Lightroom 1.4

A few years back, I bought lightroom 1.4.  The previous version of lightroom that would deal with Canon files, but this version would not take my 60 d files.  I have just moved and quit using the software, but now I'm thinking that they have set the weakness in the software.

How upgrade Lightroom 1.4 to a version which will have my files Canon 60 d?  I don't want the deal online since I live in rural America without broadband, so there is no way that I can download all my photos to the cloud.

I've updated to 2.0, but that has not worked.  What version should I go to?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

The Canon 60 d requires at least Lightroom 3.2. But I suspect that it will be difficult for you to find this version for sale anywhere. Adobe sells no older versions. Adobe sells two versions of Lightroom (in fact the same version but differently under license).

Lightroom CC 2015: it's the creative cloud Lightroom licensed version. The program is downloaded and installed locally on your computer, runs locally on your computer, images stored locally on your computer. Updates are published periodically and are downloaded and installed via the Internet. Lightroom CC costs $9.99 / month. It also includes the latest version of Photoshop.

Lightroom 6: this is the standalone version of Lightroom. It can be purchased at certain points of retail sales. Many purchase it directly from Adobe and download on their computer and install it. 6 of Lightroom is installed locally on your computer, runs locally on your computer, images stored locally on your computer. Updates that include support for new devices come out periodically and are downloaded and installed via the Internet. 6 Lightroom does not receive the updated functionality. Upgrade to Lightroom 6 costs 79 US $. New features are added only when new major versions are made available. A new major version would be 7 of Lightroom, which will include new features. Each of these major updates or upgrades will cost you $79. Intermediate, often referred to as updates reported dowry that support new cameras, will be available free of charge.

Your other alternative would be to download and install the free Adobe DNG Converter. It is a program that you can run and create digital copies of (DNG) negatives of your raw files. These DNG files can be made compatible with the version of Lightroom that you already have.

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    Yes! It's my life too. And what a life! Thanks for viewing, and to verbalize the problem/process. Apparently not understood by Apple/Adobe. Missing something?

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    Sorry, but that's not an option - LR can not use the Aperture library - you need to export your photos (either the originals or the current version) and import into LR

    Export as a JPEG of high quality images gives you data loss minimum with sizes of files a little reasonable - you really want without data loss, then export as TIFF that require a lot of disk


  • Years, I used iPhoto to edit my images-Lighten/Darken, sharpness, contrast, highlights/shadows points. Now since I upgraded to OS x 10.11, pictures replaced iPhoto. Photos seems to have very little editing tools. What options now? Lightroom?

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    Use the Extensions:

    Read here: Edit your photos using third-party extensions in Photos for OS X - Apple support

    Search Photo extensions on the Mac App Store

  • Why 6 Lightroom runs so slow MAC Book Pro (2013)


    I am a photographer and using my MacBook Pro retina 13 "mainly for image editing. For years, I use Adobe Lightroom and the CC/6 version now. I was looking for solutions, and I am also in contact with Adobe. But unfortunately I couldn't solve the problem yet. I wonder if I got a problem with my Mac.

    LR it turns very slowly - especially in the mode to develop. Once I use the local adjustments and more then 3 I can't forget all the work. Takes like 10-30 s just to move the brush for example. The catalog is fairly stable. I always get 1:1 previews loaded - CPU is almost 0% before I start working. Sometimes get up to 350% and all fans are running at max after 5 Min.

    Here is my setup:

    «Retina of MacBook Pro 13 «»

    3 GHz Intel Core i7

    8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB (unfortunately not supported by Adobe)

    That's what I already disabled. LR and El Capitan are updated to the latest version.

    -> Face detection

    -> Address search

    -> Writing automated metadata

    -> Acceleration graphics processor

    --> The map open when import window is detected

    Any help much appreciated. Most of the other software just works very well. Final Cut Pro X - for example, works smoothly and nicely. Photoshop both CC, Pages, Safari etc... No problem - just Lightroom...

    Greetings from the Brazil

    Where is your library? I had speed issues until I move the entire library on an external drive that is used for anything else.

  • Opening to Lightroom

    What is the best resource for clear instructions on how to export the contents of opening to Lightroom safely? It's time...

    A quick search on Google there you will find much comment but the best way to do it is to use importer opening of Lightroom. He will do and leave intact existing Aperture library. Get ready to have some storage up to do later.

