is - that the Starz app works in France?

I want to get the Starz App on the App Store, but before I want to make sure that it works in France. Can you confirm?

N ° United States only.

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    How the prisma app works on mac after downloading itunes

    I don't think they have a Mac version. The following a present in the compatibility section in the left column that it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Applications you download through iTunes to a Mac would be then be synchronized the Mac one of these devices.

    Store applications designed for the Mac can be downloaded from the Mac App via the Apple menu > App Store and iTunes is not involved.

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    • I have a very large music library that I uploaded to the cloud.
    • All the files are physically located on a local hard drive.
    • All files are .mp3.
    • All files were purchased from sources other than the music of the Xbox.
    In a seemingly random way, there are songs that have been reported as 'stream only' despite the above conditions.
    In some cases a single song in an album has been reported as 'stream only.
    What are the criteria that the music app or music cloud determines if a song has to be marked as 'stream only'?  If I had this info, maybe I could understand something.
    Please don't tell me to do something about that.  My huge music library; 45K songs, 260 GB in size.  Change files and turn on clouds or extinguish any simply questions I have hours of work manually download songs to the cloud which music xbox has not recognized.


    See this article for more information on the application of music

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    No, it is an IPhone app and iPad.

  • How will I know that the Aero effect works in Vista

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    Thank you

    You can use Flip 3D by pressing the keys CTRL + Windows + TAB.

  • How to check the platform below, that the application will work over time?

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    Is there a way that the application can check the app was supposed to work on what operating system. Say if I use an OS 5 and then the app was built for the 4.5 OS, so I need to check whether the application is a version 4.5 and inform the user and halt execution. I can change the appname or version number to detect but y at - it another way to do it programmatically.

    guys sorry for the stupid question. I had some caffeine. and resolved immediately. I used the preprocessors.

    Thanks for the help guys. I understand your desire to help me. Thank you

  • Wants to know that the best apps and games from MS store for children

    * Original title: windows 8 for children

    I have a child of 2 years and 3 years who like to use my surface. Is there a program or application that I can download to make it more user friendly kid, where they can get in apps I put on the start screen and wont be able to change anything?


    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.
    Based on the query you requested, I understand that you want to know the best apps and games in Store so that your children aged 2 years and 3 years can enjoy using on the Surface of your tablet.
    As you have children from a very young age, I suggest you just create a new user account (child) on the Tablet Surface and install applications and games in Store that your children are interested.
    As I wouldn't be not able to propose specific or the best apps and games for your kids to store Windows, please see the articles below:
    Videos for small children
    How to buy apps for kids

    Additional reference:

    Keep your children safer on the PC

    Hope this information helps, simply reply to any further assistance, we will be more than happy to help.
  • How can I get the Mail app works correctly in Windows 8.

    I have received no mail because I had my Windows installed 8.  WHY?

    Hi Mary,

    You can try the steps from the following link.

    What to do if you have problems with a soft

    Note: I suggest that allowing you to run the troubleshooter App mentioned in the Notes.

    Return to the State of the question.

  • After a Windows Update, that the several apps shortcut does not work, I went back to the start screen.

    Shortcuts to programs of work OK, but two shortcuts to applications of games and two apps printer briefly displays a title screen and then return to the start screen.  I tried to remove and then reload applications without success, I ran Paretologic Health program several times, tried to defrag the drive is done everything to nothing.  Troubleshooting Windows detects no error either.

    It worked for me in the past...

    Run the Windows update repair tool Control Panel / troubleshooting / view all (in the left margin)

    followed by the two of them, even if the first says no found error.  Maybe 15 minutes each.

    Form a command prompt (admin)

    DISM / Online/Cleanup-image /Scanhealth
    DISM / Online/Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

  • I've recently updated shockwave and now videos will not play in firefox, it says that the addon stopped working

    Can you tell me which version of shockwave, I should have and how to upgrade to make it work correctly

    The videos are often in formats other than just that Flash Player provides. The majority of Firefox users use FlashPlayer. There are still a lot of content that need unfortunately, so it depends on what you're trying to watch.

  • How can I fix my msconfig so that the system will work? error: "Windows cannot find 'msconfig'.

    When I go into run and type msconfig, I get the following message.

    "Windows cannot find 'msconfig'. Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again. to search for a file, click the Start button, and then click search. »

    Only three names came when I ran the search.
    1. msconfig in C:\WINDOWS\Help
    2. MSCONFIG. EXE in C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch
    3 msconfig in C:\WINDOWS\pchealth\helpctr\binaries


    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Communities. I understand that you are unable to open msconfig on the computer.

    I understand how it could be frustrating when things do not work as expected. Please, I beg you, don't worry I'll try my best to resolve the issue.

    1. what operating system is installed on your computer?

    2. have there been recent changes to the computer before the show?


