NB100 - what are the settings in the displays and graphics

I decided to try to plug my monitor for my NB100 and messed up the settings on the page of graphics and screens. This seems to have had an effect on the last screen of boot of Ubuntu and the Netbook Office, which now runs very slow! The classic Office seems to work very well.

Could you get it someone please let me know all of their parameters in the Applications-> other-> dialog graphics and screens.

Also, I will have no joy, what makes a recovery from USB. I made a .iso on the recovery disc and put it on the NB100 HD. When I run unetbootin it runs a few seconds and does not all the files on the USB key. Any ideas anyone?


Mike Merci for the link. :)

Tags: Toshiba

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    First question: what are the advantages and disadvantages of using iCloud drive (or other Cloud services) compared with iTunes Match against Solid State external hard drive etc to store my songs iTunes, playlists, ratings etc?

    Please let me know what are the alternatives for storage of my songs, playlists, song etc. other than iTunes game ratings ($ 24.99 / year)?  Is there a way to store all my songs with my song ratings, playlists, etc. with a CD song quality? Most of my (currently 130 GB) songs on my computer are CD quality that I prefer to keep as well as my notes of each song (i.e. 5 * vs. 4 * etc.), playlists, groups (music, classical, popular, country etc.).  What are the advantages and disadvantages to store my iTunes songs while CD quality with my personal notes, reading lists, groupings in the cloud?  ICloud of Apple Drive ($ 2.99 per month or $36 / year for 200 GB) would be the best way to automatically update and maintain my rankings iTunes personal including the future editions of the song etc or using Amazon, IBM, Microsoft etc cloud or an external hard drive SSD would work as well and maybe cheaper?  I currently have my iTunes on a PC of 2007 with vista (I use a 1 8T Western Digital external upward by car for my personal info all over HP, songs, photos etc. which is currently close to 170 GB) but also have an Apple i-phone 6 & I Air cushion.  Although I did not need to have all of my music with all their sides, etc. available on all of my devices at all times as iTunes game, I still would have easy access to information on both my PC and my iPhone or iPad?  Thank you.

    In my opinion?

    I back up my data to an external drive for several reasons.  The first is my data - if I put on the cloud, someone else has control over it, they can see what I have and change the preferences to what they see of marketing.

    Almost as important as that - if I had to rely on the cloud whenever I wanted to update my playlists on my phone, I need a better internet connection I have now (working at sea).  To get the best out of the cloud, you need a solid link to home, work or mobile.

    As a spin-off - I hate the fact that Apple take away a feature in their software updates and then allow an app to be sold in their store to replace this feature - or worse still, some features that were available before the updates are now "cloud only."  And Yes - you have to pay for the cloud.  I like most of the people do not appreciate the 'accomplished fact. "

    From the back of the external hard drive ASI downside, is that to be safe, you need to store outside in a separate computer place.  If keep you them together, if one is lost, probably, they are both.  That is to say for me a full backup before you travel, then a new upward as soon as I go home.  Downside is how much data may be lost between the two back ups if I needed to restore.  For me, its worth the risk.  If I was away and say had bought a ton of new music and couldn't go home anytime soon, I can always head to the store and buy a new external drive, they are massively expensive.  Even if my computer has to go for repair and my remote is to halfway around the world - I want to buy a new one.

    Now, some will say that once you buy a new external, you spend more than you would on a cloud subscription.  It's true, but in the 6 years following the purchase of Mac that I've only had to buy a new external once - so with a little luck and planning - it works.

    I left took well - I am not a subscriber of cloud, nor do I want to be.

  • Development of pilots WEC2013 SDHC - what are the registry and setting of the catalog

    Development of pilots WEC2013 SDHC - what are the registry and setting of the catalog

    We are the WEC2013 portage for a controller ARM. The operating system works very well.
    We have made our development using SYSGEN_FSREGRAM and SYSGEN_FSRAMROM.
    We are now developing driver SD card. We have helped in SYSGEN_SD_MEMORY, SYSGEN_SDBUS, SYSGEN_SDHC_STANDARD, and FAT in the catalog items for SD card.

    We did our sdhc.dll to our platform.

