iCloud library download not any photo library


I decided to start using iCloud photo library, so I checked the option "Préférences"-> "iCloud" Photos (version 2.0). He started to download items very well, but I noticed it is not downloading the entire library of Photos. My photo library contains 7065 photos and 151 videos, but Photos only started to load about 2500 points on iCloud library after activating what is 16.5 GB (see screenshots). When you look at the size of "Library.photoslibrary Photos" is 46.5. Does anyone know a reason for this difference? Thank you


It'll take some time according to the signal from your ISP and Wi - Fi.  Make sure that your signal is good.

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  • Always about 3000 photos do not download to the icloud library. It has nothing different in size or the type of photo as the once that have been downloaded. Any ideas?

    I downloaded my library of images (30000) together in icloud. However, about 3000 of them just won't download. I checked and they are nothing in the size or format, like the rest of the photos. All Jpeg with normal file sizes.

    I already posted this question with screenshots, but no answer yet, try another...

    Thank you.

    I looked at your previous questions, jrenders .

    iCloud library stop downloading after a certain time, ideas?

    Cannot determine why some photos download on icloud and others did not

    There are still a few missing facts to be able to help.

    Have you tried suggestion of Larry with the smart album? Link to this post

    A smart album with the rule "Photography is unable to download to iCloud library" contains all the photos?

    What is the Photos > Preferences panel show?  There is a progress bar?

    You have posted two screenshots:

    Thank you! I took a glance at the pictures that are not uploaded. I added two screenshots to this post. The first image IMG_6613 have download and the second an IMG_6614 did not download.

    No idea why, the news of the photo are in the screenshot. You have an idea why post an and the other not? First of all, I thought it was the extensions .jpg instead of the extension of ge.jp. However, I saw that much .jpg have download.

    Thanks again!

    Can you tell us more about the second photo, which does not download?   Can change you it? Can export you it?

    Try to identify the first photo that always must download and does not.  Most of your pictures will be perfectly okay, but a bad point could hide the progression. A video or a photo in a format not supported.

  • iCloud library download not working not

    Hi all

    I have a problem with the iCloud library months ago that my library (14000 pictures) is not properly download from my mac (10.11.3).

    At present, there are still 7000 points to download, but over the past two months to download anything.

    I have enough space in the cloud and on iOS, there is no problem to download (it's working great)!

    Thank you!!!

    Check if your library contains items that can not download. photos and videos in an incompatible format could block the upload forever.

    You can test it with a smart album:

    File > new Smart Album

    and add a constraint: any element

    • Photo is referenced
    • Picture can not download on iCloud photo library.

  • photos on iCloud library not to display on the iPhone


    First of all, I am running: MacOS Sierra & iOS 10.

    I'm Tournai on iCloud photo library on my mac and synchronized about 6000 pictures (which was AAAGGGEEESSS) to the cloud.

    I then turned on the iCloud photo library on my iPhone 6 s, and once again, downloaded more than 1500 pictures.

    Now, in the Photos app on my mac, I can see all the photos (including my phone) and when I login to iCloud via a web browser, I can also see all 7000 +. However, on the application of photos on my iPhone, only photos taken on the phone are displayed - rather than those of my mac.

    Am I missing something? As I understand it, all my photos must be posted on the phone (even if "Optimized storage" is enabled).


    Try the head tilt iCloud library switch to see if it could kickstart on the iPhone.

  • My images full resolution stay in my photo library iCloud after downloading the originals on my Mac?

    Good afternoon

    I am currently downloading my entire photo library on my Mac from my iCloud Photo Library - I want to save the originals on a hard drive external.

    I've always had the value "optimize storage space", will be the full resolution original images stay in the cloud after the originals have downloaded on my Mac?

    Most of them is shot in RAW format and I still want their cloud to use Lightroom without having to import them all into LR first.

    Thank you, Aimee

    Yes, iCloud library still retains full resolution photos, unless you delete them

  • If I remove iCloud library in my iPhone (but not on my Mac) I lost photos?

    I have iCloud library enabled on my iPhone and Mac.

    Everything works perfectly, great synchronization, all photos back available for me to see 10 years.

    Now I have run out of space on my iPhone, and my photos (despite the optimization of storage on iCloud photo library) are the main reason for this.

    If I disable iCloud photo library on my iPhone, but keep it on my Mac, what will happen?

    Do I lose all the photos?

    Once I did, if I delete the pictures of my phone are they so just deleted from my phone, but not my iCloud?

    Appreciate the help, thanks

    If you disable iCloud photo library on your iPhone, you will see more pictures on this device. iCloud photo library on your Mac will still have pictures. You should not lose all the photos from your Mac, but make a copy of your library beforehand should put your mind at rest until you can verify that he has lost. Delete the pictures taken on your iPhone will not affect your Mac or iCloud, but neither future pictures taken on your iPhone will go into iCloud photo library.

