Impossible to move to Windows 8, error "we cannot connect you right now."

Original title: install the update to Windows 8

I had planned to upgrade my system 2 years ago and purchased windows 8.  I get all the time around him and can not go beyond the 2nd page. The mistake is we cannot connect you right now, but I think that the site is no longer active.

How can I install 8 so I can move 10 or how I can get 10 without paying again?


If you have the product key of windows 8, you can do a clean install of windows 10 using your Windows product key 8. Use the tool of creation of media.

Download Windows 10 media creation tool

You can also use the upgrade this PC option and I think it should also work

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    Adith Hello,

    Please keep us updated on the status of the issue.

    Please ensure that the date, time, and time zone are correct.

    Refer to this article:
    Set the clock

    Also, please start service Background intelligence transfer service if it is stopped and check the issue.

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    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community forums.

    I'm sorry to know that you are facing problems access Family Safety.  Let me try and help you with the issue that you are facing.

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    The service is down?

    I heard this on another post, and it WORKED for me also!  I logged on my account and udated my name in my profile.  I don't know if that it or if MS has solved something but I can not connect on  Please share and please post if it worked or not.

  • The upgrade of Windows 8 "we can connect you right now, please check your internet connection and try again.

    I just downloaded the upgrade of Windows 8 with the 14:99 option $ discount and after following the steps, he comes to the download section and said "we can connect you right now, please check your internet connection and try again" I tried several times and my internet connection is fine, why am I seeing this?

    Thank you

    PS I am in Australia and Runninng Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit

    Hey Binka,.

    Your specific error message (failure of the API online store [error: 0x803d0013.]) requires agents that specialize in ESD. 

    The ESD team contacts are listed here.

    There was also another resolution for this source of error in this thread.

    Windows 8 pro update - we cannot connect

    He said simply that the original poster had a PC to update and maintain their system and verify that the date is correct are their resolution.

    For all other users who came across this thread, take into account advice from cyberjayar in his post on 31 October. Make sure that your Antivirus programs and firewall is completely turned off during installation. Thanks for posting, happy assignments!


  • Windows Update Error 80070002 - cannot be resolved with Windows Fixit who refuses to change windows update sites to the default settings

    Tried to apply the SP2 for Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit - Got err message 80070002 - deletion of files temporary for the manual updates-Tried to remove but 'no go'... I tried MS Fixit - but got "does not work" when he tried to set the default windows update locations - HELP

    If you have tried the above and it does not solve your problem, you can try CD because it costs very little.

    This page will display the SP1 of Vista, under the heading: order a DVD of Windows Vista SP1, click on your region and then select your country and will take you to a page where you can buy the SP1 and SP2

    Save the link and it's also for others to read this post wishing to purchase Service Packs for Vista as long download time saved and you can use them download are a problem or you reinstall your operating system.

    If you later reinstall OS and you install the drivers manually install the Service Packs right after OS reinstalled before installing any drivers. You can first install the drivers but it is better Service Packs first as sometimes when you install a Service Pack after the drivers, you can find some drivers do not work and you have to reinstall these drivers.

    For people using the original image, your drivers are already installed then install Service Packs just after the factory restore before installing applications or devices or download Windows updates.

    Service Packs using immediately also save hundreds of download of the updates of Windows first of all that all updates to the top until the release of Service Packs are included.

    Here are the numbers 1-800 that will put you in contact with a human being who will take your order: team Microsoft Supplemental part. The disc will cost $3.99 more delivery charges.

    1-800-360-7561 United States

    1 Canada-800-933-4750

  • I get the message when you set up a new user "a temporary user profile is loaded because Windows was not able to connect you with your local profile."

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    I have a Windows PC in my office. Because of some configuration issue, I deleted the domain user and tried to connect to the system with the same user credentials. It identify you with the credentials of the user, but I get a message saying: "a temporary user profile is loaded because Windows was not able to connect you with your local profile."
    This system is joined to the domain and the profile is an Active Directory user.
    Here are the details of the event ID:



    Windows operating system

    Event ID:






    Symbolic name:



    Windows has backed up this user's profile. Windows will automatically try to use the saved profile the next time the user connects.


    A temporary user profile is loaded because Windows was unable to connect with your local profile.

    A possible cause of this is if your local profile has been corrupted or that you no longer have the correct privileges for profile records.

    Note: Any changes made to the temporary profile is lost once you disconnect.

    User action

    Search the profiles additional events in the event log for more information on the reason why this happened or contact the system administrator for further assistance.

    There is currently no article for this specific error Microsoft Knowledge Base or an event message. For more information on other technical support options, you can use to find answers online, see

    Please, help me to create the same user profile in the system with formatting system.


    I suggest you to refer to this link and check if it helps:

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  • Windows 8.1 and cannot connect to the internet even though I have full WiFi access.

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    Uses Windows 8.1 for over a year with no access to the internet.  Today, I can access is no longer the internet using Explorer, Mozilla Fire Fox or store apps.  (Tried to install a game just to test the internet connection-no luck).  When I try to connect the computer just sits there with the indicator connection just spin but never passes through.  I have good indicated WiFi (Internet) access.  While they inspected the updates, the only thing that appears on the current date is some Microsoft Silverlight is.  Could that that may cause my problem?  I didn't do any changes and have no problem until today.  I'm not always well informed in this area and I am at a total loss as to how to proceed, what to check... hope someone can advise me.   Thank you, DebbieG211

    Hi Debbie,.