    We get the following error,

    PID:00400002 TID:004 B 0006 + SHC_IOControl (0xa5838f80, 0x00071c24, 0 x 00000000, 0, 0xac67fc70, 16, 0xac67f928)
    PID:00400002 TID:004 B 0006-SHC_IOControl(rc = 0)
    PID:00400002 TID:004 B 0006 FSDMGR! MountStore: Failed to open store "SHC1;: error = 31

    Can we do something else?

    This issue is beyond the scope of this site and must be placed on Technet or MSDN



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    Windows 7 security enhancements
    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd548337 (WS.10) .aspx

    Windows 7 security enhancements

    Steve Riley discusses the security features of Windows 7 to the RSA

    Windows 7: explore new and improved security features

    Windows 7: security and Protection
    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd571075 (WS.10) .aspx

    A Guide to Windows 7 security

    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a microsoft Windows account 8?

    I don't think course after my hotmail was hacked twice, what are the pros and cons of this feature on windows 8?

    See http://blogs.msdn.com/b/b8/archive/2011/09/26/signing-in-to-windows-8-with-a-windows-live-id.aspx

  • What are the issues and how can I put the documents in the files?

    As usual; Oracle is absolutely horrible in providing any kind of basic instructions on the use of the products.

    I need to upload files to a structure (don't care if it's collections, folders, or in mason jars as long as it works) and be able version them and seize those I want.

    I managed to get a variety of things to work with the genericSoapService (cannot use the API in accordance with local policy), but everything I check in goes in (don't know where)

    I don't think I'm even asking the right questions because my web researchers increase irrelevant results.

    What are the issues and how can I put the documents in the files?

    I created a few files like this:

    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:ucm="http://www.oracle.com/UCM">
    <GenericRequest xmlns="http://www.oracle.com/UCM" webKey="cs">
    <Service IdcService="FLD_CREATE_FOLDER">
    <Field name="fParentGUID">C976021E28DD8B26FB2D437B5BF56B7F</Field>
    <Field name="fPath">/RAFT/Appraisals/</Field>
    <Field name="fFolderName">0111234567</Field>
    <Field name="fSecurityGroup">RAFT_ADMINGrp</Field>

    Here's a sample call:

    The virtual path is/Appraisals/0111234567 /.

    The GUID for this folder is CBF8EF9C59F8A6C84EB31C68F0903399

    I see the reference to xCollectionID when I look for answers, but the data is not available for me (see the output below)

    When I run this it stores the file but the file does not appear in the folder.

    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:ucm="http://www.oracle.com/UCM">
    <GenericRequest xmlns="http://www.oracle.com/UCM" webKey="cs">
    <Service IdcService="CHECKIN_UNIVERSAL">
    <Field name="fFolderGUID">CBF8EF9C59F8A6C84EB31C68F0903399</Field>
    <Field name="dDocType">Document</Field>
    <Field name="dSecurityGroup">Public</Field>
    <Field name="dDocAccount"/>
    <Field name="dSecurityGroup">RAFT_ADMINGrp</Field>
    <Field name="xFHACaseNumber">0111234567</Field>
    <Field name="xFHADocumentType">Appraisal</Field>
    <Field name="dDocTitle">tuesday2document.txt</Field>
    <File name="primaryFile" href="whereami.txt">


