Logo on Quickbooks & PayPal does not print OfficeJet 7210 All in One

Spin Windows 8 (64-bit). My logo on invoices from Quickbooks & delivery notes and mine and logos of PayPal on the PayPal online forms do not appear on the output of my HP OfficeJet 7210 All In One, BUT they do when printed on other printers I've tested using the same documents. I downloaded what I believe to be the printer driver on the HP support site, but the problem persists. Need some suggestions, please.

Hello joefredt.

Thanks for the information. I want you to add a printer Deskjet 990c. Please open "devices and printers". Once that opens click on add a printer in the dialog box. Now click on "add a local printer. When it says "use an existing port", the drop-down box and search for the USB0001. Select it and click "next".  Please click the button of "Windows Update". This may take a few minutes to complete. Just wait for the "MFG" and "Printers" list to fill again. When they come back to the top, scroll down to "HP" (no), and then search for printer "HP Deskjet 990c" on the right side. Please select this option and click Next. After that simply select the Finish button. Once the printer is installed you can your print jobs that you have problems with the printer. I hope this helps.

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  • black ink does not print HP Photosmart all-in-one

    I have new cartridges and after installation black will not print.  All other colors are pring.

    Hi Luv2dance728,

    Thanks for the reply and the information

    I suggest you start as a result of this document for Troubleshooting print quality problems, should be able to help you to get black ink works again. If it isn't, you can also try manually cleaning your print head to make sure there isn't a buildup preventing out black ink.

    If the printer still won't print black ink, it is perhaps an accumulation inside the print head or on the beak and to help solve this problem, you can follow the instructions in Bob_Headrick in this post on soak your printhead.

    If after these three things, black is not always print, it's a hardware problem with the printer print head and I suggest to call HP Support and inquire about their exchanges of and the trade program.

    Hope this helps, have a nice day!

  • Black cartridge does not print 6500 wireless all-in-one printer

    He can't get a black cartridge to print even after cleaning the print heads on my of 6500 all-in-one wireless printer.  I tried cleaning the heads of print and sensors twice no longer useful, but can print color.

    jweatherly, unfortunately, it seems that your printhead may be dried or damaged. I would recommend that you replace it if a local retailer or through HP directly.

    However, the print heads can be an expensive part of the printer to replace. On this thread (http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Other-Printing-Questions/HP-6500-Office-jet-E709a-Black-printer-cartridge-HP-920-not/m-p/447545#M28623) Bob describes some steps to clean the printhead in a more direct way. It might be useful to follow the steps, he did and see if it improves your print quality, since he worked for others.

    Let me know if it helps!

  • New black cartridge does not print - Photosmart 5510 all-in-One

    I replaced all my ink cartridges when they ran.  The black cartridge is printing not and cannot even print alignment test page to align my new cartridges.  They are HP cartridges I bought and now after all cleaning procedures, I have now exhausted all new cartridges.  My warranty is exceeded, even if I have not received the new printer last Christmas, but my family he registered in August when they bought it for me.  I'm going to buy new cartridges, but I fear that I will lose more money that this problem will not be solved.  Someone help.  I have uninstalled, reinstalled, cleaned print heads, tried to align the cartridges but error message appears then all new Board would be good.  Thank you

    Hello Cath,

    I'm really sorry to hear about your Photosmart 5510 aligning properly and not printing in black ink. I understand that you have tried to align the printer and it has not solved the problem. I want to help you and make you my best to do it!

    At this point, I do not pretend to try new cartridges (especially black) and trying to do the alignment again. I found a useful troubleshooting guide following which solves the problem, I hope.

    Here's the guide I recommend following step by step:

    A "alignment failed" Error Message appears on the printer

    * Tip - make sure that the printer is connected directly to the wall outlet.

    Please do not hesitate to post your results here and I will help you further if necessary.

    Take care

  • HP Officejet 7210 all-in-One

    I had a power surge.  I have a HP Officejet 7210 all-in-One and a Dell.  The Dell restored automatically when the power came back; HP never returned.  Other devices connected to the same power strip work.  Does this mean that HP is fried and done?

    Hello alphacj34and welcome to the Forums of HP.

    I see that you are having feeding problems.  I would try to help.

