iOS 10 Notes app detects more phone numbers

I used to use the Notes iOS app as a convenient way to store multiple access to phone numbers to work.

If you have added a phone number it would detect that and you could just click the link to dial the number.

In iOS 10 it stopped working.

Links of # in the Notes app phone are no longer assets and if I try to add a new phone # s, they are not detected as being able to compose.

Hello, elbenoit!

Thank you for joining the communities Support from Apple! It seems that you are having problems with call function in the Notes. I know how it is important Notes work properly. First of all, read this article with the steps to restart your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

The next thing you might want to try going in settings of the iPhone and then Reset. Once there, tap reset all settings. This will reset the settings of the iPhone, but does not erase personal information such as pictures, music or contacts. However, it will remove a connection Wi - Fi and VPN settings, so do not forget, you have these settings and passwords to ready for the start of the iPad to the top.

If this does not work, it would be a good idea to make sure that there is not a problem of software as the cause of this for you.

  1. Read this article to know the steps for backing up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  2. Use this article for steps to use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore the iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings.
  3. Once this done, set the phone like new and the phone to see if the issue is still being tested. Follow this link to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from a backup

See you soon!

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    I'm having the same problem. Did someone came up with a solution?

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    Under the Notes created in the Notes application on my iPhone 5, there is the message "no additional text."  -What it means, and what I can do to get rid of the message "no additional text"?  Thank you!

    Notes displays the first line of text under the title and then displays an overview of the beginning of the next line of text stored in a note. If you have a simple note, a line, it displays "No additional text" below the title. I don't think there is a way to get rid of it in addition to adding a second line of text.

  • Mobile phones thought numbers are phone numbers

    If I create a signature of e-mail using Dreamweaver.

    Legally, I include some information about the licenses in signatures.

    Unfortunately, these license numbers are detected as phone numbers when I send the signature to my iphone.

    Is there a way to prevent devices think each number is a phone number?

    Thank you

    A few methods here should work (Zero-Width Non-Joiner and style tags work properly in email)...

    How to Ban the blue links on iOS Devices In Email

  • iOS 10.1 (Notes App) cannot access local notes

    Just upgraded iPhone 6s more iOS 10.1 of the latest version of iOS 9.x.x

    Used Notes app all the time without ever upgrade to iCloud version.

    Notes were always stored locally.

    Never signed in iCloud for Notes app.

    Now after the upgrade to iOS 10.1 I am unable to access my notes.

    Whenever I start the application notes I'm only given the opportunity to UPGRADE NOTES.

    How do I access my local notes?

    Can't update my notes to send to the cloud.

    Never received the memo that I loose the access to my notes after upgrading to iOS 10.1 without upgrade to iCloud.

    To the best of my knowledge, the upgrade does not require that you store your notes to iCloud. It updates of features such as the ability to add documents, photos, etc. As long as you turned off in the settings of Notes > iCloud, they should continue to be stored locally.

  • View call logs, but with contact phone numbers, name, and not only

    I have to be able to show that a list of the call connects to my request.  But for thosenumbers who have a name in the address book, instead of simply to view phone numbers, I have to be able to show the name of the

    number.  (just like the native blackberry app call log done)

    Up to now the following seems to work OK, as long as the amount of data is small:

    • When the main screen is first created, walk the database by calling PIM.getInstance () .openPIMList)
    • Adds a new entry in a hash table for each unique telephone number in the database that points to the name of the contact
    • After that the Hashtable is fully charged, list of call logs
    • As the newspapers call list is displayed, phone numbers search in the hash table, replace with name when a match is found

    But when the Contact database grows, as the order of 500 entries, it takes a lot of time for

    walk from the database to generate the hash table (10 seconds), and while what the application is blocked

    and things seem stuck to the user. This must occur before the first screen is displayed and so after

    the user clicks on the icon and the first screen is being built, the user is thinking ' what's going on..?

    until the screen finally opens.

    Is there an API I can tap in which already provides this mapping for me?  (given a call number journal or by phone,

    Efficiently search the name of the contact with that phone number, if necessary).  That way I wouldn't have to build

    the hash table.

    Or, possibly, some advice on a simple signal of progress to the user while loads of app... This might be simpler than

    trying to tackle the problem with a multi-threaded approach.

    Unfortunately there is no way, I was. I tried to re - implement research of the phone application and came across this as well, as well as some other hidden implementations that are much faster then the public APIs.
    You can try to work with itemsByName, it is also not very fast, according to the number of entries you have.

    Maybe PhoneCallLogID methods can help you?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones not successfully added BB Messenger contacts / phone numbers unlisted / calls list

    Hello! I went from Cruve from BB to BB "BOLD" this weekend and while I tried to add some of my contacts from MSN messenger on my new "BOLD" of BB BB, some of them appear as accepted invitation, but instead of their name, their ID number is displayed. Whenever I send them messeges they they receive that way.

    What can I do?

    Also, I added some of my phone numbers and when I received a call from some of them, their number appeared instead of their names, as if they weren't part of my address book.

    Finally, my calls list does not appear in chronological order...



    Hi michron and welcome to the BlackBerry Forums

    Most important here is the following, you have the old blackberry with you?, if your answer is Yes, follow this procedure.

