windows 7. When I reloaded windows 7, I couldn't access the records of all my files. I tried windows XP and has not WORKED. I lost 734 GB of files in this external and I'm pretty upset about the situation. I wanted that this solved on so I can access these files even from another computer. can you please help me with the situation?

    Please see how appropriating a file or a folder in Windows XP , which also applies to Windows Vista and Windows 7. Boulder computer Maven
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  • Cannot see all files on external drives (external HARD drive / flashdrives)

    I do not see any folder on my external hard drive, I know that these files exist because it still shows how the same amount of space remaining left on this drive. Is the same for all flashdrives I plug it into my laptop

    Edit * directories to the folders still exist, I can access when I type in my address bar, but I can't see the icon to click on it.



    Windows 7 sometimes has trouble seeing external drives. Found one potential than me and other solution is to download and install the freeware Aomei Partition Assistant application, download it here: http://download.cnet.com/AOMEI-Partition-Assistant-Standard-Edition/3000-18512_4-75118871.html?tag=mncol;1 (only use the Direct download link).

    Once installed, go to the readers in question and one both select and select Properties. It is her, no formatting or partitioning required. Just select the drive is often enough to get Windows 7 to recognize.

    Post your results here and let me know how you fare.

    Kind regards


  • How can I move music and photos from my MacBook on an external hard drive, files without deleting the existing NTFS files stored on it?


    I am aware that this issue (or different versions of it) will be requested a thousand times before, but after searching on the internet for a solution, I have been unable to find all the information that brings a simple clear answer that is specific to my problem and so thought I would ask the question myself.

    I recently bought a Toshiba 1 TB external hard drive to transfer music, photo files and internal document in front of the memory of my old PC running Windows, as well as files, music and photos from my existing MacBook Pro, so I can "release" the memory on the latter.

    Transfer files from the old PC proved to be easy; success achieved by simple drag / drop the files to the appropriate location on the external HD icon of Toshiba which appears once I connected to a USB port. It is perhaps worth mentioning that the area of States hard drive has been formatted NTFS for Windows, and so I guess that I would not have expected any problems when transferred to a PC.

    Move the files from my MacBook has however proved anything but simple and trying to drag the respective music and photo files and drop them on the HD Toshiba icon (which appears on my desktop once it is plugged), I seem to be affected by the same issues as so much seems to have it before me, in that "forbidden access" / error symbol appears with the cursor , and bounce the files to their original location whenever I try to place them on the Toshiba HD.

    I understand that this is due to the HD is formatted in NTFS, and that I would need to reformat the hard drive to move files from my MacBook, which brings me to my questions:-

    (a) how do I do this, and

    (b) can I do this without losing, damage or remove the NTFS files from my old PC, which are already stored on the external hard drive.

    If one is able to offer any assistance, in the most simple, easy to follow the description, I would be really grateful!

    Never been so thanks in advance!

    1 install software such as Paragon NTFS on the Mac and let the reader in its current form or from the Finder, choose utilities go to menu, open disk utility and reformat.

    2. that by putting a copy on another drive. You should do this anyway, in case of failure of this drive.


  • I spilled coffee on my Macbook Air and does not illuminate.  How to transfer files from the external hard drive to backup my new Macbook Air?

    I spilled coffee on my Macbook Air and does not illuminate.  How to transfer files from the external hard drive to backup my new Macbook Air?

    If you had a Time Machine backup, you can use the Migration Wizard and connect your new Mac on the external drive which has the Time Machine backup: move your content to a new Mac - Apple Support

  • If I saved photo on an external hard drive, now remove the laptop backup files to free up space?

    If I saved photo on an external hard drive, I can now delete backup files from the laptop for free space - my 'E' drive is full and cannot run backups more.  Also other documents that have now been removed still have backups that I need?  How will I know what backup should I keep not individually through hundreds of files?  Thank you in advance.

    Original title: can anyone help please?


    You can take a safe backup.

    After you create your first backup, Windows backup will add new information or changed to your subsequent backups. If you save your backups on a hard drive or network, Windows backup will create a new backup, full for you automatically if necessary. If you save your backups on CDs or DVDs and could not find an existing backup disk, or if you want to create a new backup of all the files on your computer, you can create a full backup. Here's how to create a full backup:

    1. Open backup and restore by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking system and Maintenance, and then clicking the backup and restore.

    2. In the left pane, click on create new, full backup.

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    Thanks for choosing Windows and thank you for providing an opportunity to help you.

    According to the description, you are having problems to find the location of the folder to Windows Live Mail.