    I recommend you to perform a power reset.  Unplug the power cord from the printer and the power outlet, then wait 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, plug back in the printer. Make sure that you connect the printer directly to a wall outlet. Make sure to bypass any surge protector or power bar.

    I also recommend this document on The HP printer will not be market or react when the power button is pressed.

    If this does not resolve the issue, I would recommend contacting HP directly.  You can use this Web site for information about how to contact HP properly, based on your region: Contact HP worldwide.

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums.

  • Can't get HP Officejet 7210 all-in-One install

    Have tried to install the HP Officejet 7210 all-in-One ways, using the two sent HP drive for WIN7, download HP and Microsoft Download.  Even did a fresh reboot and all "HP" regedit.  This printer worked fine under WIN XP Pro, but now with a fresh install of WIN7.  It crosses the installation but does not print.  By checking the properties of the printer, it shows model #unavailable, scanner unavailable and on pilot shows nothing.  Can anyone help?

    How is the connected printer - USB or wired LAN?  I suggest that you look on the CD to a directory util\ccc.  This directory should be a series of commands, uninstall_L1.bat by uninstall_L4.bat files.  Unplug the printer, and then run uninstall_L1, then uninstall_L2 and uninstall_L3 files.  Then run the installation program and do not connect the printer until you are prompted to by the installer.

  • OfficeJet 7210: HP Officejet 7210 all-in-one works in Windows 10

    Anyone have any suggestions for my situation?

    I have a HP Officejet 7210 all-in-one I've had for a while. (It works fine all this time).

    My last computer was (that is, starting to act a little "ginchey"), it was time for an upgrade... So I went to one 64-bit Dell to another.

    The 7210 worked well on my last Dell, but I can't not all software (scanning, printing, fax, etc.) to properly install from CD (obviously older version of the operating system). HP website for updates of pilot is kind of useless (they appear to have abandoned this machine, no longer support).

    Here's the rub: old pc was running Windows 10, new machine runs Windows 10.

    Any suggestions people out there?

    Frankly, if I'm just a victim of HP 'ripping off' supported by an operational device otherwise, I think go "elsewhere" for my next printer if I have to upgrade.

    Kind of sad, I used to be a big fan of HP over many years, but their current support, products, etc. are leading me to look elsewhere these days.

    Thank you for everything, for support, ideas, suggestions, etc.

    MC in Albuquerque

    Hi @mc-albuquerque.

    Download and install the following software to complete functionality to use Officejet 7210:


    Please let me know if you run into difficulties.


  • OfficeJet 7210 all-in-one

    I have had this printer for about 5 years, running on an XP system.  I recently bought a new computer running Windows 7.  Windows 7 found the drivers to operate the printer and it is high and fine.  However, I lost the ability to scan with the printer. I have the old CD (version 4.7.1) but this is for XP.  I can't install software to run my scans on the part of the printer scanner?  If not, what are my other options?

    Hey there scott77, welcome to the Forums!


    I noticed that you bought a new computer now on Windows 7 and looking for the full functionality of driver and software so you can have the capabilities of scanning back as you did with your XP.

    The good news is, you do not need the diskette, given that a download available that you can use to install the software.

    Click here to start and click on download: HP Officejet 7210 all-in-One Printer

    I really hope this helps you! Feel free to write me back on your progress!

    Best wishes

  • Cannot re - install drivers for Officejet 7210 all-in-One

    Any ideas on how I can get the drivers to re - install?

    Windows 7 has been corrupted, so I reinstalled Windows to the factory image. I'm now reinstall all programs but used to install printer drivers. They installed fine when I got this PC from office in December 2009. I get the following message.


    This software cannot be installed using the command "run under...". ». The installation cannot continue until this is resolved.

    Action required: click Cancel to exit this software installation. Sign out and then sign in as a user with administrator privileges. (Contact your system administrator for more information.) If there is no system administrator, ask the primary user of this computer installation software. Restart the installation by removing and re - insert the installation CD.


    I run the installer as administrator, tried it in Compatibility Mode for XP and Vista, verified box "Run as Administrator", etc. etc. Nothing works - I still get the same message.

    I have all the Windows updates.

    I downloaded drivers from the HP website. The file is "rub_w01_Americas_Euro1.exe".

