My Pictures folders shows the images and music. The music shows to music. Don't know how to solve this problem.

It started earlier - don't know what settings caused this.


It is possible that you just recorded music in the right folder.

They are the same files?

One of them have small arrows shortened on them as your desktop icons have usually showing that they are shortcuts?

Compare file names / albums and report after return of screenshots.

Take screenshots,
Usually, you can press the SHIFT key (maybe the Alt key) or (FN key on your laptop) and press prtscrn.
Open microsoft Paint, and then click Paste on the top left.
Painting is located in the Accessories folder in all programs from the Start button.

Then click on the blue button on the file and click Save as, click jpeg file type and name the file.
Upload to skydrive or photobucket in a public album and post a direct link to the file here.

Or use the windows snipping tool,
Refer to this topic on how to make a public record and present screen shot here.

You can also look at this for the new format in skydrive


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