Massive memory leak to the Organizer 14 during the processing of faces


I have observed the Organizer 14 huge memory leaks during the processing of faces. My scripts:

1. the Organizer 13 database with 35 k photos and faces named ~ 45. After the upgrade to v14, organizer began treating faces anew (preservation face name assignments v13). Now, for each photo ~ 6-8 k he consumed ~ 6GB of memory which was not returned to the system, where message memory and OS closing the Organizer. I have confirmed, that it was process organizer who was consumed by memory. I just finished finally all batch processing, and leaks memory have been persistent between the the computer reboots/restarts and restarts organizer - always at the same pace.

2. After finishing above, I'm done with 12 batteries face k (right - 12 thousand - I have many faces). I started treatment, deciding faces unconfirmed for named faces and piles of face. After an hour or two of work, I'm done with the memory low Message for the Organizer again. What happened only once so far, but I guess because it was my first batch of work after the re-scan.

Have you noticed something like that? I have screenshots of the Task Manager for the first scenario, and I think that I can easily do some for the second.

I would like to report somewhere as well?

TIA & looks



Ask your question in the forum comments:

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and include a link to this discussion.

I can't help you, I do not use the automatic facial recognition. Only manual.

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  • Massive memory leak on the driver for the card WLAN (BCMWLTRY. (EXE)

    I upgraded my laptop Dell XPS M1530 Window 7 and met a memory leak that makes my OS unusable within a few hours despite the 4 GB of RAM. I "lose" almost 1 MB of RAM every two seconds. After doing some research on Google, I discovered that the source of this huge leak is the bcmwltry.exe that is associated with the Dell Wireless WLAN Card network controller.

    I use version of this executable that came with this laptop for several months, running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 x.

    To illustrate the leak, open Windows Task Manager.
    Click the process tab
    Check the box "Show processes from all users" below.
    Under the view menu, click Select columns, and then select the options of memory and Page faults.
    Click OK to see the new columns, and then click Page defaults to sort processes by page faults.

    For all my programs, the number of page faults is close to zero and or static, except bcmwltry.exe which has some 10 000 + faults per SECOND! There is certainly a huge memory allocation problem which is the cause of out of control. Currently there are over 14 million vulnerabilities having only generated this .exe about 15 minutes ago. Wowsers.

    OEM02MON.exe associated with the on-line Dell! Webcam Control Board also seems to have a similar problem.

    Want an immediate resolution. Restarting does not help, and that these problems occur in the absence of all other running applications.

    Thanks in advance,

    The Dell Wireless WLAN Tray Service is useless bloatware and must be disabled. More information:

  • Massive memory leak Safari

    Since the installation of OSX v10.11.5 my Safari has developed a massive leak, making it unusable. I can look in the activity monitor the RAM is typed, then passing slot, making me have to force quit Safari, whenever it is open.

    Everyone knows this?

    Please, back up all data before proceeding.

    Triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select this option:


    A right click or Ctrl-click on the line and select

    Services ▹ Open

    the contextual menu.* should open a folder named "Safari". Quit Safari runs. One or more files in the open file must have a name starting in 'history '. Move these files and only those which, on the desktop, leaving the window open. Restart the application and test. If there is no change, leave again and put the files that you moved back where they were, crushing those who could be created in their place. If not, remove the files that you moved. The browser history will be empty. If possible, restore deleted files from a previous backup problem.

    * If you do not see the item context menu copy the selected text in the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination. In the Finder, select

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  • plugin - container.exe takes up and uses 100% of my CPU locking me and leaving my non-functional PC. Is it a bug or a memory, leak in the Firefox software? Can we do anything to solve this problem?

    Looking at the Windows Task Manager, I found this plugin - container.exe took over 100% of my CPU and my system froze. Is this a leak memory or another bug?

    plugin - container.exe is simply a third wrapper 3 plug-ins. This plug-in is loaded? The bug is with this plugin (Flash for example)

  • Task Manager Win7 showing wrong memory values in the process bar

    I've been running Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium for quite some time now (2 years or more) and I have not encountered any serious problems. But recently my task manager started showing some strange values for all processes in the list. She says that explorer.exe is using a maximum of 65 k, which is the highest value compared to others except for firefox, which rises to 130 kb. I searched all kinds of forums and couldn't find answers. It is not a serious problem, but it makes it very difficult to know when a game or a program uses to much memory.