  • Hello! If I icloud library disabled, will be always saved pictures? I know that your backup stores the photo library of all devices and because I'm not all devices to be synchronized I think I'm safe and won't lose my pictures/videos. Right?

    Hello! If I icloud library disabled, will be always saved pictures? I know that your backup stores the photo library of all devices and because I'm not all devices to be synchronized I think I'm safe and won't lose my pictures/videos. Can someone please clarify?

    If you want your photos backed up, you must import them into the photos on the computer application that synchronize you with. iCloud photo library is a repository for all the photos for a given iCloud ID. However, it is not required for the care of your photos. I do not use iCloud photo library - import my photos into the library of Photos on my Mac.

    A backup of your device iCloud will save your current film, but if you remove anything from this film, then it will not be available for retrieval at a later date, because backups replace the previous backup version. A backup is so not an archive safe for your photos or videos.

    Photo stream keeps the last 30 days or 1000 photos taken with your camera if you have Photo Stream on, but once again, it's a temporary storage that gets crushed. Photo stream is intended to provide a method of sharing photos between the signed devices on the same iCloud account, but is not intended as an archive.

    Import your pictures and videos on a computer means that all photos and videos are kept in a library on your computer and will be accessible. It is the only safe way to archive your photos:


    Good luck


  • iCloud library not updated iPhone photos of Mac.  This happens frequently and I don't see a way to force him (he always says that he updated all 'on time').  I tried restarting both devices.

    iCloud library not updated iPhone photos of Mac.  This happens frequently and I don't see a way to force him (he always says that he updated all 'on time').  I tried restarting both devices.  Mac is running latest update of el capitan, and iPhone is 9.1 (on hold until that the photos are actually saved to update to 9.2)

    Try to go to iCloud.com to see if the elements are there and whether the device or the computer. That should indicate if the device or computer is not synchronizing. If the computer, try going to System Preferences/iCloud and stop synchronization. Wait a few minutes, then recheck the timing. If the device, go to settings/iCloud and do the foregoing.

  • I have lost my original photos from my local drive if I optimized my iCloud library?

    I moved my photo (900 GB) library on an external drive. The value in pictures new external player as the new library system library. Now when I turn on iCloud it tells me I have to optimize my photos. I'm afraid of losing my originals from my local drive. Optimization of my library will erase my originals from my local computer? I have to delete my old library in iCloud that has already gone through the pain staking the download process (759GB) in order to reuse my iCloud? I try to avoid to keep my computer another 3 months. Simply cross ICloud cannot check the new library with my iCloud library and move on. How can I start again using my iCloud? Please give me some advice or assistance. Thank you

    The value in pictures new external player as the new library system library. Now when I turn on iCloud it tells me I have to optimize my photos.

    What is your external drive only has 1 TB of storage?  You have found the warning because the 900 GB in iCloud and the size of your current library on the external hard drive will not fit on the disc. If you have a disc, use a drive twice the size of your library of Photos, so you will not miss storage in the years to come. Any drive that you use with pictures must have Mac OS Extended (Journaled) file system.

    iCloud library does not know, the pictures are identical. It will download all the photos in the library moved to iCloud and check if they are duplicates. And it only allows you to introduce you, if you use 'Optimize', if the combined size of the photos in iCloud and on your Mac is larger than the available storage.

    And Yes, the "optimize" option can cause some originals will be deleted. It is completely dynamic.  You can turn this option off again directly after that you turned the library on the external drive as your iCloud photo library for re-download all original, and before Photos was able to start optimization. Do it only if you are sure, the library will fit.

    If you do not all projects in your photo library and did not use the function "Faces" and has invested a lot of work by naming the faces, you could simply start with an empty library on your external drive and let the photos to download icloud to the empty library. It will be faster to download again and the merger of the library moved in your library to iCloud. The only downside, the tags of faces will be missing and your books and other projects. If you need to keep a backup copy of the library has moved.

  • WARNING: iCloud library deletes the original photos on Mac

    Recently, I turned on the library to iCloud in the Photos app preferences. I chose the option "Download this Mac originals," not "optimize Mac memory" so all my original full quality photos will remain on my Mac and probably be safe. After uploading to the cloud ended (took a while), I made a backup of my Mac using Retrospect. I noticed that a lot (almost all by the number of GB) photos were being backed up, what happens if the file or its attributes modified. I was wondering why to send photos to the cloud would change my photo files. I decided to review individual cases to see if there were differences from the original versions. (Luckily, I had a clone of my HD last week, which had all my photos some before iCloud photo library has been activated.) So I could compare the originals on the clone for the pictures changed on my Mac's hard drive.)

