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  • iPad restore from iCloud on iTunes

    Nice day

    • I tried to update my iPad IOS 10,
    • the iPad has frozen.
    • After research, I managed to reset iPad
    • Now I would like to restore the last backup - of the iCloud (September 1, 2016)
    • This backup is not on my list of possible restorations, only a rather old backup from April
    • I downloaded and installed IOS .ipsw 9
    • The iCloud backup is still missing;
    • I have an iCloud account - 1 TB, so space is not a problem

    On my iCloud account: (System Preferences)

    However, this update is not available on my list in iTunes.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem?  and if so, were you able to solve I have?  - and how?

    Thank you.

    If you have saved using iCloud instead of iTunes, you must restore via iCloud and not through iTunes.

  • Understand the Office 365 on new iPad restored from a backup

    When upgrading to a new iPad and restoring from iCloud, is the new count of the iPad as an additional device to Office 365 description, or if he reads the same device? If a new device, is there a way to remove the old iPad account Office 365 to does not exceed the limit of device for the Office subscription? Thank you very much!

    Hello. This may actually be an issue for Microsoft, since it's their subscription.

  • New iPad restore from backup to iCloud

    message being (two weeks) this new iPad is still iCloud backup restore.


    Stuck in a loop go to iCloud - stop restoring the settings.

    Then simply download apps on hold.

    See you soon


  • New iPad: restore the data from the old iPad, but...

    I got a new iPad. I have already backed up my old iPad to iTunes and wanted to put in place the new iPad to restore this backup data. BUT when I connected to iTunes, I've learned that I have to update the operating system first. He wouldn't let me NOT restore from backup! I had to set up as a new iPad.

    So, I did the installation of the new operating system. But I have a lot of applications and data from the old iPad I want on the new iPad. How can I quickly transfer these data? I have found no method to restore the backup of the old iPad now since. Frustrated!

    Follow the directions here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203434

    Basically, now that iOS is updated you need to clear the iPad and then you can restore from a backup. -AJ

  • iOS iPad 2 Why is mail the only application in 9.3.3 split-screen?

    When I slide in split screen, the only application that I get is e-mail, even when it is not open.

    I do not see in settings > general > multitasking either so I can't he turn on or off.

    I tried a reboot has opened two apps and tried to perform multiple tasks to them and got new mail.

    Support is no help, so I turn to you.

    Have to restart is a last ditch effort if a device doesn't respond. Several times that aims to realign service onboard iOS based problems, but is not a visit to start troubleshooting.

    The other option is to back up your iPad, restore your iPad to factory settingsand update the Firmware.

    Once the Firmware is updated, check the functionality of the onboard service.

    If the split screen work after that, restore your iPad from a backup and that your content and settings are then restored.

  • Need help: best way to exchange the Ipads?

    Dear all,

    Need help a genre:

    I use Ipad Air2 and my father is using retina Ipad Mini... I gifted him before 2 years...!

    We thought to share the Ipads because he loved the biggest... Can someone guide what is the best way to swap the parameters of the iPad?

    It is by taking backup and restore from Icloud? There will be data loss? or anything else that needs attention (something that he needed to be reconfigured)?

    Any help is very appreciated!

    Make a backup of each individual iPad. Use your own accounts: How to back up your device using iCloud or iTunes - Apple Support

    Import your photos from each iPad: import pictures and videos from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to your computer - Apple Support

    Then do it on every iPad: what to do before you sell or give away your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    Then restore the backup in your 'new' ipads: restore your device from an iCloud or iTunes backup - Apple Support

    If the ipads have the same size of storage with the same iOS version, it should work fine. -AJ

  • Apple Configurator 2: load a Gmail account on iPad

    Someone responsible of what an single Gmail account on iPad several Air using Apple Configurator 2?  Not another Gmail account for each iPad, all the same Gmail account over and over again on every iPad.

    I understand, there might be other ways of skinning this cat and you have concerns I want to load the same Gmail account on a whole bunch of iPads, however I need to do and believe me when I say that short to manually enter the account information for each iPad (which I do not... 170 iPads and counting), the only tool I have and it can have for this is Apple Configurator 2 with a useful load of Mail in a profile.

    I tried all the settings and combination of settings that I can see on my profile MAIL payload section.  Here are the Gmail settings that I use:

    Incoming mail: imap.gmail.com, Port 993

    Outgoing mail: smtp.gmail.com, Port 465 (and tried with and without SSL 25)

    When I install the profile and then click on the MAIL icon on the iPad, he thought for a second and then I get the following message:

    Do not Mail

    The user name or password [email protected] is incorrect

    I checked the user name and password several times and they are typed correctly.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Hi David,

    I just changed one of my schools to Exchange Gmail. The exchange of useful load was easy, but I had to set up my ipad 'master' manually with Gmail settings for my 1 Gmail account and then create a backup which all my other iPads restore from when I update them at the beginning of the year. This example gets most of his work, but it does not keep the password when restoring the backup - so I have to open the email program and quickly grasp the Gmail password on all ipads before giving them back to the classes. Boring I know, but it takes a few seconds to do. In fact, I had to accept the "Trusted certificate" question on every iPad when I used Exchange is not very different.

