Is it possible to restore a session on demand?

There is an option that sounds right, "history > restore previous Session ', but it is disabled no matter what. The only solution is to install an addon of session manager?
Thank you!

It may also not work if you use Tab Mix Plus session restore session restore instead of build - in Firefox.

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  • Home page search is not working / not Possible to restore the previous Session

    After the last update (version 29), the home page of default Firefox search bar has been completely non-functional. If I hit enter or press search, nothing happens. Another (possibly related) problem is that the button 'Restore previous Session' is never present. I can also restore the previous session by clicking on the option of history (it is always grayed out).

    When you look to the top How to start safe mode, I discovered how to reset Firefox to its default value of the plant. I did it and Voila! Problem solved.

  • Is it possible to record a session restored (without opening) to Favorites?

    I'm a little carried way with opening of the tabs, as I will have 50-200 open at any time. And you can imagine what it's like when Firefox crashes and you try to restore a session crashed - all tabs open at the same time.

    Is it possible to save tabs/windows of a session crashed to Favorites directly from the list of restore session? It would be so helpful... sometimes I just want to go to a few places and then close Firefox, worrying about the session crashed subsequently and without having to open every single tab in it at the same time.

    Firefox 8 is not automatically load all restored tabs all at once, as has been done with previous versions of Firefox. I didn't crash Firefox 8 for me, so I didn't know this new feature of first-hand, but what I read blurry tabs are not loaded until you click on these tabs.

    You can save all tabs open under a bookmarks, by right-clicking a tab and selecting bookmark all tabs, but that cannot be done after an accident in the history of the session.

  • How to automatically restore the session after a crash/update / without asking me if I want to restore it?

    Hello, there are times that my Firefox crashes (well, it happens to all of us who use it to some extent) or updates asking to restart. I would like to know if there is an option that allows you to restore the previous session automatically without asking me even. It would be very useful for reasons. I had this kind of problem a couple of times ending me be upset. Sometimes I misclicked and lost all my important tabs. Other times my firefox has crashed/shifted on after reboot and guess what sound restart still has not even asking me if I wanted to restore my session crashed.

    Thank you in advance.

    Cesarius Hi, I think I understand, but I have not explained completely.

    The browser.sessionstore.max_resumed_crashes preference is to avoid an infinite loop. The default value 1 means an attempt to restore the session automatically once and if it fails (for example, it crashes before it can finish to restore), then display the "embarrassing". You could try to increase the value of 2 or 3 and see if it works on the second or third time. If you still see the screen "This is awkward" after a crash, Firefox still does not make a failback.

    You can also check if there is a file user.js in your profile folder. A user.js file is a file of optional parameters that Firefox reads at startup and uses to override the settings saved in your previous session. Unless you create a user.js file yourself, you can usually just remove it. This article includes a section on the hunt for a possible user.js file: How to fix preferences that will not save.

    Note: by default, Windows hides the .js file extension. Precise work with file names, I suggest setting windows to show all file extensions. This article has the steps:

  • Restore the Session bug - fails after erasing history

    This happens sometimes in the past, but after the latest update of Firefox, it happens almost everytime. When I close the browser, I want to clear the history first. Also, before you remove history, I open a new empty tab and close tab old, just to make sure the history is cleared. So, the next time I start up the browser, I get this message not being able to restore the session, one that starts with "well, it's embarrassing. Firefox has struggle to recover your windows and tabs. »

    Same behavior as in this other thread, but I guess I'm supposed to start a new thread.

    I didn't know there is a function 'clear history of Firefox closing', I just do everything manually.

    What is the start setting?

    • Tools > Options > general > startup: 'when Firefox starts '.

    You manually close the story or do you currently use 'clear history of Firefox closing?

    Use "Firefox > output" (Windows: Firefox/file > quit;) Mac: Firefox > quit Firefox. Linux: Firefox/file > exit) to close Firefox if you are currently doing by clicking on the X close in the title bar of Firefox.

    The 'well, it's embarrassing... "message means that Firefox did not close properly the last time and had possibly crashed.

  • Cannot restore previous session after the option to "remember the story never".

    I want to restore saved windows and tabs. I have reset the feature of confidentiality "Not the story never forget" and restarted Firefox once. Visiting realize my error I did a backup of the file sessionrestore.bak, then tried to restore using "about: sessionrestore. This brings the page session restore, but without any prior tag. Edit the sessionrestore.bak file, I can see the script in the old tabs. There are a few changes I can make to this file to force the tabs reappear in Session Restore?

    If you select never "history don't forget" then you are in incognito mode and no data of this session is saved to disk and cannot be restored.

    You must select "Remember history" and possibly to use choice custom to inspect tweak settings.

    Is they are in the file sessionstore.bak and they are not restored, and then search for the recently closed tabs or windows, but you first have to go out of the PB mode to make it possible to restore the tabs.

  • Restore previous Session

    Hey is all possible to restore your previous session? What I mean is if I said 5 tabs open and decided to close for the day and come back tomorrow. Now open all the tabs one by one is a pain is there a way to just go from there where I left off? I know that you can maintain control and select several files at once, but it would be nice to have a button or something to click and just open from where you left it. I think there is a way to do it. Thank you all!

    If you mean, tabbed document tabs, just leave the documents open when you close the program and they open automatically when you start again.

    If that is not the case for you, go in Edition > Preferences > general and make sure that "Reopen documents on startup" is checked.

    If you mean the tabs in the window tool (such as file, properties, CSS designer, etc.), you can save your panels currently open by...

    1. go in the window > workspace layouts > new workspace...
    2. name the workspace

    From there, on the program opens with panels all the way which you saved them.

