I've accidentally deleted from google as default search engine in the drop-down list and can't manage search engines

I want in the drop-down list for ease of use, but are not all the addons I've tried... I am currently using 18.0.2



In the Manager at the bottom left there is a button to restore the default settings for search engines

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    I have a drop down list with 10 items in the list. If possible, would like for a selection in the drop-down list to populate a drop-down list with another list of selections. Each of the 10 points in the first list each will have a list of different options in the second drop-down list. I don't know how to build this solution.

    Thank you



    It was because of the clear rawValue script that I put in the output from the drop-down list event businessFunction.

    I fixed it:

    // clear the current selection in the department dropdown
    dept0.rawValue = null;


    Good luck


  • Restore the default value from the drop-down list

    Hyperion Inreatctive reports.

    I have an embedded in a dashboard report.  I drag the lists that filter the report.  Filter feed results and it works fine.

    I want to put a command button on the dashboard that restores the default values from the dropdown lists.  I have a selection in each drop-down menu, 'all '.  "All" is the default value.

    For example, for the year


    for the region:


    What command should I put on the command button that any value is displayed in the drop-down lists of this command, restore it to "all"?

    Watch the Select() method


  • XLATLONGNAME from the drop-down list should be a default value in the edit box


    I have two fields in a grid, one named "TEST_Type" and one is named 'TEST_Name' edit box
    Use cases, TEST_Name by default will be TEST_Type in Drop Down.

    "TEST_Type" is the translation of edition Table and 'TEST_Name' will contain XLATLONGNAME.

    I do drag XLATLONGNAME of PSXLATITEM table in my grid and make related field and "TEST_Type" a related control field.

    Show LongName according to the value "TEST_Type.

    If the field 'TEST_Name' RowInit, I wrote

    If GetRow(). IsNew and
    No (MYRecord.TEST_NAME. Value) then
    MYRecord.TEST_NAME. Value = GetRow(). GetRecord (Record.PSXLATITEM). GetField (Field.XLATLONGNAME). Value;
    End - If;

    It gives an error

    "Class line method GetRecord account PSXLATITEM is not valid. (2 268)

    MYRecord.TEST_NAME. RowInit

    The recording has been used as a parameter of the specified method. It is not valid for the current object. »

    What is the problem?

    Is there a better solution for this use case?

    Thanks in advance

    I think you mix a few think upwards.

    The drop is on a class with the values of translate. So, when you set the property to the field from the drop-down list page to view the longxlatitem, you are finished.

    If you want to copy the xlatlongvalue for some reason any other areas, use instead the domain object properties.

    & dropdownlownlist = getrecord([YOUR_RECORD]).getfield ([YOUR_FIELD]);
    VALUE = & dropdownlownlist. LongTranslateValue;

    Kind regards


  • Impossible to delete previously selected items from the drop-down lists at the click of the button Reset on a page of the screen.


    I'm unable to clear previously selected items from the drop-down lists at the click of the button Reset on a page of the screen. The code I did to clear the previous value when the click on the button Reset is as below.

    {} public void onReinitialize (ActionEvent actionEvent)

    System.out.println ("onReinitialize is called ::");

    UIComponent uiComp = actionEvent.getComponent ();

    If (uiComp is nothing)


    otherwise we use the button that we linked to that bean

    uiComp = getButtonResetByBean ();

    _logger.info ("reset fields: buttonID =" + uiComp.getId ());


    on the other


    _logger.info ("reset fields: CompID =" + uiComp.getId ());


    Pass the component inside the uniforms, UIXForm, UIXSubform, UIXRegion, UIXPopup, RichCarousel

    or RichPanelCollection that contains the components to reset

    getTextIDLOV () .setValue (null);

    ResetUtils.reset (uiComp);



    Using this code Iam able to clear the entrance to the text box but can not clear previously selected items from the drop-down lists when the reset button is clicked

    Can anyone please help on this issue.

