I TB 24.6.0 and I deleted the bar menu or a tool of my address book and I can not understand how to get it back.

I'm trying to understand how to efficiently copy a contact so I can add the contact information to an e-mail. While experiences I disabled the menu bar or the toolbar in my address book, and now I can't figure how to get it back. So we can say, I have two questions I would welcome suggestions:

1. How can I get my menu/return tool bar in my address book?

2. How can I effectively copy and paste contact information?

Thank you

Sounds like a good plan. Version 31 and above all is a mess right now. I stay at v24.6 until they get the problems developed. Version 24.7 went out before v31, but I've never had one so I don't know anything abut it or what fixed it.

This is the page to previous version.
Find the version you want and click on that selection.
You want to select your operating system. Win32
Then the language. EN-US
Then, run the .exe file.

Your profile with all your emails and settings are separated although they should be performed when you install the older version. Make a backup is not a bad idea at any time, or just to be safe on the version change. I use Mozbackup. http://mozbackup.JasnaPaka.com/

Automatic update options are found in Tools-Options-update.
I usually set mine to ask first, but with the V31 disorder, I have disabled the option to control even. I want to assure you that I do not get this version for a while.

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