iPod not recognized by iTunes?

I have iTunes installed on a computer running Windows 10. iTunes is updated to the latest version since this morning.

My iPod is a 7th generation Nano

Here's what I've tried so far:

  • Update to iTunes (the problem began before the update and persisted thereafter)
  • Reset the iPod (by pressing the menu and sleep buttons, or whatever they are called, until the screen goes black and then displays the apple logo)
  • Reinstall iTunes
  • Removal/installation/update driver iPod (my iPod appears under portable devices and tells the pilot because it is the latest version, attempts to manually install the driver in the iTunes folder indicates which is the driver already installed). I tried this before and after reinstalling iTunes.

However, I don't have an Apple Mobile Device driver. I couldn't find two solutions to do this, which has been updated the driver on the iPod, which did nothing. Another option involved to restart the Apple Mobile Device Service. Who also did nothing.

I also read that reformat the iPod through disk management has worked as well, but my iPod does not appear as a disk. In fact, it is not at all. iTunes opens when it is connected and says it cannot recognize it, but it does not appear under devices and readers.

On a strange note, I have an unknown USB device under USB controllers in device management. Out of curiosity, I unplugged my iPod, uninstalled and plugged my iPod back, time in which the unknown device is returned. So I guess it's my iPod (in the unrecognized State). You know not so relevant.

I am at one loss as to what else to do. The iPod still works, I can still listen to all music that has been synchronized to him before, but that's all.

This just started today. Every other time I connected the iPod, it was immediately recognized by iTunes and worked well. Seems that the problem is the absence of the Apple Mobile Device driver, if I was not able to fix this.

I have not tried to plug the iPod on another computer yet. The only other computer I have is an old laptop that takes forever to initialize. I will try that, after work and see if my iPod works on that one.


If you have already tried to reinstall iTunes and manually delete specific things like the drivers, you can completely remove iTunes and related software components

Remove and reinstall iTunes and software for Windows 7 and later versions - Apple Support components

Don't forget to uninstall the components all the listed in the described order.  Then, download and install the latest version of iTunes from here


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    I did everything in the support pages, but he has yet to recognize my iPod. I tried different cables, ports, computers (it is taken over by other computers with the same iTunes), I uninstalled iTunes several times. I get a prompt my iPod on my laptop is looking to access the photos and videos of my iPod. I always agree (or allow the option says) I'm starting to think that it maybe that my computer can access only the pictures and videos on my iPod and that maybe why iTunes is not pick it up. I have movies on my iPod to my iTunes in sync but I'm really grasp what either. I used the same computer connection, iTunes and iPod for about a year and all of a sudden it happens. I have no idea why this is happening.

    I also posted this topic, subject badly too, help with pointing me in the direction that will be helpful too.

    Help, please

    Try the following:

    1. Open Control Panel > Device Manager
    2. Plug in your device
    3. Locate Bus USB Controllers > Apple Mobile Device USB Driver.
      It is also possible that the device may appear under imaging devices, portable devices or other devices or as a device USB of MTB.
    4. Right-click and select software update of the driver...
    5. Click Browse my computer for driver software
    6. Go to C:\Program Files\Common Apple Mobile Device Support\Drivers or
      C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers
    7. Click on let me pick from a list of drivers for devices on my computer
    8. Click on Apple Mobile Device USB Driver
    9. Click Next, then close and exit the Device Manager

    Or try the iPhone, iPad, or iPod not recognized in iTunes for Windows - Apple Support

    If not try a complete tear down and rebuild iTunes in accordance with the resolution of the problems with iTunes for Windows updates.


  • IPod nano not recognized by iTunes - 10 Windows

    My new iPod Nano (7th generation) is not recognized by iTunes (version 12.3.2).  Windows 10 is pleased to recognize the Nano as a USB and I can copy files to the Nano using Windows Explorer.

    When I open iTunes and connect the Nano screen Nano said that it is connected, windows 10 tells me that it is connected, but iTunes displays the message "an iPod has been detected, but it could not be identified properly.  Please disconnect and reconnect the IPod and try again. "

    Tonight, I uninstalled iTunes, followed the instructions on the Apple support site to stop and restart the "Apple Mobile Device Service".  I also uninstalled the windows drivers, the computer uses and then reinstall the drivers, but the only ones that appear are the original windows ones.

    In Device Manager, the iPod is listed in 3 places:

    Hard drives - Apple iPod USB Device

    Mobile devices - IPOD

    Apple Mobile Device USB Driver - universal series Bus controllers

    Serial - USB Mass Storage Device Bus controllers

    When I click on Player update "mobile devices - iPod" it tells me that "the driver software is up-to-date Volume filesystem driver. WPD

    All you other ideas how to solve this problem?

