my photo of monitor turned 90 degrees

When the computer was all of a sudden the image turned 90 degrees to the left. I stopped and removed the monitor connection and succeeded him.  no help

Thank you very much.  my neck thinks you're great!

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  • my display on a monitor has turned 90 degrees, what should I do about it?

    Have turned off computer. the reboot. same thing. at the bottom of the screen is on the right side.


    1. do you mean to say that only the task bar has been moved to the right or the full screen has turned 90 degrees?
    2. don't you make changes on the computer before this problem?

    The ability to rotate the screen image is a characteristic of your video card, press and hold the Ctrl and Alt and press one of the four arrow keys (up, down, left, or right) to correct.

  • my screen has turned 90 degrees I can return to the normal display

    Original title: reverse monitor

    my screen has turned 90 degrees I can return to the normal display

    my screen has turned 90 degrees I can return to the normal display

    2 methods. Since you mentioned at 90 degrees, I'll start with this first...

    1. right click on an open office space... Graphic options... Rotation... click 90 degrees.

    2. press on Ctrl + Alt keys together and HOLD... While holding down, use the arrow keys to realign the screen position.

  • Screen turned 90 degrees - is this a virus?

    Hello, all of a sudden my screen turned 90 degrees needles. It's very confusing, I don't know if it's a virus. I was using a Director from macromedia at the time wherever he has changed. I can also do a system restore, (I've never tried it before but it doesn't let me do). Help! What can I do?

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    I put t think that it s a virus.
    Simply an extra feature graphics card that allows the rotation of the screen.
    I put t know what cell phone you have and what the graphics card has been installed on your computer, but there must be a combination of keys that allows this function.

    I think that you have accidentally enabled this option.
    On laptops with an NVIDIA graphics card, you should be able to use this combination:
    CTRL + SHIFT + R

    try it

  • the image in my laptop is turned 180 degrees

    the image in my laptop is turned 180 degrees, what can I do to turn back.

    Rotation screen

    1. right click on your desktop
    2. click on screen resolution
    3. under Orientation change the setting
    4. click on OK

  • My screen has turned 90 degrees to the left, how to change back to its original position?

    My screen has turned 90 degrees to the left.  How can I get this back to its original position?

    Press CTRL + ALT + the up arrow key.
    Also try to do a right click on the desktop, select Graphics Options | Rotation | Normal

  • monitor turns off for no apparent reason

    No matter what I do the monitor turns off


    · What is the number and model of the monitor?

    · Have you defined a plan of the power on the computer?

    I suggest you to check the physical connection when the monitor turns off.

    In addition, update the drivers installed on the computer. You can check the link how to manage devices in Windows XP:

    To update or change a device driver:

  • my mother was dusting his keyboard while the computer was on and now the screen is turned 90 degrees sideways and doesn't know how to say back to normal. Any suggestions?

    She does not know the combo of keys that it to get the screen to turn 90 degrees.  How do correct us the orientation of the screen?

    This phenomenon of rotation screen sometimes inadvertently some keystrokes (the cat walked on my keyboard).  In your case, MOM dusted off the keyboard.

    See if you press on the keys Ctrl-Alt top/arrow down, arrow rotates screen 90 degrees at a time.

    If this does not work, we will need to know your system brand and model and see if we can look at the rotating screen for you shortcut keys.

  • Wake up from sleep mode, monitors turn on but no image is displayed. HP ENVY Phoenix h9

    Product: HP ENVY Phoenix h9 PC Series

    Product #: H3Y51AA #BL

    Model: h9-1387

    OS: 8 64-bit Windows

    Monitors: DELL 2407WFPHC x 2

    Updated graphics drivers to the latest version non-beta.


    Since buying my PC a few months ago, it has been one of the ' display' problems after another. This is the current problem:

    When executing step by step away from my computer, I block via Win + L and shortly after that my monitor turns off. When you return a few moments later, I try to wake up to the top (but not really "wake up"...) To try to solve the problems of previous display, I already disabled hibernation options and sleep) my computer by moving my mouse. This causes monitors leave standby mode and be able to raise but what is dispalyed is black screens when I should have been introduced to the login screen.

    Mouse clicks and keyboard do nothing and I'm stuck at black screens. To continue, I press the power button on my PC causing the hard drives to spin-up and shortly after the computer turns off. I press the power button and start the computer to the login screen where as soon as I get my password, Windows loads and all my programs etc appear like they were before I blocked my PC.

    You can see previous problems, I had the list below, if all goes well they will help you to detect the cause of the current problem.

    Help, please.

    Thank you!


    Previous problems I had:

    (1) when the awakening from hibernation, the computer would not wake up screensavers leaving no way for you to connect and save your work. Hard reboot needed. Solution: Disable hibernation Windows features.

    (2) error in the sense of "driver has no display and recovered." Possible solution: disabled hardware acceleration in Firefox.

    (3) when waking from sleep, I find that my 2 monitors have merged into one and a different resolution than usual. Once entered password to connect, programs that were on separate monitors are now on the same monitor. Right click on the desktop and selecting 'Screen Resolution'-> 'Detect' would set monitors to return to normal until the problem recurs. Possible solution: updated graphics driver. Don't know if this problem has been corrected, it may have just been concealed by the new problem mentioned above.

