Looking for software for my protégé WAP

My protégé has supported - it seems - LAN only. Is there a software that will allow me to get internet through my router Netgear (apparently WAP)?

Kind regards. It's my second technical question in my life, so sorry if the details are not correct.

Sorry, but I don t understand what you want to do
Want to connect laptop Portege xyz for the WLan or what?

Could you please more details?

PS: all available Toshiba applications are downloadable on the Toshiba driver page if you are looking for a 3rd party software then you will need to google

Welcome them

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    Sorry but I do not share your view on Power saver utility. Do you really believe that Toshiba create tool like that for nothing? Just FYI: public service power saver is not available with Vista operating system and on this forum, you will find topics where people really miss this fun and useful utility.

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    Good bye

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    Hi schellekensr,

    Unfortunately, there are no Microsoft software to help you accomplish what you want.

    However, you can search online by using your favorite search engine and see if there are any 3 Group software that can help you accomplish the same thing.


    Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    Hope the helps of information.

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    The only thing that's really going to "speed up" your computer is a faster processor, more ram and a faster internet connection.  Everything else is really a waste of money (IMHO)

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    You must download and install the drivers from the website of the manufacturer of your PC/computer laptop / motherboard. That would be the starting point.

    SC Tom

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    I only have usb ports on my computer, but the software of kenwood radio is looking for a com port com1, com2, com3 or com4.  How can I do think I have the cable plugged into usb port is a com port?

    Hi sfcasko,

    It seems that the hardware configuration you use is not supported by the software.

    I recommend you contact the manufacturer of your computer for help.

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    When I try to load anything my computer it says secure file type Wizard get software suggestions. You do not have a program installed that can open your file, or you may be looking for a new


    · What file you load?

    · If it is saved on the computer? If so, what is the location of the file?

    · What is the service pack installed on the computer?

    · Do you remember all the recent changes on the computer before the show?

    · You have security software installed?

    1. check the file association is correct, you can see below the link to the same: how to change or choose the program that starts when you double-click a file in Windows XP: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307859

    2. online virus scanner and check if any malware or virus detected on the computer activity. You can run the scan for viruses online from the link below: http://onecare.live.com/site/en-us/default.htm

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

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    Good day


    Unfortunately, this community forums are for devices Cisco-Linksys (SOHO) home-network. The Cisco Catalyst WS-C4507R unit is managed by the Cisco Small Business support community.

    Please click here for plu answer your concern.



  • I am looking for job worm. 1.54 Ontime for Windows Calendar software (by Campbell Services, Inc. a Michigan Corporation is no longer in existence) for Windows 7.

    I am looking for job worm. 1.54 Ontime for Windows Calendar software (by Campbell Services, Inc. a Michigan Corporation is no longer in existence) for Windows 7.

    I started using OnTime when the PC only had MS-DOS, and it worked great!

    Windows came out and I called Campbell and they sent me OnTime for Windows version 1.54 (13 May 1994) I use since then, throughout all versions of Windows XP - until what I got new computers with Windows 7, which OnTime install not on :(

    I want to continue using OnTime for Windows, now with Windows 7 - please HELP!  Thank you!!!

    Hi Theodore

    I doubt if you will find this particular version of Ontime, which works on Windows 7.

    Services of Campbell sold out in 1996 and the Ontime product has been sold and resold several times since then.

    Here is a link to the current owner.

    More about OnTime planning:


  • Device problem: "Master UDS Bus of Kernal USB driver software Bus by TCP is not installed. Looking for driver fails.

    New install of Win 7.  Control Panel >... > devices and printers: problem with the computer. Convenience store ran with results: "pilot of Master NODES Bus of Kernal USB software Bus by TCP is not installed. Looking for driver fails.

    Note: the only known problem I have is that I can't print to a printer USB connected in local (HP 5280).  Curious, the printer PC utility I can print a test page.  Microsoft Office 2007 apps, not printing.

    I get the same error message.

    It seems to be related to my D - Link DIR-655 Router and software (offered through D-Link) called "SharePort," which allows the USB port at the back of the router to use for networking!

    I have 5 PCs on my home network and printer. With installed Shareport, I connected my printer to the router via the USB port. I don't have to have the computer on it, I used initially to install the printer.

    To access the printer on any PC, I just have the icon in my taskbar.

    The error message is displayed because, by default, SharePort is closed and it reads it as "not installed"!

    I used it with Vista and Windows 7 Ultimate x 32 and x 64 with no problems!

    Just as with the 'coprocessor' "impossible to install driver" error message, I uninstalled them in (several times) Device Manager and the error messages no longer appear!

    So, in my case, the messages themselves were the only mistake!

    FYO: Coprocessor refers to hardware devices such as fingerprint security to access your PC, instead of a password!

    I hope this has been helpful!

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