the image in my laptop is turned 180 degrees

the image in my laptop is turned 180 degrees, what can I do to turn back.

Rotation screen

1. right click on your desktop
2. click on screen resolution
3. under Orientation change the setting
4. click on OK

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    I tried using a Handycam DCR-TRV320 as a webcam (because of the zoom) connected to a Dell laptop running windows 7 via Firewire. It works fine EXCEPT the laptop shows a mirror image of the camcorder. I'll send the image to Google liked it, if that makes a difference.

    Is there a setting in windows or on the camcorder to "reverse" the image on the laptop?

    Thanks for any help or advice you have!

    Thank you.

    I just found the 'solution' - Google + shows all images in reverse video to the sender, but all receivers see the video normally. Nothing wrong with the camera or laptop - only with Google +! Here is the discussion of tris -! Searchin'/google-more-discuss/mirror/google-more-discuss/1LC... -j' was able to confirm viewers see things the right way, too.

    Weird, but at least I know what is happening!

  • 210 mobile G1: how to recreate the image on a laptop with Windows 7 210 installed on the device


    I try to put an image that has been created in the image of fog service 1.2 and am having problems starting the fog in ipxe. I tried to update the chip set drivers and the network drivers with no luck. When you start first in ipxe, the machine acts like it wants to register the machine, but then it just keeps restarting. I can never get fog gui so that I can recreate the image on the machine. Any suggestions on what I need to do to make this work. I have 30 laptops to recreate the image.

    Thank you in advance,


    Step 1: Copy the Source files to the PXE server

    In this step, you copy Windows PE source files to your PXE server.

    1. On your computer, click Start, point to programs, point to Microsoft Windows OPK or Windows AIK, and then click Windows PE tools command prompt.
      The menu shortcut opens a command prompt window and automatically sets environment variables to point to all the necessary tools. By default, all tools are installed in C:\Program Files\\Tools, where can be Windows OPK or Windows AIK.
    2. Run the Copype.cmd script. The script requires two arguments: architecture and destination location of the hardware store.
  • I want to recreate the image on my laptop but I'm going to lose my microsoft software?

    I want to get my laptop reconfigured sometime soon, but I want to install my microsoft first pack, I can start on some work. But if I do, will I lose my through my laptop microsoft software being released image? and I have to install another new microsoft pack?
    Thanks, I hope you can help.

    Hi Sophie,.

    As long as you have a software license, after creating the image you can reinstall the same on your laptop!

  • The screen of my laptop not turn on after being in mode 'sleep'

    Let me start by saying that I am a novice in computer repair, so advice please put in laymon's terms! My problem started a few weeks ago, when my Dell inspiron 1526 would not resume when I opened the lid of the laptop.  (I rarely have to cut the power, just close the lid) When he started to arrive, I have to cut the power and turn off several times to get my computer to come back.  I did research on the internet for a solution (because I had resorted to all leaving the lid open).  I found one that worked for me... I did the following:

    Click on the start menu, then right click on "computer" and click Properties.
    Click the Manager option of devices on the left.
    Under "System devices", one of the first should be the appliance close the lid.  Right click and click on "Update Driver Software".
    Click "Browse my computer...". ", and then"Let Me pick from a list... ". »
    Uncheck it "Show compatible Hardware".
    In the list on the right, scroll down, select Manager of Volume and click Next.

    It was running great until the other day when I accidentally clicked on the Start button and then put the computer in mode 'sleep'.  Well now the computer screen lights up not at all.  All my family and I spent the weekend all put under tension of the laptop then turn it back, nothing will do.  I am now in panic mode since I use my computer to work from home as well as to take some college courses online! I found a lot of advice on this subject, but all of them are to be able to actually see what is on the screen! I need to know how to put the screen on the first!  I tried to take out the battery and unplug it but that no longer works. I know the computer becomes power b/c I can hear fans and restarting, but the screen does not light.  Help, please! From what I read it seems that it is a big problem with windows vista users!


    Since it is not initialize, I suggest you to contact the manufacturer of the laptop computer for more help with this.


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

  • Display has turned 180 degrees and I don't know how to activate it again standing

    I just got a new laptop with windows 7 and I turned the screen 180 degrees, so that in microsoft word and I don't know how I did and therefore can't fix.

    Hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys and press one of the four arrow keys (up, down, left, or right) to correct.
    Alternatively, you can have a Rotation setting in the display properties of the graphics card. Or try to restore the system to an earlier date.

  • Make a copy of the image of laptop

    Try to make a copy of the image from my laptop with Windows 7. Error appears saying failed, because not enough space on drive hard usb. I tried two hard drives and both came with the same error. Concert need 47 for image and yet two spare HDDs have more than 145 concerts. Why he not continue. With the help of DVD would be endless.