    I don't know exactly what card to set up here. But here are some of the most important, that if all goes well, it is not my hardware.

    OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (6.1.7601 SP1 Build 7601)
    Processor: Intel Core i7 - 2600 k CPU @ 3.40 GHz
    RAM: 8 GB of DDR3 memory (I don't remember the exact manufacturer)

    I hope someone can help me

    According the information that you have provided, I don't see anything unusual.

    My explorer.exe and IE9 using the same amount of memory (private beach).

    Edit: 25/10/2013 - after reviewing your original question, I realize, my answer was incorrect.

    The values must be higher.  See the last post by Emil Prager.

    I apologize for my control.

  • My Macbook Pro reboots after a memory leak every two hours

    Hey everybody. I'm having a problem with my MacBook Pro (retina, mid-2012), where he is recovering in market (usually after gel). In this case only (so far) while using Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 (to date). I also use a Wacom tablet (intuos 4, with latest drivers), drawing, which can also be the culprit.

    This happened with Yosemite, so I had upgraded to El Capitan - that does not solve the problem.

    I apologize if the problem is with myself! I get that this problem is probably the fault of Wacom, Adobe or myself - I just want to see what you think Mac-heads.

    Thanks a lot, a lot in advance for any advice - I appreciate any help I can get.

    The report I get, when restarting is as follows:

    Mon 4 Jan 20:19:13 2016

    Panic report *.

    panic (the appellant UC 7 0xffffff802d928e44): "zalloc: map of exhausted area during the allocation of the buf.8192 area, probably because of the memory leak in the area kalloc.512 (1063772160 bytes, 2076706 elements allocated)"@/Library/Caches/ /zalloc.c:2543.

    Backtrace (CPU 7), Frame: Return address

    0xffffff813887b150: 0xffffff802d8e5357

    0xffffff813887b1d0: 0xffffff802d928e44

    0xffffff813887b300: 0xffffff802daea851

    0xffffff813887b330: 0xffffff802dae8f19

    0xffffff813887b380: 0xffffff802dae8a23

    0xffffff813887b450: 0xffffff802daea040

    0xffffff813887b4b0: 0xffffff802dcf76fb

    0xffffff813887b520: 0xffffff802dd4cdfb

    0xffffff813887b5c0: 0xffffff802dd47845

    0xffffff813887b6d0: 0xffffff802dcfe66b

    0xffffff813887bc10: 0xffffff802dd3e695

    0xffffff813887bd20: 0xffffff802db112f2

    0xffffff813887bde0: 0xffffff802db1ce7c

    0xffffff813887bf30: 0xffffff802db11747

    0xffffff813887bf60: 0xffffff802de2ace1

    0xffffff813887bfb0: 0xffffff802d9f4896

    The process corresponding to the current thread BSD name: softwareupdated

    Mac OS version:

    15A 284

    Kernel version:

    Darwin Kernel Version 15.0.0: Wed Sep 26 16:57:32 PDT 2015; root:XNU-3247.1.106~1/RELEASE_X86_64

    Kernel UUID: 37BC582F-8BF4-3F65-AFBB-ECF792060C68

    Slide kernel: 0x000000002d600000

    Text of core base: 0xffffff802d800000

    Text __HIB base: 0xffffff802d700000

    Name of system model: MacBookPro10, 1 (Mac-C3EC7CD22292981F)

