iMatch & DRM on iTunes,

iMatch does currently not new subscriptions in the United States: y at - it another way to update old iTunes DRM tracks with DRM-free ones?


It's strange. I think that if Apple gave it you would see it anywhere on the web. I don't see a single mention of it. It is perhaps a matter of temporary service, and you should try again tomorrow?

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  • Playlists created using iMusic on device OS not updated by IMatch in iTunes

    If I create a playlist on my ipad, is not completely sync'd by iMatch in my iTunes library. The title of the Playlist is here but the content is grey and each track shows the icloud waiting icon. No matter how long you wait and no matter how many times you ask an update IMatch that nothing happens

    Restart iTunes does nothing no more. I missed a few small characters in what will make IMatch?


    The titles have been added to your computer < you bought these titles on iTunes store?


  • How iTunes will include marketing / given blank media library?

    Scenario: an accident is stupid enough, I formatted the disk external USB I said iTunes to store all its media (using iTunes preferences). Since I got the vast majority of the data from the formatted disk (Stellar Phoenix to the rescue). It includes: music I ripped from CDs, movies I ripped the DVD, "digital copies" when it was a thing, as well as everything I bought on iTunes. It is NOT in the original folder structure and file names are still the same. It is also worth noting that I have iTunes game.

    Question: iTunes is going to do when I start it? It has been closed since the show. I intend that it points to an array of newly purchased raid an external USB 3 and my hope is that iTunes will:

    • Let me download all my music.
    • Let me download all my purchased movies (and books, apps, etc.).
    • Alow me to identify the location of the missing files, including the DVD rippe.

    .. and all this together on the new external drive.

    Is anyone able to confirm the desired behavior, or lack thereof? And someone has any advice... ?

    For the curious, iTunes behaves as desired. With the intact library (on my local hard drive), it simply could not find the corresponding files - but it did not cause of aberrant behavior.

    I am able to download "all" my music (although it comes out of the music was not in iTunes game - particularly my old DRM'ed iTunes purchases), all my movies purchased and all my TV shows purchased. iTunes prompts me to "locate" the files that were missing for individual items, so it'll be a job from me to re - associate my DVD rippe and 'digital copies. I can also re - associate some of my old music of DRM'ed, but it's a little, so that could get ugly.

  • iTunes does not support Windows 10 modern watches over tablets and newer laptops


    Since Windows 8, there is a new mode called available standby connected standby (Windows 8), InstantGo (Windows 8.1) or modern (Windows 10) from the previous day.

    Tablets with Windows and newer laptops use modern sleep every time instead of old standby mode when firstly, it turns off the screen and after a while CPU turnes off (S3 mode AFAIK).

    Computer works now similar to a phone in a Pocket, you can listen to music or get a call (Skype).

    Here is the description for developers on Miscrosoft MSDN:

    Developers need to make their applications compatible with a modern Eve, otherwise application does not work while the unit is in standby modern.

    There is a Microsoft Groove app installed music on my book of Surface with 10 Windows, he can play DRM iTunes media, and continues to play when the screen turns off. iTunes seems to be incompatible legacy applications because it stops to play my music if I let laptop intact for 5 minutes.

    I tried to explain this to a phone Apple support, but they told me that this isn't a problem with iTunes but Windows and I need to get in touch with Microsoft instead of Apple.

    I can't use my subscription Apple same music in music Groove as a solution because it is unable to read the DRM from iTunes m4p files, of course it can not directly access cloud Apple music too.

    Is it possible to transmit this information to Apple?

    I don't understand why Apple let iTunes must be installed on Windows 8 + because actually it works terrible.

    For example, it can not switch audio speakers headphones and vice versa (while other applications that correctly), there are also some problems of video output, sometimes also the iTunes window receive a second bar tiny minimize / closing maximise controls, also the search field sometimes loose the keyboard input.