    The product name and number = Officejet 7210 all-in-One printer

    Operating system = Windows 7 Home Premium

    Any suggestions on how to get this re-installed?

    Well, who seems to have been the solution. Initially, I did a search on the HP website for the printer driver for the printer, and this original file was the one I pointed. It was also the same the original file that I had since my first installation of the printer two years ago - I looked on the HP site this time just in case the driver has been updated.

    However, I tried the file you said and it works beautifully. The printer software interface is completely different and there is this new "Solution Center" application that has been installed - so I assume that HP has re-written the driver and software package around, including the installation package.

    I'm puzzled why HP research could point me to an incorrect file.

    I'm still puzzled as why the original file that I used to install the drivers for printer two years ago is no longer works on my PC.

    In any case, thanks for the idea. I don't know how you find the file, but it worked.

  • HP OfficeJet 7210 all-in-One: need a driver software to download on another computer. HP OfficeJet 7210 all-in-One

    I don't have my HP CD to load driver software on another computer. HP can't stand my HP OfficeJet 7210 all-in-One printer. Can what site I go to find the download of the driver/software on my computer. My computer has Windows 7 and my OS is 64-bit.


    Here is the link to the page of the W7 driver for your model...


  • HP 6500 quickbooks ck does not print but plain paper is ok

    My 6500 worked properly and had printed one of the two controls when he stopped a given error code paper mismatch.  I checked the configuration and everything seemed OK. He even printed the correct audit on paper, but whenever I inserted the controls, he gave the same shift code and does not print. This are not the new controls and after the update to quickbook pro 2013 all printed fine for a week.

    Hey jcort,

    There are things you can try in this case.  I assume that you are using a Windows PC, is this correct?

    If so, then open the printers or printers and faxes for older versions of Windows and devices page.

    • Right-click on the printer
    • Select the printer properties
    • At the top of the general tab: change the name of the long name just HP 6500 printer and click on apply

    I've seen some strange problems with Quickbooks in the past when a printer name is too long.  Can not solve the problem, it is a good step in a first time for questions of Quickbooks.

    So, I saw people having some success in defining quality in project mode, when you attempt to print checks from this software suite.  Print in draft mode can disable paper sensors that generate paper mismatch error.  The check is printed if you set the draft mode?

  • Windows 7 will not print on j4550 all-in-one!

    Have tried - repeatedly - install the complete software Windows 7 updated and drivers but without success. Uninstalled every time - even used Uninstall tool - still no luck. Running a Pavilion dv7 upgraded to Windows 7. It seems to install properly, but when I try to print a Test Page, nothing happens. Sometimes, I get an error on the printer (printing of error) dialog box, sometimes nothing. However, it does not print. There seems to be no tool auto diagnostic for this printer is.

    Here is the link for 64 - bit


    Thank you

    Naveen K

    HP Support Engineering Center

    Click on the yellow button of KUDOS to say thank you

    (Although employed by HP, I'm trying to solve problems with my will and my employer bears no responsibility for my answers)

  • 114 the desire does not connect to Asus all-in-one wireless but connects to the wireless network

    I just bought my HP ENVY 114 e all-in-one last week and I tried to connect it to my computer (Asus all-in-one Windows 7 64-bit) and while he wil connect to my wireless very well my computer (or my cell phone which is also an Asus running windows 7 64 - bits) cannot identify it.

    Using the disc doesn't help nor did try manually to add in 'Add printer' in my computer and all the interest to get this particular printer was because it was wireless. If I have to plug in a USB key then I have saved money and bought a less expensive model. All my devices are on the same network, and their firewalls is turned off so that it does not hinder the process.

    When you browse the drive Assembly he asks the IP and I get it exactly as it is on the screen printer that I even printed it out and double checked 5 times and it was exactly the same, but he keeps asking for me to be reintroduced to it since the computer cannot identify the printer.

    Any help would be great I prefer not to have to pack up this thing and take it back...

    Unfortunately, the router and the printer do not get along at this stage.  The IP address changes too often and it is possible that the router has its own firewall.  A large number of firewalls, outside the Windows Firewall, sees a lot of traffic from hpnetworkcommunicator.exe and blocks preventing the software to find the printer.

    I saw this model of router and it doesn't have a built-in firewall.  Unfortunately, I could not see their manual without you register on the site.

