I type kickass.to and it removes the url and remains on the current page.

So, I've heard of Mozilla blocklist. Normally, I can choose to ignore a warning and connect anyway, but for this particular site, Mozilla seems to know what's best for me in not letting me even enter in the url. That is what it is?


Hello Daryl95,

Can you try disabling the built-in phishing protection.

Type in the address bar: Subject: preferences #security

Clear the check boxes under 'Général'

Try and keep us updated.

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  • I have Adobe Reader XI. Is it possible I can fix asymmetrical pdfs and remove the white pages? If so, how?

    I have Adobe Reader XI. Is it possible I can fix asymmetrical pdfs and remove the white pages? If so, how?

    Not possible with Adobe Reader.

  • Cannot get removeInstance to remove the current instance

    I have a form that contains a table inside a subform that I added a button to add additional instances of the subform that contains the table. Add instance works fine, however, I have also a button to remove the current of the subform that contains instance the table, and it does not work well. Keep remove the first instance of the subform rather than the current instance. For example, lets say the first table is to order product A, then the user can add another instance of the table to order product B and then add a third table to the product C command. Then, let the user didn't need the second table (product B) for a reason, so they click on the button on delete in the second table, but instead of removing the second table containing product B, it deletes the first table that contains produced.

    I have the subform (OrderMain) defined to repeat with a minimum number of 1. The button to add an instance of the OrderMain subform contains the following code:

    this.resolveNode('MasterSubform._OrderMain').addInstance (1);

    If (xfa.host.version & lt; 8) {}

    XFA. Form.Recalculate (1);


    The button to remove the current instance of the subform has the following code:

    this.resolveNode('MasterSubform._OrderMain').removeInstance (this.parent.index);

    If (xfa.host.version & lt; 8) {}

    XFA. Form.Recalculate (1);


    I tried to adjust the parent index, but that did not work. I also put the code in the button Delete of table to view a message that contains the current index of parent and each instance returns an index of parent of 0. I use Adobe Acrobat XI to test the form. What I'm doing wrong here?

    I have it. Finish by checking the relative path of the Remove button to the OrderMain subform. While the button Delete in a subform that is different, I have taken into account in the determination of the index of the OrderMain subform repeatable. Given that each "parent" refers to an another subform, I changed the code of the delete button for the following:

    this.resolveNode('MasterSubform._OrderMain').removeInstance (this. parent.parent.parent.parent.index);

    If (xfa.host.version< 8)="">

    XFA. Form.Recalculate (1);


  • Button to remove the CURRENT row in a table

    This test document has a table that works for most as I want, but the buttons Remove line always delete the second line , regardless of the button remove a row is clicked. The code is:

    Table1.Row1.instanceManager.removeInstance (1);

    How can I change this so that if you click on the button Delete line 5 (for example), it removes the 5 line, not of rank 2. It always clears rank 2, regardless of the button is clicked.

    Also, after I line is deleted, how can I get the lines of re - number automatically? The code for the automatic numbering is:

    this.rawValue = this.parent.index + 1;

    I tried to use this code:

    var number = detail.instanceManager.count;

    Detail.index + 1;

    numbers for automatic (by this blog entry by BR001), but I could never work on my table, although it works very well in his example. In the example of BR001, there a button Delete by rank and it always removes the line it is and it always automatically renumbers. I would use his method, but I spent hours trying to figure out where I am not to follow his example.


    OK, your script will always clear the 2. instance as the removeInstance (1) simply means to delete the instance 1.

    You must keep in mind that all nodes have numbers index starting at 0.

    So the first instance of Row1 is addressed with Row [0], the second with the row [1]... the tenth line [9].

    To remove the current instance, you can use the button Delete as point of reference.

    This point of reference you're going upward in the tree of nodes to find the line desired.


    It = object current i.e. Button2

    parent = parent of Button2 which is Subform1

    parent = parent Subform1 which is Row1

    index = the number of the line pending

    OK, to keep the number of rows to update, you must use your line indexChange event (just add it after you existing script shading line).

    simple2.rawValue = this.index + 1;
  • Helps to remove the current instance of Row1 of a Table.