    If you split the payload Gmail issue please let us know.

    Kind regards

    Tim C.



  • Procedure «Undo system restore»

    How can I perform an "undo system restore? Your published instructions are faulty, unclear and incomplete. There is no box of 'System restore Cancel' click, only the blue line, and when the user has clicked, you are taken to the "System Restore" screen, restore processes and instructions not to cancel. How can I perform an "undo system restore", I want to cancel a "System Restore", do not make another.

    Hello Dave,

    How to cancel a system restore is through another restore. Go back to the point just before the point that has been made in restoring the system. That makes sense for you, you undo the restore, you did?

    If you need specific instructions to do this post here, but looks like you already know how? Let me know if this helps you.

    Kind regards


  • Restore a single table

    I have accidentally truncated a table for the evil scheme and I need to recover the data. I know that this is not an easy task with rman, but I'm looking for tips for the best method.

    I'm under Oracle Standard Edition on Linux. A cold backup of this database is created each week with rman. It is not in archivelog mode, because it would generate too many log files and all changes are easy enough to reproduce. The only method I know is to restore the entire database on another machine, and then export the table data / of the restored database and import it into the truncated table. It will take some time (a few or several days) and seems to contain a lot of unnecessary work for computers involved. The table was only a few 100 MB, and the DB is 1 TB +.

    Is it possible to restore the entire table with the table truncated on a new server? Is - it somehow possible in another instance of the database on the same computer? If I can restore a tablespace, but do it on another computer, I do not have to transfer the backup rman together on the new server? Y at - it something like the return of flame that will help me on Oracle Standard Edition? Are there any other suggestions for the restoration of a table more quickly?

    Yes, you can perform a manual SYSTEM restore + CANCEL + the Tablespaces Tablespace_containing_that_table only.
    You would have to set all the other offline data files.

    It would be safer to do it on another server - which means that you must copy the backup (or at least all backupsets that contain these storage spaces).

    To try to do it on the same server, you need to change the DBID and DB_NAME of the 'clone' before even that you OPEN. That means using the DBNEWID (nest)-, but who would be expected to update all data since the controlfile files (unless you try this with having dropped offline for all data files).

    However, if you install a new Oracle_Home and use that Oracle_Home, you can configure an init.ora file. Then, use RMAN to CATALOG the backupsets. Then RESTORE only the data of the selected Tablespaces (SYSTEM + CANCEL + RequiredTBS) files. Make sure that you use the VALUE of NEWNAME for the data files so that restoration does not overwrite your production database! _ then OPEN database RESETLOGS. (Note: do not use the RECOVER command). You could also new nest to rename this database.

    Then export the table outside.

    And import it into your production database.

    Hemant K Collette

    Published by: Hemant K grapple on March 10, 2010 14:10

  • Albums that disappears


    Recently, I decided to start a movement of openness to Photos and go with experience whole iCloud. I transferred my library (about 20 000 pictures) overall and spent some time to clean new albums Photos made my opening projects. I'm done with a lot of albums that are nested in folders (e.g. travel long haul, local sites, family & friends, events, nature, etc etc). Everything went well and I even managed to find a way to recreate (or almost) my smart albums as well. This is all finally uploaded to the cloud and distributed to my computer laptop, iPad, iPhone, and office as well. Shortly after, I noticed that some of the albums do not seem to have downloaded on my iPhone and iPad, but they were still on my laptop, desktop, etc. Then I noticed that some of the albums were missing in my laptop and then my office. Fast forward a month and each of the albums that I transferred from Aperture or created in Photos have disappeared. All that remains are the standard albums which provides Photos for basic users (for example all the Photos, Favorites, people, places, selfies, panorama, etc.). All my photos are still there, just organized into basic model of Apple and not how I wanted to.

    I would be really grateful if someone could explain what the problem is and what I can to make albums that I create in the future will remain created.

    Thank you

    Using iCloud photo library on the Mac and iPhone/iPad?

    IOS devices do not support the smart albums. Even if you use iCloud photo library, smart albums do not show on iOS devices.  The only way to synchronize smart followed on iPhone, iPad, iPod is iTunes Sync of Photo, but not iCloud photo library.

    But the smart albums should not disappear from Mac, once you have enabled iCloud photo library on iPad and iPhone.  It looks like a bug.  I had exactly the same thing happen, after the upgrade to iOS 10 on my iPhone. You are now running iOS 10 on your iPad, iPhone?

    I upgraded the iPhone iOS 10, allowed iCloud photo library, he started to sync, and a day later, all albums and smart albums had disappeared from the library of Photos on all of my Macs.