    1 - Clean your BlackBerry "BOLD", go to menu, options, security options, press menu again and wipe of the handheld.

    2 connect the old BlackBerry to BlackBerry Desktop Manager and choose the Option of switch device, program read all the information on your device, after that this request automatically to connect the new BlackBerry "BOLD" and automatically adds information about the new device, no more action.

    Included that all contacts in BlackBerry messenger production inserted to the new device.

  • iPad not composed of phone numbers in Contacts

    I have an iPad and iPhone, both running the most recent iOS10. Both have areas set in Australia.

    In Contacts on the iPhone, all phone numbers are formatted correctly and new number added automatically gets the correct formatting.

    On the iPad, all telephone numbers are not formatted: just a string of numbers without spaces.

    Things I've tried:

    • Power supply and switch on the iPad.
    • Reset the iPad
    • Turn off sync Contacts iCloud, remove contacts from the iPad, then re - synchronization from iCloud
    • ICloud signature, removing all of the iPad, then log in again
    • Change the region to the Austria (following in the list!) then back to the Australia

    None of this worked, and phone numbers of the Contacts of the iPad are not formatted and everything gets new added number without formatting. I noticed that the "example of Format of the region" does not contain a phone number. Elsewhere defined telephone number format? If so, I have not found.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,

    Steve =: ^)

    I can add to the list of things I've tried:

    • In iTunes, restore the iPad as a new iPad and, without restoring all the data from iCloud, open contacts, add a new contact and added a phone number and the telephone number had no formatting.

    I don't know what I can do next, other than to return the iPad as faulty.

    Steve =: ^)

  • Our phone will make more phone calls, and we do not know how to change the settings to restore the capabilities of phoning.

    Our phone will make more phone calls, and we do not know how to change the settings to restore the capabilities of phoning.

    Greetings jenniferfrom46,

    From your post, I see that you are unable to make phone calls. I count on the ability to use my phone a lot to make calls, so I can understand your concern. I will be happy to provide you with some information for you.

    If you can not make or receive calls on your iPhone, this article goes on measures to take to help with the issue you are experiencing.

    Have a good!

  • 10 iOS does not well at all. Notes is much harder to change more before. The start screen is so clumsy. How can I get rid of all the widgets of the splash screen?

    10 iOS does not well at all. Notes is much more difficult to edit with touch screen as before. How can I erase my start of all the widgets screen? I might want to go back to iOS earlier.

    "How can I erase my start of all the widgets screen?" is the only question that you asked, so here's the answer:

    Some widgets may not be deleted, but you can move the widgets that you use most on the front screen and keep the ones you don't want a rear screen. Or, you can take the widgets you want and move them to a single folder.

  • iOS 3 does not appear on my phone to update my watch

    How can I update my watch to ios3 in. Its not appear on my phone as a download available.


    You must first upgrade your iPhone to iOS 10 (do not forget to make a backup first):

    Update the software on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support iOS

  • Only display messages phone numbers not names


    Big problem here.  I just download El Capitan on my iMac. In my posts, only phone numbers now appear to identify the person I receive or send messages.  How to fix this? All my other apple designs show my contact's name in the message.  Help, please?  Thank you!

    So far, it works for me.  I disabled imessage, group messaging, etc.  Got them all, then did a facetime with one of the contacts I have problems with.  Completed the facetime, and everything seems to work now.  Not knowing if he'll fix everybody, but it works now.

  • My Instagram app will not open it keeps saying: "pending". I have tried to delete the app, off my phone and still nothing! Please help thanks

    My Instagram app will not open it keeps saying: "pending". I have tried to delete the app, off my phone and still nothing! Please help thanks

    You said that you tried to delete the app

    If you have not been able to

    Settings - general - storage - Storage - find the app - delete

    Do a forced reboot - after all open applications using the app Chooser - invoked by fast double pressing the home button and drag upwards on each app until it disappears from the screen.

    Meet the sleep/wake and home buttons down until you see the logo  - then release and allow normal start upward

    Then re download the app

  • Why doesn't firefox does not save my app tabs more?

    I have some updated app tabs. In the last few days whenever I close my browser and then reopen it, my app tabs are no longer there. Why isn't firefox remember my app tabs more? How can I fix? I need my app tabs! Thanks a lot for your help!

    You can check the settings in "clear history of Firefox closing:

    • Do not delete the "browsing history".

    It is also possible that there is a problem with the sessionstore.js and sessionstore.bak files in the Firefox profile folder.

    Delete the sessionstore.js file possible sessionstore-# .js files with a number and sessionstore.bak in the Firefox profile folder.

    Delete sessionstore.js will cause App Tabs and tab groups and opened and closed the tabs (back) to get lost, so you will need to create them again (take note or bookmarks).

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    Since the update my watch stopped display of phone numbers in the area of recent call in the phone icon.  Last call and the number that is displayed is March 22.  Any ideas on how to solve this problem?  Thank you

    Hi Scott

    It can help to disable the twinning and re - pair your watch. The app shows on your iPhone takes a backup of your watch when unpairing via the app choose to backup restore when the possibility to put courses in place. Most of the data and settings will be restored, with a few exceptions (for example cards Pay Apple, access code).

    Cancel the twinning of your iPhone - Apple and Apple Watch Support

    Set up your Apple Watch - Apple Support

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