  • Satellite Pro C660 graphic needs driver upgrade for Adobe Lightroom 6

    I tested 5 Lightroom on my Satellite Pro C660 and it worked fine.

    I decided to do it, and that week Lightroom 6 came out, so I bought Lightroom 6.

    LR6 gets to the start screen, then stops and closes the Windows7.
    I contacted Adobe and they went on my machine and identified the problem as being the graphics card and says I need an update of the driver.

    I've been on the Toshiba site and it says that the latest driver is, which is the one I currently have (and was changed in 2012).

    I've been on the Intel site and their obtrusive says that the machine has a pilot custom then contact Toshiba.
    I looked around the Intel site and tried to install that seem to be plausible drivers, but have not found one that would install.

    My installation includes a monitor LG 22 "connected to the laptop with the spread of the desktop on both screens (laptop and monitor).

    No one knows what would be the upgrade of the driver I need or how can I know?


    The page Intel graphics driver can be used, and you can also download the driver directly from the page.

    This CPU does support your laptop?
    What Intel GPU (Intel HD graphics chipset *) is the support of laptop?

    The Intel download page provides a driver Intel as an exe or zip package

    You need to download and unpack the zip package.
    You will then be able to update the driver in Device Manager, choose the Advanced installation update procedure.

  • Blue screen on Inroom X 200-219 during execution of Adobe Lightroom-slide show

    I am running Vista Business SP1 32-bit and I upgraded my RAM to 4 GB. I have 50 GB free on my C: drive. Whenever I run the slideshow in Lightroom 1.3.1 and 1.4.1 I get the blue screen of death. I swapped the original back in memory but get the same result so it wouldn't appear for modules memory Visa always says that to run the utility of diagnosis system of manufacturers.

    Did someone experienced the same problem, have any suggestions or know where I can get the utility said of diagnosis of?


    The problem is Microsoft's Standard VGA driver for video card from Toshiba. I have downloaded the Nvidia driver and all is well.

  • Need help with opening to the conversion of Lightroom

    I am doing tests with Lightroom and have questions about the structure of the file after the import of Aperture.  I see that the import into Lightroom preset creates a very nice folder structure that can be seen in the Finder - year / month / event or day.  But in Control Panel folder in Lightroom, all I see are the records of the event: it's as if the entire folder structure is flattened and none of the parent folders (year / month) are showing.  There is therefore a ton of records.  Why the folder Lightroom Panel does not show the real folder structure in the Finder?  Is this normal?

    It's the opening for Mac forum - detailed question on how to use LightRoom must be posted on the Adobe LR or addressed to the LR support forum


  • IPhoto to Photos in Lightroom, to El Capitan Mountain Lion

    Hi all

    I am currently 10.8.5 OS as I just never took the time to upgrade the operating system (stupid I know).  Now, I would like to upgrade the operating system to El Capitan, which in turn from my understanding will make obsolete iPhoto and put pics in existence on my mac.  I would firstly only using Lightroom for my photo editing but don't know where to start.  I have my backup time machine and all recently copied my iPhoto library to an external hard drive.

    One of the problems is that my HD has only 23 GB available on the left and my photo library is more than 100 GB.  Someone at the genius bar told me that the Photos would copy all those who, when I initially switch so necessary to have 200 GB of free space? Is this true? If so, that will be limiting it step I need to set first by my photo backup and then delete on my HD.

    Basically, I'm just in the whole confused about what I should do.  I consider myself as a hobby enthusiast when it comes to taking pictures and a complete and total novice/jerk when it comes to their management later.  Now they are all sitting in a large library in iPhotos and I really didn't have the first idea what I have to do to clean up the mess I made.