  • Audition 5.5 crashes when choose 'continue' restored the session

    I left Adobe Audition after registration, but without saving the changes.

    When I opened the hearing, it allows me now to continue the unregistered session, or delete.

    But when I click on 'Continue', it starts loading but crashes then... I tried to restart my computer, but that didn't help.

    Is it possible to restore the saved file? I need not of the session, just recording. Where it will be parked?

    Did you record in multitrack view or waveform? It makes a big difference, because multitrack, you will be saved directly to a specified file location, but in the form of wave, it would be in a temporary file in any location you save (see preferences settings in the hearing). If you will be able to retrieve any directly with ease is another matter overall, although...

    What it amounts to, is that how you use recovery files is exactly the way that you tried to do. A big problem you might encounter is that however once you tried to reopen it and failure, it may well have cast as hearing closed a second time in any case. I believe that it was true that sometimes you might retrieve the data from these files by them as 'rough' and providing appropriate information on how they were saved, but I have not tried this during so long that I don't know if it still applies.

    I'm afraid that I don't rate your chances of any degree of success very strongly, frankly.

  • Is it possible to restore deleted songs to my music?

    I accidentally deleted some songs from 'My music' and not just my device (iPhone 6 s). Is it possible to restore deleted songs in "my music?

    Hello. You have saved your music via iCloud? If so, you can restore from the backup.

  • Rename the session restore backup does not work, how can I restore previous session after a crash?

    Computer crashed and Firefox don't remember my session. It happened a few weeks ago while I had looked at how to fix and I learned from my mistake and saved the sessionstore.bak file before restarting Firefox. I closed Firefox, deleted sessionstore.js and renamed .bak to js but to start what it does not always restore session. Previous restoration on the history tab still grayed out, about: sessionrestore revealed without tab. I even tried to copy this file and also naming copies as sessionstore-1 & 2. How to operate?

    You can try to restore a previous version of the file sessionstore.js or sessionstore.bak. You must rename the .bak to .js file to make Firefox see this session.

       right-click: Properties > Previous Versions
  • Firefox is remembering my history, but do not allow me to restore the sessions or don't forget the tabs.

    Firefox > History shows a list of recent websites, so I see it's save my history, but firefox is not restore my tabs at startup. ALT > t > o > general is set to display my tabs from the previous session. The firefox home page appears instead, with no option to restore previous session in the lower right corner and a greyed 'restore previous Session' option in Firefox > history
    As suggested, I tried to remove sessionstore.jss and sessionstore.bak, and history of privacy is set to always store.

    This issue started today out of the blue and I can't find a solution.

    This was already the case. I left for the weekend and when I came back, the problem has been corrected. I don't know what it is.

  • Is it possible to restore without losing my passwords, settings and especially favorite?

    Recently, my computer has been infected with a malware that has removed some DLLs and damaged the Firefox, Opera and Google programs.

    The other two browsers I reinstalled without any problem. But Firefox is my main browser and I'm afraid of losing all my information.

    Is it possible to restore without losing my passwords, settings and especially favorite?

    You can check if the Firefox profile folder is always present.

    If that's the case then Firefox will automatically detect its presence and use.

    You should regularly make a backup of your personal data stored in the Firefox profile folder in order to avoid a potential loss in case of problems.

  • My restore previous session button has disappeared from the home page. How can I get that back?

    Today when I started Firefox it was more the button restore previous session. I have not changed since the last time that I went through and the button do not appear even if I close Firefox tabs/windows open. Help, please

    Are you keeping the history?

    • Do not use 'Clear history of Firefox closing' to clear the 'browsing history '.

    It works if you select this option?

    • Tools > Options > general > startup: startup of Firefox:

      • Show my windows and tabs from last time

    You can also test problems with Session Restore:

  • 'Restore previous Session' unavailable

    I found 2 similar questions for 10 months ago on forum, ch. w / 25-30 additional people with the prob. 2 weeks ago, I asked about 2 problems, were unable to fix them. Now focus on this one only. Session restore doesn't work after quitting and restore previous session, recently closed tabs, recently closed all gray windows. I tried everything short of uninstall/reinstall and seq. was suggested to create new profile w/o corrupted files, but I have no idea what is corrupt. I'm not a geek, but can generally follow instructions. However, my concentration is impaired, if I really fear the worst.

    I have eliminated all the items that you specified. I tested it a few pages opening and stop smoking, and session restore is available, but not automatic.

    In ADDITION to the original (default) profile, my favorites now appear automatically, instead of having to toggle in the menu of the toolbar in each window. It is the success! AND, "Recently closed tabs" is now available in the original profile. I've just updated Beta 12... ; would be - what my favorites are now working properly and restore the tabs... Well, I just leave and reopened, another update took place, and now I can restore session. Maybe the problem has been all along in the earlier beta version? (The following questions were written before the session restore is available.) "Perhaps they are no longer relevant.) And finally, I quit and reopened and automatically reloaded pages. Maybe the problem is resolved. Still, I would appreciate your opinion on the probable cause of issues.

    "redo any customizations settings in the Firefox Options and customization of the toolbar. Also reinstall all extensions, so they can be initialized correctly. »

    Will I need to download each extension of Mozilla, or can I copy and paste from the old profile? Also, how can I get my story in the new profile.

    Or is the new profile just to help out, but it is not intended to replace the original? Thank you

  • I've recently upgraded to the latest version of Firefox and can not find the command "Restore last session". Anyone know where it is? Thank you

    The upgrade has been in recent weeks.
    I checked the "history" section and do not see the link.

    At the top of the Firefox window, click the button with Firefox, making history (the menu background in Windows XP) and select Restore last Session.


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