Motorcycle G (1stGen)

A test of impregnation for Moto G (1stGen) Indian variant started?


I do not think that because there is no info on the Motorola site.

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    Motorcycle G (1stGen) will get any update after the launch of Android L?

    After the Android

  • Internet high speed & 1stgen AirportExpress

    Recently I upgraded my internet speed to 150Mbps. using my (model A1264) 1stGen Airport Express, I am only able to get 50Mbps to my office. My iMac is at short range with my router. My internet is slow speed b/c my Express is outdated? A new Express will allow me received the speeds I have upgraded to or is a desperate need? On the 2nd floor, there is an another desktop or home that connects to the internet regularly (teenage son online games).

    The 1 st Gen AirPort Express and 2nd Gen AirPort Express have only 100 Mbit/s Ethernet ports, so in theory, it would be the top speed that the Express could never offer.

    To the extent where wireless is concerned, 50 - 60 Mbps would be what to expect from an AirPort Express which is provided a 100 Mbps connection, since he has never been known for its performance wireless... primarily because of a small simple antennas buried in the product.

    A new AirPort Extreme has 1 000 Mbps Ethernet ports and the much higher speed wireless capability... (six wireless antennas all located towards the top at the top of the "tower")... which would be the product to try if you want to stay with a router from Apple.  At Apple, and you buy a 14 day no questions asked return guarantees, so if the product does not wait, it may be returned for credit or refund.

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    Deadline for release of the impregnation motorcycle Maxx test?


  • GPS problem in my g4 motorcycle more

    I use g4 motorcycle more for 1 month. But I saw when I open Google maps and try to know my position GPS is confused. This means that the blue dot on the map goes here and there.

    It's the waze / google apps works sometimes, but it cannot log on 10 minutes

  • Motorcycle display dark hours ago?

    When I got my Z days, I had the display option in the application of the bike to set the "dark hours".

    After installation of the last updated system & applications update, I can't find the option more.

    If it has been deleted?

    I was looking forward to this ability. I prefer to have the screen of my phone up during the night, but the light coming from the display of the bike, it is difficult for me to fall asleep. I had the same problem with the phones with a notification LED.

    jonny_ks wrote:

    Exactly! And here is what it looks like now...

    Hello. Functionality was out of the app motorcycle - we were not informed beforehand so I had to look into this. We will try to do a better job of letting people know when things change like that.

  • Motorcycle approach Glitch

    Hello everyone, since about 1 month I have my bike Z Force and so far I'm loving every second. However, I noticed that, after the last updated approach of motorcycle action is not working properly. Normally I would waive my hand above the screen and the screen stays on for about 5 seconds before I can see my notifications. Now I give up my hand on the screen and it lights up for about 1/4 second or even less, then off, blink and you missed. I noticed this problem just after the update in August, and the thing is that I also bought my mother a force z of bike and the same thing happens on his device. I already did the following:

    Power is turned off/on

    Safe mode

    Erase the data on the App motorcycle

    Clear the Cache on the device

    Reconfigure the settings of the motorcycle

    I have not tried a factory reset data yet.

    Anyone having the same issue here? I use a case on two phones and a protective glass zagg for viewing on both devices and they worked very well from the first day until the last update. All information will be appreciate as to how I can solve this problem.

    Thanks in advance

    The problem is in developer mode. Go into that and change the animation setting. I got mine off and he did the same thing. Change a.5 or at 1 x and it should work again. Let me know if it works.

  • Motorcycle will actively support the DX2?

    The Tegra 2 processor being a major problem on the LTE of VZW network, good support will be timely. I love Motorola phones, but these concerns. I'm on the fence as well as to keep his phone and continuing my allegiance to MOTORCYCLE.

    I also had a few reboots and suspended notification LED without reason.

  • Motorcycle G USB to PC connection problems

    Hey there, for a few days, I have my motorcycle G 2nd GEN (XT1068) and it has been working fine until recently. Today I tried to connect the unit on my Windows 7 PC via the supplied USB cable to transfer files, but it seems like a no-go. I installed the Motorola Device Manager, but the PC is still unable to recognize the device. Both in MTP and PTP mode. It is said that is a driver for XT1068 is missing or that of MTP/PTP. I downloaded some kind of package to PSG by Microsoft support, but it does not solve my problem. In addition, Windows does not automatically find the drivers. Activating USB debugging in the options of developer mode makes no difference. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for posting back. This is something that you would never think to look.

    If you can mark your solved answeras or respond, it may help someone else.

  • Motorcycle G version 2 - white color is sold out

    Motorcycle G version 2 - white color is sold out.

    When will this be available?

    Thank you


  • motorcycle g, heating during calls problem

    How can I stop bike g third-generation phone to heat as the iron during a call?

    Additional information: 1. He has spent time in motorcycle duringsleep-game.

    2. He gave me blister on my face.

    If this happens on all phone calls, I suggest that you go in safe mode and test the call there. If you can't find hot, then you have a rogue application which is causing your problem.

    Please also asked what crystallet. Thank you and I hope this helps

  • Random voice of motorcycle boot

    If I activate the voice of the bike and train with the sentence of starting it opens sometimes just randomly. Like say when pkayer music plays music, this voice of motorcycle arises suddenly... anyvody noticed this... I'm something wrong... I am a first time user these characteristics

    Looks like you will need to choose a new sentence, the more complex, the launch. Please try a new sentence and see if it helps.


  • Updated g4 more nougat of motorcycle

    News that restless motorola roll around on official update Android 7 (nougat) for g4 and g4 motorcycle bike more as officials are still on the point that it is not officially announced.

    Khwaish18 wrote:

    News that restless motorola roll around on official update Android 7 (nougat) for g4 and g4 motorcycle bike more as officials are still on the point that it is not officially announced.

    No matter what you've heard or sites are reporting, he's not out. Matt confirmed this in other threads.

    For some reason, all the world thinks that there is a conspiracy. If the bike had released it, they would have announced it. They like to be the first.

  • Chop light motorcycle stock

    We bought a Moto G 3rd for my girlfriend and I was very excited by the chopping function. Be satisfied with the G bike that I bought the Moto X game for me I ask a little more from my phone. Now I am confused because I can't get the action light Chopper to work, I can't even see that he listed in the application of measures of motorcycle. Is it possible that Moto 3 G has this feature, but Moto X game does not work?

    Well I think I got this solved. By examining the Actions of motorcycle apps comments I stumbled

    After many complaints that chop light was removed from the Moto X play.

    It seems that he was there at some point, but is absent from the atm. This makes me believe

    that feature will make a come back in the near future.

  • Motorcycle strange voice response...

    Earlier this evening, I tried to find my car in a parking lot and the r-phrase so I launched with my launch, 'Hey, Moto X, find my car. He showed a little x with a bunch of dots swirling around and said: ' Hey, long time no see "on the screen and played this weird sound.has of beep any that seen elsewhere?

    Yes I have seen that before, the thing is that the Activation of voice motorcycle has a "find my phone" feature that you activated. I just tested it on my phone and when I said "find my car" it was actually the "find my phone" feature that includes the exact things you mentioned in your comments.

    Here's a youtube video talking about service:

Maybe you are looking for

  • My Satellite L30-10 s does not work

    My 10V L30-lappy PSL33E worked very well - off and unplugged for two weeks - in setting in motion the lappy that all the lights work but I get nothing on the screen - any help or idea would be appreciated.

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    what closing get the message other people are working on your computer to close now would cause them to lose their work.

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