    To find files modified more easy, I used sync Pro, which gives me a list of files that it thinks are different. I discovered that more than 150 of my 9500 photos have been deleted after turning on iCloud photo library! It was shocking, but it is good news.

    I have carefully reviewed the photos maybe a decade or two that had been deleted. If they had any duplicates which were not deleted. In other words, apparently Photos, trying to send photos to iCloud, reviewed my photos and remove duplicates from my hard drive. By comparing these duplicates, I have found not all were an exact replica, as follows.

    • Several photos appear to be identical files with the same size and file modification dates. Actually duplicates, thus eliminating one is without real loss, although I don't like deletions of software that Apple all of my original photos at first.
    • Some 'duplicates' had different size files. It's relative. In all these cases, examine photos of GraphicConverter revealed that Photos had deleted the photo of lower quality, depending on the quality of compression ratio or %. (The photo of lower quality is not always a smaller file size.)
    • Some "double" had same file sizes but different modification dates. I think that, in these cases, pictures kept the old file, which would probably be the original.
    • Some have had different file size and date to change different.  In these cases the Photos deleted the photo of lower quality.

    Based on examination of a small percentage of the total number of deleted duplicates, Photos seem to be taken of intelligent decisions on how to remove duplicate.

    What I don't know, is how or why most photo changed during the download process to iCloud, such files as revealed by Retrospect. But looking at my photos, I did not notice any obvious problems.

    Implementation of Apple to iCloud library caused similar problems when I tried first. He changed most of my files of songs (according to retrospective). When this happened, I have restored the original files of the song from a backup and off the musical library to iCloud. I gave Apple several months for bugs and the week last tried railway. This time, it seems to go smoothly and none of my songs files have been changed. Now I'm enjoyimg music Apple and the possibility to add streaming music to my playlists.

    I like to be able to view my pictures on all my Apple devices, and when the next tvOS comes out soon, I'll be able to view my library on my Apple TV iCloud too. So I won't restore all my photos from a backup, then off iCloud photo library. Here's hoping that I find out later that one of my favorite photos are definitely missing or altered.

    El Capitan 10.11.3

    1.3 photos

    iMac (24 inch, early 2009)

    Based on examination of a small percentage of the total number of deleted duplicates, Photos seem to be taken of intelligent decisions on how to remove duplicate.

    I noticed similar symptoms.  When I import a picture that is a duplicate of one already in my library of Photos, both copies will share the same original image file in the folder of masters. Photos allows you to import duplicates, but will store only one version. This makes it almost impossible to replace JPEG corrupted by the restored versions of a backup.

    You can watch iCloud checking for duplicates while you download new photos. Launch the Console.app and look for the process 'photomodell '. You will see many entries like this:

  • Photos about El Capitan with iCloud library active lose local photos?

    Recently, I wanted to use iCloud library to have a backup of my personal memories cloud. I had my library set up in the Photos of El Capitan and allowed iCloud photo library. It is still downloading but I have known a few disruptive effects.

    Then, suddenly, I realize that a few pictures and movies have an exclamation point. Clicking on it it tells me that the photo was not able to find the original file, or sometimes he says he wasn't able to download the original to iCloud and I should try again later.

    The thing is: I'm on the Mac, where is the main library of Photos. Must download from here. He is the master copy. Why pictures removed some local files in the first place and try to upload them to iCloud again when he should just have this file on the local hard drive? This happened to someone?

    By logging into iCloud.com and go in the Photos app, I can see the movie file is there. So he managed to download there, thank God. But how can I re - link the file missing to this copy iCloud again?

    Here are my questions for this situation.

    (1) is it possible to create a smart album showing me all the pictures to what Photos can't find the local file? An album with all the pictures and movies that have an exclamation point?

    (2) is it possible to reconnect a file missing a copy in iCloud? Where can I download the file from iCloud and re-connect the missing file of Photos in a local file on my hard drive? Or do I need to import it back this picture and put manually into any album that I had it in earlier?

    (3) is this normal download process? Pictures downloading images and movies to iCloud, then delete the original or download the file from iCloud? Is it a problem of weird first sync that will resolve itself once I have let the download process to iCloud finish? But why deleted pictures from the file in the first place? This seems odd to me.

    (4) if nothing helps and I see that iCloud got all original and everything is there, but local library refuses to get the original to iCLoud files, how can I reset my local iPhoto library and redownload all icloud without endangering my album, photos, videos and all the settings and changes I made?

    Thanks for your help! It's really appreciated.

    1 - iCloud iPhoto Library s not a backup - it is a method of sharing to ensure that libraries on multiple devices are the same - all changes made on any device are made on all

    2 - doe photos not "remove" anything - users - if something is missing it's because of the action of the user

    3 - Although what you see does not sound as if it was your problem before you start making changes allow the process to complete stabilize - during the downloading process things can be wobbly

    4. There is no smart album to identify the missing originals

    5. in the preferences Photos do youhave that it set to download the originals on the Mac or use photos optimized?

