Keyboard iPhone 7 is missing option emoji

My iPhone keypad 7 not give me the option for emoji.  I have 2 keyboards, English and Bitmoji. I tried to uninstall my Bitmoji keyboard and then it will show the MIC icon and the globe icon is gone so no option for emoji.  I rebooted and tried everything I could think of.  Anyone see this?


Go to settings > general > keyboard > keyboard and install the Emoji keyboard.

From what I've heard on these maps, the keyboard of BitMoji has not been updated for iOS 10.

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    Hi Cbx_banananuts-Walter,

    You can try to reinstall Windows Vista again and check if the problem persists:

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    Hope the helps of information.

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    To collect the data of the phone battery must be fully charged and then allowed to run for several hours. Whenever you power it cycle the process starts over. So if you keep the power cycling it you don't you use battery information.

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    Contact your operator. This feature requires carrier support.

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    This text is blue, no matter that the person has an iPhone, Android phone, landline phone or not phone. Contacts don't 'knows' what kind of phone is connected to the number.

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    the left image shows iphone 6s + setting > iCloud > Photos and the right side is iphone 5. both run new iOS 9.2.1. but it lacks the iPhone 6 s + very important option, which is to toggle the photo library to iCloud. already discuss with apple support and called by them. They me says to reset & restore but lack still of this option. then they told me they will call it me if it were course.

    is there anyone of you knows how to solve this problem?

    What is the settings > Photo & camera show?  ICloud library it shows?

  • MBP13'-keyboard blocked permanently on shift + option and type in the symbols...


    I'm typing this from a bluetooth keyboard.

    ASDF on bluetooth = AIII (on the keyboard physics mpb)

    So far, I have

    check the sticky keys

    checked the input language

    deactivated and reactivated (shift, option, command, control)

    formatted and installed El-Capitan (of Yosemite - where the problem occurred suddenly)

    virtual keyboard shows no key

    noticed that this happens when I type in my login information when starting

    has confirmed that it is shift-option installed carabiner and noticed symptoms subside


    My guess is hardware failure...

    can anyone help?

    also, I first noticed this happens after that I have not used my computer for about a week or so trying to connect on Sunday and had to open a session as a guest and begin troubleshooting, then added the bluetooth keyboard - where I can't type no problem at all...

    Thank you!

    The System Management Controller SMC is a type controller included in your Mac computer that does many things at low altitude for you, including the management of simple keyboard.

    Try to do a Reset of the MSC to fix the problem.

  • Music on iPhone but still missing on iPad - how to get to the iPhone?

    Hi all - miss me the music on the iPhone, but the music is still on my iPad-all are covered on the iCloud. How can I get music from iPad on my iPhone? Without losing the music on my phone? Thank you

    See recover your iTunes from your iPod or an iOS device. All your content must be stored in your library, which you keep saved.


  • Analyze both sides (front and back) missing option

    I have an e-all-in-one printer HP Officejet Pro 8600 - N911a (CM749A).

    On Windows 7, the HP scanning software has an option to scan both sides (duplex), when you use the automatic document feeder.

    But I am a Mac user and in the scanner HP for Mac software, this option is missing. Why?

    It is really useful. I wish I had this option on Mac. Or is it there? Thank you.


    Duplex (two sided) is compatible with OS X using the scanner HP for OSX software

    If you haven't done so already, download the full driver HP package for the HP Officjet

    When you install, in the first few install screens and the Installation Options screen, be sure to select "Software recommended by HP" - then the HP scanning software will settle.

    (Note - Minimum install is the default, and this only installs the utility driver printing and files to support ICA scanning Preview/ImageCapture, that do not support the two faces of scanning).

    After installing sw, go to Applications / Hewlett Packard folder and launch application from HP.

    Open the< to="" view="" the="" detailed="" dialog="" box="" view.=""  choose="" document="" as="" the="" "type"="" and="" you'll="" see="" the="" option="" to="" select="" 'scan="" both="" sides="" of="" pages'="" at="" the="" bottom="" of="" the="" dialog="">

    works for me, hope this helps

  • restoration of the missing options.



    Have you done any recent software or the hardware changes on your computer?

    Method 1:

    I suggest to start your computer in the Windows recovery environment , use the last good known configuration and control.

    Using the last good known Configuration

    Method 2:

    If this does not help I suggest you try the steps below and check if they help to resolve the issue.