    Navigate to the following location and see if it helps.

    C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

    Meet us if you encounter problems with the location of Windows Live Mail or any other problem of Windows, and we would be happy to help you.

    Good day!

    Hope this information helps.

  • All my adobe files are corrupt. I saved them on my computer, my external hard drive and flash players. All report them at the same time as all my PSD files and I are corrupt.

    All my adobe files are corrupt. I saved them on my computer, my external hard drive and flash players. All report them at the same time as all my PSD files and I are corrupt.

    My computer recently had an error with the System 32 and will not open if I reformat, which means I lose everything on it. No problem, because I supported straight? It turns out that all my backups say they are corrupt. Do I just terrible luck, or is there a reason why none of my files works when I try to open them on another computer?

    Try the bugcheck on the ext hdd. Right click on the drive in 'my computer' > 'properties' > 'Tools' > click 'check now '.

    You can restart your pc and reconnect the ext hdd.

    Recuva Piriform is a free data recovery program.

    Google for more solutions

  • I use LR 6.5 on an iMAC. Files RAF Fuji originally, I imported from an SD card worked and exported in the form of PSD and then after saving the files on an external hard drive RAF erased from Lightroom. I now want to import some RAF b HD files

    I use LR 6.5 on an iMAC. Files RAF Fuji originally, I imported from an SD card worked and exported in the form of PSD and then after saving the files on an external hard drive RAF erased from Lightroom. I now have to import some RAF of the HD files but LR shows them as dazed out and said that they have already been imported when I hover over the thumbnail. I have this problem when importing files in the same HD Canon CR2, and who have been treated exactly the same. Anyone got a clue as to why this is happening? Thanks, Phil

    Hi Phil,

    If Lightroom then reads these as duplicate files, it shows that they are already present in your Lightroom Catalog.

    You can search by file name and check if the image is present in your library.

    Kind regards


  • When I deleted a picture of my MacBook, why it also remove the external hard drive?

    So I tried to help my wife to free up space on his MacBook Pro by putting all of his photos on an external hard drive. After iPhoto slide the hard disk and wait 40 minutes so that he could transfer, I wanted to make sure it worked. I ejected the disk and then plugged in. Of course, all iphotos were still there. Just to be sure, I deleted one file in the folder on the computer's iphoto. I went to my shock and horror, the external hard drive, that it has been deleted it too! How is that possible? I've been scouring the Internet trying to retrieve this file with no luck. It was not in the trash. There is a tab "recently deleted". Time machine was not turned on. iCloud shows nothing. I can't download any software, because the computer is completely filled. How is it possible that by deleting this folder on the computer he did also leave the hard drive? AND it has not been saved in the trash? I have used PC, and whenever I need something in return, he was ALWAYS in the trash. And if I deleted something on the computer with an external hard drive connected, it would NEVER be removed from the external hard drive at the same time. I'm so frustrated and feeling SO bad that I deleted a folder with important pictures of our kids. Is that what I can do to recover the pictures? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    You used Time Machine at all? I see you say it was not on, but it never on and is at - it a backup Time Machine on the Macbook Pro?

  • Why my external hard drive cannot be mounted or viewd by a Macbook


    I can't see my HD exertenal from the finder.

    I do not have G-Tech HD and I use with TimeMachine. This HD has two partitions.

    The first is used for the backup with Time Machine, a macbook air, and the second partition is used to back up a macbook pro with Time Machine.

    It worked fine until I look in the external hard drive (partition macbook). Now, it is not possible to mount the external hard drive. From the Finder, I see no partition eighter the first or the second.

    I plugged it in an another mAcbook air and no way to see inside the external hard drive.

    Howerver, I pluggged in a 14.04 ubuntu and I was able to navigate through the external hard drive

    Why can I see the contents of the external HD with a ubuntu n not with a Macbook?

    And how can I solve this problem?

    See you soon


    El Capitan has permissions configuration much tighter than earlier versions of Mac OS X and it can become a problem to open files from a different computer. You need to tell us what OS you are running on all computers.

    I suspect that Ubuntu is having no problem because it does not under the same restraint of permissions.

    It worked fine until I look in the external hard drive (partition macbook).

    What you have done here, caused the change of permissions.

    Don't forget that connect a player directly on a computer and use it plugged into an airport will have different permissions issues.

    I don't have much in the way of a solution. Apple has changed repair them permissions on El Capitan.

    You have a Mac running an earlier version of Mac OS X?

    If your two partitions are used just to make the Time Machine backups...

Maybe you are looking for