iCloud Drive button missing in IOS 9 on my iPad.

On my iPad slide button icloud Drive is missed:


There are others with the same problem autour, but nobody get any help.

I thought that the problem is related to the country (at the moment I'm in China) but on my iPhone button is there.

There is a request (AmpliTube) requiring use iCloud Drive to move data between devices and, without it, I'm stuck!

Someone who can help?

Thank you


You may want to check that

1. you select no restrictions in the settings - General.

2 your employer has no restrictions for you installation in settings > general > profiles & Device Management.

3. you don't have any work email accounts which can put these restrictions as well.

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  • Add mp3 files to icloud drive in garageband for ios 9

    Hi all!

    This has probably been asked before, but I couldn't find a solution anywhere, so will ask once again, for what its worth.

    After the new update to garageband for ios 9, there is now an option to add a track by choosing "import icloud drive." I think this is certainly a new system to have, if it can be implemented. When I tap on it, I am taken to all my music files stored on disk to icloud. I have a s little as .mp3, a couple of large (approximately 21MO) .wav files.

    They are all grayed out. I can't select one of them.

    Someone at - he found a way around this problem?

    See you soon


    You can import the .caf file made by music notes. I don't know what other files types are supported.


  • iCloud Drive not sync on iOS 10


    As I moved to Sierra and iOS 10, my iCloud reader app on my iPhone is not in harmony with what is on my Mac. All my documents are missing. They are on my Mac, on iCloud.com, but will not be displayed in the app iCloud on my iPhone that doesn't show a record of 'Numbers' by default.

    Am I missing something to get all my devices synced?

    Thank you

    Theophanes of greetings,

    Thanks for your post today in Apple Support communities. I see that documents which are synchronized on iCloud computer of Sierra of macOS are not sync on your iPhone. I know it's a great feature to have all your synchronized documents. I'll be more than happy to help.

    Because documents are correctly synchronized from the Mac to iCloud.com, allows to get their sync correctly to the iPhone. Lets go to settings > iCloud > the iCloud player on and off. Once it is off, exit the settings. Then lets turn it back on. It might take a few moments to all turn on again and start the synchronization.

    Check if the documents are appearing. If this is not the case, let know us and we will be happy to help you further.

    See you soon.

  • ATV ICloud photos button missing "set as screen saver.

    Try to configure the Apple TV (4th gen) screen saver to be an album of my Photos of ICloud, ICloud photos configure everything correctly and can navigate around my entire collection. But when I try to set up an album like screen saver there is no button "Set as screen saver" in the section configuration screen saver (settings/general/Saver screen/Type/My Photos) as indicated in the instructions.

    Has anyone else had this problem? bored of slow overflights on SF.

    Screen saver can be shared and no album all iCloud photo library...

    iCloud: create a shared album

  • iCloud drive Local Storage Management on iOS

    I can imagine a circumstance in which an iCloud drive may contain enough files to exceed the capacity of storage available for an iOS device.

    1. does anyone know how iOS handles this situation?

    2. in general, are all the files in the iCloud drive copied down for iOS devices, or is it only meta data to iOS show the structure of the disk allowing iOS to download copies of files on demand?

    With Dropbox, you must manually choose which files you want stored locally on your iOS device. I'm guessing that Apple tried to relieve users from having to think about this issue and they designed the iOS to just do the right thing by managing local storage automatically and gracefully.

    Only, they are copied to your device when you open then (with some exceptions). If you start running out of room, your device will delete them intelligently...

  • Display the pictures and videos on iCloud drive app issues


    My iCloud drive is enabled in my iPhone 6 + and iPad Pro and on the Apple TV. I can see all the photos and videos on my Apple TV. However, when I opened the iCloud reader app on my iPad Pro, no photos or videos are indicated. He is white, except for a couple of documents. I have a subscription of 200 GB and 157GB of available, but nothing shows up on my iCloud drive app in my iPad Pro. Ditto for the iPhone 6 + if I was made to understand the elements are all in the camera app. I took almost all of my pictures and videos on my iPhone and these are uploaded to the icloud drive. Please give me some suggestions as to why they do not appear on my iPad Pro but are visible on my Apple TV. I signed in with the same username and password to iCloud.

    The photo aren't in the iCloud drive application, which concerns the documents.

    Here's what you do;

    You are using Safari go iCloud.com on iPad Pro.

    Once there hold your finger on the circular at the end of the URL field arrow until the Bureau request website. Tap the Office application site.

    Connect to your iCloud account.

    Press photo icon.

