My printer does not print PDF files.

I have HP photosmart c4580, I use wireless. It prints word and excel files but does not print the PDF files. I hit print and the files disappear.


In Adobe Reader, click file > print.

Click Advanced.

Check the print as Image option.

Now try printing and search of any change.

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  • PDF.js does not load PDF files (other browswers do as well) just improved to 29,0

    No error message, no charge. Updated V29.0 to update this morning. OS X 10.6.8.

    Hi gbilodeau,
    There was a problem with printing, but look is not one. In order to deepen the study can you please include the following:

    1. An example of a pdf file that does not appear in the pdf.js file
    2. What version of 29? 29.0.1?

    Thank you, I look forward to your response.

  • Nexus10 version does not support pdf files in the web site.

    I have a new Nexus 10 and installed Firefox and the Epson Print software. When I go to the bath of Rockville and center of fitness, full screen, it will show me a button on the right side hourly. Click on that to start a download (it should just show me the contents of the file as does the true Firefox). If I go to the download section of Firefox, the download is listed, but when I try to do with the word app, it says that the file is not present. If I try to do with the Epson application, she argues that the application has stopped. If I go to epson print and look around, I can find the file and read it. But it's exceedingly complex.
    The same died of problem with crome, crome, but does not support full screen. This problem is not present on the ipad from apple with the web browser by default.

    in the original post, I am fearless "PDF viewer" as a name for a standalone application, and as I said in my reply, I installed this app. you suggested that what I needed was an Add on Firefox. I installed this add-on and could see page.
    I think you still have a bug in the download page, so that it appears not to pass the correct name to the app non-firefox that you want to use.

  • Recently, Firefox does not display PDF files. It acts like it loads the PDF file, but there is nothing there but the "program" that the document should be presented in.

    This started with 20 Firefox and persists with Firefox 21. It's never happened before. Everything is up-to-date. However, PDFs don't appear. Sometimes I see the bar indicating a load of progression and sometimes it of just the normal program PDF background, but no matter, he does not appear. What is happening with this?

    Moreover, I will eventually switch to Chrome to view the PDF file as I can't make them work in Firefox.

    Thank you very much. That seems to work. What a shame the preview version of Firefox is not longer functional!

  • Acrobat, does not display PDF files correctly in the browser

    This seems to happen only on chrome when displayed in the browser of the graphics, especially the text appears incorrectly, or in this case at all. You can see that the financial 'Fi' is missing. It is a major problem because most of the people who visit the site hit the download and the PDF file automatically opens in the browser. Is there any solution for this? Not bad I exported in Indesign? Fonts should be returned in an object before you export it in PDF format (this is the galley)?

    BUT a quick fix is to download the PDF file, display in the browser, then refresh the page and display all fonts. Weird. It is a step that many will miss.

    Screen shot 2013-09-13 at 9.53.52 AM.png

    This is what it looks like when downloaded and played in acrobat. Notice the thicker fonts

    Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 8.50.50 AM.png

    You probably view the PDF file in the viewer of PDF from Google Chrome and NOT Adobe's PDF Viewer.

    1. check your plug-ins by going to:


    2. go outside viewer of PDF of Chrome.

    3. If you see (active), then you use the viewer of PDF of Chrome.

    Missing in many ways for the feature.  Fonts is one of them.

    4. you can disable

    5. then go to the the list for Adobe Reader

    Adobe PDF plugin for Firefox and Netscape

    6. then turn it back on.

    7 fact

  • Adobe Reader does not read pdf files


    I downloaded file pdf from the internet and when I try to open get an error message saying that adobe Reader cannot be used to read pdf files

    How to fix an adobe pdf file?

    Thank you

    Joel Bradshaw


    PDF repair tool box is an Adobe Acrobat file repair software that allows you to repair PDF files that are inaccessible from recovering files Adobe. There are screenshots, they can help you to use the program properly.

    Here is the link:

    Good luck

    Bradley Reed

  • Installed Adobe Reader XL successfully, but it does NOT open PDF files

    I installed Adobe Reader on a new computer (installed and uninstalled several times today) However, whenever I install it, I get the same results. When I open Adobe Reader, it opens with a gray screen, then closes. Regardless if I click a PDF file of the file or open it an icon, it's always the same result. I can open these files with Adobe Reader version 9 (on another computer). I am running Windows 7.

    How can I get a copy of Adobe 9 to try it?

    Try this: use Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader, and then double-click Eula.exe and accept the license agreement.

    If you want to return to Reader 9.x, uninstall the XI player and download the installer from

  • my printer hp deskjet 3050 a does not analyze pdf files, nor the icon brings scanner options

    I was able to scan always. Even last night. Today when I tried to scan and click the icon that shows how I was to scan, Pdf? E-mail? JPEG, disappeared. The only options that come here are "see whats printing" "set preferences" and "customize your printer. All those who have nothing I need. I need this document to scan (it goes when I hit the scan from the printer, but it makes it just a picture) any help regarding why this icon suddenly stopped with my options?

    Try using the latest version of the software. I'll link to you below. Who must give you all options. Let me know what happens.

