iTunes overwhelming 12.1.3

I had iTunes 12.1.3 pushed to my relatively old Dell PC running Vista (64-bit). Since then, the application crashes when I do almost anything:

  • Plug an iPad 3 (the one with the Retina display)
  • Try to update all apps
  • Sit leave iTunes open without doing anything for a few minutes

Did anyone else encounter this problem?

Welcome to Apple iGuy1975 Support communities. Your iPad 3 has been upgraded to iOS 9.x? If Yes, then you don't really have all the iTunes downgrade options, except maybe the '64 bit - for older video cards' version of 12.1.3, which is really 32-bit iTunes with a 64-bit installation program. See troubleshoot problems with iTunes for Windows updates for general advice.

If iTunes seems to freeze when the iPad is connected, then be victim AppHangB1 problems reported as the user running Vista iPad iTunes Version works with iOS9.1?

Of course leave iTunes on Vista has produced reports of BEX and Appcrash problem since may 2014: iTunes incompatible with Windows Vista Data Execution Prevention 12.

You might not be aware that Apple has officially ended in favor of Vista with iTunes version 12.2 June 30. Beta version of iOS 9.2 must be almost complete, so I guess there is a chance it might work with iTunes 12.1.3 than previous versions of iOS better 9.

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    I am running iTunes on my Macbook and I was running last iTunes OS X Lion 10.7.5

    iTunes 9: understanding the "Automatically add to iTunes" folder - - files placed in this folder are actually moved from this folder to the correct location in the iTunes Media folder.

    On the iTunes library files - - does not mention that a complete library of work also includes other files and also files in the iTunes folder.

    More about the library files iTunes and what they do -

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    An instant reading of the next song is very overwhelming to my ears and mind. I want a break or a gap between two songs as in the old readers of cassettes. How do I get there? any plug-in for itunes? or maybe another player altogether, with the support of remote read iOS.

    any advice?

    It is actually not a setting to do this, but you could always put a song 'empty' (a track with no sound) where you want a gap, even though it may take some time depending on the amount of songs you have in your reading list.

    You could always crossfade your songs on iTunes (in the Apple menu bar) > Preferences > playback and check "Crossfade Songs.

    Then drag the slider to the way well before the end of the song, you want iTunes to crossfade them, and then click OK

    I hope this has helped

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    If you see unexpected songs groups when you browse an album - - 'songs from the same album may not be grouped as expected when you view them in display Albums in iTunes."

    For most people this solution seems to be one that works: August 2008 post by turingtest2 temporarily change labels - or - add a letter at the end of the name of the artist, close the read information, then open it again and remove the letter. This works often but I had cases where securities combined when a letter has been added but divorced when he was kidnapped again.

    The following sections provide additional solutions:

    Often a solution: select all the tracks on the album, file > info (or right-click > news > Details) and give them all a single "album artist", or check the indicator of "compilation" (as in

    Steve MacGuire alias turingtest2 - iTunes and iPod tips and tricks - grouping beaches in Albums - (old post on Apple Discussions

    If they are several CD sets, you will also need to enter the appropriate information in the fields of number of disk.  If they are not a set of multiple CDs that you must always make sure any vacuum or disc number fields are properly defined.

    Another explanation of hhgttg27 August 2015 -

    If they are mp3 files are trying to change the version of the ID3 tag, which can cause iTunes to re - write the tags and clarify inconsistencies.  I use iTunes 7.5 (Yes, from 2007) so I can't tell you where it is in later versions.

    I had a case of grouping stubborn reality.  The tracks will be re-group in a way that has no meaning when I changed metadata.  Without going into details, I deleted tracks iTunes completely, then add the files and they are all grouped together correctly.

  • iPod not recognized by iTunes?

    I have iTunes installed on a computer running Windows 10. iTunes is updated to the latest version since this morning.

    My iPod is a 7th generation Nano

    Here's what I've tried so far:

    • Update to iTunes (the problem began before the update and persisted thereafter)
    • Reset the iPod (by pressing the menu and sleep buttons, or whatever they are called, until the screen goes black and then displays the apple logo)
    • Reinstall iTunes
    • Removal/installation/update driver iPod (my iPod appears under portable devices and tells the pilot because it is the latest version, attempts to manually install the driver in the iTunes folder indicates which is the driver already installed). I tried this before and after reinstalling iTunes.

