My photosmart 7520 used power on except if I disconnect & re-connect-the on the power outlet (Re - Set)

If I turn off my new HP 7520 AIO, it lights again unless that I unplug it from the power supply, wait 30-60 seconds and plug it back.

It will then normally lights. Y at - it an update of firmware for this, or should I return it to the retailer from which I bought from?


Thanks for you advice, but I had made all these checks and still had the same problem.

I finally found an end of year message last of a member who had the same problem as me.

They had the same controls and evenually found that feeding was defective.

I got in touch with the retailer where I purchased my printer and they replaced my power supply. Food and my printer now works as it should.

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    FAST ink cartridges - printer printed only a total of 892 pages and went through 6 cartridges black (page 750) and two others.  I have never even printed a photo and it shows empty.   It's ridiculous!  Is anyone else having the same problem?

    Hi @rshughes21,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I noticed that your printer HP Photosmart 7520 use your fast ink. I'm happy to discuss this issue for you!

    Please read carefully this guide, using ink in inkjet printers, as well as this guide, How HP measures inkjet by page.

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    I hope that these guides are useful and I thank you for posting!

  • The function of scan from the HP Photosmart 7520 use a TWAIN-compatible driver

    The function of scan from the HP Photosmart 7520 use a TWAIN-compatible driver


    Yes, it uses TWAIN version 1.9 of the original driver.

    Kind regards.

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    Thank you all for the help


  • Why my PhotoSmart 7520 uses color to print black text?

    I noticed when I print the page "Print diagnostic quality", the printer uses the color cartridges to print text in black instead of the black cartridge "pure".  It is a loss of the color of the inks.  How can I get the printer (7520) to use the black cartridge for all black text?

    Thank you


    The diagnosis page uses a mixture of color and black inks to print the text on the page.  This is so that the diagnostic information can be read, even if the black part does not work.  The behavior on the page of diagnosis does not reflect how normal text is printed.

    Note that if the photo paper is selected in the selection of media the printer will use only the color inks and photo to print black same text as black pigmented ink is not compatible with photo paper.

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    Hi @zam1290 , Welcome to the forums

    I have some links with a bit more in depth for you on using ink below the information. You can see the black photo used as the printer will use all the ink cartridges, even when printing in black. You could try changing your printing parameters for print in black ink only, and who could help!

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    Best wishes

  • Why am I unable to print without margins with my new photosmart 7520 using windows 8

    I can't find a setting in the settings of paper for this printer print borderless 4 x 6, 5 x 7 pages, my old hp printer allowed this.  It is in the driver or the wondows 8 which is the cause of the problem?


    You have still driver for Windows 8? If Yes, you should be able to put in place

    Preferences, advanced


  • HP3565A0. Smart photo 7520: My HP3565A0 Photosmart 7520 used print

    He told me that the driver was not available. I've deleted and reinstalled several times. I do not have the disk, so I did it online. What can I do to print again?

    I went to the printing and scanning doctor on the link that you sent me and it installed the printer again and now I'm good to go. Impressions, as he has done before. I don't know what happened to bumble, but I really appreciate your help. I was about to throw it out and buy a new printer.

  • HP Photosmart, 7520 using windows 8

    I installed the new printer, but when I print emails indicated that 2 pages, I can't print only page 1.  The two pages are always printed.  A single line on the 2nd page is waste paper.  What should I do?

    Hi Carol,.

    It is a new one on me - but one good!  I'm glad you shared it with the community.  It may help someone else.  Please post again if you have any questions in the future.  Good day!

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    Hi Satya

    Try restarting your iPhone and your watch. Turn both devices off first, and then restart your iPhone before restarting your watch:

    -To switch off your watch: press and hold the button side until you see the cursor off the power; slide it to turn off.

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  • Error message - Photosmart 7520

    I just bought the HP Photosmart 7520 and everything works except one or twice a day, the Panel will Flash indicating that a mistake of the printer and to turn the printer off, then back on OK. So it's OK again, until it does it again. What is the cause? Otherwise, the printer works fine.



    I think I have everything working fine now. I had a problem with scanning the computer and it was suggested I have reinstall the HP software. I did it yesterday and my analysis to the computer works, I'll be back my widget and my front panel is not flashed over 24 hours. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one. Now, it's just a matter of waiting.

  • Photosmart 7520 - USB & drivers auto installed - WHAT?

    Windows 7 Home Premium on an HP desktop PC.  I have a HP Photosmart 7520 all-in-one installed via a USB connection.  All my software Windows & HP's current, I think.   I have restarted 10 minutes there and had not printed whatever it is and really did not have anything except throwing IE - and I was viewing a web page.  Suddenly, I get a Windows pop up telling me there install the USB drivers and my printer - WHAT?  So as far as I could tell, 'install' ran OK.  But now when I see "start |" Devices and printers', I see icons for both my 7520 (which is my default printer) and a 7520 (copy1).  What is with that?  Also, I see an icon for what looks like a generic Windows fax device.

