iTunes and Playlist

Why does iTunes, sometimes reproduce some of my playlists. Example: Forecast 25. and iTunes will create the same list of reading and call 25 Pick 1.Happens every once in awhile to several playlists. I remove them and weeks later... It happens again. Not always the same playlists. It will also create playlists... IE music of the 1990s and it will contain songs not in the 1990s. Aggravating circumstances... Thank you

Could be related to a device synchronization, if you have a device like an iPod or iPhone that is configured for automatic synchronization (not loading manual or access iCloud).  For some reason, think iTunes playlist (on the unit) is different or has been updated and sync to the iTunes library on the computer.  I remember using the On-The-Go playlist feature on my old iPod, and my library iTunes would be left with a bunch of 1 On-The-Go, On-The-Go 2, 3 On-The-Go... playlists over time, until what I deleted them.

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