IPS No. WRT1900ac for guests

When I activate the SSID of comments he no IP address is available to clients.  I have a feeling that this is due to I have stop the DHCP server for my LAN of router (since I run my own DHCP server).  I don't know if there is a way to offer only IPs for the guest SSID? I would create a new scope in my DHCP server, but I do know that this firmware has no capacity to make the VLAN correctly.

If you have disabled the DHCP server on the router of the guest network will not get an IP address because the way in which the guest network works are the router give it its own DHCP subnet on which is isolated to the main subnet.

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  • 4 x WAP4410N VLAN for guest network

    Hi there everyone,

    You want to have a problem of my resolved.  I am running 4 x WAP4410N access points configured with one corporate ssid with WPA2 Enterprise authentication that points to a server in network access protection.  What I'm trying to do is to add a second ssid to all my points of access for guests only and cannot connect to the departmental resources/devices.  I think I have to VLAN so that it works correctly.

    Four access points in various parts of the building are connected and are wired in different switches SG300.  A port on a SG300-52 in my server room is plugged into a port on my firewall that I would use for DHCP.

    What should I do to get this working correctly?  At the time of my comments to test network is not even give an IP address to the devices, which I think is related to the VLAN.

    I do not know what ports I leave the identified tag-no, how to configure the VLANs on multiple switches, etc.  Any help would be appreciated.  It was suggested to me that I could use dedicated to guest access separate access points, but I like to keep the amount of access points down to the minimum required.

    I think you may have found the problem. I apologize I have not asked if you were on layer 2. I would have thought it.

    If they all Layer 3, maybe you could just add a few routes? Switching is not my field stronger.

    Personally as needed I just don't sleep 2 and use VLANs


  • Steps required for guest access / self-supply accounts

    I'm a little overwhelmed with the information concerning the establishment of users invited on the wireless network and have a few questions I was hoping that the community would respond.

    I use a WISN on the 4.2 version of the software, as well as a WC on the same version.

    1. is it possible to have accounts created by users themselves, once they join the wireless network? If so, what will do to put in place?

    2. a VLAN especially should be created for customers to use?

    For the first question, if you want more that putting an email address for tracking needs, users Fella5 is right.

    To answer the second question, it is unnecessary on the plan technique one VLAN special for guest users. In most cases, however, you should have one to better apply the security settings of your network clients. In our office, with 10 people, we use the same subnet for guests, voice and internal data. However, we use 3 different SSIDS with different policies and security strategies QoS applied to them. And the guest SSID has an ACL applied to limit traffic to the Internet only. When you are given a 27 subnet to use, do you :)

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    I just bought "-full for guests of the CS ' today, but I get Creative cloud for a year? And I can only download Photoshop and Muse as versions of trail I want creative cloud, but tools such as photoshop and muse etc. I don't want to not spend my money on useless things, and what do I do to change that today, because the offer for '-full for guests of the CS ' no longer available tomorrow, thank you, Sebastian

    Hi Sebastian,.

    I checked your account and your Adobe CC subscription is active.

    Please see the below help document to correct the error of the trial:

    Creative Cloud applications unexpectedly back in the test mode. CS6, CCM

    Kind regards


  • Regarding: "full - for guests of CS.

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    My questions are:
    1. can I buy it and if yes, what will be the cost per month: €36.89 or + €36.89 12,29?
    2. what software are included in full - for customers of the CS?
    Thank you in advance,

    Cloud Plans https://creative.adobe.com/plans

    - and conditions for subscription http://www.adobe.com/misc/subscription_terms.html

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  • How can I disable admin for guest?

    I am the administrator and used the user prompted for my work. I looked at the settings and given one to use as an administrator and lost all my info in the comments. I want to just hand it to the guest user to where he was before foolishly, I played with the settings. Help, please.


    The reset Firefox feature can solve many problems by restoring Firefox to its factory default state while saving your vital information.
    Note: This will make you lose all the Extensions, open Web sites and preferences.

    To reset Firefox, perform the following steps:

    1. Go to Firefox > help > troubleshooting information.
    2. Click on the button 'Reset Firefox'.
    3. Firefox will close and reset. After Firefox is finished, it will display a window with the imported information. Click Finish.
    4. Firefox opens with all the default settings applied.

