Keychain synchronizes to iCloud

I have problems with the keychain in El Capitan, which I installed as the operating system clean and fresh, because there is no stored username/password.

Keychain in iCloud settings check box is active, I approved it by my iPhone and there is no instance/waiting state.

Neverthless content set is empty.

I tried several times to deactivate and active Keychain CheckBox, to disconnect and connect again to iCloud, but I have not achieved anything.

Suggestions please?

When you try to synchronize the trousseau of? An IOS device? If so, try the settings/iCloud and remove the synchronization. Wait a few minutes and then resynchronize. Also try to connect outbound/inbound to iCloud on the device.

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  • synchronization settings iCloud causes interference with synchronization server

    Specification of the server:

    Mac Mini server (MacMini5, 3)

    10.10.5 OSX

    Server 5.0.15

    I had a very big problem with the synchronization settings iCloud interfering with my server synchronization. I'm in an office of 29 BYO Apple laptops in my Mac server. We have worked with this setup for years. We moved recently to Exchange for our mail server so I added all the Exchange profile to the Profile Manager and added the name of the account with '[Exchange]' so that they don't get confused that we were still in the process of migrating emails. A few weeks later, I decided to change that and has deleted this text as we did with the migration and the clarification was not necessary. I made sure to go to the computer of everyone and they don't de-s' register and re-register (I know that's not necessary but to keep the long story short, I leave the superfluous details). Most of the time, everything works fine. However, sometimes a system will just stop with the synchronization server profiles. When I go in the system of this person, I'll see what the email account with Annex [Exchange] is back. Because the connection account information are exactly the same, it prevents the server anything inside this synchronization profile. My only assumption is that the re-emergence of this story comes from the iCloud synchronization. I'm sure that because if I UN - enroll in this system, all the accounts given by the server disappear, leaving just one account. So, I delete and re-register this system and everything goes back to work normally.

    I hope that all made sense. It basically happens to everyone eventually, and sometimes repeat users. I can't ask my users to stop using iCloud because they use it for a lot of personal things, but this is starting to become quite annoying. Everyone has this or a similar issue or know a fix?

    You have to disable iCloud keychain to stop synchronizing email accounts.

  • Outlook cannot synchronize with icloud for today

    Today, Outlook 2011 fails to synchronize with iCloud IMAP. Until yesterday it worked very well with "p01 -" as a server but, since this morning, I have nothing. Perhaps it is due to new security double, but Outlook has nothing to deal with and there is no way, I think, to disable.

    I tried to change it to "", I also tried to change the name of the user with or without "", I tried without SSL...

    Mail connects and syncs seamlessly with iCloud, but Outlook cannot

    OK, now I have the answer: it is because of the new two-step verification.

    I searched how to disable this check in two steps, because it is very annoying. Whenever I am connected to something that I had to wait for six figures sent to another device. So I found that it is possible to disable this check in two steps on the web site of iCloud in the account settings.

    I disabled the two-step verification, and a few seconds later, Outlook has been able to sync again with iCloud IMAP.

  • iMessage synchronization via iCloud?

    IMessage synchronizes with iCloud to other Mac devices?

    Rarely are messages synchronized on my iOS and devices Mac OS X.

    Others are able to get iMessage to synchronize?

    Thank you.

    Messages does not use iCloud.

    Messages - Difficulty of synchronization between Mac and IOS

    Messages - Difficulty of synchronization between Mac and IOS (2)

  • Photos on macOS Sierra: Album of peoples does not synchronize with iCloud photo library

    Using Photos has just been updated for Sierra, and we finally have it in writing:

    Note: Persons identified in the album people are not synchronized between devices.

    And as far as I know, it really does not synchronize between my libraries of Photos on the MacBook Pro and my iMac.

    It's different in the 10 user guide iOS for the iPhone and iPad:

    People are synchronized between devices where you are connected with the same Apple ID.

    I wonder how this is supposed to work, if a Mac and iPhone are synchronized with iCloud User Library.

    None of the faces that I named on my iPhone did sync it with my Mac.

