Photos on macOS Sierra: Album of peoples does not synchronize with iCloud photo library

Using Photos has just been updated for Sierra, and we finally have it in writing:

Note: Persons identified in the album people are not synchronized between devices.

And as far as I know, it really does not synchronize between my libraries of Photos on the MacBook Pro and my iMac.

It's different in the 10 user guide iOS for the iPhone and iPad:

People are synchronized between devices where you are connected with the same Apple ID.

I wonder how this is supposed to work, if a Mac and iPhone are synchronized with iCloud User Library.

None of the faces that I named on my iPhone did sync it with my Mac.

Another indication that the lack of synchronization of the people and names is deliberate:

This document has now also been updated:

Use iCloud photo library on several Mac - Apple Support computers and Photos

After have connected you, these items appear in the Photos app on all your Mac computers:

  • All photos and original videos
  • All folders and albums
  • Smart albums
  • Keywords
  • Memories
  • Key photo selections

He used to say, tags searchable faces will perform synchronization between devices, but the tags are more is mentioned. Now we have the 'memories' instead.

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    I am having the same problem with StrongSwan and help cert signed with the channel to complete certificates included in the pkcs12 file imported to the keychain. It was working properly in El Capitan, but now broken in the Sierra.

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    If I understand correctly you have a problem with the Windows Media Player synchronization with WD external drive. Do not worry, I'm here to help you with this question.

    I would like to know more information on the issue, so that we can help you better.

    1 is it limited to WD external drive or with all external drives?

    2. were you able to sync external devices successfully earlier?

    3. have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    Let us try the following methods and check if it works for you.

    Method 1:

    Try the steps in the following Microsoft support article.

    Solve problems in Windows Media Player:

    Method 2:

    Disable the Windows Firewall and then try to synchronize and check if you are able to synchronize.

    Enable or disable the Windows Firewall:

    Warning: deactivate temporarily the Antivirus\Firewall, then check the issue. Sometimes they may be in conflict. Please make sure that you enable the antivirus software\firewall after the test to keep your computer protected.

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    Sync manually in Windows Media Player:

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    Please reply with the status of the issue, so that we can better help you.

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    If the left pane does not, above this window, choose file > Open and navigate to this known IPD file. Load it.

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