    Availability of the system in nanoseconds: 7390442512484

    Area name heart size free size

    VM 146329200 960 items

    machine virtual object hash 24008000 2240 c'entri

    VM 46592000 883520 map entries

    34959024 5424 pv_list

    VM 130327232 8768 pages

    16598128 27424 Kalloc.16

    16876000 21664 Kalloc.32

    77735808 199344 Kalloc.48

    Kalloc.64 37787264 95360

    2136000 5280 Kalloc.80

    Kalloc.96 1729824 67200

    Kalloc.128 130555904 30464

    1941600 135680 Kalloc.160

    133074944 292352 Kalloc.256

    45504 142195392 Kalloc.288

    1063772160 498688 Kalloc.512

    1003634688 2931712 Kalloc.1024

    6909952 24576 Kalloc.2048

    Kalloc.4096 9760768 0

    Kalloc.8192 10452992 0

    9606272-3968 mem_obj_control

    SCHED groups 1270080 36288

    IPC 81922240 150880 ports

    2081376 274480 discussions

    x 86 fpsave State 1411072 233792

    uthreads 1224752 209264

    31705680 2640 nodes

    12949920 4032 namecache

    Node 42278544 72816 HFS

    Fork 8548352 896 HFS

    1109304 1176 decmpfs_cnode

    buf.8192 23584768 0

    ubc_info area 5679696 6600

    vnode pager 2580000 1320 structur

    34320384 44864 compressor_pager

    20094976 5986304 compressor_segment

    The 3653632 kernel stacks

    PageTables 250183680

    Kalloc.Large 166412827

    Backtrace suspected leakage: (bytes pending: 206848)














    Extensions of core in backtrace: (203.7.1) [5178DF8C-1F96-3D 87-8BD4-46B996C41 84A]@0xffffff7fafd4e000-> 0xffffff7fafdb9fff

    dependency: (2.9) [668E3DEE-F98E-3456-92D6-F4FEEA355A72] @ 7fae12d000 0xffffff

    dependency: (2.4.1) [48AC8EA9-BD3C-3FDC-908D-09850215AA32] @0 xffffff7fae4a2000 (10.0.6) [7246A48B-E43B-3AF3-8285-8E793AE55B8C] @0xffffff7fafdc8 000-> 0xffffff7fafe64fff

    dependency: (2.9) [668E3DEE-F98E-3456-92D6-F4FEEA355A72] @ 7fae12d000 0xffffff

    dependency: ffff7fae4e9000 @0xff (2.4.1) [814A7F4B-03EF-384A-B205-9840F0594421]

    dependency: (10.0.6) [E177026A-B6F5-30AB-BF87-8ADC4D102278] @0xffffff7fae4ff000

    dependency: (2.4.1) [48AC8EA9-BD3C-3FDC-908D-09850215AA32] @0 xffffff7fae4a2000

    dependency: (203.7.1) [5178DF8C-1F96-3D 87-8BD4-46B996C41 84A]@0xffffff7fafd4e000

    last load kext to 510536257340: 3 (addr 0xffffff7fb0a11000 size 32768)

    Finally unloaded kext to 584400762104: 3 (addr 0xffffff7fb0a11000 size 32768)

    kexts responsible: 1.70 1.9.5d0 110.20.19 2.5.1d0 1.0.0

    com Apple.filesystems.autofs 3.0 124 1 272.50

    com Apple.Driver.pmtelemetry 1 272.50 1.0.1 4.4.0f4 3.6.1 7.0.0 10.0.8 10.0.6 1 4.4.0f4 1.0.0 3.0.8 3.1 208 1.2.13 10.0.8 3.11.31 4.0.0 245,4 245,4 1.0.0d1 1.0.0 37 2.8.0 1.7.0 1000.13.1a3 1.0.1

    3.1.5 4.0 161.0.0 2.0 1.8 2.1 4.0 1.7 218.0.0

    com Apple.NKE.applicationfirewall 163

    com Apple.Security.Quarantine 3 8 218.0.0 181 4.4.0f4 181

    com Apple.kext.Triggers 1.0 272.50 525 11 108.0.1 10.0.6 10.0.6 1 4.4.0f4 4.4.0f4 272.50 272.50 203.8 1.2.0 1.0.14d1 1.0.14d1 203.7.1 3.11.31 1.1.0 2.4.1 3.11.31 2.4.1 1.0.0 3.1.9 6.0.0d7 1.0.0 3.7.7 250.4 900.4.1 1.0.1 1.0.1 517 4.1.2 4.1.2 2.0.2 4.0.1 5.0.6 1100.23 1.0.1b8 3.2

    com Apple.Driver.corecapture 1.0.4 1.0.1 2.8.0 1.0.1 1.0.1 900.4.1 1.0.1 1.0.1 2.0 2.0.0 2.0 1.1

    com Apple.Security.sandbox 300.0 1.0.0d1 2 1.0.5 1.0 414 2.1 31 28.30 4.0 2.9 1.4 1

    com Apple.KEC.pthread 1

    com Apple.KEC.corecrypto 1.0

    Panic report suggests that the issue is in the video/graphis material. Please make an appointment at the Apple Store - Genius Bar store and bring it into service. If you are in the United States or is unable to make an appointment in this way, contact your Apple store.

