Not able to run standalone LabVIEW RT application cRIO (works well in development mode)

Strange question.

I'm trying to deploy an application of RT to a controller for cRIO-9074.  I developed the application in development mode and everything works and seems to be being debugged.  However, when I try to build and to deploy the application as the startup, the application seems to start running, then stop cold (based on the CPU usage as described in the Distribution System Manager OR).  At this point, I can't debug because the application is stopped (no updated variable).

The problem seems to be related to the NI_AALPro.lvlib library, because if I turn off the function polynomial evaluation, the code will compile and start fine.  I'm tempted to recreate the necessary functions and create my own library, but I prefer to find the problem and fix it rather than re-create the wheel...

Is it possible that the library badly uploaded to the controller?  If so, is it possible to force the appropriate library to be transferred to the controller?

Thanks for any help.



Thanks for the reply.

I think I solved the problem.  For some strange reason, the functions inside the NI_AALPro.lvlib were not available on the cRIO at run time when the application tried to run in stand-alone mode.  I ended up adding the library to the section to always include the source files tab in build specification and the program runs now.  I'm not sure what it is, but it works.

Thank you Morgan of NOR.

Kind regards

Big Ev

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    Thank you



    Problem has been resolved, after the re-installation of the Jdev and MAF extension.

    Understood that somehome, maf - application.xml couldn't refer to the features of the maf - feature.xml. When I created a new feature in the MAF - feature.xml, it was the adfmf - feature.xml and maf-application creation could refer to the functionality of this file.

    This seems to me an installation problem. I have therefore re-installed, now its works very well.

    Thank you


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    Hi all

    I am not able to see Consolidation or planning Applications of the workspace-> Navigate-> Applications! In fact, those who are there but the combo_window do not completely display, it shows just an arrow pointing upwards and an arrow down and, in the meantime is displayed all applications on a very small list. Very strange. It looks like a windows problem.

    I use IE 7.0.5730.13.

    Please, let me give you the solution, if anyone knows

    Thanks in advance
    Luiz Menegocci

    Try using IE6. HFM is not yet compatible with 7 or 8.

    A solution is to connect to the workspace and click on file > Preferences > General > default startup Options and modify the content of the Application, and then select your application. This way you will connect right.

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    Why the CC lightroom does not recognize my users folder when you try to import?  I can not imaport images in the program.  It has worked well in the past

    It is an Apple problem. They obviously fixed with a change to iTunes. Download the update on their part.


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    JDeveloper BPM, WLS 10.3.6, model: BC4J

    I created a BPM Application in JDeveloper, with a process and a ViewController ADF for user interface project and a model project
    The application is deployed on the WLS and works when I test it in the workspace of BPM.

    But the UI of the ADF is based on custom of the database data and is a bit heavy UI with lots of data and features.
    I am trying to create entire user interface in taskflows separate and use as auto generated pages created by the plugin BPM in JDev position regions.

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    So I tried to create a stand-alone page in the ADF ViewController project and use the ADF taskflows in the page to test in JDev integrated WLS.
    So in this way I can concentrate on test only the ADF UI related code and not worry the BPM process to test the user interface. (Assuming that the process works well).

    Please note that I don't want to test the BPM process (at this point), but I want to test only the built-in ADF UI of WLS.

    When I try to run the stand-alone page in WLS, it gives me the error below.

    Has anyone tried to run ADF UI pages in a BPM Application using JDeveloper.
    Is there another way to test only the pages of user interface instead of deploying the entire BPM to WLS?
    Is there a setting etc, we can change and turn the page in JDeveloper?

    Thanks for any help

    Error in JDeveloper IWLS
    [10: 13:59] Application deployment...
    < 13 June 2012 13:13:15 EDT > < error > < hats > < BEA-149265 > < error has occurred in the execution of the request for deployment with the ID ' 1339596839457 'for task ' 0'. Error is: " [J2EE:160149] error in the processing of library reference." References application library, defined in weblogic pending - application.xml: [Extension name: oracle.soa.workflow.wc, exact match: false]. » [J2EE:160149] error in the processing of library reference. References application library, defined in weblogic pending - application.xml: [Extension name: oracle.soa.workflow.wc, exact match: false].
    at weblogic.application.internal.flow.CheckLibraryReferenceFlow.prepare(
    to weblogic.application.internal.BaseDeployment$
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    at weblogic.application.internal.BaseDeployment.prepare(
    at weblogic.application.internal.EarDeployment.prepare(
    Truncated. check the log file full stacktrace
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    at weblogic.application.internal.flow.CheckLibraryReferenceFlow.prepare(
    to weblogic.application.internal.BaseDeployment$
    at weblogic.application.utils.StateMachineDriver.nextState(
    at weblogic.application.internal.BaseDeployment.prepare(
    at weblogic.application.internal.EarDeployment.prepare(
    Truncated. check the log file full stacktrace
    # Cannot run application XXXComboApplication due to the deployment on IntegratedWebLogicServer error.
    [10:14] # incomplete deployment. ####
    [10:14] deployment remote has failed (oracle.jdevimpl.deploy.common.Jsr88RemoteDeployer)
    [XXXComboApplication application stopped and cancelled Server Instance IntegratedWebLogicServer]