    Another indication that the lack of synchronization of the people and names is deliberate:

    This document has now also been updated:

    Use iCloud photo library on several Mac - Apple Support computers and Photos

    After have connected you, these items appear in the Photos app on all your Mac computers:

    • All photos and original videos
    • All folders and albums
    • Smart albums
    • Keywords
    • Memories
    • Key photo selections

    He used to say, tags searchable faces will perform synchronization between devices, but the tags are more is mentioned. Now we have the 'memories' instead.

  • Alias files no synchronization in iCloud drive

    I use iCloud drive to keep all my synchronized and accessible files between my Mac and iPad.  I found that the alias files I use in the system do not appear in or other computers.  I use the alias feature to reduce the file size on my computer for my genealogy Articles.

    Does anyone know a way around this or what I could do wrong?

    Thank you.

    Dalmorti wrote:

    I use the alias feature to reduce the file size on my computer for my genealogy Articles.

    ...? How did this the size of the file downwards? Aliases are just a pointer to the original file, to remember anyway. Even if you were able to synchronize alias through with other devices, they are meaningless, unless the file is also present there and in exactly the same directory and structure under the same username as on the first computer (which will not apply on an iPad). I don't know about the specific case of iCloud and alias but another sync service do not handle their property for this purpose, so I would not be surprised to see that they have been blocked.

  • Synchronization with iCloud and pictures problems

    I recently discovered I was missing a few old photos Photos Apple and iCloud. It's about a years of photos from 2014. I think they disappeared right around the time Apple dropped iPhoto and switched to the photo program. I was able to locate the photos in my old iPhoto Library and was able to import them to Apple pictures - so I have them on my computer - but they are not automatically synchronized to iCloud.

    I would like to have all my photos stored in iCloud - I searched the FAQ and user forums but could not find a description of this particular problem.

    Any ideas on how I can get iCloud to import these newly added photos?

    a few thoughts - but with so little information we can only make assumptions

    1 - get up-to-date - you say you have OS X 10.10.5 - you are six updates behind - the latest version is El Captain OS X 10.11.6 - it have many bug fixes and many new features

    2 communicate. us your iCloud and on Mac and on every IOS device status settings

    3 - iCloud is not a backup, is a synchronization service - you need a system with the downloaded original and a backup in addition to the iCloud photo library


  • Photos used to synchronize with icloud

    iCloud has worked for several months the synchronization between the iPhone and iCloud photo library. But the iphone ended with a "download items xx" yesterday.

    Photos and iOS are updated. Tried to restart. I tried to suspend and resume. I tried to check/uncheck iCloud library in settings.

    Any suggestion is welcome.

    1. When you disabled and then recheck the box ICPL you restarted completely the upload and all photos will now be downloaded in order to ensure that your library is in correct sync - it will take time and nothing is downloaded on the device to download until it is complete

    2 if it is on the iPhone it doesn't involve Photos for Mac - I suggest you post in the forum iPhone


  • Notes of synchronization between icloud and on my mac

    I'm under El Capitan on my MacBook Air and use a lot of Notes. My notes are mainly on iCloud, but I wonder if there is a way to automatically sync local copies iCloud notes? The problem with out having only in iCloud, is that if I am where I cannot or would rather not log in iCloud, I can't work on my notes. In comparison, of MS OneNote synchronizes local and OneDrive versions of their notes.

    Also, how can one know if there are upgrade notes? Watch as they have always done mine.

    You should be able to work on your notes and they will re-sync when connected to iCloud.

    Information about the upgrade

  • iPhone and Ipad will not synchronize with iCloud

    I don't know what to do. Time, iPhone and iPad won't sync photos with iCloud. It says "update" but used to synchronize no matter what image. Help, please!

    dosmic wrote:

    I don't know what to do. Time, iPhone and iPad won't sync photos with iCloud. It says "update" but used to synchronize no matter what image. Help, please!

    iCloud photo library - Apple Support

  • Computer I have Sync'd with is death - can I now back up / synchronize with iCloud and still have everything?

    Pretty much like what it says. Previously synced 100% with laptop computer (iTunes, photos, videos, etc.) which now shows the blue screen of death permanently.

    If I now go back to iCloud synchronization / backup on my phone, will I have all since it's all on my phone to start?