  • the images remain on the downloaded page

    I have download the images on my laptop using windows, I then move each image in a folder but the image remains always on the download page and I have two of the same image, one in the file I moved it to that and the downloaded original page. I use windows 7 - I've never had this problem with my desktop over the years

    Shawn, I appreciate really all the time that you put into this and I'll also tell your contribution made me dig until I finally found the problem.  It comes to novice, I don't like to admit this, but when my photos uploaded to my library of photos, I don't set it to files so it was show that all of the combined images which was something I didn't recognize.  My office has always been the value of records and I was just not understanding why he was different.  Not everyone would recognize this stupid mistake, but I tell you this in case anyone else ever ask this again. Thanks for the help!

  • Error object rotation (Rotation of 180 degrees)


    When I'm shooting a text in a text field (pallets-> Object-> layout-> buttons "turn to...") ', an error message appears "error of rotation of the object. 1 item (s) can not be turned 180 degrees. Rotation will cause the objects to appear outside the page boundaries. " However, the size of the text field are sufficient for this text. Does anyone have this situation?

    I thank very you much in advance!

    Kind regards


    You must place the textfield object more to the center of the shape before you rotate or change the anchor point "Center".

    The center of rotation is the handle that is selected in the drop-down box anchor (default value is "top left").

    The rotation does not change the dimensions of an object, so it can happen that the rotated object ecaple page borders.

    In this case the rotation does not run and you get an error message.

  • When I turn on my laptop, a different user name and the image appears

    When I turn on my laptop, a different user name and photo will appear if I then select "change user", my own newspaper on the account and the image appears beside, which I can then access my PC. However, the account of the 'foreign' does not appear in the UAC - so I can't remove it from there. Any ideas please?

    Hello dhhuang,

    Sorry, seem to take your time on this.

    allI see in USERSare two folders;

    (1) Paul

    (2) public

    "" II I click on ' Paul ' and then capital letters to users in there I still don't see anything that resembles that.

    PS NTdata - what do Ido?



  • The screen of my laptop turns off when windows start. What is the cause and how can I fix it?

    Original title: computer failure

    the screen of my laptop turns off when windows start. What is the cause and how can I fix it. Thank you

    You have the screen image out to another monitor (one that is not plugged in fact). How you pass to the internal laptop display varies, but most cell phone companies make a combination of keys, such as Fn + F6 or something.  Looking for a symbol that looks like a monitor.  It is usually color coded and requires activation of a Fn key.

  • Spectrum x 360: how to stop the x 360 disable keyboard spectrum just because the laptop is turned on its side?


    When my x 360 spectrum is turned on its side, (IE, use it while fixing my side) of the keyboard and trackpad turn off, as if I was with her in the form of tablets. (It is also used to change the rotation of the screen, but I fixed per rotation lock).  Windows 10 seems not really think of it in tablet mode based on the sidebar settings, the keyboard is still physically in the position of the ordinary laptop - it's all the computer itself, which is turned. Is there a way to disable this feature? What software is responsible for determining when the keyboard and the trackpad turn off based on the rotation of the computer?

    Thank you


    Upgrade to the latest version of the BIOS has often attached to this issue. The keypad disables now rarely when turned on its side. (He does still sometimes, but it is very rare compared to before, and if move you it a bit is fixed).

  • Re: Satellite M30X - battery won't charge unless the laptop is turned off!


    I have a Satellite M30X who is about 4 years old and all of a sudden, she stopped electric network load when the laptop is turned on but strangely fees - although very slowly - when it is turned off.

    Any ideas please.

    Thanks for your help


    If you want and if you can, then you could try to replace the battery to check if this problem is related to a dysfunction of the accumulator.
    I mean your battery is 4 years old and it wouldn't be nothing unusual if your battery does not work as it should.
    My battery is about 6 years old and 3 years may not be loaded correctly.

    But note that these are only suggestions and if you want to be 100% sure, you should ask a technician for a detailed notebook check.


  • The screen of my laptop turns off on its own

    My computer laptop screen turns off automatically and is very annoying.
    After a few minutes, it's just empty. I guess it crashes too I turn the caps on and outside locking button and the led lights.
    Can someone help me with this issue?

    > Can someone help me with this issue?
    How to help when we do not know what model of laptop and operating system do you use?

    Screensaver enabled or disabled?
    Do you use factory settings?
    Did you install additional software which can have an influence in all this?

    Sorry my friend, but it is not easy to discuss issues on this path.
    Either offer some relevant information or... Google. ;)

  • Create the backup image to my laptop M40-114

    After that I installed my laptop I want to make a backup image to update my drive. I use True Image to my desktop, but when I use this for my laptop, it won't boot from the recovery cd, i.e. at the start of my cd it shows loading Acronis and rest in this screen forever.

    Does anyone know a good way/program to create an image on my laptop?

    Thank you!

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    I use Norton Ghost 2003 to create the backup image file. The application is simple to use and I saved the picture on my second partition. If something goes wrong, I can restore the unity of the image any time.

    Good bye

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