    Please go ahead and follow the steps mentioned and later a update on the State of the question.

    Method 1: Rof the United Nations [System File Checker] SFC scan on the computer that would be a search for system files corrupted on the computer and replace them.

    For Windows 7 and Vista:

    For Windows XP:

    Method 2:  Also try to scan your computer for the Microsoft Security Scanner, which would help us to get rid of viruses, spyware and other malicious software.

    The Microsoft Security Scanner is a downloadable security tool for free which allows analysis at the application and helps remove viruses, spyware and other malware. It works with your current antivirus software.

    Note: The Microsoft Safety Scanner ends 10 days after being downloaded. To restart a scan with the latest definitions of anti-malware, download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner again.

    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Please follow these recommended steps and post if you still experience the problem.

  • How will I know that the 128 encryption works 100%?

    The Web site I will use frequently requires 128-bit encryption. He mentioned using https: instead of http. How do I know for sure the site is secure? I searched the padlock at the bottom of the screen and once that wasn't there the next time here.

    The lock is no longer a part of Firefox; It can give users a sense that a site is secure by not providing all the information related to a site. Familiarize yourself with the Site identity button in Firefox:

    You can install an add-on to display a padlock in the URL/address bar:

  • Why my external speakers does not connect? I followed the instructions from microsoft and it happens that the 'device' is working properly.

    Speakers on my lappy (old dinosaur, sorry) not computer savvy works fine, but I can't seem to connect external speakers. I did the thang check sound and speaker and sometimes peripheral works properly, but it does not help at all,...


    1. What is the brand and model of the speakers?

    2 are these speakers work on any other computer?

    Please follow the steps from the link below.

  • A .dll must be the basis for ThinApped app work

    Hi all

    I have this app that apparently depends on the dll VB RunTime 5 "MSVBVM50.dll". Even if the dll is captured during the installation of the application and made part of the project, the resulting virtual app refuses to perform, unless this dll is also copied to the base.

    I noticed that the virtual app wouldn't run on a clean system, but he would go on the system that was used to capture the installation (and has all the relevant files in the base). After that, I was able to identify the problem now a dll.

    Although it is easy enough to put the dll in the base, or write a script that copies the dll in the runtime database, it is more important for me to know what is happening. Why is not able to use this .dll ThinApp virtual instance. It is part of the project in the directory % SystemSystem % and is included in the compilation. Why it must the virtual application in the basis as well?

    A possible explanation is that the application has something made by another process which is part of the base. This process would need the dll in the base, as he cannot see the virtual file system. Is there a way to check this?

    Anyone seen this before? Any suggestion is welcome!

    Thank you


    Hi Vincent,.

    I've seen this several times, quite often when the virtual application communicates with another process or service via COM or something like that, I even saw an application running a sort of "runas" and it communicates with a process if running outside the virtual bubble, for example, for example to open a virtual cmd, run "runas... cmd.exe" and you're outside the bubble.

    Unfortunately most of the time is not solveable.

    You can try to open the Task Manager and have a look at processes busy/new processes and open Log-Monitor. There should be a busy missing in logmonitor process that is active/new in taskmanager.

    An another workaround might put VB 5 DURATION in your image database as the application will search for the dll in windows\ystem32, which is only a workaround and of course not a real solution to satisfy.

    Hope this helps to understand.



  • BlackBerry Smartphones why the email app is so crappy?

    When I got my Storm 2 9550, I figured I'd get a handheld device with the best email built-in, because email is the root of a Blackberry service (Palm was PDA, WinMob is access to files, iPhone is media, etc.).  So how is it that the native email on this thing is the worst I've ever seen?  How can I make comments on BOARD what this user thinks he has to do (I've yet to find a "comment" or "contact us" link that does not require a support contract)?

    To my email I keep messages in IMAP folder.  In order to be useful, my email on my mobile must be able to synchronize perfectly with these files.  The "Berry is not.  It is not yet fully synchronized with my Inbox.  Changes (deletions, changes of State) my Inbox in my office do not appear on the Bay.

    Is it a third party customer IMAP messaging that does this?

    Hello and welcome to the Forums!

    To answer your question in your subject line - the question itself is subjective... it may be an unacceptable app for you, but it is acceptable to many others. Companies to make decisions about how their devices will work. Different companies make different decisions. These differences are that discriminate against one another. If someone wants an iPhone functions, then by all means they must purchase a. Choice and educated decisions are what makes life so rich for us in many ways. Sometimes we make mistakes when we make these decisions - I think you assumed that the BB would work in a way that you wanted... and yet it isn't. However, it is not IMHO a failure on rims part... they do not hide the way including their function of devices. As in all things, buyer beware...

    However, if you have specific and constructive ideas for RIM, I heard they accept such email to [email protected]

    Good luck!

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