    Hi Sameer
    1. I know exactly what your condition is and what you're trying to do. I'll go with a few assumptions about what you have and on the basis that I say, unfortunately NO, that you try will NOT work. But there are other ways to test your stuff.

    2. you have a bpm, i.e. with a single process bpm application and a Web of TaskForms project (which has taskDetails pages that use your JSFF of fragments using the af:region tag). Don't forget to build the TaskForms project by selecting a. File TASK etc. You have a lot of things db backend and I hope that you have created entities, EJBs and DataControls. Then, you create links in JSFF etc. Everything is deployed on a full SOA domain fleded and you're good. BUT Yes, it is very tedious and painful to test. I agree.

    3. now you want to test only UI part without any process and tasks. To do this, you try to deploy on field of JDeveloper's integrated WLS and it does not work. Yes, it will fail, and it will not work. Because the domain default wls is a simple domain with just core j2ee and some modules of adf deployed. BUT your TaskForms also has some modules of bpm/soa. In JDeveloper, select your project TaskForms-> right click-> properties-> libraries project and Classpath-> right side, you see a lot of modules BPM for ex: Module of BPM. If you view it, you will see the modules (jars defined in this ex: bpm - services.jar). NOW your integrated domain name do NOT have these deployed modules, and so you get exactly the error that is entirely logical.

    4. go in your area/config integration jdeveloper and open config.xml file folder. Open the file config.xml of your entire standalone soa domain also. Search for "oracle.soa.workflow.wc" in these two files. You will find this soa area but NOT in the area of default jdeveloper. It is the question.

    5. now, you can not make your name domain integrated to work for SOA/BPM applications. This requires a lot of effort to add all modules and corrupt your domain also name. I would not recommend this.

    Now, is there another way, you can test your pages of fragment that has stuff heavy backend. Yes. In your app JDev, create a new Web project with only the ADF modules. Remember when we create an application for the PIA, it creates 2 ViewController and model projects. So everything you want is create a new ViewController project that has all the web, jsff, javax, adl added modules. In what you create DataControls for your EJBs and create or copy Fragments that you already have. Then create pages of simple jsxp as hell01.jsxp, hello2.jspx etc and include your fragments using af: region etc. You can deploy your application to the exclusion of TaskForms on domain JDeveloper. As to the level of the EAR, creating a new deployment profile. Add all (EJB) projects, including the new project viewcontroller except for process and TaskForms. I am convinced that it will work. Then you test your JSPx files directly their performance:
    http://localhost:7101/myViewWeb/faces/hello1.JSPX (assuming that the file jspx is under folder contenuWeb)

    If none of the fragments needs input data set, you can still create a PageFlowController class and have life like prepareModel etc. methods to define the criterion of data entries. Assign to this pageflowcontroller the pagedef. So every time that you run jspx, he calls this controller pageflow. Or just have a few fields on your screen jsff that stores data and a link to a managed bean. In this way, test you and certify your screen jsff, connections, ejb code backend db stuff etc etc. Once it works, it will work if you put this jsff in file taskDetails.jspx also with maybe a few minor changes.

    If you want to really test your UI and all the backend without too much stuff to focus on the tasks of process / and NOT using soa domain, then this is the only way to go. I wouldn't recommend updating JDev field with stuff of soa/bpm. This is just my 2 cents opinion.

    Thank you
    Ravi Jegga

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    You receive an error message when you try to run the application?

    In general, most 32-bit applications will work correctly in a 64-biit operating system, but there are some exceptions.

    According to the Windows 7 Compatibility Center, enforcement Creatacard is not compatibile with Windows 7:

    However, you can try to run the application in compatibility mode:

    a. right click on the file to install the software, click Properties, click the Compatibility tab, under compatibility mode, check run this program in compatibility mode for and select Windows XP (Service Pack 2) from the drop-down list. Click apply and then click ok.
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