    Thank you very much in advance for any help you can offer,


    Yes with the upgrade to El captain should not upgrade to Photos - if you have iPhoto 9.6.1 before upgrading the OS, you can continue to use it until a future upgrade of the BONE breaks, but it is not maintained and external links like Apple print products are currently abandoned

    You don't have to use the Photos and you do not have to migrate your library if you don't want to - if you do not want to migrate you will need more space - and you will probably need more space to migrate to LightRoom (which, if it is new for you has a large learning curve and does not fit with Mac programs like t-Photos - 23GB is basically the absolute bare minimum free space) , so you do really need to address that no matter what you are doing for the management of the photos or even if you stay with your current software - either put the Photos (and possibly the music) library on an external drive or buying a larger for your Mac drive

    Migration to doe Photos not double space needed - once the migration is complete, it will take a very small amount of extra space - Photos saves disk space to share images with your iPhoto or Aperture - Apple Support libraries


  • Need help importing to LightRoom

    I am checking Lightroom again.  I managed to convert my library a few months as a test without any problems, but was not ready yet to let go of Aperture.  So I deleted the Lightroom Catalog.  I wanted to test Lightroom again, and yesterday I tried again using Lightroom conversion plugin.  It brings only 4 pictures and then seems stuck.  A few hours pass without movement.  I stopped the process, delete the catalog, rebuilt the Aperture library and tried again, several times, with exactly the same results.

    The Lightroom forum shows a lot of people with similar problems, and nobody seems to have an answer.  So I decided to post here to see if someone can help me?

    It's fixed...  I discovered that my installation of Lightroom needed an update.  The creative cloud everything is sort of confusion - I guess I have to get used to.  I had to upgrade the program Creative cloud himself, and after that it detected Lightroom to update.  After update of Lightroom, import seems to work very well.

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    By mistake I upgraded my mac OS to convert on Lightroom and makes use of impossible opening.  I have all of my old Aperture files on an external hard drive and I'm looking for a service that will take the disc and convert on Lightroom, while preserving all my forms, records, etc. wherever possible.

    Any suggestions welcome...

    Have you tried to use the plugin that comes with Lightroom?

  • Photo albums print iCloud by using Lightroom/Blurb

    I have several albums of photos to iCloud I want to print in photo albums. Ideally, I would like to use Lightroom/text of presentation. What is the best way to do this and get the maximum resolution? I downloaded using mobile Lightroom but they search for low resolution.

    Download first full resolution copies to your Mac and build your album from these files.

  • is lightroom cc supports my on my macbook pro mid 2015 retina display?

    is lightroom cc supports my on my macbook pro mid 2015 retina display?

    Welcome to Apple Support communities

    Here you have the requirements of Lightroom CC-> as you can see, it works with OS X El Capitan, so you should not have any problem using it in your MacBook.

    If you are worried about Retina display support, it is supported, worry is not on this topic.

  • Attach the camera Nikon D600 with Lightroom 6/CC 2016 on El Capitan OS does not work


    I am a FOODPHOTOGRAPHER and I shoot always attached to my Mac. I just got a brand new Mac Book with El Capitan, Lightroom and Capture One Pro, the two programs I use the most, can't recognize my Nikon D600. I've read about it and some people say it's a problem of EL CAPITAN, some say its something on USB 3.0 problem... Please I need help.

    Any ideas?

    There was a problem with the attachment of cameras Nikon to Lightroom with OSX 10.11.x. make sure you that your copy is up-to-date. This could help. Maybe not.

  • Problems with the compatibility of Lightroom 6CC and ElCapitan on older iMacs

    When I upgraded to ElCapitan, Lightroom CC seems to continue to work without problem.  Then I did the first update and since then, I have not been able to use development module in the program.  I posted these problems on the Lightroom forums (see link below), but it is clearly an Apple problem, is not a problem of Lightroom. Lightroom people think it's the graphics processor in the older iMac which poses problem, but as I said above, it happened on the first update, not on the initial installation.  There is now another update on hold, and I fear that other programs will no longer work.  Apple made contact with Lightroom on those very real inconsistencies and what is their consensus?  This is a serious problem for a person using an older iMac and photo editing using Adoble products.  For a fuller discussion, please see the link below for the Lightroom Forum (information was also posted on the Forum from Adobe).

    Information on my version of Lightroom and my computer are in posts on the forum.


    Thanks to anyone who can help solve this problem.

    Should I worry about several incompatibilities with the new pending upgrade to El Capitan?

    FWIW, iMac 24 "early 2009 may have at least 512 KB of VRAM (typical models

    only had 256 K).  The specification of Lightroom CC, minimum is 1 GB of VRAM.

    Operation on this machine was borderline at best and probably just lucky it worked at all.

    In addition, a huge impact on the works of Lightroom is the amount of RAM installed.  With

    El Capitan installed, try to run Lightroom CC with anything less than 8 GB will be

    issue (despite what can say Adobe).

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