    HP Deskjet full feature software and drivers

  • (El Capitan) does NOT display PDF files

    Since the installation of El Capitan... stop work, just show blank pages... all 'other' pdf viewers work on my mac... but not the Viewer System.

    I saw another reference to this question on this forum... thought it would be a little to be big problem...

    Thank you

    Please, back up all data. Leave the preview runs.

    Hold down the option key and select go ▹ library in the Finder menu bar. In the library folder, delete the following, if they exist:


    Containers/com. Apple.QuickLook.UI.Helper

    Group Containers/



    State/ request registered

    Sign out and then sign back in. Launch the application and test.

  • New Adobe 11 does not open pdf files?

    I have access to a file on the internet which is an adobe pdf, and then downloads that the download bar rises he finished but doesn't always open I wait and wait for nothing. then I found the link copy open Adobe reader from my desktop, click on the open file and paste the link I've been tring to read in there and opens the file? I never had a problem like this before with adobe so I even downloaded the latest update again and said that she still had the same problem, I even used the option to repair in adobe and have always had the same result.

    PS I also talked to a co-worker who has a simular problem now also with the new adobe he is a programmer and write too.

    [removed email address]

    So if I understand this, you click on a PDF link and it will download the PDF instead of opening in the browser? Or do you prefer to download and open in the player and it downloads only?

  • update of the dc Acrobat reader does not open pdf files, files even recently published on Government websites. All the failure AR DC experience?

    Someone else knows failure to update Acrobat reader DC?

    No, just download as I said. Use the PDF toolbar on screen to save it instead.

  • My HP Photosmart C4280 all-in-One printer does not print PDF files. I use Windows 7 SP1.

    My C4280 printer does not print PDF files. Cannot understand it.

    I fixed the problem by uninstalling the printer, then re-install. That seemed to do the trick. Thanks for your help though.

  • printer does not print Pdf files

    as above, computer then presents the pdf text, but I can't print sheets in the printer I need (brother dcp - 117c) any help appreciated

    Hi pcmcgarry,

    (a) this only happens with PDF files?  Do you get specific error messages?

    (b) are you able to print PDF files online?

    To determine the cause of the printing problem, I suggest you try the following steps:

    Step 1: Print another PDF file, such as the first page of Acrobat Help:

    If that file prints correctly, the PDF file that does not print properly may be damaged.

    If the file prints correctly, go to step 2.

    Step 2: Print another type of file (for example, a .txt file) from another application.

    If that file prints correctly, the problem is not systemic - specific to the Acrobat product. However, the way Acrobat interacts with the system may affect printing performance.

    Go to step 3 to eliminate some causes related to the system of the problem.

    The problem may be system resources low, not enough memory on your printer, or a bad connection between your computer and the printer.

    Step 3: Restart your computer and then print a PDF file:

    If the file prints correctly, your system may have been out of memory or resources.

    If the file prints correctly, go to step 4.

    Step 4: Turn off your printer for at least 15 seconds to clear the memory, then turn it back on and print a PDF file:

    If the file prints correctly, the printer's memory was too full.

    See the link below for more information:

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

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  • My HP DJ1050 does not print pdf files

    My HP DJ 1050 PRINT SCANNER COPIER - does not print .pdf files

    I've seen this before changing your printer properties for 'print picture' where worked with PDF files.

    I hope this helps.

  • Unable to print pdf files in acrobat.  Acrobat makes me save as, but still does not print the doc.  any printer.  have the latest version of the CD player

    Unable to print pdf files in acrobat.  Acrobat makes me ' Save as ', but still does not print the doc.  any printer.  have the latest version of the CD player

    It doesn't matter if the file has been scanned or created in MS word.  regardless if it is single or double sided.   However, I can print the document in the application of Amicus Attorney, that makes me think it's a matter of acrobat...

    Clear the PRINT TO FILE option in Acrobat.

  • HP Envy 4524: Printer PDF files print does not correctly

    I have two files: a jpeg and a single pdf, card, size A4.  They look identical when displayed on the screen, but when I print, the jpeg format is perfect and the pdf smear through it. This is a new printer and I had no such problem on my previous HP Photosmart 6510. Any ideas?

    Hello @pamhans, greetings!

    Welcome to the HP Forum! It is a wonderful location to converse with the community, get help and advice.

    I understand that you are having problems when printing an image in PDF format. I would like to help with that.

    First of all, I would like to know the app that you use to open / print PDF files. You use "Adobe reader" or another application?

    If you do not use the Adobe reader software, please install Adobe reader, and then try to print the pdf image.

    If you already use Adobe reader software, follow the steps below:

    1. try the option "Print as image":

    • Choose file > print and then click Advanced.
    • Select print as Image.
    • Click OK to close the Advanced Print Setup dialog box, and then click OK to print.

    2. install the last update:

    • Open Acrobat or Reader.
    • Choose Help > check for updates. If a new update is available, it installs automatically.
    • Once installed, restart your computer.
    • Print the PDF again.

    In addition, please go through the steps here:

    Please let me know if that solves the problem, or if you need assistance

    See you soon

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