    Developers need to make their applications compatible with a modern Eve, otherwise application does not work while the unit is in standby modern...

    I tried to explain this to a phone Apple support, but they told me that this isn't a problem with iTunes but Windows and I need to get in touch with Microsoft instead of Apple...

    Is it possible to transmit this information to Apple?


    Support staff does not normally deal in development issues, so it is quite likely that simply, they did not understand the question.  To report it directly to Apple, use the comments link:

    When you send feedback, try to be as clear and objective as possible.

    iTunes has a huge population of Windows users, so I don't know that apple is interested.

  • I got my purchased iTunes movies transferred to HP Slate 7

    A few days ago my wife ask me to transfer my iTunes on his slate HD 7 films.  But as everyone knows, it is not allowed to transfer movies iTunes with other non Apple devices. It seems a little awkward.

    Fortunately, I met this guide on, he guides me to remove DRM from iTunes first and then convert them to other formats to accommodate HD tablet.

    And the software that it recommended in this guide is called DRM Media Converter:

    It is a tool really powerful removal & DRM converter for Windows users. It can remove drm from iTunes, audio and video files Windows Media Center, BBC iPlayer and more.


    This message is probably not suitable for this forum. Up to Admin to make the decision.

    Kind regards.

  • Error on blackBerry Smartphones play iTunes from the multimedia player

    I use the BB software to sync my music without DRM from iTunes to my Storm but for some reason, when I play the song on the storm and I switch from portrait to landscape view, the song stops and the next is played.  I also get a generic error message 'Error play.'  It is the second time that I have synced, and it didn't happen the first time.  Everyone knows this?

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    No data will be lost when you do the following: remove the battery while the device is activated. Remplacer replace after one minute, let the device reboot 1-3 min, see if the problem is corrected.
    Thank you


    Don't forget to adjust your thread.

    Put the check mark in the green box containing your answer! Thank you

  • Need advice from first Apple TV purchase


    I need some advice on the purchase of my first Apple TV.

    I want an Apple TV for two reasons:

    (1) for watching movies and TV shows I purchased/rented from iTunes

    (2) Watch Netflix

    I have the choice between the 3rd and 4th gen Apple TV. The 3rd generation is MUCH less expensive than the 4th Gen seeing that my priority is my iTunes and Netflix content, it's worth spending a lot more on the 4th generation? Other than games and fancy remote what can the 4th gen cannot 3rd generation?

    A colleague suggested that I'd rather have a Google Chromecast because it much cheaper than the Apple TV. I know even less about this than the Apple TV. The Chromecast will be able to play my purchased DRM protected iTunes movies and TV shows?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    4th Gen has also access to the subscription service music Apple 3rd generation does not, and as developers more come aboard, it will have at its disposal more Apps as the current 3rd generation is now basically 3 years and does not get a new round of software updates this time and no way of knowing if it will get any in the future.

    4th Gen will probably continue to receive updates and support of the 3rd party developers such as Netflix for a while.

    The Chromecast plays basically everything that is on your computer or mobile device screen. Unlike the Apple Tv, it does not on its own plays anything nor has an interface, you can see on the screen. It's just a receiver and you "cast" content. You cannot however "cast" iTunes protected content to it. This means that you can not directly play iTunes purchases and rentals on it.

    Since you plan on playing iTunes content, the best bet is the Apple Tv. If you do not really need the apps and games, go for the 3rd GEN, otherwise you can go for the cheapest 32 GB 4th Gen

  • BlackBerry Smartphones to listen to classical music

    I just got my Blackberry curve and it's great - except for the issues I'm having with music downloads.  I bought two albums of music on iTunes.  I have not had any problems of synchronization of the current music, I bought through iTunes.  But, when I tried to synchronize of classical music, I bought using the Synch Media app, they will not synch - Proteched (Digital Rights Management).