    I have a table in which I have a line of Row1, header and footer line.  I have a button in the header which adds new instances of Row1.  There is a button in Row1 which is supposed to remove the current instance.  However, when I click the button to delete an instance, it always removes the first instance of Row1.  I used the wizard in Action to get the code for the button:

    this.resolveNode('Table9._Row1').removeInstance (this.parent.index);

    If (xfa. Host.version < 8) {}

    XFA. Form.Recalculate (1);


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    Hi, the code looks ok to me, but if your button is in a subform with a table cell, then you would have to use this.parent.parent.index in the removeInstance. Regards Bruce

  • Remove the current read help page!

    Hi, I've created a form that adds a new instance when I click on a button with the click script

    "Mysubform.addinstanceManger.addInstance (1);

    This copy of my complete form to a new page which is what I want.

    However, when read in on the web, I want to create a delete button that deletes the current page, the user is veiwing if they decide they want to.

    example, if the first form is completed and they click on the add new page and fill out the second form and click again if they need to fill another.

    Now, if for example they have created 4 pages and decide they want to delete say, page 2 or maybe 3. but keeping other pages with the information already entered. How to create a button that deletes the current page, they choose to remove it.

    Detaiiled any help would be greatly appreciated! as I am new to scripting and LC.

    Very strange. I think I have it right this time.

  • Hi, whenever I hit the home button on the current page go to my home page AND also opens another tab - I just want to go to my home page without having to open another tab that I then have to close. Any ideas?

    I was just in Firefox 4. Now, whenever I hit the home the current page button goes to my homepage (which is what I want), BUT it also opens another tab - I just want to go to my home page without having to open another tab that I then have to close. Any ideas?

    Gotcha. Go to your desired homepage and close all the tabs you want to NOT open when you click the home button. Then, you have several ways to update the home page setting as described in the article.

  • How to display the current page and the total number of pages for a group

    Hi all
    I have a requirement to indicate the current page number and the total number of pages for a group. For example:

    < A >
    < 1 >
    < / 1 >
    < 2 >
    < / 2 >
    < 3 >
    < / 3 >
    < /A >

    Now my requirement is Group 1 can have lines going into several pages say x, so I need to show with in the Group 1 x and on the next page page 1 page 2 x etc.
    Although Group 2 spans several pages, I need to see page 1 of y... etc.

    Can someone help me please how to do this?

    Thank you

    Try [email protected]

  • I want to put the previous issue of the page and the current page number in a single ex page.  6 / 7

    I want to put the previous issue of the page and the current page number in a single ex page.  6 / 7


    Is that what you want?

  • Need a way to clear a form on the current page and not the entire form...

    IM new to Adobe Acrobat and worked on the conversion of some of our OmnForm 5.0 form PDF file, I've created a form that contains a button to clear the form.  It works very well!  Now, I created a template in the PDF of the current page and then created a button to spawn a new page of the model.  Creating the page works as well.  The only problem I have is that the clear form button clears the entire form.  I need the key to erase only the current page.

    I'm a relative newbie when it comes to script.  I can understand generally simple scripts when I see them, but to create new groupings still isn't my forte. HE's researching the resetForm method, but it seems that there is no option to move the current page to him? (As I said I am relatively new to java scripts).  If anyone has the directions on how to do it I would be very happy.

    You can use the code that I posted here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4234483

  • How can I get the name of the current page and the number?

    Hello world!

    Anyone know how to get the name of the current page and the number? What variable I should he request?

    Thanks in advance!

    The question of the application defined by the system: APP_PAGE_ID is the page number. For the name of the page, you will need to query the view of Apex with something like this:

    Select PAGE_NAME
    where PAGE_ID =: APP_PAGE_ID

    Good luck


    PS Feel free to mark this reply as being correct, so it is.

  • How can I add reload the current Page in the toolbar Firefox 9?

    Once I have use customize toolbar, reload the current Page is not an option. I got this feature in previous versions of Firefox, and on another computer where Firefox has been updated to 9 the rest feature but I can't understand how to add to this new computer.

    Firefox 4 and later versions use a combined Stop/Reload/Go button that is placed at the right end of the address bar.

    During the process of loading page it shows as a stop button and once the charging button is replaced by a reload button.

    If you type in the address bar this button would then become a button go.

    Click the Reload button to duplicate the current tab in a new tab.

  • How to clear a single block of the current page in the OPS

    Hi all

    How to erase a single block of the current page in the OPS. I used the CLEAR key.

    Thank you


    I found the solution I wrote it in the button DELETE. I wrote the remove with vo1.setMaxFetchSize method (1);

    and remove called AOS

    Thank you

  • How to make the current page menu item displayed in a different font color?


