If your catalog contains all changes to my photos how can I give a picture of someone else without the catalog?

This is going to sound very stupid. I'm new to Lightroom, so it's probably obvious. It is my understanding that Lightroom does not change your original photos and simply stores all changes in catalog file. So how it is when you give someone a photo you have edited that they will get the edited image if they have Lightroom and my catalog? Lightroom is some publish kind of command that creates the file, you can then specify?

Lightroom has an export option that allows you to export to JPEG, TIF or PSD copies, and those exported copies will include all the settings made using Lightroom. You may find it useful to take the time to watch this video series, since you are new to Lightroom.

Getting started with Lightroom cc - YouTube

Julieanne kost lightroom - YouTube

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