  • How to free the memory consumed by the Essvr.exe

    Whenever we start a request will start a process called ESSVR.exe in the background and his memory, consumption will increase as and when we run the calculations. But after the calculation is performed should not reduce the memory consumption.
    Whats happening is that sometimes the calculation gets hanged and when I kill the process and start it again, it is run after a couple of times the calculation again gets hung, is possible to free this memory consumed by the process through calc only, script commands so that every time when a calc script finish the memory is released. We use essbase 9.3.1.

    When an application is started, the first thing it does is enter memory equal to what is defined as the key cache. This memory is never released until the application is stopped. He leaves also consumes memory for the data cache as she needs until he reached what is defined for this cache. Yet once that memory is not released until the termination of the application. In addition, additional memory can be consumed for different things while the demand is increasing. For example dynamic cache calculator will use memory during the execution of a calc, each user to make recovery uses a little memory (which can add up with many users). ASO data load buffers use memory, kinds of report and recoveries, etc., you get the picture. All these resources are released when the application terminates. (or should be, there have been cases of memory leak in some versions)

  • Shared Variable memory leak

    Hi all

    I have an urgent matter with sporadic memory leaks in shared variables.

    Occasionally, reading and writing to the variables shared a memory leak. The rate can be increased by turning on "Flush static Variables' disabled in the code,

    I was not able to reproduce with variables shared on the localhost variables however shared running on a target RT PXI seem to cause this problem.

    It is as if something breaks sometimes and causing memory leaks. Perhaps a matter of concurrency of thread/pointer?

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Start the and sometimes it does, other times it does not leak memory slowly.
    2. Select the "Flush the shared Variable" vi behind disable schema structure
    3. Watch the memory usage go amok after the restart of the
    4. Disable the "Flush shared Variable' behind the structure diagram disable
    5. Restart the and memory leak continues at different speeds depending on how it breaks.
    6. Will cause a memory leak whenever I run the vi, reboot only LV will put it in somewhat nonleaking condition.

    System information:

    • Latest & most f0 LV2012 32-bit SP1 on client and target systems fully implemented at level
    • Client computer Lenovo Thinkpad W530 Win7 Professional 64-bit
    • SMU-8135 controller on an SMU-1078 performer LVRT 12.0.1 cassis

    Help here to an AE or R & D would be nice that I can't solve this problem on my own.

    See photos attached.


    / Roger

    CAR #403386 was created to follow up on this matter.

  • AdvancedDataGridItemRenderer memory leak


    I am trying to optimize an application that seems to have a memory leak.  The problem is that AdvancedDataGridItemRenderer and AdvancedDataGridGroupItemRenderer classes have a property called data that fits on a reference to a VO that I created.  I think I need to set the property data to null, but do not know how to access because I have one of these classes do not implement in my application, I guess they are implemented by the AdvancedDataGrid at some point?

    Ideas on how I can delete these references allow the VO (s) GC would be welcome.

    Thank you very much


    I solved this, not by deleting all references to the original Version, but by removing all children instead.  The children had no attached references and were hogging all the memory, not the parent.

  • Since the upgrade to Sierra MediaLibraryService is causing a memory leak


    I upgraded to Sierra, since as soon as Itunes is launched, the is originally a large memory leak, it keeps in ram more until she takes all (16 GB) and significantly slows down the computer.

    I tried to reset the nvram and smc memory, doesn't change anything.

    Does anyone have an idea on what is causing this leak and is there a solution?

    Yes, I noticed this also. After that I opened iTunes, it's just a matter of time before all the memory gets used up and all departure is wobbly. In particular, bluetooth really gets bug after a certain time, and as soon as I quit iTunes, that's fine.

  • There seems to be a MAJOR problem (blocking/memory leak) in "subject: House", also known as the Firefox Start Page, at 26.0 Firefox on Windows!