    However, I don't have an Apple Mobile Device driver. I couldn't find two solutions to do this, which has been updated the driver on the iPod, which did nothing. Another option involved to restart the Apple Mobile Device Service. Who also did nothing.

    I also read that reformat the iPod through disk management has worked as well, but my iPod does not appear as a disk. In fact, it is not at all. iTunes opens when it is connected and says it cannot recognize it, but it does not appear under devices and readers.

    On a strange note, I have an unknown USB device under USB controllers in device management. Out of curiosity, I unplugged my iPod, uninstalled and plugged my iPod back, time in which the unknown device is returned. So I guess it's my iPod (in the unrecognized State). You know not so relevant.

    I am at one loss as to what else to do. The iPod still works, I can still listen to all music that has been synchronized to him before, but that's all.

    This just started today. Every other time I connected the iPod, it was immediately recognized by iTunes and worked well. Seems that the problem is the absence of the Apple Mobile Device driver, if I was not able to fix this.

    I have not tried to plug the iPod on another computer yet. The only other computer I have is an old laptop that takes forever to initialize. I will try that, after work and see if my iPod works on that one.

    If you have already tried to reinstall iTunes and manually delete specific things like the drivers, you can completely remove iTunes and related software components

    Remove and reinstall iTunes and software for Windows 7 and later versions - Apple Support components

    Don't forget to uninstall the components all the listed in the described order.  Then, download and install the latest version of iTunes from here

  • iTunes

    Like many, I've experienced problems with devices not connection to iTunes

    I use a Dell with Windows 10, including updates on both.

    It is really a problem that must have already been addressed by Apple.  Following the advice of aid in iTunes and on the Apple discussion Forum and managed to get my iPhone 6s to be recognized by iTunes.  After trying to get an of my being recognized by iTunes from the iPod, the iPhone will not be more connect anywhere.  None of my iPod is recognized.   It's very frustrating.

    I tried to go back and install an earlier version of iTunes, but it would not recognize the library created by the most recent version.  I uninstalled the previous version and not reinstalled the current threshold of one - no connectivity.

    On all of these work, I discovered that Device Manager displays the iPhone or iPod, but with the Device Manager still open, if you start iTunes, the devices disappear from Device Manager - as iTunes withdrew on Device Manager.

    I have an iPod diagnostic file but it seems that there is not much information about this problem.

    I hope only that some of you/us will provide some ideas on how to correct the problem.  It is the first time that I've known of Apple being so pathetic to send updates.

    If anyone has any other suggestions...

    Try the iOS device is not showing in iTunes for Windows.


  • ITunes card

    I just bought a $25 gift card and he bought from iTunes 10/06/16 - I did not all app purchases and as well as my family [husband doesn't know how and the girl is locked on hers for awhile]-I have storage iCloud de.99 but I don't see anywhere in the purchases they pulled out their fees. How will I know what is charged to the card?

    How things have been charged will appear on the purchase of the account history: see your purchase history in iTunes on Mac or PC - Apple Support store

  • The Lord of the rings extended editions in iTunes Store

    Do not know where to write this request...

    I'm a fan of long standing of the Lord of the rings and the Hobbit.

    As a fan, I want as much I can, and I have the extended version of the Hobbit.

    But for some reason I can't find the long version of the Lord of the rings, and they give more sense when you read the books.

    Is this really a wish or someone know how to get in iTunes DK/EU?

    I have them on DVD but I have in my store on my ATV.

    You can try to contact the Danish rights to the film holder and ask them to put them in the Danish store. You can also try to asking them through iTunes, but without the agreement of the holder of the rights, Apple will not be able to sell it:

  • iTunes and Blackberry link conflicts

    Hi, link to Blackberry stopped working after the last update of iTunes in Windows 10.

    I made Blackberry suggest workaround solution, as follows:

    "Rename the file of l iTunesPrefs.xmand restart the BlackBerry link application.

    Please note: Completing the steps below may have harmful effects on the functionality of iTunes. For more information, contact Apple support.

    To rename the iTunesPrefs.xml;

    1. Turn on the Show hidden folders and files
    2. Go to \AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\ < username > C:\Users\
    3. The XML in the file iTunesPrefs and rename it to iTunesPrefs.old

    Once finished, he recommends to disable display the hidden files and folders. »

    My question is, how will this affect iTunes functionality, or not at all?