    Thank you

    Have you tried:

    iPhone, iPad, or iPod not recognized in iTunes for Windows - Apple Support

    It's the iPod touch forum. I asked that your post be moved to the iPod Nano forum

  • iPhone, iPad Air 2 not recognized by iTunes

    Very frustrated right now. Given that Apple's Support is not in contact with return despite requests, the story will go here. I have Windows 10, iPhone 6 + and iPad Air 2. Last weekend I was invited to and did pass to iTunes Plugged my iPhone 6 +. Not recognized by iTunes; 'sync' gray. Tried the same thing with my iPad 2 Air. Same result. I get no error message.  Here are my troubleshooting - what I'm missing, Apple?

    1. Lightning card Checked, works fine with other devices.
    2. Rebooted PC.
    3. Rebooted IPhone.
    4. Restarted iPad Air 2.
    5. I've tried different start up sequences (start iTunes connect manually; first)
    6. Went to 'Upgrade device via Device Manager' - these devices are working properly.
    7. Updated my iPhone and iPad 2 air for iOS 10 successfully.
    8. Apple email support; 48 hours later they gave me another email address for contact.
    9. Chose the Contact Apple Support via phone option - screen "we will call you - your phone will ring at any time.  Still waiting for the phone to ring.
    10. From Discussions on Apple's site with troubleshooting tips, have tried all suggestions with no luck - If iTunes does not recognize your iPhone, iPad or iPod - Apple Support.
    11. I even opened and closed the blinds completely throughout my house to see if that would help.  Go figure.
    12. The last resort on them, says "Contact Apple support" - see #9 above.  Twice.

    Apple-Support - What should I do at this point?  I'm all ears, and Android is looking better and better during my next upgrade.

    Happy to report that I finally found a position that has fixed this. Someone has to give Community contributor turingtest2 a price, they had an incredible post in communities that have corrected my problem.  See below for the excellent suggestions.

    iOS device do not show in iTunes for Windows

    iOS device do not show in iTunes for Windows

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    Connect to iTunes. Go to Menu > iTunes > Preferences > general and make iCloud sure music library is checked.


  • My itunes has been updated the software on my iphone 6 and then it crashed and now my iphone is showing the connect to itunes symbol - but now, it is not recognized by itunes?

    My itunes has been updated the software on my iphone 6 and then it crashed and now my iphone is showing the connect to itunes symbol - but now, it is not recognized by itunes?

    These can help:


    For a Windows PC, try this http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538

    For a Mac, try this http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1591

  • I have an ifone6 that is not recognized by iTunes. It has a newer version of iTunes, but when I check the updates, it says I have the latest version. Thinking that it is a matter of Win XP. Thanks for help.

    I have an ifone6 that is not recognized by iTunes. It has a newer version of iTunes, but when I check the updates, it says I have the latest version. Thinking that it is a matter of Win XP. Thanks for help.

    You can run the latest version of iTunes for your version of Windows, but you are not running the latest version of iTunes is available and it's iTunes 12.3. You must run Windows 7 at least. I'm not a Windows user, but I think 7 is newer than XP.

    Check this.


  • 7G not recognized by iTunes iPod

    Since I bought a new PC that runs Windows 10, iTunes does not recognize my iPhone not 5 or my two 7G iPod nanos. It does not recognize my iPod nano 3G. All my devices are recognized on a different PC, so they are not defective. I tried help Apple, followed by dozens and dozens of suggestions on Google and YouTube, paid a technician for 2 hours and he has been unable to fix. I explained the problem to two University IT student and that they could not offer suggestions, I have not already tried. I am ready to buy the latest iPod if Apple guarantees that I can return it if iTunes on my PC will not recognize it.

    Hi profecto.

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    I understand that iTunes is not recognizing many of your devices, the iPhone 5 and the two iPod nanos (7th generation) when you connect it to your computer running Windows 10. We know how frustrating situations like this can be, especially since your iPod nano (3rd generation) is recognized. We are here to help.

    Looks like you did a lot of troubleshooting already.  But without knowing what you have done, I suggest you work through the steps in the order listed in the resources below:

    If iTunes does not recognize your iPhone, iPad or iPod - Apple Support

    See you soon!

  • Downloaded new itunes now iPod not recognized. Uninstalled and reinstalled. No sign of the driver on the list of devices iPod win 10. Tried the other fixes - what do I do now?

    With the help of Windows 10. Downloaded latest version of iTunes (should have been better). Now iPod Nano not recognized. Tried to uninstall and reinstall iTunes without result. Check the list of device driver - no sign of the iPod device driver. Read various tips listed here, but nothing seems to work. How can I get the driver?


    The 'driver' is here.  It is part of the installation of iTunes.  When you connect it, the iPod screen indicates it is connected, by showing 'do not disconnect' or 'Connected' or another indication that there is a data connection with the computer?  If it shows that the battery symbol, there may be another problem that requires no software and 'drivers '.