    Portable ITunes was there music I ripped and realize that is probably a separate issue. I have off-site backup which I can access once I get a new laptop.

    Thanks in advance.

    You can activate the backup to iCloud and it backs up your phone as it is currently. See following information from backups for iOS - Apple Support devices for details of what is included:

    With a wireless network connection, you can make a backup of your device using iCloud. You don't need to connect your device to a computer or even be home to save with iCloud.

    iCloud backups include virtually all the data and parameters stored on your device. iCloud backups do not include:

    • Data already stored in iCloud, like Contacts, calendars, Notes, My Photo Stream and iCloud photo library
    • Data stored in other cloud services, such as Gmail and Exchange email
    • Settings and information Apple pay
    • Tap Settings ID
    • iCloud library and App Store content (if it is still available in the iTunes, App, or iBooks Store, you can type to re - download your content already purchased.)

    Learn how to make a backup of iCloud or how manage storage iCloud and delete backups that you no longer need.

  • iPhone do not synchronize to iCloud

    My iPhone calendar and reminders (iOS 9.3.2) stopped syncing with my iCloud calendar recently.  All computers and all other devices in the family fine synchronization are also.  Only my phone does not.

    Settings of the calendar on my phone are always set to synch to iCloud, my iCloud password is set correctly, and (as expected) my iCloud calendar correctly reflects the content of all my other devices.

    Is there a setting I'm missing or forget?

    Hello there, Richard Setterberg!

    Thank you for joining the communities Support from Apple! Looks like you have a problem with your calendar synchronization only on your iPhone. I know how it is important to be sure to synchronize calendars on all devices! The first thing you might want to try reset the network settings on the iPhone by going to settings > general > reset look and then reset network settings. This update cell phones and the data connection of a WiFi with the iPhone, so make sure you have no password WiFi or VPN, you need to join these networks as they will be removed to the phone. Given to personal data such as contacts, pictures, music, etc will remain on the device.

    If this does not help, you should check these steps in this article to gethelp to use iCloud Contacts, calendars or reminders.

    After each step, check your contacts, calendars, or reminders.

    Update your contacts, calendars and reminders

    To update your calendars and reminders:

    1. Open the calendar application and tap on the Calendars tab.
    2. Swipe down on the list to update your events and reminders.

    To update your contacts:

    1. Open the app and click groups in the upper left corner.
    2. Swipe down on the list to refresh your groups.

    Define iCloud Contacts, calendars, or reminders as a default

    If your contacts, calendars and reminders are in iCloud, then iCloud will automatically update your information. See if your information is in iCloud or third parties, such as Google or Yahoo account. Then change your default account to iCloud.

    See which represent your contacts are:

    1. Open the app and click groups in the upper left corner.
    2. Deselect the [account] option for any account of third parties, such as Gmail or Yahoo.
    3. Make sure all the iCloud is selected.
    4. Tap done to see your list of contacts. If you do not see the contact you are looking for, it is stored in another account.
    5. You can import the contacts from a third party service in iCloud.

    ICloud set as default for your contacts in iOS 8 or later:

    1. Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, calendars.
    2. In the Contacts section, tap the default account.
    3. Select iCloud.

    See which represent your calendars are in:

    1. Open the calendar application and tap an event to open it.
    2. Type the name of the calendar to see if the event is in a calendar to iCloud.

    Set a schedule to iCloud as the default calendar:

    1. Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, calendars.
    2. In the calendars section, click default calendar.
    3. Tap on a timetable under iCloud to make it your default.

    See which represent your reminders are in:

    1. Open the reminders app and tap the name of the list in the upper left corner to display all of your lists.
    2. See if the list is stored on your device or iCloud. Open the list and tap on change. If you see the sharing, so your list is in iCloud.

    When you create a new reminder, you can choose to store it in iCloud or on your iOS device.

    Check your application settings

    Make sure that your iCloud Contacts, calendars and reminders are configured to appear in the application Contacts or calendars:

    • Open the app and click groups in the upper left corner. Make sure all the iCloud is selected.
    • Open the calendar app and tap the Calendars tab to make sure that all iCloud is selected.