    Rename iTunesPrefs.xml will reset various settings in iTunes. If your library is < user music > \iTunes default path and you have the options to keep... and copy... enabled, you may not notice a change, but the parameters that will have been reset include the active library, media folder file, sharing of XML, the import settings, etc. Check through each tab in Edit > Preferences to see if there's anything to change the way that you had it before.


  • App store, Safari and iTunes does not connect to the Internet after installing macOS Sierra

    App store, Safari and iTunes does not connect to the Internet after installing macOS Sierra

    After upgrade 'OS X El Capitan' to "macOS Sierra" window only empty "App store" and page "Safari" made its appearance, no error message shows. store "iTunes" and "Dictionary" does not connect too.

    But Google chrome works well.

    So have you tried the next steps in your original post that Safari does not work after installing macOS Sierra:

    (1) x OS: "Unable to connect" or "unable to connect to the App Store. An internet connection is required"- Apple Support

    2) Advanced the steps to correct the problems with the iTunes Store - Apple Support connection

  • iTunes not recognizing iphone

    Hey guys, last updated itunes is not recognizing my iphone.

    Uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes several times, everything is up to date. I also tried the thing of driver device manager update, but the apple usb driver is not present even after I have reinstall and uninstall iTunes, all solutions? p.s Also running windows 10.

    Hello, you should see this article, it will help you If iTunes does not your iPad, iPhone or iPod - Apple Support

  • ITunes 11 and iOS 10

    Quickie. 10 IOS complete compatibility with iTunes 11 running? Not been able to get the program to recognize the phone because I have improved, even if it's OK with iOS 9.

    Afraid that anyone asking, I use 11 yet the interface is so much more pleasant for the eyes more than 12 (and Ditto, why I'm still on 10.9.5...)

    Thank you.

    Yes 12.5.1 minimum I think

  • Safari, itunes and app store won't load/open after macOS Sierra


    After upgrading to Mac OS Sierra I encounter the following problems:

    -Safari will load all the pages.

    -iTunes does not open (IE top menu appears but nothing else).

    -L'App store will not display/connection (IE no message just a white screen).

    any help also greatly appreciated...

    Try the following steps:

    OS x: "Unable to connect" or "unable to connect to the App Store. An internet connection is required"- Apple Support

    Advanced steps for fixing problems with iTunes Store - Apple Support connection

  • iTunes is stuck on does not.

    II have uninstalled all my laptop Apple products. I have my music iTunes for years. What should I do?

    A little more background might help. Are the media always on your laptop or iPhone? You ask for help in installing iTunes? What version of Windows are you using? There are general Troubleshootingtips for problems with iTunes for Windows updates. Describe your situation and that we are able to offer something more focused.


  • iPhone restore backup encryption bug in iTunes

    First the details of my system:

    El Capitan 10.11.6

    iPhone iOS 6 10.0.2


    Steps to reproduce:

    1 backup the by using the encrypted password (current running iOS 10) iPhone

    2. once the backup is complete change password encrypted from A to B

    3. restore the iPhone using the backup.

    The backup cannot be restored with A password or password B.

    I think that most people would say I forgot the password B. You would be a mistake. Password B was stored in my keychain and it wouldn't work. To check that I had the correct password, I downloaded a password free utility cracking. For some reason, these utilities are available for Windows only. I used the utility of tenorshare. Since I was sure I knew the password, I used boxes of prefix and suffix of the utility to verify that the password is correct. The utility shows you only the first 2 characters of your password once he finds her. Since I am sure that I knew the password, I put the first 7 characters of the password in the prefix box password and he assumes that the last of them (which I knew that). Then I put the first 6 characters of the password in the prefix area of password and the last character in the zone suffix and guess the second to the last character (which I knew that too). In both cases, he finds the password, which confirmed that all my characters were correct, but iTunes would not accept. At this point, I was convinced this is an Apple bug, so I googled some more and found this blog which confirms:

    "If you recently changed your password backup in iTunes, and iTunes is now reports that 'the password was incorrect' when you try to restore this backup, then we may be able to help."

    There is a small problem affecting backups iOS 10 - sometimes changing password causes backup the password being rejected (both new and old passwords) when you try to use the backup that you did. »

    I was able to solve my problem of password associated with the procedure.

    My backup was too important to wait for a solution possible iTunes. Apple should recognize this problem and have a fix as soon as POSSIBLE.

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