  • How can I get icloud drive to stop the upgrade? It has been thus since the first upgrade, which was ios 8.je have now last version 9.3.1, and icloud drive still shows the upgrade. Its been almost 3 months. Can someone please help?

    iCloud drive saying the upgrade for alomost 3 months now on my iPhone 4 s. is there a solution to solve this?

    Try signing out of iCloud, perform a restart forced and then signing to iCloud.

    Force restart: hold the home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously for about 15-20 seconds , until the Apple logo appears.

  • Why "Rentals" are missing in iCloud drive window?

    I want to add an attachment (document) to an e-mail message. The document is on my iPhone in the app settings Pages > iCloud > iCloud Drive is enabled. I tap on the body of the e-mail message > click on 'Add an attachment' > iCloud readers panel shows nothing. I want to go to another location (Pages) of the document. I thought "Locations" should be at the upper left of the Panel, but it is absent. I thought that I should be able to type "Rentals", select "Pages", and then select the documents to be attached. What Miss me?

    It comes to my iPad, but it works the same way on the iPhone. I do not use iCloud Drive on the phone because he just kept sucking the life out of the battery on the phone and the screen is way to small for me to work in the documents anyway.

    You type on Pages in order to obtain the document.


  • ICloud drive works with iOS 9.2

    Icloud drive works with IOS 9.2


  • ICloud drive and ICLOUD library missing photos

    Only a few of my photos appear in iCloud photo library and none in my ICloud Drive app on my 6s. Where are my other 500 + saved pictures?

    Try the settings/iCloud and remove the synchronization. Wait a few minutes and then resynchronize.

  • Send multiple photos to iCloud drive

    Hey all

    I was forced into upgrading my iCloud storage as my iphone backup did not fit into the franchise of 5 GB (note to apple, you really should at least allow a free backup outside the allocation, im, buying a $1,000 phone each year is the least you could do)

    Anyway, I now have an allowance of 50 GB and I'm only using several GB for my backup so I will try to find reasons to the mother to use.

    I just had a thought, perhaps I could store the photos in the reader that I am not wanting in my camera... sexy holiday snaps for example.

    But oh my God not... I can only send ONE photo at a time. The minute I select more than the option 'Send to iCloud Drive' disappears... are you kidding me! I miss the time with the iPhone that whenever I thought of something I want to do, I try and "it works".

    Please telll me miss me something here...

    If you are connected to a reliable WiFi and your iPhone is connected, to download your photos from the film to iCloud photo library.

  • iPad 2 Air: icloud drive hangs in "upgrade".


    My icloud drive hangs in the upgrade. When I try to save it gives about 30% and stops.

    I tried to access my icould drive via iCloud.com and he says that there is an error.

    I have installed IOS 10.

    can anyone help?

    Try either a restart - restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support or if it does not, perhaps signing of iCloud, wait a few minutes, then reconnect.

  • Phone has been "redevelopment" iCloud drive for more than a day now

    In parameters, iCloud Drive was churning "valorisation" for more than a day now. Did not help restart the phone. iPhone 6 s, iOS 10.0.2.

    Thank you!

    What kind of "reboot", you have?  What was this - restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support?  If you did, and it did not work, try switching iCloud drive, power switch (settings > iCloud > iCloud drive).  If this does not work, try to connect to your iCloud account and reconnect.

  • Hello. How can I move files on dropbox on my icloud drive?

    My selection expires tomorrow... and I tried for awhile to load or save all dropbox to Icloud by car.  I have made sure in Icloud drive I activated dropbox, but read tips on how to do it, it does not.

    So when I select a folder in dropbox on the ipad, I have to share, that I finally found how to.

    but then there is no option for me to share with icloud.  What Miss me?  should I put my icloud email address, in order to share with me? or how does this all work.

    I really look forward to someone to help me.

    Thank you guys


    Go to iCloud.com on your computer. Connection. Open iCloud drive.

    Tap the tiny iCloud. Tap on Dropbox.

    Select a folder. I chose a picture.

    Look at him to transfer to iCloud by car.

    I can't believe I got it to work on my first try.

  • How to add multiple photos to iCloud drive?


    I want to use iCloud drive to share some of my photos with my mother. I used Dropbox for that so far, but now that I have the upgrade to 50 GB of storage iCloud, which seems the best choice.

    However, unlike Dropbox seems only able to select one photo at a time for iCloud Drive (Photos > select > add to iCloud by car). Am I missing something here?

    With sincere friendships.


    First, iCloud drive is different from your photo library from iCloud, and your photos are stored in the second, not the first.

    I think what you're looking for is - iCloud, sharing photos - Apple Support

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