Keychain passwords appearing is not on the new iPad

I have a new iPad.  I have a keychain but my passwords are not appearing in the Safari settings.

I disabled the keychain and configure again. Passwords appear on my iPhone.

Go to settings/iCloud and uncheck the sync. Wait a few minutes and then reset the synchronization.

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    I have been using the 'pin as app tab' feature from the previous version, but I would try new things with the new tab page.

    Thanks for the help of Verdi, but it wasn't my problem. The thumbnails are empty, they do not connect to all websites.

    I found my problem while in the options I don't have the option checked to remember my browsing and download history. Once I checked that he began to keep track of, and when I open the new tab top sites begin to appear.

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    I'm marking as a solution, not because the problem has been resolved, but because I decided to simply stop using Skype.

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    You see what there is to see, unfortunately. The content of the description field is not in Control Panel "Info" from the file published - even in Captivate 2.

  • folios not appearing is not in the other iPads adobe Viewer

    Hello! I'm working on my ipad first magazine. I got 2 ipads in my house (different users). My own one that was connected to my computer while downloading the folio is an ipad 3 and all show perfect. But I also want to test it on my girlfriends ipad (ipad 2). If I download the adobe on his ipad Viewer and sign in with the same ID adobe (like on my ipad), it shows just the adobe manual. Not my folios. I do something wrong or hurt to understand the possibilities of it?


    Looks like you set your folio as local (offline), you still can see since the ipad connected, but it is not uploaded to the server from adobe.

  • Can not get the new ipad to find the new 5520 on airprint printer

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    You would update to the latest version of AirPrint on the Apple store after update to ios7?

  • I download the latest version of Firefox, but when I go to sign up for google + it tells me that my browser is no longer supported. I tried uninstalling and everything, but can not get the new version appears. Any Suggestions?

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    Please see that.

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    Anyone know why this is and what I can do?

    Thank you


    The answer to this dilemma, was that I had put 'Type', registration for these courses 'Manager approval required'.

    I discovered that the type of unique registration that allows the addition of a learning program is the option 'Registered Self'.

    Thanks to Allen and the rest of the large support team of Adobe for a walk!

  • I bought the new ipad and I run the install. I put passcod and it is locked. not affecting does not complete

    I bought the new iPad and I run the install. I put the code to access and it is locked. not affecting does not complete

    What should I do

    What do you mean it's locked? You have forgotten the password? If this is what happened, you have to connect to iTunes and restore it using the recovery mode.

    If you have forgotten the password for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or your device is disabled - Apple supports

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    I've had several people tried to help me solve my problem. They were all, I thought, more than I am computer savvy. As time progressed, solutions became more complex. After they all left without resolution I thought and it appeared to me that the simplest solution might be correct. One person had checked. I turned on the computer and when the Dell logo came I pushed the F12 key to open the Dell configuration screen. The drive on which the new drive has been installed has NOT been activated! Duh! I activated the he and the program Acronis recognized and everything went like clockwork after that. Phew! What relief! Thank you for your comments I am just glad that my problem it doesn't require resolution. Are Mod

  • I can not write the new message of Windows Live Essentials due to the demand of Silverlight.configuration.exe freeze my computer. How to replace this command?

    Silverlight.config.exe. appears again msg then causes a gel

    I can not write the new message of Windows Live Essentials due to the demand of Silverlight.configuration.exe freeze my computer.  How to replace this command?

    Hi JaphetMorales.

    (1) did you change on your computer before this problem?

    (2) what operating system is installed on your computer?

    What version of the operating system Windows am I running?

    You can uninstall and reinstall Silverlight and then check.

    See also:

  • Sony z3 appearing is not in the google Device Manager

    Sony z3 appearing is not in the google Device Manager

    I checked the security rating...

    even with my new Tablet sony z3.

    Strange thing. Are you ready to try the fix? Do it with CCP if you want:

  • C4385 does not recognize the new router

    Just changed internet service providers.  Although I used this vendor before and not had any problems with my printer, I now have a problem.  My C4385 will not recognize the new network.  Hp network connection software that I run has no effect.   It will not detect a network even if my computer shows an excellent connection to the network.

    When I run the wireless network test report it shows "FAIL" next to "Network Name (SSID) Found."  The recommendation is to "check that your HP printer (SSID) name exactly matches your name (SSID) wireless router.

    I am completely baffled by the present.  I've seen other questions that are similar to this, but none that refer to my model exactly.  Any help is appreciated.

    Please, try the following:

    1. disconnect the USB cable from your printer

    2. make sure to delete any previous copies of your HP printer from the printers (in Control Panel) screen

    3. restart your PC

    4. under the printers screen, enter the following print server properties screen:

    XP: File > print server properties

    Vista: right click on the area of the screen information, and then select run as administrator > print server properties (law as Administrator option will not allway appear)

    Win7: Select any other printer in a left click and you will see the properties of the print server to the Menu bar top

    On the Ports tab, be sure to remove any existing TCP/IP port.

    5. remove temporarily disable your firewall software

    6. start the installation and select reconfigure the network connection / add a device.

  • missing net.rim.device.resources.Resource of class, ask not appearing is not in the Simulator

    Hi all

    I use the Eclipse JDE plugin to develop my application.  It worked well until I have start using hash tables in my code.  After that my application will not work and gave error "error loading of class net.rim.device.resources.Resource.

    This class is part of the standard library and do not know what this error is due to.

    I tried to reinstall eclipse and all the plugins and now my request will not even appear in the Simulator .

    Help, please.

    Thank you


    What M.Sohm said is true. To expand a bit about it: If you have a ResourceBundle and the package in the file .rrh statement is at odds with the .jdp, strange things can happen. And if you move a ResourceBundle in a different package, training package not updated automatically, you must address yourself.  Make sure that the package in the .rrh statement corresponds to the Package Explorer view say it should be.

    So when you add hash tables, which was the only thing that you added?

    Do not panic on the application not appearing is not in the Simulator.  When you run an application in the Simulator, build files (.cod, .jar, etc.) are copied into the directory of Simulator (\plugins\\components\simulator).  When you reinstalled, the directory of Simulator has been rebuilt from scratch, without the build of your application files.  Because you can't build, you don't get new build files to copy into the Simulator.

    Hang in there.

  • the .xml file will not hold the new version I am writing on the 'AIR for iOS settings' window on Flash cc 2015


    I need to download a new version of my app on iOS, but the .xml file will not hold the new version I am writing on the 'AIR for iOS settings' window on Flash cc 2015. It keeps appearing as:

    <? XML version = "1.0".

    also when I try to download the new .ipa on iTunes Connect with the Application Loader, I get this message:

    "" "ERROR-ITMS-4238:"redundant binary Upload. " «"" "" There is already a binary download with release ' 1.0.0' train ' 1.0.0 ' "at SoftwareAssets/PreReleaseSoftwareAsset»»»

    The problem is not of Application Loader or iTunes Connect as when I open again the .fla and check the window 'AIR for iOS parameters' he continues to display the 1.0 version over and over again. If Flash isn't that save the .xml file.

    And it happens with all my other apps Android or iOS, old and new versions, all appear as <? XML version is "1.0" on the .xml file.

    Is anyone know how can I solve this problem?

    Thank you.

    There are two different values, the build number and version number. If you use a test flight, you can submit an update without obtaining a review by increasing the build number. If you are submitting an update to an application in iTunesConnect, you must increment the version number.

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