iCloud to leak memory in Windows

iCloud for Windows participated in a memory leak which crash the Windows explorer.exe. The error that is displayed is:


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Check out this discussion > iCloud blocks my explorer.exe

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  • Leak memory in the routine of Winhttp 6.1 WinHttpSendRequest() on Windows 7

    I posted the following question in https://groups.google.com/forum/# microsoft.public.winhttp! Forum/Microsoft.public.WinHTTP with the subject 'leak memory in WinHttpSendRequest()'.

    I think that this function of WinHttpSendRequest() still leaks memory in Windows 7 (WinHttp 6.1), here is what I have:

    Platform: Windows 7 Enterprise (version 6.1 SP1) 64-bit platform.
    WinHttp: version 6.1.7601.17514.
    Visual Studio version: Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013, Version 12.0.31101.00 update 4.
    Memory tool leak detection: performance, using "private bytes".
    Symptom: With WinHttpSendRequest() call memory continue to increase even if it looks like a square, but the trend going upwards. Without calling WinHttpSendRequest, the trend is pretty much flat line, even if it looks like a square.

    Here's the code,


    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    I suggest you re-post your query on The MSDN Forums , because we have experts working on this type of questions and for you help the better.

    Check out the link:


    Hope this information helps. Please let us know if you need any other help with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

  • Leak memory running 32-bit application in 64-bit Windows 7

    I have an application that shows no signs of leaks memory (I am put on hold the berries of 10 MB and their queue to the file) under a 32-bit operating system standard.  Since then I tried to run in Windows 7 64 bit (as a 32-bit by using the 32-bit Labview runtime process) and incrementing memory noticed.

    Program takes 300 MB of memory.  If I've save 100 MB of data in a file, windows 7 64 bit will show it as 400 MB of memory (under windows on windows 32-bit)?  I don't think it would be, but you never know...

    Are there bugs in Labview 2010 regarding the queues of waiting and 64-bit windows?  I am tracking my use of the queue and is not increasing, so no real reason so that he can rise in the allocation of memory.

    I started turning off sections of code to track down it and found it to be a function call that I had left behind (somehow).

    Apology for a sparse description.  I found the problem and it was a creation that is hidden in a table in a loop every second or more (for example, rising constant memory), nothing to do with 64-bit related issues.  Problem has been solved!  Thank you all.

  • Leak memory in imaqFindPattern

    I suspect a leak memory in imaqFindPattern()

    When I run this function in a loop of the amount of RAM used by the program gradually. When I disable two instructions in the loop, the amount of RAM used remains the same. The two lines that I switch are:

    PM = imaqFindPattern (input_image, ref_image, some_rect, & options, NULL, &n);)

    If (PM) imaqDispose (pm);

    I've added an 'other' to the 'if', but it is never executed.

    It also happens when I use the same image every time through the loop.

    I used NI Vision 8.6 and CV 8.01 on Windows XP.

    Please confirm or help. ;-)

    Good news! After you have installed the Vision NOR updated 8.6.1 the leak memory disappeared!

    So, if you have memory problems with imaqFindPattern, locate, install and download the 27 MB update NO.

  • Leak memory in diskshadow.exe


    I did the following in windows 2008:

    (1) Create a disk snapshot

    (2) instant editing

    (3) delete snapshot

    For this reason, the memory increases and does not descend even after that I have remove the snapshot.

    Several times by performing the above steps my memory servers reached 100%.

    Looks like there is a leak memory in diskshadow.exe. Is it possible to avoid this problem

    Command to perform the snapshot associated with operation

    Create the snapshot






    Mount Snapsho t


    Remove the snapshot


    Hello zitouni,.

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community. However, your question is beyond the scope of what is generally answered in this forum of consumer and would be better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public.

    Please post your question in the TechNet Forums.

