IWorks convert and import Appleworks databases?

I have several databases that were generated in Appleworks 6.  But now I have an iMac Intel and Appleworks

will not work.  I watched Filemaker Pro but to convert it into a form this program uses, I have access to the files.

And they are all ' grayed out' when I go to them in Filemaker Pro.  The Appleworks disc I have me give

error "cannot install on the Intel computer.  So, how can I restore my database?

I do not have the information more to all redo them manually!

I'm on OS Lion 10.7.5 on an Intel iMac.

Thank you.

Need to find an older version of iWorks - iWorks ' 09 by this migration AppleWorks site very useful:


It offers other options that have been tested on AppleWorks and Claris files.

However, I don't remember iWorks having a database component, like AppleWorks. This site includes options for AW databases too.

As you found, AppleWorks only ran natively on MacIntel before (pre-2006 PowerPC) and in emulation mode on the Intel Macs using OS 10.6 Snow Leopard running through his emulation in Rosetta for applications written for the PowerPC Macs.

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    I think you can use DBMS_DATAPUMP (10.1 +), see [DBMS_DATAPUMP | http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B28359_01/appdev.111/b28419/d_datpmp.htm#i1007277], for examples, see [http://www.psoug.org/reference/dbms_datapump.html]

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    My friend, that's almost exactly the same method that we discussed earlier in {: identifier of the thread = 2403938}. But now must use expdp/impdp with clause DUMPFILE, not DATABASE_LINK.

    Published by: Nikolay Ivankin on 20.06.2012 16:39

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    This could be a permissions problem, especially if you use a Mac computer. Make sure that you have write permissions for the folder you are trying to import.

  • export database complete 10gr 2 and import to the new installation 11 GR 2

    Hello, I installed a new database a new server to migrate to 10g and 11g.

    I need help, or a caraa step by step on how to export (if need exp or expdp) am confused with both and how to import (imp or impdp)
    "don't forget" the 10grelease2 export and import of 11g release2.
    the servers are on the same network and the file is about 7 GB

    I use OEL 4.5 (10g) and OEL 4.7(11g)

    Thank you. : D

    Consider using the impdp parameter called 'remap_datafile '.

    REMAP_DATAFILE = source_datafile:target_datafile
    Changes the name of the data source file for the target data file name in all SQL statements where the source data file is referenced: TABLESPACE CREATE, CREATE LIBRARY, and CREATE a DIRECTORY.

    Settings here:

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    You cannot create anything, if you do a followed full database export a full database import.

    Just create the database and import.


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    Step 1: Change Windows DVD creation settings and check if the problem persists

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    Step 3: check the Event Viewer logs and check the application and the module that fails to load. See the links below for the steps and let me know

    Open event viewer


    What are the information in event logs? (Event Viewer)


    If you try to convert a video file in a different format, you can do this using Windows DVD Maker, you can use third party software to do this.

    Note: Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    For more information, please visit the links below

    Solve problems with creating a DVD-Video DVD Maker usingWindows


    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    We intend to migrate from the data center to the new location. The new data center already have the hardware. We must move the dump data and upgrade the database. Our database most are on Oracle

    10g solar UNIX and the new material is on Oracle with Linux (Oracle or Redhat Linux). Do the following activity:

    (1) taking the export on the basis of existing data.

    (2) move the dump of the export to the new location, as well as archived data that is stored in the Ribbon. (this is where a suggestion required more about different ways to do it).

    (3) import and the upgrade of the database in the new location.

    Might suggest a certain to please the strategy and useful tool which, for this activity.

    You should move all the 100 + databases in a window of 48 hours with datapump? It is a command

    What is the capacity of the network (i.e. How fat is the pipe) between the two locations and how pieces are? As a general rule, there should be no loss of data or corruption during the transfer of files over a network. The time required for move/upgrade a database of 300G can only be determined by performing a test upgrade that looks close in the middle of production.


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    -Directory created and granted privileges. Name dir: PREMLIVE_EXPDP

    To the Local Server:

    User name: expuser with database privileges full dba, imp and exp.

    Name of the DB link: to_premiatest14

    I faced an error of no valid directory when I run the command on the local server to import the schema of remote database below.

    C:\ > impdp expuser/expuser network_link = rΘpertoire to_premiatest14 = PREMLIVE_EXPDP remap_schema = PREMIATEST:PREMIATEST15 logfile = 2013-09 - 02_premiatest15.log

    Connected to: Oracle Database 10 g Enterprise Edition Release - 64 bit


    With partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options

    ORA-39002: invalid operation

    ORA-39070: unable to open the log file.

    ORA-39087: directory PREMLIVE_EXPDP name is invalid

    Help or advice would be really appreciated.

    Kind regards


    Hi Syed,

    I think you do the opposite on the directory stuff.

    The directory parameter is just to hold the log file. There is no file dumpfile required in IMPDP via dblink operations it's all cross-network.

    Basically, what is lacking is the DIRECTORY on the local server.

    Don't forget not also create the associated tablespace and remap if necessary.

    Kind regards


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    Hi there;

    I have a database in my local computer that does not support Turkish characters. My NLS_CHARACTERSET is WE8ISO8859P1, it should be changed to WE8ISO8859P9, because it supports the full Turkish characters. I would like to migrate character data using a full export and import and my strategy is the following:

    1. create a full export to a network location,

    2 create a new database in the local computer than NLS_CHARACTERSET is WE8ISO8859P9 (I wish NLS_TERRITORY NLS_LANGUAGE change by the way)

    3 and to implement a full import of database created.

    I've implemented the first step, but I could not implement the second step. I created the second step using Toad editor by clicking Create-> new database, but I can't connect to the new database. I need to connect the new database in order to perform the full import. How can I do this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Technical details










    NLS_SORT............................... BINARY






    NLS_COMP............................... BINARY






    First of all, if your applications run on Windows, do not use WE8ISO8859P9. Use TR8MSWIN1254.

    Second, if you create a new database, the database is not necessarily immediately accessible to the outside world. I don't know of a toad, and I have no idea if it performs all necessary steps required for the new base data is visible.  For example, in the toad itself, I guess you need to create a new connection that refers to the new SID of the newly created database and use this new link to connect. However, connections without a connection string using the parameter ORACLE_SID in the registry to indicate applications access which instance (database) to use.  To change the database accessed with a connection string empty, you must modify the registry (unless the toad has an option to do it for you). If you want to connect without changing the registry, you need a connection string. This requires the implementation of Oracle Listener to serve the new database (unless the default configuration is used and the database registers itself with the default listener). You must also edit the tnsnames.ora file to create an alias for the new database. Net or Net Configuration Manager Wizard can help you with this.

    I wonder if the database Configuration Wizard would not be a better tool to create a new Oracle databases.

    Thank you


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    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



    You create the installation script for this CSS file to your application supporting objects and when you install your application, it asks you like install support objects?

    Kind regards

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    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jariolai

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    I imported a database(11gR2), using the normal import process. I intend to drop (if possible) only packages and import the discharge even only packages. If possible, please be so kind as to find out the process and the necessary script.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards

    export / import of Dose not do what you want, use impdp with the exclude option


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