    You might face this problem because of wrong settings in Internet Explorer. You mentioned that you get the update of windows Microsoft Silverlight, so we can deduce that there is a problem with the Internet browser. Please write us with the following details.

    (1) do you get error messages when all websites fail to load?

    (2) what is the brand and model of your computer?

    Why can't I connect to the Internet?

    You can also follow the steps in the link below for further troubleshooting. It is a tutorial to solve the problem of wireless and wired connections.

    Wireless and wired network problems

    Let us know the details asked and the status of the issue.

  • Skype does not work after upgrade. Gets error "Skype cannot connect.


    I use Skype for a long time, a few days ago, I got an update from Skype, so I installed the upgrade. Since then when I log in, I get error "Skype cannot connect. Will you please reply back as soon as POSSIBLE because I need this very urgent application.

    Thank you best regards &,.



    I'm sorry, but you need to ask the Skype community for assistance on problems with Skype.

    "How can I contact Skype Customer Service?

    See you soon.

  • I forgot my ID Windows Live ID and cannot connect to manage my website. Anyone know how to recover a forgotten or get a new one that will allow me to access my site?

    I forgot my ID Windows Live ID and cannot connect to manage my website. Does anyone know how to recover a forgotten or the steps I must take to get a new one that won't let me access my site?

    Post Windows Live questions in the appropriate forum found here:

  • Impossible to move to windows 10, .to from 7

    Can anyone help please? I got a message saying cant Microsoft get free windows 10 because my pc needs more ram. Thank you


    In this case, you will need to buy and install more RAM then.

    Read the minimum system requirements.

    See you soon.

  • Is impossible to activate Windows 7 error "server cannot validate it.

    Original title: cannot activate Windows 7.

    I got this copy of Windows for a while and just recently built a new computer. I got this copy on other computers until either dead or I no longer use. (a laptop computer is still usable, but I doubt that I ever will be again once, just bought a new laptop with win8 installed...)

    When I entered the activation now, he says the

    Reading these threads, I noticed that many threads mentions a copy of Windows by computer - but I have 2 computers with the same copy of windows 7 on it. My understanding is that a copy of windows is associated with a single person, not every computer that person has, as long as its for personal and non-commercial use.

    I don't remember exactly where I got this idea, it may have been the person who built the first time, my office about 4 years ago, but nevertheless I've always had a desktop and a laptop with the same copy of windows inside. I also experienced a few computers since I no longer use, but I still installed the same copy on the computer replacement without any problem.

    What should I do? I have to buy a new copy of Windows? Or should I report somehow old computers that had the copy in it but is now trash?


    Operating system Windows licenses: license = one Installation.


    And this rule also applies:

    If the computer/laptop comes with the preinstalled Windows operating system (Dell, HP, Acer, etc.), or OEM System Builders license, this product key provided with your computer/laptop to the OEM license preinstalled and is not transferable.

    The OEM license/product key (systems of operating pre-installed on Dell, HP, etc. machines and OEM System Builders license) is related to the first machine it is installed on and dies when dies of this machine.

    Only retail Operating System license that you buy and install yourself, are allowed to be transferred to another machine.

    And retail licenses also can be installed on a machine at one time.


    If it is a retail license and transfer it to you and it is installed on a machine, you may need to follow these steps.

    If it does require phone activation, do not follow Demand of Auto, but brace yourself for a real person explain as to what has been done for purposes of re-setup

    "How to activate Windows 7 by phone '

    See you soon.

  • Whenever I try to move/scanning/reading messages in WLM I get the error msg 'we cannot connect to WLM now. "

    For about a month now (may be related to the installation of the Service Pack?), whenever I try to move/scanning/reading messages. in Windows Live mail, I get the same error message "we cannot connect to Windows Live Mail right now. Please try again later. You may not be connected to the Internet. "But I'm certainly online, it shows up on the taskbar.  Can someone please?


    The question you have posted will be well suited in Windows Live Mail Solution Center. I suggest you to send your application in Windows Live Mail Center Solution for better support

  • fix windows update error ox80244019 cannot all tried

    can not fix windows update, error 0 x 80244019 tried everything, they told me of is not good

    Thanks for the help with windows update seems to work ok now thanks

    What exactly fixed?

  • Windows Update Error 80070020 cannot install updates.

    I was not able to install updates 12/06/2012 when the Update window 7.6.7600.256 Agent has been installed.  When I try to update I get - install new Windows software update: to check the updates, you must first install an update from Windows Update. To install the update, windows update will automaticall close and reopen: install now. Then get error 80070020 again. Latest installed update was KB2677070 12/06/2012

    I am running Windows Vista Home Premium SP2, 32-bit which is an original except adding Service Pack 2 version when SP1 has expired. I also Norton 360 antivirus - had McAfee on the computer but deleted. Not sure how he got there. Tried to do a reboot also own safe mode without success. Mr fixit displays by default windows data update locations have changed and need to be repaired. Windows Update moved to the default settings of Windows. Do not know how to proceed.

    Thank you for your help. WRQG


    This problem can occur if a program (most probably antivirus) interferes with the automatic update process.

    Perform the steps in the following article and check:

    You receive error 0 x 80070020 when you use the Windows Update Web site or the Microsoft Update Web site to install the updates

    Note: After troubleshooting, be sure to set the computer to start as usual as mentioned in step 7 in the above article.

    Important note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

    Let us know if it helps.

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