    It's simple, you can set GenerateIsNullClauseForBindVars = "false" in the viewCriteria who created in EmployeeView

    After doing that it will fill the list of employees only after the Department selection

    Again check the enclosed application


  • How can I delete a site to appear in my address bar drop down list?

    I'm looking for a way to remove a Web site or included in the dropdown when I type things in my address bar.

    I deleted the history and cookies associated with it, but to no avail.

    I have access to my router; I type 192... and it brings up the link to my old router, which does not work. Get annoyed to have to scroll down to get the new, genuine link.

    Solution? See you soon.

    If you want to delete data in a drop-down list, and then use the following steps:

    1. Select an entry in the drop-down list
    2. Press the DELETE key (on a Mac: shift + delete) to remove it.

    Entries in the bar location drop-down list with a yellow star (blue on Mac) at the right end of the bookmarks and Scripture cannot be cleared from the location bar menu drop down with the delete key.

    You can delete this an item marked with a bookmark that appear in the list, if you open this url in a tab and click on the yellow star in the address bar.

    This will open the "Edit this bookmark" dialog box and you can click on the delete button to delete the bookmark if you want to delete such an entry marked with a bookmark.

  • How to remove a contact from the drop-down list?

    How to remove a contact when, if forwarding a message, the icon flashes in space 'To' to enter the email address, when you press the first letter of a recipient, it displays a list of previous names/addresses used. This can add to a huge list! Most of the time, it is useful, but how can I shorten the list by removing unwanted contacts in the drop-down list? I got them removed from my address book/contacts (and they are deleted) but even after re-booting the computer, their names still appear in the drop-down list as before. All solutions?

    Instead of typing the first letter of the name of the recipient

    Press on the envelope icon to next to the box where you type the name of the recipient

    Opens the selection of recipients

    Highlight the recipient of choice

    Click on the button to

    The name appears in the window of the recipient of the Message

    Windows CC and British Colombia should remain virgins

    Press Ok

    The name of recipients appears in the field to the message

  • Erase contacts from Windows mail in the drop-down list.

    I am ready to send my email. I type the first letter of the 'c' reception A box goes down with four different recipes that begin with 'c '. How can I delete the ones I don't want from the drop-down list? I removed them from the list of contacts, but they always appear in the drop-down list.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


    How to delete registration completion email in Windows Mail
    http://www.Winhelponline.com/articles/245/1/how-to-clear-the-email-auto-complete-entries-in-Windows-mail.html Bruce Hagen
    MS - MVP October 1, 2004 ~ September 30, 2010
    Imperial Beach, CA

  • Select from a drop-down list and the specified element values are displayed in the textfield

    I need for one to be able to select from a list drop-down and specified the item values appear in textfield.

    For example, if I select Amy

    If I select Bob

    If I select Jane



    Jane (I want to appear as shown in the list)

    I associated a value to each item in the drop-down list so that the choice is easy to compare and determine what initial (default) value to the value in the text field. In my drop down list change event, I have the following:

    var sNewSel = this.boundItem (xfa.event.newText);

    Switch (sNewSel)


    case '1': / / Amy

    TextField1.rawValue = "Amy \n";


    Switch (sNewSel)


    case '2': / / Bob

    TextField1.rawValue = "Bob \n";


    Of course that's not work one name shows at a time. Help, please!

    Thank you

    Don't know what the code is supposed to do, but basically, you want to add the name of the drop-down list the addition on the current value of the TextField? Why not use the dropdownlist display value directly? For example on the change event:

    if ( TextField1.rawValue == null )
        TextField1.rawValue = xfa.event.newText;
        TextField1.rawValue += ( "\n" + xfa.event.newText );
  • Print from the drop-down list control

    I have a drop down box with a default value of empty / none.

    If the user has not changed the default, I'd like to drop-down list excluded from printing on.

    Also, as you can see, the box is initially highlighted with a light shade of gray, unless the user changes the value.