    Change how often your calendars and update reminders:

    1. Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, calendars or select settings > reminders.
    2. In the section calendars or reminders, press Sync.
    3. If all events or reminders is selected, choose a specific calendar instead, such as events or reminders 1 month back. If a timeline is selected, choose rather the all events or reminders.
    4. Press the Home button.
    5. Wait a few minutes. Open the calendar app, tap on the Calendars tab and slide down to refresh.

    Since the iCloud Birthdays calendar updates every day, you might not see changes in birthdays in the calendars until the next application.

    Restart the application Contacts, calendar or reminders

    1. Double-click the Home button to see your open applications.
    2. Search for the app, slide it toward the top to close.
    3. Press the home key to return to your home screen.
    4. Wait a minute, and then reopen the application.

    Turn off iCloud Contacts, calendar, or reminders, and turn it back on

    1. Tap Settings > iCloud.
    2. Turn off, Contacts, calendar or reminders.
    3. If you see your calendars or reminders about or one of your devices, you can choose to delete from my [camera]. If not, choose keep on my [device].
    4. Wait a few minutes, then turn it back on for Contacts, calendar or reminders.

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    Hold the sleep/wake button, then drag the slider to turn off. Turn on your device.

    Once these steps have been done, if you still having the problem with syncing the iPhone to the calendar, this article speaks of iCloud: advanced calendar and iCal troubleshooting.

  • How safe are keychain and Keyring iCloud?

    I've saved my passwords to connect the old way: with a pencil on paper. But the list becomes too long and cumbersome to use. Rather than using third-party solutions like 1Password or LastPass, I thought to use the Apple solution: Keychain. I guess the local keyring on my Mac is safe because I use FileVault. But sure iCloud keychain? Is it encrypted? Apple or other parties (e.g. Government, pirates) would be able to get easy access to passwords stored in iCloud? Would it not be better to entrust to Apple with our passwords, rather than the developers of third party applications?

    In addition, if safe and secure, how would turn on iCloud keychain? Once activated, it would work on the platforms, OS X and iOS?

    Thank you.

    Keychain is encrypted

    OS X El Capitan: Configure iCloud keychain

  • synchronize bookmarks iCloud

    Hello everyone. Guys, I don't know what the problem with my iCloud settings or account? My Favorites don't want to sync between my Apple devices. I have my iCloud Safari synchronization enabled. So, what's the problem?

    The steps I did:

    Restart, turn on iCloud and vice versa.

    Best regards, Alexander.

    Try save all your bookmarks on your desktop and then remove them from everywhere, to disable safari sync everywhere, restart all devices and turn shari rear sync on, add your bookmarks to safari on your Mac.

  • synchronize photos iCloud: appleid often repeated connection required

    Often, for 'request' or 'force' photo synchronization to start, we'll each device in turn, go to settings, select the appleid and the account and re - enter the password. It's as if he has somehow (for purposes of Photos) was disconnected.

    However, it should be noted, all the other iCloud synchronization took place without a hitch (for example, Safari, Contacts, Notes, calendar, app folders, etc.). It's just photos synchronization, in the presence of Wi - fi, which sometimes is, shall we say, "hesitant." Very annoying.

    The devices involved are two iPads, two iPhones, and two MacBook Pro. All sharing an appleid to iCloud sharing purposes. We pay a premium for the extra space iCloud, we store a potload of photos. All the appropriate settings have been made on all the devices (including the photo allowing stream). I've been through, several times, the painful process of disabling iCloud synchronize Photos, restart devices and turning iCloud synchronize Photos on. I say painful because he was wearing the re-synchronization of these potloads of photos on each of the six devices danged. Next for each. Grrr...

    If someone has a reasonable suggestion on how I could get this to work more smoothly, I would appreciate more surely hear.

    The specific photo related questions what do you see? You are activating / deactivating photos works for each device, but we did not know, why you feel that is necessary.

    If you have iCloud that active library, the photo stream is redundant and is not used.

    On the 2 phones, howe, a lot of space is always available and that you have optimized enabled anywhere to save space?

Maybe you are looking for

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    Someone please help! During BIOS update computer laptop (toshiba satellite a210) spontaneously restarted.As the record on the controller was not performed (if I understand correctly) is now a laptop is not included. Thanks in advance for any help.

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