    My menu bar works very well. The links I get the text to hover display the desired color. Now I want the item menu of the selected page show a third color.

    With live-code activated in Dreamweaver CS6, I can see the following code is generated by the dynamic menu:

    "< script type =" text/javascript"src="/CatalystScripts/Java_DynMenusSelectedCSS.js "> < / script > <!-dynamic output CSS menu start-> < div id ="cat_549633_divs"> < ul id ="nav_549633">< class li ="selected"> < a href =" / home.html "> home < /a > < /li >< li > < a href =" "/ leistungen.html" > Services < /a > < /li > < li > < a href = "/ uhrenservice.html" > Uhrenservice < /a > < /li " "> < li > < a href =" / versteigerungen.html "> Versteigerungen < /a > < /li > < li > < a href =" / diamanten.html "> Diamanten < /a > < /li > < li > < a href =" / ueber_uns.html "" > Uber each < /a > < /li > < li > < a href = "/ kontakt.html" > Kontakt < /a > < /li > < /ul > < / div > < script type = "text/javascript" > catSetSelectedCSSItem ('nav_549633'); < /script > <! - end of output CSS Dynamic Menu - >

    The .selected class is created in the first element of the list (home) because it is the current page.

    And here is my CSS:


    float: right;

    list-style-type: none;

    padding-top: 5px;


    #nav_549633 li {}

    float: left;

    text-align: left;


    #nav_549633 li a {}

    color: white;

    text-decoration: none;

    margin: 27px 0 0 0;

    font size: 13px;

    text-transform: uppercase;


    #nav_549633 Li a: hover {}

    color: yellow;



    color: Green;


    The green font color does not appear. It is still white.

    In order to see if the class 'works"I tried a few other attributes that work!


    color: Green;

    padding: 20px

    background-color: blue;


    In this case, the item appears as a blue box with 20px padding, just as expected - but the font color is always white.

    Can someone help me?

    Kind regards


    Hello Ginoem50,

    Looking at your css looks like the selected class does not work because the li #nav_549633 one is more specific is the one who is listened to.

    change .selected li.selected a #nav_549633 and it should work.

    Hope this helps,

    Chad Smith | http://bcgurus.com/Business-Catalyst-Templates for only $7

  • Error - not an element defined in the current page


    I have a page with a date picker, go button, two parts of the report and an html area. There is a column of link on the second region to report that calls the following javascript code to bring back a detailed report of another page.
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function AjaxReportRefresh(pTargetPage,
    if (pTargetPage == null)
    alert('No target page is defined');
    if (pRegionDiv == null)
    alert('No region div name is defined');
    var get = new htmldb_Get(null,$x('pFlowId').value,null,pTargetPage);
    if (pTPItem1 != null && pSPItem1 != null && pTPItem1 != '' && pSPItem1 != '')
    if (pTPItem2 != null && pSPItem2 != null && pTPItem2 != '' && pSPItem2 != '')
    if (pTPItem3 != null && pSPItem3 != null && pTPItem3 != '' && pSPItem3 != '')
    if (pTPItem4 != null && pSPItem4 != null && pTPItem4 != '' && pSPItem4 != '')
    if (pTPItem5 != null && pSPItem5 != null && pTPItem5 != '' && pSPItem5 != '')
    gReturn = get.get(null,'<ajax:BOX_BODY>','</ajax:BOX_BODY>');
    get = null;
    $x(pRegionDiv).innerHTML = gReturn;
    It works fine to view details on the other page in the html area.

    However, if I click on go again after the change of date I get the following error...

    Error item ID (3745003847557264) is not an element defined in the current page.

    I guess that's to do with the report of present details on the other page.

    Is there a way to get around this?

    Thank you



    Try to replace the "Display text (does not save the State)" and view state on '' never. '' Let me know if it works.

    Kind regards


  • I want the main tone of take me to the top of the current page, the end key to take me down.

    He was the original key took me to the top of the current page, the end key down. Recently it stopped doing this on the pages of some, not all, sometimes, behavior is used, then stops again. It seems that they take me at the beginning and at the end of the current line instead. "always use the cursor keys to navigate within pages" is always on.

    This seems to solve this - although it was variable. I don't know why I'd start inadvertently, the F7 key substitution - I'm not knocking the other F keys inadvertently. I misinterpreted always "use the cursor keys to navigate through the pages" to designate the behavior I wanted. Change of browsewithcaret turned it off.

Maybe you are looking for