    I am very confused.  I don't understand how to determine things in iTunes so go to sync or not synch (protected or not).  Also, I could care less where I buy my music.  Is there a better place to buy pieces to avoid this problem?  I assumed that because blackberry referenced iTunes software, it is fully compatible.  Of course, this isn't.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.  I need to learn this music for my church choir and I bought this blackberry to replace my phone AND my ipod - so the aspect of music is a priority for me!

    Thank you!

    The problem lies in the files of the songs themselves.  Partly to blame is also Apple and iTunes.  When you say 'current' and 'classical' music, are you talking about the time they were purchased through iTunes?  That's probably why your current songs are able to sync and not adults.

    Basically what it comes down to tell the difference in the types of files that you have purchased.  iTunes until recently incorporated a form of "copy protection" called management of digital rights (DRM) in the songs you purchase/download that you would only play/sync these songs on matched Apple software and devices, keeps you simply copy the file and give it to a friend for free to play on their iPod or other player without having to pay for it is marked.  It's a bit like how you can't all just pop a DVD in your computer and copy it to another drive.  You never, through legal means, will be able to play files protected against copying on your BlackBerry.

    The way to tell if an iTunes song is protected against copying is to watch the song info/properties option in iTunes, or check the file extension.  If the extension is ".m4p" it is protected

    To avoid this problem in the future you can either illegally remove the DRM of the song files by using the decryption software, buy single songs in iTunes that are designated "iTunes more" (who are not protected against copying and is supposed to be the new standard for store from now all the songs in iTunes and can cost very) , or use another store digital music such as Amazon, eMusic, Napster, etc. - where they do not apply copy protection to any of their files (although sometimes sacrificing sound quality just perceptible).  Personally, I recommend Amazon because quality is superior to the standard, and the songs are generally a full 10 cents less than the iTunes store.  The only obstacle that you run sometimes is that the selection on these sites are perhaps not as large as iTunes.

    DRM and iTunes is seen by some consumers as a marketing scheme and the violation of property rights - software iTunes is free, but if you want to listen to the music purchased outside of this program, you are forced to use/buy an iPod.  When you buy a CD, it's phsically as your own and you can do whatever you want with it - play on any CD player, sell, lend it to someone listening, etc.  With DRM encrypted music which is not the case and you can't do any of those things, but you're still paying the same amount of money for it, as if you were buying a CD, feel so much, you should have the same capacity/rights.

  • iTunes game NOT the DRM songs free download...

    Recently received Sonos speakers as a gift and discovered a large part of my purchased iTunes music could not be played. I bought an iTunes subscription Match and followed the instructions to remove and re - download purchased DRM-free music. It is that some albums are re - download WITH DRM. All help solve this appreciated.


    -Protected AAC files are NOT replaced with purchased AAC files

    -Music DO NOT update from 128 Kbps to 256 Kbps

    -Also on a handful of albums that other securities individual download as was not purchased and purchase date is removed. I guess this could cause me problems if/when my iTunes subscription game is cancelled?

    Once again the scenarios above affect only a few albums. Other download to the flow correct and FREE of DRM. Here are some of the albums concerned.

    -Frank Black: teenager of the year - 19/06/07 - bought the securities don't re - download as a 128 Kbps protected AAC files.

    -Ultra Lounge Volume 3: Space Capades - bought 07/02/06 - tracks does not re - download as a 128 Kbps protected AAC files.

    -Hugo Montenegro: all-time Greatest Movie Themes & tracks - purchased 10-20-06 - systems don't re - download as a 128 Kbps protected AAC files.

    -Esquivel: Cabaret Manana - Purchasesd 09/01/05 - tracks don't re - download as a 128 Kbps protected AAC files.

    -Ultra Lounge: Christmas Cocktails - purchased on 10/12/06 - Album downloads not only partially. Other titles show that bought, some as matched.

    I found that some of my recent purchases originally uploaded as copyrighted content, but when put in correspondence in the library, I was able to use the right click > delete the download option, and then use the cloud icon to download a new free version of DRM for the same.