    It may be preferable to set a static IP address for the printer in the router's routing table.  To do this, you acceding to EWS the router.  If you don't know how to set the printer's IP address in the router, you can try to contact the vendor of the router.

    Otherwise, I would recommend checking the firewall of the router.  I saw a router cause problems with an overactive firewall in place.

    If you happen to have an extra router around, you can try to use it instead of Paul's to confirm that it is the router.


    You can try to put a static IP address on the front of the printer.  I'm personally not too successful with setting a static IP address on the front panel when the SAP does not load, but this could be one of those cases where it does not.

    First, print a Network Setup page by going to Configuration > Wireless > Network Configuration > print Network Configuration.

    Then, go to settings > network > IP settings > change to the manual.

    Once it is replaced by the manual, it should allow the IP address, default gateway and the subnet mask.  Use the subnet mask and default gateway of the print network configuration.  Use an IP address that is not in use on the network.  You can change the last number of the IP address on the print.  For example, could be converted to

    Setting a static IP address on the front panel does not set servers DNS which is necessary for ePrint operate on this printer.  Now that the static IP address has been set on the front panel of the printer, try to access the SAP by entering the IP address that comes to be defined in a browser address bar.  If the printer load, you should be able to set DNS servers and be ready to go from there.

  • D110: Printer Destination does not exist - for D110 all-in-one

    This printer is connected via a Charter Communications wireless router wireless. Printing and scanning has been working well. 2 nights ago he stopped and we started getting the message "the destination printer does not exist" in the window of the printer.

    I am currently working on an iMac 10.6.8 running, but the same thing happened on a Macbook running the same. I just tried on this macbook again and he did print, although he had problems yesterday. Of course I tried earlier once more on the iMac and it did not work. I can print a page of test here, however.

    I tried the following:

    1 remove the printer and selling it.

    2 download a new copy of the driver and install it.

    3. follow the instructions to change the IP address via the web interface, stop the router and printer and then start up the two, router first, then the printer after it increased. relisted to the printer. The iMac certainly sees the printer for purposes of installation and status, but not for printing.

    What now?

    Thank you



    I see you are having problems printing from Mac. I will definitely do my best to help you.

    Print a Network Configuration page to get the printer IPv4 address.

    Go to settings, wireless, print the Network Configuration Page.

    If you have a valid IPv4 address for the printer, then try and access the Web built-in to the printer server.
    Type the IP address in the address bar of your web browser. (Safari)

    It loads the page Web has?

    Fix permissions of the drive on the Mac:

    Close all applications.

    In the Apple menu, click OK, click Applications, and then click utilities.

    Double-click disk utility.

    Highlight your hard drive / partition on the left.

    Click on check and then repair disk permissions.

    Restart the computer...

    Reset the printing system:

    Note: This will remove all printers in the print and Fax/Scan, any printer deleted can be re-added later by clicking the sign plus (+) symbol.

    Click on the Apple icon and then click on System Preferences.

    Click on Printers & Scanners.

    Make a right click (or Ctrl + click) in the left white side panel, and then click Reset printing system.

    Click OK to confirm the reset.

    Type the name and the correct password.

    Click OK to reset the printing system.

    Then click on the sign to add the driver, highlight the printer +. (you may need to click the drop down menu to select the name of the printer) Then click the Add button.

    If multicast is disabled on the router, you will not be able to add the printer as a Hello device.

    If you encounter network problems, and then add the printer via the IP protocol.

    Dear team,

    I am facing a problem with my all-in-one printer model "HP officejet 6500 e709 a" as it comes to the Analysis ToolPak.

    In other words, I am unable to scan documents because the sistem highlights me that it requires the software HP Photosmart (... I don't really know the reason why it back doesn't work anymore)

    Unfortunately I'm not able to find the original cd supplied with the printer, so what I can do to fix the problem.

    Thank you indeed for support kindly

    Annita bottle

    [email protected]

    Hello Annita1950,

    Please try the below mentioned steps...

    1 > open the directory C:\program imaging\bin HP and then search for the following file: hpiscnapp.exe
    2 > right click on it and then select Creat shortcut on the desktop.
    3 > now get on the desktop and double-click the shortcut for hpiscnapp.exe open a window.
    4 > click new scan to start the search.

Maybe you are looking for