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Stop slideshow pdf of autofeed.

Is it possible to stop the slide show PDF export from LR to advance automatically? I want to keep it on the slides, until I hit the slider button (as I can get in LR). My pdf slideshows, keep however, advance auto. I can get it to move FASTER in both

Versions and multicultural management

I create several versions of a file.  A 'master' and various best output, for most of the multiple cultures.  What is the best way to handle this?  Virtual copies with keywords identifying the purposes of each copy?  Is there a better way?

His behavior modified adjustment brush

This behavior has just started: when I use the adjustment brush, he's heading slightly the area brushed on any options I put so that he could apply.  I have no active mask.  The actual effects will be visible once I have turn off the brush.  Until to

After LR 2.3 download, photo disappeared. Why? Back to the top restore?

HelloI have LR 2.0 and I recently downloaded a patch for 2.3 correct some previous flaws.Now all my pictures are gone in Lightroom. If I still have my files back.Anyone know why this happens, and please notify the restoration to save.Thank you very m

is there a simple solution for this error of nightmare?

How to undo a mistake like that?  Often, I do some changes to develop and begin an export and uh oh, suddenly I find EVERYTHING in the folder has been selected.  You hardly notice that everything has been selected, there in the film of some other ses

Lack of original JPEG!

How to export the thumbnails visible from Lightroom after that, incidentally, I have deleted the original JPEG from my hard drive?   

LR 2.3 - 64-bit?

I installed the 64-bit version of LR 2.0 without any problems on my 64-bit Windows XP Pro system. Downloading 2.3, I couldn't see that there was an installer separate 64 bit, and he wanted to install in the folder "programs (x 86)". I changed that to

Organize the placement and the order of the photos for print or the web

This is something that I expected with the first Lightroom and it always seems to be awkward to the point 2.3...Basically, there seems not to be a way we can simply click and drag the photos we want to be together and to make orders of our choice. Th

LR - Win Mac license transfer

does anyone know if I'll be able to install LR on Mac in case of switching from Win to Mac? For example I have currently licensed win LR 1.0 and 2.0 win bought updated and I wonder if teas keys will allow me to install LR on MAC if I opt for change o

help in the task of name change

I have a set of files called test001.dng - test999.dngThere are 100 files, but they are not contiguous. In other words, there are test001.dng, test080.dng, test540.dng, test830.dng, etc..I need to rename them all so that an additional 0 is placed aft

Economy of Contact on a PC sheets

I'm eager to save my contact on my desk plates, so I can record on my USB key. I know for a mac computer, you click on print and save as a pdf. However, it is not this option on a pc. Any thoughts? Thanks for the help.

Slideshow - music in working order

I created a slide show of 10 minutes that will appear to a client at the beginning of next week. The slideshow contains three pieces of music (MP3) that add to the presentation and are contained in a separate file. Now LR2.3 has no problems to play t

The images show or load.

I had this happen a few times and seemed to work its self out, but not this time.  Is what I've done so far, 1. This is updated to 2.3, 2. renamedpreferences. agprefs. files.   By instruction of the Adobe support.    No change in question.  Therefore

How can virtual copy error, I fix it?

I've recently updated to Lightroom 2. Now, I can't make a virtual copy. I get an Error Message that says: "an internal error has occurred:?: O: attempt to call method"getTimestamp"(value zero).» Anyone know what this means and how can I fix this so I

No supported profiles

I converted a set of files to a profile of printers that Lightroom cannot see and says is not supported. I have the original files, but want to keep a set of files to printers in the catalog. Any ideas?the

Wacom Intuos4 6 x 8 - questions?

I read on many of the people having problems with LR and Wacom tablets.  I was interested in the new Wacom Intuos4, but given the problems posted now have concerns.  Someone at - it no success with the help of the Tablet and Lightroom.  I'm on a Mac

A little confused RGD. What file/copy I should work with

I'm afraid so it's a beginner, yet it is leaving me a bit puzzled: having found a photo in the library view that I want a few others work on, should I - in principle - create a virtual copy and do all my changes to it? I mean, just to make sure that

Lightroom does not open catalog

Hi all: Help, please. New to this forum. Using Lightroom 2.2 on Mac. I had to do a reboot after a frost, and then I got the message: The catalogue called lightroom Lightroom 2 catalog cannot be opened because it is another application already opened.

Location of the xmp for jpg photo data

Scenario: Edit a jpg photo in LR (let's call it photoname.jpg) - add cropping etc. Tell lightroom to "write metadata in the file" (CTRL-S in XP). I do not see the .xmp associated in windows Explorer file... However, to bridge and "Edit in ACR" - the

Sitching to records

I currently have my photos imported by refrencing their current location on the hard drive. I would use the new system folders. Is their any way I can make that change, AND keep my changes? Thank youSean B.
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