    If the iPod has a data connection (but he does not appear in iTunes), you can use the procedure to completely uninstall iTunes and associated software components.  Can you only uninstall iTunes.  It's the Apple procedure, listing the components uninstall and uninstall specific order

    Remove and reinstall iTunes and software for Windows 7 and later versions - Apple Support components

    After you have uninstalled all parts of the installation of iTunes, download and reinstall the latest version available


  • IPod Classic intermittent not recognized by iTunes on Windows 10

    I have an iPod Classic which, until recently, has been working fine on Windows 10 via iTunes.

    Recently, he has started only not to be recognized by iTunes when I conect via USB.

    I keep trying different USB slots and that cures the problem - for about 2 days.  It is not reognised again.  I'm running to different locations to try USB!

    I bought a new 30pin to USB cord in the last 2 weeks.

    I just uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes (an hour ago) and the same inability to recognize on an 'old' USB slot has occurred.

    I checked my installed programs - I Apple Mbilé Device Support installed (to 28.0 MB), but the icon is gray - should it be?

    BUT well, click on my PC-> selecting Manage-> expansion Device Manager-> expansion Bus USB controllers, I don't have an Apple Mobile Device USB Driver listed.

    I have (twice in the last month) resorted to reset the iPod and lose all my music on it and then copy back to iTunes (I manually synchronize)

    Please - what can I do to fix this?

    Exclude you a bad USB cable anchor to buy a new one.  You tried multiple USB ports.  You have reinstalled iTunes software, and it seems that it works pretty well (and quite long) to do a restore and then sync everything back.

    You have a lot of other USB devices connected at the same time?  If you do, it is possible that your PC does not provide enough total power of bus for all devices at the same time.  Perhaps the iPod question began when you added a new device.  Sometimes, all devices are not drawing full power (as if the battery of the iPod is supported against when it is fully charged), and that's when the iPod connects very well.  And at other times, he has not enough power.

    As a test, turn off the PC (power off) and unplug all USB devices, including hubs.  You can leave standard keyboard/mouse USB connected, if used.  Do a Reset (reboot) of the iPod (hold the Menu and Center buttons at the same time until the Apple appears in the display).  Starting the PC and only connect the iPod to a direct USB port on computer.  Use this way for a while, to see if there is a difference.  It also tests the possible interference between USB devices.

  • IPod Nano 6th generation not recognized in itunes

    I have a new ipod nano 6th generation is not recognized on my itunes - although I've followed all the advice on apple's site, which has spent more than two hours with apple engineering staff in their stores. They are clueless or advise that it is a matter of windows like the ipod works on all other PCs and other ipods are recognized even on my itunes.

    The error message I see when itunes opens is "an ipod has been detected, but it could not be identified properly. Please disconnect and reconnect the ipod and try again. If the problem persists, uninstall itunes and then reinstall itunes.

    I tried various online forums and although I found some people with the same problem it seems to be no answer.

    It has also been suggested to me that it may be a driver problem?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello Frazclark,

    Step 1:

    I suggest you return the Sub articles from Apple:

    iPod nano (6th generation): hardware troubleshooting



    Step 2:

    Check the resolution given by Obama of Curry, posted: January 9, 2011 22:24 from the link you provided.


    Step 3:

    If this isn't the case, please ask your question in the forums of Apple:


    Kind regards

    Savan - Microsoft technical support.

  • Does ITunes ipod not recognized windows classic 10

    ITunes does not recognize my IPOD Classic because I installed Windows 10 and I can not synchronize. ITunes is the latest version and the latest drivers system exist.

    Look at the screen of the iPod when you connect the iPod.  What did he say or do, if anything?  He acknowledges to be connected?  The battery charge indicator display?

    Your profile said MacBook Pro, but if you connect the iPod to a Windows PC, I guess that it is formatted for Windows (not Mac).

  • iPod nano not recognized in iTunes 10 Windows

    I installed Windows 10 and my. iPod nano - 4th generation is not recognized.  Are passed through all the options suggested by Apple support communities through, You tube for Windows, as well as Windows loads.  Still does not work. Any other suggestions?  Go to the Apple Store?

    I'm having the same problem with my iPod Nano (not sure what generation but I had a lot of time). Everything I've tried is not working. I'm really sorry that I have already downloaded Windows 10. I hope someone can come up with a fix to this problem.

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    Try the steps here:

    If iTunes does not recognize your iPhone, iPad or iPod - Apple Support

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    Help is appreciated


    Sometimes happens for no apparent reason! Where iTunes sometimes has a remastered version, the tracks are downloaded. The original disc there flaws?

    My copy of this CD, bought at the same time released in the 1990s has been matched. Try to remove the tracks, then reripping CD in a different format with bitrate of 256 Kbps. There is no guarantee that you will get a match but at least downloaded titles would have similar quality to the iTunes store versions.


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