  • Leak memory like PC problem


    I'm leaking memory like PC problem. When I put my cursor over the text, it highlights it, and if I put my cursor on an icon he drags it everywhere. I tried restarting several times and even go into safe mode and yet the problem presists.

    system of care in a few words:

    I have a Toshiba satellite laptop running Windows 7 x 64 bit and an AMD Radeon graphics card and a quad core CPU. I have Java installed and my ESET antivirus. My anti malware program is Malwarebytes anti-malware.

    Thank you and have a nice day :)

    Hi Alan,

    I sincerely apologize for not be able to address your concerns on a timely manner.

    Please keep us informed of the status of the issue.

    Regarding the material, I suggest you contact the local computer technician or the manufacturer of the computer for better assistance.

    Please let us know for any further assistance. If you have questions, you can always post here at Microsoft Community.

    Thank you and best regards,

  • Leak memory with Explorer.exe in the videos folder.

    Leak memory with Explorer.exe in the folder of videos with thumbnails enabled. Using the resource monitor, I can see that explorer.exe is playback of video files, while the memory gradually increases until it is 99%. No such problem with memory leak when I put the provision 'list' (i.e. without thumbnails). Disabling thumbnails also eliminates the problem of memory leak, but this isn't what I want.  Main videos folder is. MKV files, with the codec video within the container MKV h.264 high profile. I tried to dissociate all media files with Media Player Classic Home Cinema (which I use to watch mkv videos).

    More important, this problem seems only appeared after I installed SP1.

    Win7 x 64 Ultimate SP1, C2D E8500 8 GB of RAM, Western Digital 2 to Green Caviar.

    More info: I realized that this only happens with the video files that don't have any generated tile. It's like Windows Explorer is reading through the entire video file to generate a thumbnail, but even after awhile that yet, it does not generate a thumbnail.

    How to fix? Help! Thank you!


  • leak memory in time real PDM

    Hi, this is Lee.

    I had the very serious problem.

    I'm currently building the real-time data recorder.

    But I found that there is a leak memory while I wrote the TDMS files.

    Let me explain further.

    Please watch for my project, I downloaded.

    There are target real time program. The title is "untitiled.vi".

    As you can see, I think that there is no accumulation of memory components...

    But if I don't have VI as 12 hours... it consume slightly patteren.

    Run Loganalizer.vi. or you can visit memory.jpg.

    I don't know why, but after he loses 17kBytes memory.

    Well... 17 KB of memory is not a big problem at the moment, but I intend to run this recorder as 2 months.

    This will eventually crash by memory loss.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Lee,.

    What do you mean by leaks memory, have you seen the increasment of memory when you run the VI without shutting it down? Or did you have seen memory leaks after you run the VI for 12 hours and STOP the race?

    If after a stop running, you see always 17 KB of memory "leak", what about you close the VI? Since it is possible that VI himself attributes may use of memory when running.

  • Leaks memory database Toolbox

    I have leaks memory in my Labview application linking and insertion of data in a Server MSSQL using Labview Database Toolkit.

    Versions: Labview 7.1, Toolkit 1.0.1.

    I searched the forums and searhed all over elsewhere... In my view, that there are some problems. (For example the list tables vi). Removal from the list of tables vi helped a lot. But I see that I'm losing memory here and there, from time to time.

    My question is: Y at - he of the General guidelines to avoid any leaks memory mentioned?

    Or maybe, all that will disappear if I update versions. (If I understand correctly I've also updated of Labview to be able to update the Toolbox?)

    Best regards

    / Jesper

    There is a small amount of memory allocated whenever you make an 'open '. If you open repetedly who could explaing a small slow leak. The workaround is to open once and re - use ref. Closed only when you encounter an error or are done.


  • character OCR file causes the leak memory during OCR. Please can someone help?

    I'm trying to use the OCR to read characters from a LCD.

    All works :-) but... it leaks a LOT of memory, becoming unusable in a loop.

    I think the problem is the file of character. I tried several ways to create a (for example of the Interior vision assistant, starting in the stand-alone version of utility training - and without thresholding automatic), and none of them fix.

    The example of OCR OR vi works very well with its own abc file. But if I use one of my friends there is a leak memory every time that it runs, typically a few hundred k bytes.