    However, the gray shading covers the entire area, including the legend.

    Is it possible to exclude the legend of shading?

    Finally, I wonder if it is possible to limit shading, such that it does not cover beyond the arrow to drop down in the horizontal direction.

    The actual form, drop-down lists will be directly adjacent, and I'd rather than highlighting overlap to the adjacent area.

    Thank you


    The pre-press and postPrint are the way to go, I just changed "" with a null value. Also you could apply the shading of the object / field, custom appearance tab.

    Enter the event access to the user interface of the object and change the shade in white:

    VNAME var = this.somExpression; Gets the whole expression of SOM of the object...
    var fieldObj = xfa.resolveNode (vName);

    fld var = fieldObj.ui.resolveNode ("#choiceList"); See the UI below codes
    FLD. Border.Fill.Color.Value = "255,255,255";

    / * Check the type of object and change the .ui reference:

    Field date = #dateTimeEdit
    DropDown = #choiceList
    CheckBox = #checkButton
    Text field = #textEdit
    Digital field = #numericEdit


    A script similar to the output it changes in light gray. You can change the RGB values.

    Finally, I don't think you need the initialization scripts or change.

    Good luck


  • Update from the drop-down list on the duration

    Hello, I'm fairly new to Java and Blackberry development.

    I am doing an application with a few editable text fields and drop-down lists. What I want to do is to change the options from the drop-down list (ObjectChoiceField), according to what is written on the text fields, all without pressing a button. Can someone give me a hand here? I thought to use invalidateAll to redraw the field, but I'm not sure.

    Thank you.

    OK, something else, this looks bad for me:

    your having

    unitChoiceField.setChangeListener (editListener);

    But editListener is not defined until after that, so with that statement, you're

    the listener of null changes.

    Put this line after you set your headset to changes.

    Also we say something "does not work", is not very useful.  If please do some debugging and tell us what he does not she should do this, rather than saying that it does not work.  Imagine that you took your car be fixed and told them that it did not work.  Would they be able to fix it?

  • Items from the drop-down list

    Is there a a way to get objects from the drop-down list to open the user clicking on the object itself (without using the button)?

    Look at this example of Niall:


  • Criterion from the drop-down list value null | " "

    I wrote a script to sign before testing a value in a drop-down list before allowing the signing of the document. However, I want to test a null plus a space aka "". "" I added a value in the drop-down list of "" as well as the choice of names for users could erase an accidental in this list selection before they were ready. However when I place the operator (|) in the case or statement of the script, the script does not work. If I remove the | "" declaration the script works as it is supposed to. " How to test for this value of "" as well as the test null so I don't have to write a further statement?

    If (form1. Page3.author.reviewed.admin.RawValue == null | " ")


    xfa.event.cancelAction = 1

    xfa.host.messageBox ("you have not selected your name on the drop-down list before trying to sign the document.");


    on the other



    If the declaration is incomplete. You need to test again for the other value:

    If (form1. Page3.author.reviewed.admin.RawValue == null | Form1. Page3.author.reviewed.admin.RawValue == "") ""

  • Select from the drop-down list point based on text box is not empty not

    Hello. I have a javascript code to click a button and it will insert the date in a text box named "Controller_PDF_Creation_Doc_Control_Date" in my form. I also have a drop-down list called 'Release_Approval_Initials '. Everything I'm doing is when there is a date of entry in the text box, I want that the 'Release_Approval_Initials' of the menu drop-down default by selecting the option "TM". The drop-down list is filled dynamically too. How can I do this? Here is the code I have.