    I used a separate library to release my DRM content, then added the tracks in my main library and to clean a deduping (windows only) script. Canned script ratings, play counts, playlist membership and since I tweaked for this project, also retains the date added information.


  • Match + Apple iTunes music DRM Free?

    Dear Apple community,

    Music is my life, is more valuable to me then anything else.

    In the early half of my library was already purchased files WAV, Apple Lossless-converted. The other half was poor quality MP3.

    I signed up for Apple music and began to remove the bad quality mp3 songs and re adding back them to Apple's music, when I was faced with the problem that "Oh here, I can't play at this on my Audio System" because it was protected by DRM. So I signed up for iTunes game hoping to get all of my new music of good quality DRM free format.

    Now all my music is labeled as Apple music protected by DRM.

    Is there something how I could make this DRM free with iTunes game?

    I already tried to delete download and Re download again.

    Best wishes
    Thomas B.

    < personal information under the direction of the host >


    If you wanted to upgrade your mp3, you should have joined the Match iTunes instead of Apple's music. While you have been able to upgrade the tracks, have it DRM and you can only access them while you subscribe to the Apple's music. You will not be able to use the match to remove the DRM.

    You did a back up of your original tracks. If could use them with iTunes game.


  • In the Sonos/DRM iTunes copy protection - help!

    Hello world

    I followed the tips in this article: on iTunes Plus - Apple Support, about how to get around iTunes downloads that have been protected against copying.

    It worked I had about 800 + the songs that were copy protected, so after reading the article and wanting to get my Sonos system to play some of my favorite music, I trashed my old songs via iTunes copy-protected and only he re-uploaded the new DRM no so-called songs via my purchase history.

    After an hour to do, I opened iTunes and - unfortunately - my 'new' songs are still protected AAC files. File for each song information shows the date of purchase, and when it was still downloaded. In my case, there are about 30 minutes.

    Any ideas? I would prefer not to have to burn everything on CDs - that's a lot of CDs that will only be used once.

    Thank you all



    When you remove the original track and re-download previous purchases only get you the same way you bought it. Before iTunes game, you might pay a little extra through the upgrade to iTunes more.

    You must register to Match iTunes to be able to remove the DRM. Subscribe to iTunes game - Apple Support


  • Subscription music Apple will allow streaming of DRM protected songs ITunes on Sonos?

    Apple allows music streaming of DRM protected songs ITunes on Sonos?

    For several years, I was unable to play a lot of songs that I bought from ITunes on my Sonos system because of the DRM protections.  In the past, the only option was to manually delete songs or albums and then re - download via ICloud.  Because I have a few thousand songs with DRM protection this option was and remains completely unrealistic.  Does anyone know if the new music from Apple on Sonos announced will allow playback of all your music ITunes (DRM protected and even burned a ripped to CD) across the platform of Sonos?  Thank you!

    Yes and no. Apple music is like iTunes game that all your music is offset by the Apple servers. Any music that is offset by the server is not getting downloaded. Only music that is not put into correspondence is downloaded. Sonos will play your music Server Apple not your computer for any music with DRM that was paired successfully can be read. All music that cannot be matched is downloaded and when Sonos tries to play it - it will fail. Google Match and DRM iTunes for more information.

  • iTunes game duplicates (after re-download songs without DRM)


    I recently signed up for iTunes game to upgrade all the pieces purchased between 2003 and 2009, which were laced with DRM (digital rights) and unplayable on my SONOS system. After the Match has completed its process, I found that a lot of songs have been duplicated in my iTunes library, see the attachment.

    I read on this Forum that the answer is simple: simply remove the redundant tracks, which I am ok to do (even if it's a lot of work...). But my question is: WHICH of the 2 I should delete the iTunes library? Those with the little cloud + Basel icon (kind = "purchased AAC audio file"), or those without the icon ('audio file AAC matched')?