    Information can be found in the article Firefox Refresh - reset the settings and Add-ons .

    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

    Thank you.

  • XML work for guests

    Hi all

    I'm working on XML files. The XML files and files wav in the web server. I need to play the guests of the web server. For example playing guests like this

    P [http://x.x.x.x/prompt.wav]. I got the XML path with script. How to do this? Do I need to download web of ccx wav files?






    You don't need to download the guest to the repository UCCX. Once you define the value of create a Document URL in the promptset then you can use the game, but controls prompt calling your promptset variable:

    Fast read (- trigger Contact-, promptset)


  • Error connecting to ISE for guest authentication

    Hi friends,

    I have attached an image that becomes as some of our users try to connect to guest SSID using their mobile phones.

    It seems that the question is for users of Apple devices?

    Anyone of you experience any problem like this.

    Grateful if you could help on this.

    Thank you

    Riyas Rasheed

    Looks like you redirect to an ip address, instead of the fqdn of the ise server, which will give you errors like that.

  • Can not disable Streaming Media for guest account

    I've disabled the guest account on my machine to windows 7 Home premium (64-bit).  However, the guest account always appear as my Playstation 3 streaming media.  If I turn on (enable) the guest account and log in there on the computer, I can see that streaming media is indeed enabled in Advanced Network Configuration but it is not clear up to turn it off (I think because the guest account has limited administrative rights).

    I thought that disable the guest account using the configuration management screen turns off default accounts, but that is not the case for media sharing.

    Does anyone know a way to disable it manually?

    Thank you!


    I did thorough testing, but I had the first success with the following text:

    1. Stop the Windows Media Sharing Service reader network
    2. Delete the "Media Player" folder in c:\users\guest\appdata\local\microsoft
      (Or move it, if you want to be able to restore)
    3. Reset

    Could someone else try and report their results...

  • ISE 1.4 and access for guests with distinct SMS providers

    Could someone please help with the installation of the guest access. I am trying to perform an establishing a unique SSID prompted with two central WISN and a pair of ISE 1.4 to manage a building containing different companies.  Installation work good with a sponsor (company) chooses just the customer who registered but at the end of the implementation the handover raised a question that left me speechless.  Every company wants to have their own account SMS provider. How can I configure so that the end-user location defines the SMS provider?


    There are 2 different stand-alone ise or there are members of the same deployment?

    You can add gateways sms on the parameters of the ise. So if there are 2 different deployment, simply choose the sms gateway that you created in a configuration Portal comments.

    If you have only 2 servers ise 1 deployment, you can create 2 comments portal on each one you set the right sms gateway.

    If you have 1 deployment and have the same ssid comments:

    -divide PSA between 2 companies using the AP group

    -to the ise, you can use the defined strategy (simpler and more readable).

    -According to the AP group, you can Portal popup comments 1 to 1 group AP and another portal of comments for another group of AP. In order to make this work, you need to change the type of id station call on the Security tab, on the wlc himself.

    hope this is clear.

    If you have deployed MSE, you can set your rules and popup portal based on the physical location without the use of the AP group

  • Automatic start/stop for guest settings keep reproduce every time I access the properties


    I have a single ESXi host 5.5 with a single Win 2012 std server prompt.   I have a second guest, but is not in production. Several months ago I "thought" I activated the auto start and stop for this particular customer.  Due to problems of food in the building today, I had the opportunity to stop the comments and the turning off of the host completely.   After the reboot of the host, my guest, never started (automatically). I connected to the host via vsphere client and started manually.  No problems.

    I decided to check the settings of automatic start/stop and it is set to manual.  So, either I never actually put it on automatic (and I just have problems of memory in my head (not unusual for me)) or I put it really, and something happened where he became disabled or brought back to the default value.

    That said, I went to properties of start-up automatic and as mentioned above, found it turned off, I was able to allow him, but when he returned to the screen (after clicking OK), it displays TWO of each of my virtual machines in the Autorun screen.  I went back to see if I could change/delete/remove the extras (I've found a way to do it), and when I came back out of the screen there are THREE virtual computers listed in the pane. See attachment.  Anyone know what is happening here and how can I remedy the situation?

    Am I just being a fool and lack of obvious?

    Thank you.