    < SCRIPT LANGUAGE = "JavaScript" >

    verify() {} function

    var partNumber = ";

    var ecoNumber = ";

    var pdfDate;

    var queue;

    var queueValue = ";

    var allArray = document.getElementById('listofids').value.split (",");

    var error = false;

    for (var i = 0; i < allArray.length; i ++) {}

    pdfDate = document.getElementById('Controller_PDF_Creation_Doc_Control_Date'+allArray[i]).value;

    <!-document.getElementById ('Controller_PDF_Creation_Doc_Control_Date1') .value =' 19 / 08/11 '; ->

    queue = document.getElementById ('Release_Approval_Initials' + allArray [i]);

    queueValue = tail [queue.selectedIndex] .value;

    If ((pdfDate! = '' & & queueValue == '') |) (pdfDate == '' & & queueValue! = '')) {

    error = true;

    ecoNumber = document.getElementById('ECID'+allArray[i]).value;

    partNumber = document.getElementById('Part_Number'+allArray[i]).value;

    Alert ("You must enter a date of authorization to create PDF or Doc Control files and the queue to release for ECO" + ecoNumber + "part number:" + partNumber);



    {if (Error)}

    Returns false;


    else {}

    Returns true;



    < /script >

    "< cfinput type ="Text"name =" "Controller_PDF_Creation_Doc_Control_Date #ItemID #" id = "Controller_PDF_Creation_Doc_Control_Date #ItemID #" value = "#DateFormat(Controller_PDF_Creation_Doc_Control_Date,"M/D/YY")" # "size ="12"maxlength ="8"validate ="date"required ="no"message ="you must enter a valid date in the format m/d/YY in the creation of PDF files or Doc control Date">"

    < cfinput type = "hidden" name = "today_date" id = "today_date" value = "#DateFormat (now ()," D/M/YY")" # "/ >"

    < input type = "button" value = "today's Date" onclick = "document.getElementById('Controller_PDF_Creation_Doc_Control_Date#ItemID#').valu e = document.getElementById ('today_date') .value" >

    < select name = "" Release_Approval_Initials #ItemID # "id =" Release_Approval_Initials #ItemID #">"

    < option value = "" > < / option >

    < cfloop query = "ShowDataEntryInitials" >

    < option value = "" #Initials # ""

    < cfif initial EQ ReleaseInitials > selected

    < / cfif > > #Initials # < / option >

    < / cfloop >

    < / select >

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    I figured out how to make it work. I just had to add parentheses in the right places to make it work. Here's what I did:

  • Command to refresh a calculated field when you select an option from the drop-down list box

    When my form user selects an option in a drop-down list box, the value in the field (in this case, Total) I would like to update, but it isn't.

    A radio button option box makes the Total-development field to automatic update when the user clicks on the radio button. But the drop-down list box is not updated Total (without clicking away from the field). I would like to add a command in the Combo Box to refresh the Total field when you selected the option to drop-down list box.

    Someone at - it a code (Javascript?) to get there.

    Thank you very much.

    You don't need a script, simply select the 'Value selected to validate immediately' checkbox on the Options tab of the dialog list box drop-down list box field properties.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Thunderbird manages four email addresses for me. I put them all to have the most recent messages at the top of the list and I move through them from the bottom. The first day, TB asked if I wanted to DELETE to move to the next higher E-mail (which, f

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    I try to erase the memory by recording the photo stream under PDF photos to view in ibook. System seems to do something but I do not see via ibooks. Have tried a couple of times and also powered on but no joy. Is there stuff to make this work, as thi

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    Hi friends. I wanted to design a program that stores data and I want to keep this data in a directory next to my program. In the format of vi, all is well (I have attached an example of what I've done). But when I change my program in exe format it d

  • I/o Magic DHM worked fine w/XP but it does not see Win 7

    I used a 250 G DHM I/O Magic with three different computers under XP SP3 - it has always worked well - I just got a Dell 17R laptop - when I plugged it in the first place in, unit has been identified and apparently 'ready to work' - I used the laptop

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    I just bought an Apple I-phone 6 and I tried to connect it to my Dell running Windows 7 using a USB cord.  Instantly, my computer said that it needed to find and load the appropriate drivers which he said then were loaded, however, the Iphone does no