    6 - did you do any cleaning system or run software cleaning as MacKeeper or CleanMyMac (Hint - NOT - they are not necessary and can spoil things wrong)

    leave again once the process completed before you make changes - one each thing is downloaded and stable then return for further assistance if you need


  • If I upload my photos to the iCloud library remain my original photos on my MacBook Pro?

    If I upload my photos to the iCloud library remain my original photos on my MacBook Pro?

    Yes, they do. See:iCloud photo library - Apple Support

    Note that if you open the Photos on your Mac and go to preferences and click on iCloud at the top of the preferences window, there are 2 options: 'Download the originals of this Mac' and 'Optimize Mac storage.' If you choose the option optimize and your Mac is low on storage space, then the originals can be replaced with smaller optimized versions.

  • Why should I download a video to my iCloud library whenever I want to watch it?

    Why should I download a video to my iCloud library whenever I want to watch it?

    If I try to watch a video recorded on my iPhone which is more than a day old must download from the iCloud.

    Surely, photos and videos must reside on my device as usual as well as in the iCloud and not exclusively.

    You have iCloud library enabled and set to optimize your photos?

  • iCloud library... simply does not work

    I have to admit - Im very angry about this.

    Here is my situation;

    1. when I look at my phone, all THE PHOTOS, I have 5 683 pictures

    2 when I connect my phone to my Mac, it says I have 2 389 pictures

    3. when I login to iCloud online, he said: I have 4 271 pictures

    I don't want to use iCloud photo library. In fact, I remember turning off the COAST, but during an update, he must have turned on YOU.

    And now, I find myself crossing Europe, taking thousands of photos that appear on my phone and yet when I try to import my phone to edit and publish, they actually aren't there to import and I must log on to iCloud and download them individually.

    I can SEE ALL the photos on my phone. I can see some of the photos on my iPad. I can see some of the photos on my Mac. I tried to turn off the iCloud photo library and it threatens to remove everything from everywhere. Why? They are to ME.

    I was looking for a solution online and Im so surprised that no one seems to complain about this. It is a TERRIBLE problem. I literally took photos 2 weeks ago, I can see them on my phone and now they are not available to download. I tried the programs third too and it does not solve the problem of photos exist somewhere - just not physically stored on the phone.

    Have I completely wrong? Is that seriously how this is supposed to work?

    If this is the case, it's a deal breaker. IM ready to throw my iPhone out and get something I did a master's degree.

    I can SEE ALL the photos on my phone. I can see some of the photos on my iPad. I can see some of the photos on my Mac. I tried to turn off the iCloud photo library and it threatens to remove everything from everywhere. Why? They are to ME.

    Reread the guests when you turn off iCloud photo library. He tells you that it will remove the pictures from the camera, not iCloud himself. Very different.

    Disable the iCloud on a device is not remove their icloud. Deleting photos on your phone while iCloud is turned on, does.

    Connect to icloud.com. Look in the pictures icon. It's your library. These pictures are full-size and will stay there unless you delete them so that your site iCloud.com or delete them from your phone (reduced or no version) while you always synchronize your device and iCloud. It sounds like you may have several origins, sending photos to iCloud. You can have, for various reasons, more pictures on your phone that have been synchronized in iCloud.

    Assuming that you connect all your devices using the same Apple ID.

  • When I turn on iCloud library in sync deleted photos?

    I just updated my iPad 16 GB iOS mini 9 after cleaning of old photos, so there would be enough memory for the upgrade.  I have around 200 photos sync'd with my MacBook.  Why iOS these deletes if I turn on iCloud photo library?

    I don't think that Apple never said 'why' and speculation is against the terms of use of this forum. However here is a method to deal with it. The information is of help with your photo library - Apple Support iCloud

    iCloud library is not download photos and videos that you copy to your device in iTunes. To download the original versions, follow these steps.

    OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 or later version

    To download the original versions of your library of Mac, click Photos > Preferences and turn on iCloud photo library.

    You can also use AirDrop to copy photos from your computer to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

    1. Make sure that you are connected with the same Apple on your iOS device and computer ID.
    2. Unlock your device iOS and Activate AirDrop.
    3. Open a new window of Finder on your Mac, then choose AirDrop in the sidebar.
    4. Drag the photos to the iOS device icon in the Finder window.

    OS X Mavericks and earlier versions or Windows

    You can upload JPEG photos using the Photos app on iCloud.com:

    1. Connect to iCloud.com wearing the same Apple ID you use to iCloud photo library.
    2. Click on iCloud photo library.
    3. Click on download.
    4. Select the pictures you want to download.
    5. Click OK.

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