    Please is - anyone can help or tell what is happening? Or fix the abc file?

    Thank you very much.

    Technical support to the United Kingdom have concocted with a fix. If they give permission, I'll post it here.

    The problem can affect any file OCR training using the GUI tools in 2013 release.

  • Leak memory in cRIO running RT

    I am running RT 2009 on a compact chassis of RIO.  My very basic VI causes the RIO to restart, which seems to be linked to a leak memory.  I use system monitor and you can watch the use of memory on the chassis of RIO grow very slowly.  Attached is the project and the target VI is pretty basic.  I even made the change to close the refence that opens when analyzing data, but I still have this persistent problem.


    The next thing I would look at, it's how you use the "allocate Array for entry Module.vi.  Based on the help of this function and this reading, I don't think you are using it correctly.  I'm sure it is planned to use this function outside the main loop.  Your vi called repeatedly in the loop.  Whenever you call, it allocates another segment of memory.

  • leak memory using daqmx with c#


    I m of the problems using the c# to DAQmx API. I have attached a sample program to demonstrate the way in which I use the API.

    The problem I m facing is that the application needs memory more and more over time. My hypothesis is that leaking memory has occurred somewhere I tried different ways to call the API and read the documentation on methods, but I still didn t manage to get around this problem.

    Any help is the aprechiated!

    PS: A brief description of my program:

    -Create tasks (DI, HAVE, AO)

    -Add channels (DI, DO, HAVE,)


    -Start the Thread and cyclical read/write of the current values to/from local variables

    Hi niwaly,

    I recommend that you test the examples. This way you can be sure that the issue is not the driver itself, and you can debug your application. It can also give you a clue on how to proceed.

    If you have any examples in the file that I mentioned, you have not installed the driver with c# additional support during the installation procedure.

    Here are some examples:


    Kind regards


  • How to remove obsolete downloaded programs files, memory dump window, error reports window xp

    How to remove obsolete downloaded programs files, memory dump window, error reports window xp

    Use the disk cleanup tool in Windows XP to clean several types of files and folders are no longer, you want or need.

    "lauraschenberg" wrote in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy * _xp...

    How to remove obsolete downloaded programs files, memory dump window, error reports window xp

    Tags meta-tags: performance; windows_xp

    Monday 9 April 2012 08:05:37 + 0000: CreateMessage lauraschenberg

  • Will be the leak memory for the queue when it is used in producer and mode of consumption data acquisition transfer different size table.

    In data acquisition, I use a loop to query the data from the hardware, another loop to receive the data from query sent by queue loop.

    Each time the size of the transferred data matrix is perhaps not the same, so the system can assign different table size and recycle frequently.

    It cost memory leak. Or it will slow down the performance, given that the size of the array is not fixed, so everytime need to create a new array of size.

    Any suggestion or the best method.

    If I understand your description, your DAQ loop acquires data with the parameter of the function of reading-'1 ' for reading at the DAQmx samples. This translates into different picture sizes.

    Passage of these tables directly to a queue is valid and she didn't mind important in performance (at least AFAIK) and it certainly does not leak memory.

    So the question is more or less:

    It is valid that the consumer receives sizes different picture for analysis? How your consumer manages these tables?

    hope this helps,


  • Your system is low on virtual memory. Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file. This process may be denied requests for some applications.

    When I start my laptop I get "your system is low on virtual memory. Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file. This process may be denied requests for some applications. "and my laptop takes forever or does not open my programs. any help? Thank you.

    less than low disk space,

    What seems to be the case, it's that your windows is having a hard time resize its file for virtual memory.

    my suggestion is to remove "auto" at that time, and then set a custom format.

    I recommend that you set the initial size of 2 and max at 1152.

    Here's how to put a link:


    DB·´¯'·.. ¸ > DatabaseBen, Retired Professional - Analyst - Database Developer's - accounting - former veteran of the Armed Forces - @Hotmail.com 'share nirvana mann' - dbZen ~ ~ ~ >

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