    There seems to be a MAJOR problem (blocking/memory leak) in "subject: House", also known as start up Firefox, 26.0 Firefox Page, Windows!

    seen on:
    -Windows 7 x 64 machine with 12 GB of RAM and high performance CPU (core i7-920)
    -Comments Machine virtual WinXP SP3 (in Oracle VirtualBox) running on the same computer
    -Intel Atom D525 netbook with 4 GB of RAM, running Win7 x 64

    None of these machines are connected through Sync or something like that. The Firefox instance on the virtual machine is a fresh install / clean.

    The problem:
    -100% of cpu usage for 10 seconds, (util in XP) memory usage goes up to 1.7 GB
    -If "subject: House" is actually the Firefox Start Page, it blocks the computer at startup of Firefox for 10 seconds
    -If "subject: House" isn't the Firefox Start Page, startup is fine - BUT if I press the "home" on the toolbar button it loads "on: House" which causes the same question once again

    Sounds that there is a problem with one of the code snippets that are responsible. I've seen several reports on this issue.

    You can set the browser.aboutHomeSnippets.updateUrl pref an empty string on the subject: the page of config to disable loading (new) checked to see if that helps.

    You can open the topic: config page through the address bar

    You must remove the ' storage\moz-security-about + origin "folder in the folder of Firefox to delete already profile stored clips.

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder:

  • find the memory leak when switching from Teststand object reference to vi

    I use Teststand to call labview vi and col ThisContext sequence to vi as object reference, but if I just completed this step and I can find the memory to help keep more, how can I avoid leaks memory inside the vi.

    See my vi, is displaying an interface message user.

    You should use a node reference close to close the references that you get after an invoke. In the code below, you should be able to close the references that you get the following:



    Close these two references, once you're done with them.

    Also make sure you have turned off the collection of results of your sequence or you will use memory constantly to the results of the stage.

    Hope this helps,


  • On the user process start/exit Windows memory leak

    I have more question just ask why batch file back in before the current ordering process properly release the .exe file, I see that some memory is not released at all. In other words, once again, I create and execute processes in the loop (here, to increase performance I do in parallel threads)

    off @echo

    IF "% ~ 2" == "" GOTO args

    SET /A FIRST_ARG = "% ~ 1" * 1

    IF % FIRST_ARG % EQU 0 goto single_thread

    : multithreaded
    for/l %% in (1, 1, % 1))
    Start % ~ n0 thread % t %2
    end goto

    : single_thread
    echo from %1 %2
    : pushd z:

    for/l %% in (1, 1, % 2))
    Echo % iteratation 1%.
    echo int hand ^ (^) {int a = 0; for ^ (; a ^< %%x00000="" ;="" a++^);="" return="" a;}=""> %1.c)}
    GCC %1.c-o %1.exe - lm
    : popd
    end goto

    : args
    echo Usage1: % ~ n0 threadID executions
    Use: 2 Echo% ~ n0 ^ ^. 
    ECHO have first created a number of discussions and execution second order with them
    : output

    You start with 30 1000 arguments to have 30 parallel processors in batches, each compiles a 1000 times program and runs it. The problem is that the memory develops its use

    It's mine bug, you say? Where? In the end, I finished all batch processes. Memory consumption continued to increase. Yet, you see, he is not released. Is this ok? I noticed that my PC is starting to get excited. I can't even move a mouse after some 1000 CCG performs a loop with my simple program execution. PC becomes slow as hell and nothing helps to recover its restart performance but the machine. It seems that some memory leaks in Windows. It's not all recover when the process stops. Is this a known issue?

    It seems to be question of Windows Professional. I can't reproduce it in Windows 7 Enterprise, which also gets the requested CPU easily 100%.



    Note that this cannot be an antivirus because I have disabled all the and here is the card memory of mine