    Start in safe mode and clean boot and check if the problem still persists. Clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    Follow the steps mentioned in the article below.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or Windows 7

    Note: when you are finished troubleshooting, follow step 7 article to start on normal startup.

    Method 3:

    If the steps do not help, then I suggest you to perform system restore from Windows recovery environment.

    What are the system recovery options in Windows Vista?

    Note: If you use the system restore from the System Recovery Options menu, you can't undo the restore operation.

    Hope this helps and keep us posted.

  • BIOS R4 Aurora missing options


    I have a R4 with a build-date late 2013 (see datasheet below) version of the BIOS A11 running. I installed my videocard to an EVGA GTX 1070, and when I went into the BIOS, I noticed that the CPU power management Configuration page is now empty... is there literally no options at all. I'm missing all parameters that were there, including basic multipliers and other parameters of overclocking.

    Selection of the "load OC level 1" or "load OC level options 2" in the previous page had no effect on the missing parameters. I downloaded and re-flashed with the A11 BIOS update on the Dell Support site, but there has been no change.

    Main screen of the BIOS:

    The Advanced tab:

    CPU power management Configuration screen:

    I'm not sure what happened, or even when it happened. I can't be sure the timing of the correlates of problem BIOS to upgrade the hardware... it was a month since I was last in the BIOS. Also, at the same time, I applied a large update of Windows (the Windows 10 anniversary update) and installed a new its PCIe card. Too many changes to be able to cancel for testing purposes.

    Any ideas what's happening? I'm unable to OC my computer.

    Data sheet:

    Aurora R4, the Service tag

    BIOS version A11

    Win 10 Pro (x 64) v1607 (Build 14393)

    Core i7 - 4820K @ 3.7 GHz

    EVGA GTX 1070 FTW ACX3.0

    16 GB of RAM

    512 MB SSD / 1 TB HARD drive

    Heyo noodle,

    CASS ole was asked if I could put some info here, so here goes:

    Recently, I update my R4 Aurora as well.  A little older than you, I have an i7 3930 and it was A3 BIOS about it.  I've updated my BIOS before installing my Radeon R9 380 4gig and 16gig new RAM card.  I had Flash the BIOS A05 first then A11 BIOS on the Dell site.  I installed the A11 version about a month ago.  I checked my BIOS and I have the same options that Cass ole, looks like.

    I also have the same version of Windows 10.


    I don't have an its PCIe card.

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    In my phone (Z10, STL100-2, v10.2.1.2102) parameters a root menu option is missing: "phone settings." I would like to set up the "priority call" in the settings menu of the phone, but I can't not find enywhere.

    This is, what I don't have:

    Can someone help me, where it may be?

    Thank you!

    Ok thank you. That answers that question.

    It is my understanding that some features such as the priority call are activated or not activated by the mobile operator.

    For example, I have the priority call function, yet when I open it, it's all gray and impossible to change off.

  • cannot swap mouse buttons when Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000 is installed, the option is removed!

    Installed Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000 and the buttons of the mouse is returned to the default value.
    Is no longer an option in the control panel to swap the buttons of the mouse, instead, there is a link to open the new Panel of the keyboard

    The Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000 is not compatible with the configuration of the mouse on the left?

    There are no. Options for the configuration of the mouse in the 'new' Panel that appears to set the keyboard.

    Thank you

    Many people, I found a solution!

    It's a little more detailed than a few lines, I documented it using free mambo of Web site. Click Windows Help on the left and you will see 2 articles on the keyboard of 3000, the 2nd is desired. I copy the url below, but do not know if he will be retained.

    Enjoy, let me know if you like it.

  • Missing options to EHT

    Hello world

    IM setting up a demo of the ISE, version, using the trial license included (advanced 100 base + 100). The ISE is installed on a Vmware ESXi host. The image of the ISE was downloaded directly from Cisco's Web site.

    I'm posture configuration to check the av, but I can't get most of the options that guide the ISE and shown the documents. For example, in terms of posture, I don't see any provider available antivirus (see attachment) or the conditions of default av checking.

    did I miss an option, the version won't? any help would be appreciated.

    Much thanks in advance

    You need to connect to the internet to get the latest updates from Cisco's AV... Start here;

    I also STRONGLY recommend that you update to 1.1.3 patch 1...     1.1.1 was not known for its stability

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