    Thanks, but the steps above had no effect.

    However, during a windows update, my graphics card driver has been restored and that seems to have stopped the problem.

    Unfortunately, again I see apps that were on two screens before lock/standby, appearing on the screen even after release sleep/wake. So far he did not often so we'll see.

  • display turned 90 degrees, how to get it right.

    • display turned 90 degrees, how to get it right.

    This is normally caused by accidentally pressing a combination of keys.

    To remedy this, hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys and press one of the four arrows (up, down, left or right).

  • Windows 7 double monitors - turn off a monitor causes Office to reorganize resulting in substantial losses of productivity.

    I have 2 monitors connected to a card nVidia FX 580 running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. A monitor is linked via DVI and the other through DP (Display Port).

    If I turn off the monitor of the RFP, I hear the windows sound indicating the material has been "deleted." When I turn on the monitor, I hear the sound of new hardware, windows re - detects the monitor as if I just installed it and my layout any icon on the desktop and all the windows, I had open are then all rearranged and takes a long time, re-organization to come back to where I was.

    I leave my PC on 24 hours a day for several reasons - and for years have always just had my monitors turned off when you are not using it.

    I need to be able to turn off my monitors without windows deciding that I "removed" a monitor.

    I work for a software company of medical imaging, where we provide the complete hardware and software solutions for use in radiology departments in hospitals. These systems are usually 3 or 4 connected monitors, all via DP these days. Due to the possibility of the desktop users get messed up, if they happen to turn off a monitor, we can not install systems with Windows 7.

    While many may see this as nothing more then a disadvantage, it is a show-stopper as what we concerned. Yet as I have not found a viable solution to this problem.

    So here's the question: how to disable this new behavior in Windows 7 and allow him to understand that the monitor has not gone away and that the Office should not be changed simply because the monitor is off?

    Thank you.

    I wrote a small utility to fix this problem. It is still very thrown together, but Open source, so you can compile sources if you have security problems.

    I hope it works for you!

  • I imported the pic from my camera to my images. When I go into my photos and do turn and then try saving the picture, it says "you cannot rotate this image.

    original title: read only the settings on my photos

    I imported the photos from my camera to my computer and saved in a folder in my pictures.  When I go into my photos and do turn and then try saving the picture, it says "you cannot rotate this image.  The file may be used or open in another program or file or folder can be set to read only. "I have tried many and repeatedly edit the files and folders to uncheck Read-only, but it keeps changing its property back to read-only.  I also know that the file is not open or in use anywhere on my computer.  There must be something wrong with the parameters of only reading, but I have no idea how to do to figure it out, I tried several times to change.

    Any help would be great!

    Thank you!!

    Okay, it looks like that your camera records the files in write protected files.
    1. There should be settings on your cam to stop recording pictures like "non-indexed.
    2. but right now, try this:

    Right click on image > click Properties > click on advanced > check / uncheck the ' Index
    This file / folder...' option (should be the second option)
    Click OK > click on apply.
    and you'll see it disappear / appear

    You can do this for all the photos (hold down the ctrl key while selecting to choose several files at once)
    Eddie B.

  • 2nd monitor turns off

    I have an ACER laptop with Windows 7 Home PC.  I'm connceting a second monitor to the laptop using a VGA cable. However, when I connect the laptop VGA cable, the 2nd monitor turns on briefly then goes black. How can I fix this please?


    Check with the Acer Support, their documentation and online drivers.

    Acer - USA - Service and Support - drivers

    Acer - worldwide


    These should help you put in place.

    How to set up dual monitors in Windows 7

    Two screens are better than one

    Work and play better with multiple monitors

    Move windows between multiple monitors

    Tutorial: How to set up two monitors (Windows) - video

    How to set up multiple monitors

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • in my opinion deskto turned 90 degrees. How can I get it back to normal?

    My view of the desktop has turned 90 degrees.  How can I get that back to nirmal?

    Press on the keys CTRL + ALT then press an ARROW KEY

    Which key of the arrow depends on the direction to rotate

    Also you can right click on the desktop and select screen resolution

    Then, next to the Orientation, choose landscape

  • Animate a line - going through the frame and turning 90 degrees


    I would like to animate a line coming from the top of the image down and half, I want that he turn 90 degrees and continue on the left to the right side of the frame. A good example of this is here: last week tonight - and now this compilation - YouTube

    My first attempt: make a shape layer, has drawn a line with the pen tool and added the paths of toppings. I tried to add the effect in the turn of 90 degrees, but the effect does not appear convincing fluid for me.

    I think the problem is that rotation, the front point of the line for moving, but really, this must remain in the same position (let's say the Center) and the rest of the line must turn so to speak.

    So second attempt: I tried to animate the shape-path this kind of work, but I always end up accidentally change in appearance (thickness) of the line (if this is the way to achieve this effect, I'm sure I can solve this problem although). Also, this means I have to animate the movement towards the front of the line vs. just using the trim road.

    What I was asking: is there a simpler way to do it? I want to seek to convince, i.e. have the line moving fluidly on the screen.

    Thank you!

    I use CS6.

    I would forget shape layers, and I would use the traces of mask on solids.  You can then use wither STROKE or Write-On effects to make the lines

Maybe you are looking for

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