    Image name PID Session name Session # Mem use
    ========================= ======== ================ =========== ============
    System Idle Process 0 0 24 K Services
    System 4 0 1 320 K Services
    Smss.exe 340 Services 0 144 K
    Services of csrss.exe 516 0 992 K
    Csrss.exe 592 Console 1 4 568 K
    Wininit.exe 600 Services 0 256 K
    Winlogon.exe 648 Console 1 292 K
    Services.exe 692 0 6 056 K services
    Lsass.exe 712 0 4 988 K services
    LSM.exe 728 Services 0 1 680 K
    Services svchost.exe 824 0 3 848 K
    nvvsvc.exe 884 Services 0 252 K
    nvSCPAPISvr.exe 908 Services 0 1 K 100
    Svchost.exe 952 Services 0 4 396 K
    Services svchost.exe 132 0 9 K 420
    Services of svchost.exe 588 0 701 588 K
    Services svchost.exe 780 0 6 484 K
    Services svchost.exe 840 0 25 628 K
    audiodg.exe 1088 Services 0 14 848 K
    Services svchost.exe 1236 0 8 908 K
    Spoolsv.exe 1364 Services 0 4 780 K
    Services svchost.exe 1400 0 5 112 K
    Services svchost.exe 1436 0 11 684 K
    Services armsvc.exe 1548 0 216 K
    AppleMobileDeviceService.     1576 services 0 1 396 K
    BOINC.exe 1676 Services 0 2 704 K
    mDNSResponder.exe 1768 Services 0 2 004 K
    GfExperienceService.exe 1828 Services 0 268 K
    Services of XSrvSetup.exe 1876 0 292 K
    jtagserver.exe 1916 Services 0 272 K
    httpd.exe 1948 Services 0 548 K
    NvNetworkService.exe 1256 Services 0 412 K
    Services nvstreamsvc.exe 1456-0-688 K
    nvxdsync.exe 1584 Console 1 1 104 K
    nvvsvc.exe 1340 Console 1 556 K
    SNMP.exe 1428 Services 0 1 168 K
    Services svchost.exe 2096 0 292 K
    Services httpd.exe 2164 0 6 180 K
    vmnat.exe 2244 Services 0 532 K
    Services gcbarsvc.exe 2560 0 204 K
    vmnetdhcp.exe 2600 Services 0 392 K
    VMware - 2648 Services 0 524 K usbarbitrator64.ex
    Services nvstreamsvc.exe 2676 0 3 132 K
    conhost.exe 2684 Services 0 212 K
    Vmware - authd.exe 2764 0 1 912 K services
    Services mvraidsvc.exe 2960 0 3 432 K
    Services svchost.exe 3548 0 264 K
    ALG.exe 3588 Services 0 240 K
    WUDFHost.exe 3752 Services 0 244 K
    TaskHost.exe 4584 Console 1 6 988 K
    4604 Console 1 928 K nvstreamsvc.exe
    conhost.exe 4624 Console 1 400 K
    DWM.exe 4840 Console 1 35 676 K
    Explorer.exe 4864 Console 65 1 228 K
    Console NvBackend.exe 4968 1 3 628 K
    Console RAVCpl64.exe 5020 1 1 004 K
    Console AppIntegrator64.exe 5052 1 252 K
    GoogleCrashHandler.exe 944 Services 0 320 K
    GoogleTalk.exe 160 Console 1 4 308 K
    MSOSYNC. EXE, 1172 Console 1 2 284 K
    Console Workrave.exe 264 1 10 308 K
    Skype.exe 2860 Console 1 52 876 K
    3556 Console 1 968 K nusb3mon.exe
    acrotray.exe 3876 Console 1 476 K
    boinctray.exe 624 Console 1 460 K
    3504 Console 1 480 K gcbrmon.exe
    gcbrmon64.exe 772 Console 1 412 K
    5228 Services 0 252 K GoogleCrashHandler64.exe
    Services wmpnetwk.exe 6100 0 4 236 K
    Services svchost.exe 1864 0 26 684 K
    Wuauclt.exe 1304 Console 1 420 K
    Procmon.exe 705132 Console 368KO 1
    Procmon64.exe 705204 Console 1 4 696 K
    PROCEXP64.exe 1374272 Console 1 126 K 620
    WmiPrvSE.exe 1377420 Services 0 6 864 K
    chrome.exe 1015464 Console 1 127 740 K
    chrome.exe 700500 Console 1 66 000 K
    chrome.exe 1013924 Console 1 39 968 K
    chrome.exe 1014888 Console 32 1 508 K
    chrome.exe 639844 Console 1 69 256 K
    WinRAR.exe 4236 Console 1 26 748 K
    RAMMap.exe 1342448 Console 5 1 K 200
    RAMMap64.exe 1331116 Console 1 790 112 K
    chrome.exe 124224 Console 32 1 584 K
    Notepad ++ .exe 1377448 Console 30 1 712 K
    chrome.exe 634932 Console 1 93 284 K
    cmd.exe 392796 Console 1 3 596 K
    conhost.exe 1377564 Console 1 10 184 K
    Tasklist.exe 1343860 Console 1 6 536 K
    WmiPrvSE.exe 5124 Services 0 6 964 K

    Note that there is nothing near the gigabytes. RamMap report, takes into account a few gigabytes

    and the "Process" tab contains some gcc thouthand, cc1, as.exe, ld.exe, collect2.exe and other process that I started with gcc tools. I don't see in the list/process manager task, nor Process Explorer howerver. I can't RamMap them where?