    Something similar has happened after that OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite has been released. ICloud photo library on an iPad activation deleted albums on synced Macs.

    To solve this problem: I would wait for your iPad has completed synchronization with iCloud and if the albums not reappear (for some people, they did after sync finished), once all the photos have been synchronized to the iPad, restore your photo library from your Time Machine backup, if you have a backup of the hour before iCloud on the iPad. After the restoration of the library, albums should stay, if the iOS devices are already synchronizing with iCloud.  It worked for my Mac. The only problem is that after restoring the library from a backup, Photos download all photos again to iCloud to merge in iCloud photo library, and which can take a few days for a large library.

  • My storage said I used 12.8 GB but I have no

    When I want to download something, it says not enough blah blah of storage so I'll put and I use only 8GB on the photos and I have only a few applications. There are, I deleted up to 10 apps and storage should be a diminished, but he's still 12.8 GB. I would like to delete everything, but I think it doesn't matter. Please help again.

    This question is not of the unheard. If the settings of the iPad are not computed correctly, you'll need to back up and restore your phone with iTunes. You want to back up your iPad via iTunes. Then go you into the settings of your iPad for the "iCloud" settings and disable "Find my iPad" Restore your iPad with iTunes. When you're done, apply the iTunes backup to the iPad. You should not encounter data loss, and these few simple steps will resolve you issue an hour (depending on your internet speed).

    Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod settings - Apple Support

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  • See also defects during the first seconds of startup (BIOS while in control of the system)

    Hello. My Dell Latitude d 820 has started to show problems. The flaw of disp. most striking is when I start my laptop. I see groups of blue lines over control of the system BIOS. If the initialization is complete, I find my disabled graphics card. Another thing is that I get a blue or black screen like a dead end. The blue screen comes with three different erros. Perhaps the more understandable error msg is: the problem seems to be caused by ( lvl4-disp). Or theinfinite loop error msg. My video card is nvidia Quadro NVS 120 m. I use Win. XP. SP2 32-bit. what I've done so far is that:

    I saw the net to enlighten me on this anomaly of display and the infinite loops and BSoD problems.

    I updated the drivers of disp.

    I formatted, used the system restore, cancel the restorations, xp used with the back of previous service.

    I depended on the onley, ignored drivers VGA drivers Nvidia, ignored the automatic updates...

    THE results are:

    mistakes only temporarily disappeared and returned in the same way that they have used.

    I can't understand the appearance of vulnerabilities display specific question as soon as the blue screen appears sudenly

    NOTE: the battery is out of order for months now and I use the 90v power adapter to power my laptop.

    the problem appeared all first some time after I put at the disposal of the battery.



    Hi mohammad,.

    Good to know my information has been useful. The steps you plan to take seems to help you refine the fear.

    After return with any other questions about windows.

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • SQL - delete block!

    DBA dear friends,

    DB -

    I have borrowed in line for deletion in bulk in a table PL/SQL procedure. I'm trying to figure this out before the implementation-

    My table has a 22 millions of files, I need to delete records more of 14 days (about 15 million), then confirm each record 500 K.

    Do the Execute procedure below actually achieve?


    This is the syntax of PL/SQL successfully created in the database-



    -This set to the largest a number as will support your restore/cancel

    v_delete_limit PLS_INTEGER: = 500000;


    IF p_retention > 0



    DELETE from ord.order where cre_dttm < trunc (sysdate) - p_retention

    AND ROWNUM < = v_delete_limit;





    END IF;

    Ord.order END of purge.


    Your method is one of the methods of REMOVING BULK. As others have commented it seems that COMMIT in a LOOP is always a terrible thing but I'm not on it. It is above all a bad idea, but not always.

    There could be several approaches:

    1. search Ask Tom remove the site for CATS and in bulk. He recommends Tom create a table with the required lines (to not not deleted rows). Then, slide / truncate the old table and use your intermediate table for recreation.

    2. use of ROWNUM, something like you did it




    -print the lines if you wish





    It has its own advantages and disadvantages. I saw the site of Laurent Schneider where Tom Kyte also commented on. Very interesting discussions. You can take a look.


    3. use of DBMS_PARALLEL_EXECUTE (and why the version of your database is important)

    4. the use of the cursor and PL/SQL bulk operation, I think the worst of all these.

  • Cannot restore iPad to iCloud

    Nice day

    I had a problem with my IOS update on my iPad Air, I managed to downgrade to IOS 9.

    I'm now trying to restore my iPad to the iCloud, but he comes back saying:

    "Unable to restore backup.

    Is there way to ay I can download the backup on the iCloud for my MacBook or iTunes and restore from there?

    I wonder how you managed to downgrade iOS if downgrade not has was never supported by Apple?

    Take a look at these articles:

    Solve the iOS update and restore error in iTunes - Apple Support

    Get help with iOS update or restore errors - Apple Support

Maybe you are looking for