    Exit the VSphere client and restart it solved the problem.  I presume a video type of bug, or maybe a bug with my version of the client.

  • Activate the Keyboarding for guest VM without clicking the window innto


    I've set up an Ubuntu guest on a Windows 7 host machine, and I'm very happy with it. However, I have a problem:

    When I switch to VMWare Workstation by using the keyboard (Alt - Tab), I can not immediately entered anything in the comments via the keyboard. I always first click in the window.

    To make it more clear: what I do when I use a different program on the Windows host:

    1 alt - Tab for VMWare Workstation

    2. click in the window workstation

    3. use the keyboard to interact with comments

    What I want to do:

    1 alt - Tab for VMWare Workstation

    2 use the keyboard to interact with comments

    How can I make that happen? I would also welcome to use the keyboard, for example, press ENTER to be bale to use comments.

    Ahh, I think that I figured it by myself:

    There is a menu entry "Keyboard Grab", that is mapped to Ctrl-G.

    So I have to do the following:

    1 alt - Tab for VMWare Workstation

    2. press on Ctrl-G

    3. use the keyboard to interact with comments

  • Create the DRS group for guests in 2 groups

    Because of the Microsoft SQL license by the basic model, we need to create groups of DRS for our SQL servers. We have 8 guests, but need to run the SQL VMs on host 2

    We are in the process of migrating to ESX 4.0 to ESXi5.5. We already have the server vCenter 5.5

    We do not have the configuration of ESXi 5.5 hosts yet, so we need to create the DRS groups on the host of 4.0. MS will not wait for us to migrate first.

    We have two clusters (2 external data center). Each with 4 servers esx 4.0. Simple question:

    DRS group cannot be created in a cluster? Can I create DRS groups at the level of the data center. Use a host in Cluster1 and a second in cluster2.

    Thank you

    DRS group cannot be created in a cluster? Can I create DRS groups at the level of the data center. Use a host in Cluster1 and a second in cluster2.

    DRS groups cannot be created in a single cluster and not those of clusters. Nothing else would make no sense in any case. DRS groups are to be limited by the DRS and DRS automatic migrations is only a process of entire cluster in the first place. So what would be the point of a single 'group DRS' through consolidation?

    But of course, you can create two distinct groups of DRS 2 separate clusters.

  • Optimal number of processors/cores for guests?

    On a host with a processor i5-3337U (2 cores, 4 threads via hyperthreading) and assuming that guests can use all the power of the CPU it can get, which is the ideal maximum number of CPUs or cores should I assign to a guest without compromising the overall performance of the host or the guest?

    I'd say 2vCPUs for comments. As your processor has just two logical cores, it will not be able to take a load with the crowd using the processor (assuming you have Windows 7). It also depends on the type of load, that you run on the VM guest.

    If you say that the host will not consume a lot, then you could go up to 4vCPUs.

  • Moving hosts to new vCenter and retaining current licences for guests

    I need to upgrade an environment vSphere 4.1 to 5.1u1. I plan to install a clean vCenter 5.1 and need to migrate hosts without interruption to the virtual machines. The way to remove the old vCenter may not be because it requires the host mode maintenance and VMs to be evacuated. What plan do is disconnect from the host and have the new vCenter appropriated. I will then possibly incoming days guests through VUM to 5.1u1.

    My question is when the new vCenter appropriates the hosts what will happen to the licensing of 4.1 esx/esxi hosts? Will be the current 4.1 esx/esxi licenses follow the hosts or will I have to add the esx/esxi through the client license? The new vCenter will be installed in trial mode until licenses can be provided for me.

    A second question is when the esxi hosts are upgrading to 5.1 and I did not upgrade licenses will guests enter a grace period until a license can be applied? I don't know how long the hosts were in trial mode, before 4.1 licenses applied so I assume every 60 days were used.

    With adding hosts to the new vCenter Server, the license key from the host server will be added to the repository of the vCenter Server license; Even if this is not the case you could simply add the current license key to the new vCenter Server manually. Just make sure that you do not use more CPU that purchased licenses.

    Once you upgrade the host, make sure you have the new license keys already available. As much as I know there is no evaluation period additional to the hosts upgraded who were running older versions of 60 days. The grace period of 14 days you mentioned applied to versions in ESX 3.x used FlexLM licenses (i.e. license files).


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