    I got the answer (Sentinel) Aladdin drivers blocked the destruction of the process after it is removed from the list of processes.

  • Memory leak when just launched and the idling... corrections when used?  [HELP]

    So I'm in the stage of debugging and test my application and use of this tool for tracking memory leaks ( )

    When I run my application my numbers are

    FPS: 61/60

    MS: 17

    MEM: 3.157

    MAX: 3.157

    Now my memory starts immediately from 3.157, 3.167, 3.177 3.187 3.197 and so on.

    Now, if I do any selection of nav in my application

    Changes down to approximately 3,215 MEM

    but then it starts to count down again 3,215 3,225, 3.235, 3.445 3.455

    I don't have loops that pass.

    Has anyone encounter this?

    I'm almost tempted to force garbage collection every 60 seconds that the application is inactive or something.  Not the best way to handle this...   I don't know where the leak occurs.

    Any help is appreciated!

    See you soon!

    Oh man!...   So I created a new stage and only put the Profiler on the stage... and it's the same thing.  ...    So I think it's the Profiler itself which causes memory to continue to increase.

    Then...    How can we really test my application for leaks memory, etc. ?

  • [JS CS5] problem with memory leak possible with the dialog box in the event handler


    I'm having a very difficult problem.

    I am attaching a script in a handler for a menu item, by using an installation script menu that I wrote based on one by Marc Autret. My version of the script menu installation attach a bunch of event handlers at the same time, to the actions of different menu.

    What is the event handler, with that I have a problem is to prompt the user for a URL and then applies the URL as a hyperlink to the text selection, with our house style for the way in which the URL should look like.

    The problem is the following:

    1. all other installed menu actions work very well, except for this one.

    2. the addition of URL script works fine, when you run it directly from the script menu.

    3. the combination of #1 and #2 (using the script to add URL by function as an event handler in the Edit menu) blocks to InDesign. But it is only after the addition of URL script has finished and done what it was supposed to do!

    4. when I comment on the section of the script URL adding user input, so that instead of saying

    userInput = myDisplayDialog();

    It is said

    userInput = "";   // userInput = myDisplayDialog();

    It works well as an event handler.

    So obviously a problem with the dialog box, but only when adding URL script is executed as an event handler. My first guess is that this is some kind of memory leak, but I think I am following the model of. destroy() the way I saw it elsewhere.

    Someone knows something like that before?

    I can provide all relevant if necessary scripts, but they are quite complicated. The most important of them is the input of the user function. Here it is:

    var myDisplayDialog = function( defaultText ) {
        var defaultText = defaultText || "";
        var myDialog = app.dialogs.add({
            name: "Type in a URL"
        var myOuterColumns = [];
        var myInnerColumns = [];
        var myOuterRows = [];
        var myBorderPanels = [];
        var myTextEditboxes = [];
        var myInput;
        myOuterColumns[0] = myDialog.dialogColumns.add();
        myOuterRows[0] = myOuterColumns[0].dialogRows.add();
        myBorderPanels[0] = myOuterRows[0].borderPanels.add();
        myInnerColumns[0] = myBorderPanels[0].dialogColumns.add();
            staticLabel: "URL:"
        myInnerColumns[1] = myBorderPanels[0].dialogColumns.add();
        myTextEditboxes[0] = myInnerColumns[1].textEditboxes.add({
             minWidth: 300,
             editContents: defaultText ? defaultText : "http://"
        var myResult =;
        var myInput = myTextEditboxes[0].editContents;
        if (myResult == false) {
        return myInput;

    Hi Richard,

    Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the ScriptUI longer work.

    Thake a peek here:


    Marijan (tomaxxi)

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