    This is iTunes on an iMac with OS X Yosemite.

    Thank you in advance for your help!


    It is unusual that iTunes could correspond to files that have been purchased through iTunes. Most of the time all your purchased tracks should have already been available for download on high without DRM sampling rate and should not count toward the limit of your correspondence. The only ones who * would * match would be albums that have been deleted after having bought and added later, iTunes library may be an another aggregator or etiquette or reissue.

    Files without the icon are real which exist in your library. Those with the icon cloud is in the cloud. I guess what's happened here is that you have the original version of cloud when you bought the files and now you have matched the actual downloads therefore to new versions of the albums in the cloud. If the bit rate is the same (not precise in your screenshot above), then I would like to delete the corresponding versions because I would not count towards the limit of my game files that are already offered to me to my iTunes purchase history. This is just one example where iTunes has replaced the versions of these files that you have purchased with other versions on the store.


  • iTunes game question... If I downloaded versions of upgrade no DRM from songs matched on my hard drive and then cancel iTunes game, I'll still be able to play the upgraded version of the downloaded files then?


    I signed up for iTunes game several weeks ago mainly to unprotected quality 256 kbps versions of songs that I bought before 2008 (when iTunes send 256 Kbps files instead of 128 Kbps of lower quality files).  When I did, about half of these old songs I had bought are accompanied by a status of 'Bought' iCloud and the rest were listed with a status of "Matched".  I was puzzled by this because it seemed to me that thought iTunes doesn't recognize no I bought have these songs.

    Finally, I have determined that the reason iTunes game didn't recognize them as bought because these 'Matched' files were bought during my AppleID had a different e-mail that are associated with account.  It's the same AppleID account, but another email.  I also found that I could still upgrade files Matched from 128 Kbps to 256 Kbps.  I also have available files of the song offline upgrade, which of course them on my hard drive.

    Because I signed up to get the files updated level, I will finally be cancelling the iTunes account Match.  Now, as many of these songs are listed as matched and not purchased, I wonder what will happen when I cancel iTunes game.  Still, I'll be able to play the downloaded files, sync with my iPhone, etc. after that game is cancelled?  In addition, there are a few songs that were purchased in the framework AppleID to my wife that currently are as well matched, and I am allowed to read files purchased with his account. I want to upgrade these files and download them as well.  When I canceled the game, will I still be able to play the improved version of his songs?

    Thanks for any information you can provide. :-)


    Once you have downloaded the upgraded pieces, you will keep them. PS Keep another upward.

    Purchased in General securities are purchased but some will come, probably because an upgrade of the original is not possible for example that the version of the album is no longer available.

    The purchased prevoiuly of the corresponding securities does not appear under previous purchases. Also, be aware that if you need to redownload past purchases, you get the original version of the DRM 128 no upgrade.


  • I have unscubscribed of music to Apple and iTunes Match Subscriber. Songs in my library that I own and are DRM free will not stream iTunes. He asked me to re - sign up for Apple's music. I am the owner of this music. It is downloaded and shows on iPhone b

    Five months ago I
    subscribed to the music of Apple, for three-month free trial, I liked it, paid
    for a few months. I then just wanted to Match iTunes as I have a large music
    Library and it is cheaper. I signed up for it and canceled my music from Apple, but
    After doing so I can't listen to a lot of songs that I have in my music library. They are
    not protected by DRM, but and I don't have the purchased by Apple. Whenever I try
    for streams, it appears to renew Apple music. It is not on all the songs, just
    95% of those I want to listen to it seems. Does anyone know why this is?

    I use the beta for 9.2 on my iPhone 6.


    ITunes game completed its scan of your iTunes library on your computer. So what is the status of your music iCloud - it must be bought, matched or download. If so, they should be available to stream on your iOS devices. I suggest that you turn off icloud music library and you disconnect from iTunes on your iOS device. Now, reconnect and turn on iCloud music library.


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