    So-, none of you experts know what is happening here and if everything is OK?

    Hello cwr64,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I understand when you restarted the computer, a pop-up shown installing drivers for USB connection and your printer. I will do my best to help you! Sometimes you can experience on a Windows computer if you have a USB cable plugged into the computer when it starts up. This does not mean that the Photosmart 7520 installation has a problem. I recommend you remove the copy of your devices and printers:

    1) click on your Start Menu, then printers and devices

    (2) right click on the Photosmart 7520 (1 copy) and select Remove the instrument

    (3) now, you must have a printer, right-click on it and select set as default

    Yes, you will have a generic fax install in devices and printers, because the software comes with a built-in fax software. You can delete this, if you do not use the fax feature. (However, if you remove and want to use the Fax software in the future, you have to reinstall the whole printer software package.)

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Photosmart 7520: Photosmart 7520 has lost its wireless connection

    Our photosmart 7520 used to print beautifully two laptops, but today it stopped printing at all and seems to have lost its connection to the internet.

    I tried to remove it from my system preferences, to reset, and when I tried to add it, it was no longer on the list of available printers.

    Hello @cornylouise!

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

    I would be happy to provide you with assistance on the Photosmart 7520 and the problem of communication between 2 laptops.  If the printer is no longer being found by computers, then you can by looking at a slight problem of Wi - Fi.  The first thing I would suggest is the cycle of power cables to the printer and the router by unplugging the power for 20 seconds.  Once the devices back on then see if you can add the printer to laptop computers.

    If you are unable to find the printer then I suggest to restore the default settings of network on the printer and it reconnect to the wireless network.

    To restore the default settings of the network printer:

    1. To press the Wi - Fi icon at the top of the touch screen to printer
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap on restore default network settings and confirm

    To run the Wireless Setup Wizard:

    1. Icon press the Wi - Fi at the top left of the screen touchscreen printer
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Press wireless configuration wizard
    4. Select your network
    5. Enter the password and confirm it
    6. Check if the computer can find the printer again

    If please, after back and let me know how it goes!

  • How can I Poster Print with photosmart 7520

    I am a poster and I used poster printing with all of my Hp printers, but my Hp Photosmart 7520. How can I post print with photosmart 7520 use eprint and if not what can I use use the USB cord for poster printing?

    The steps are quite the same, next to another step in the dialog box:

    1. Of devices and printers, click Add printer, and then select a local printer.
    2. Keep the preseleted port LPT amd click on next.
    3. Select HP from the component manufacturer, and then select the HP Deskjet 6940 series in the list of printers.
      Note: If the model is not listed, click the Windows Update button, let several minutes to complete, then it should be listed.
    4. Complete the wizard and confirm the changes.
    5. A newly added the 6940 right-click and select printer properties, open the ports tab and select the port with the printer otiginal model listed in the column of the printer (HP Photosmart 7520 for example), and then click OK.
    6. Poster printing should now be available in the tab of finishing (under Pages per sheet) and posters using the HP Deskjet 6940 printer.

    Please let me know of any questions,


  • How to scan double-sided in the order of the pages, in PDF with Photosmart 7520.

    Hello everyone,

    I have a Photosmart HP 7520 use with Mac OS Mountain Lion 10.7 connected via Wi - Fi. I installed Adobe Acrobat Pro.

    I need to scan double-sided 300 pages in a document. I'm sure that the ADF will bite of it, but if I understand correctly that the 7520 does not scan two-sided (as it prints) if can anyone advise how to on this subject.

    To ensure the best possible scan, I thought to scan all pages on one side, then go back and scan in the rest. Otherwise we could force me to edit pages after scanning, which makes a long process. I guess, but don't know how do it, that I could create a PDF and then a second, then using software tools to load the second PDF integrate after each page in the first. Or is there a better way to go about this?

    I so want, just to be absolutely clear analysis in a document double face of 300 pages in the most user-friendly and fastest way possible, the end result is probably a 600-page, PDF format.  Please indicate the methods and software tools, I need.

    Thank you in advance. Can't wait to put it to work.

    Do you use the HP software to scan from the ADF?  On my Windows PC, I have a file called HP printer Assistant or, for some, it's simply scan HP. You can find in your utility Section.  After I open and select scan in one. PDF document from the ADF, I see a box to check the brand which allows me to turn on duplex scanning.  Do you see something like this when you scan on your computer?   I know you said that you use a Mac, so I hope you have this option somewhere.  I'm not very competent in Mac OS, but I'm sure that the term "scanning two-sided" can be found on the appropriate scan utility.  I know it's possible!  Let me know if you find it or not and I do on a Mac computer and research here.

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