    <env:Envelope xmlns:env="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
          <ns2:GenericResponse xmlns:ns2="http://www.oracle.com/UCM">
             <ns2:Service IdcService="CHECKIN_UNIVERSAL">
                   <ns2:Field name="reserveLocation">false</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="IdcService">CHECKIN_UNIVERSAL</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dSecurityGroup">RAFT_ADMINGrp</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dpTriggerField">xIdcProfile</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocType">Document</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionErr"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xPartitionId:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWebFlag"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocCreator">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocAccount"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xClbraUserList"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dLocation"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCPageId:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dWebExtension">txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isNew">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="IsQueryObjectPersistent"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCTags"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="LockedContents1">dDocName:WCC_Cluster-001208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dClbraName"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dCreateDate">10/7/14 8:58 AM</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xClbraAliasList"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dActionMillis">72487502</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="StatusMessage">Successfully checked in content item 'WCC_CLUSTER-001208'.</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dIsPrimary">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isInfoOnly"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dActionDate">10/7/14 8:58 AM</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCPageId"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xLibraryGUID:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocID">1216</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dPublishState"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xFHACaseNumber">0111234567</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="doSorting">0</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="primaryFile">whereami.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRevisionID">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xExternalDataSet"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionFunction">determineCheckin</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="UseForwardOnlyCursor"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="noDocLock">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dID">1208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCTags:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xPartitionId"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xComments:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dInDate">10/7/14 8:58 AM</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocOwner">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dUser">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isDocProfileUsed">true</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionParams"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dpEvent">OnImport</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xExternalDataSet:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocLastModifier">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="DocExists"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dConversion">PassThru</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="StatusCode">0</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xStorageRule:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dStatus">DONE</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dOriginalName">whereami.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRevClassID">1208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="idcToken"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRevLabel">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocName">WCC_CLUSTER-001208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCWorkflowApproverUserList:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xStorageRule">webasset</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="localizedForResponse">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dPublishType"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="fFolderGUID">CBF8EF9C59F8A6C84EB31C68F0903399</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dFormat">text/plain</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionType">3</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocTitle">tuesday2document.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dpAction">CheckinNew</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="primaryFile:path">/opt/oracle/work/wcc_cluster/ucm/cs/vault/~temp/1963032402.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="refreshMonikers"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCWorkflowAssignment"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="isEditMode">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="refreshSubMonikers"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xFHADocumentType">Appraisal</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="changedMonikers"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRevRank">0</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="StorageRule">webasset</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCWorkflowApproverUserList"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xComments"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dAction">Checkin</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isDocProfileDone">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWebFlag:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRawDocID">1215</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xLibraryGUID"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="StatusMessageKey">!csServiceStatusMessage_checkin,WCC_CLUSTER-001208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xIdcProfile:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dWorkflowState"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dProcessingState">Y</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocCreatedDate">{ts '2014-10-07 08:58:07.482'}</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocAuthor">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dOutDate"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dIsWebFormat">0</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionFlags">12</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isCheckin">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="RenditionId">webViewableFile</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dExtension">txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="VaultfilePath">/opt/oracle/work/wcc_cluster/ucm/cs/vault/~temp/1963032402.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="prevReleaseState"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="isStatusChanged">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dReleaseState">N</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dWebOriginalName">WCC_CLUSTER-001208~1.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCWorkflowAssignment:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocLastModifiedDate">{ts '2014-10-07 08:58:07.482'}</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dFileSize">19</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xIdcProfile"/>


    Replace fFolderGUID by fParentGUID

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages about installing vSphere 5 on USB

    I am having trouble to make the iscsi boot and mused with a temporary workaround.
    I want to install vSphere 5 on a USB key, boot on USB and when all the problems with boot iscsi are resolved, use vMotion to migrate the virtual machine to another ESX host.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages regaring USB-install?

    Maybe it's even better that run start iscsi.


    We have no difference between USB install and install ESXi on hard drive. all functions and features are the same. You have following additional configuration on USB Installer if necessary

    -Remote Syslog configuration

    -Netdump configuration or change the coredump on hard drive partition by creating additional VMKcore on hard drive.

    -Try to use the qualified USB key (refer to the hardware vendor documentation).

    Not looking for any specific limitation other than mentioned above.

    Thank you


  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two "listener: Dynamic &amp; static record.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of dynamic registration of the listener?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of the static recording of the listener?

    Thank you

    Some facilities (for example, restart with the Data Guard Broker) will not work unless you appropriate defne registered staticly service. Other facilities (failover of such service) do not work unless you use a dynamically registered service.
    Decide what you want to implement and configure registration accordingly. There is no "advantages and disadvantages".

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages on running MSCS on ESX?

    We are looking to set up a file server which will be on ESX MSCS... What are the advantages and disadvantages on the execution of the MSCS on VMware?

    a few drawbacks:

    -a higher price of the MS license, since you need an Enterprise edition

    -more management and complexity to run a MSCS compared to for example 2 member servers (RDM s, networks,...)

    some pros:

    -greater availability than HA and pi

    -a host crash or crash OS comments is treated without much downtime

    -Windows updates can be made without interruption of service


  • What are the advantage and disadvantage for Standy physical and logical standby


    What are the advantage and disadvantage for Standy physical and logical standby configuration?

    Thank you

    Just to add the open text of Vihang Astik that for physical standby, with 11g you can now have the database read write (new features).

  • What are the difference and relationship between automatic update optimizer...

    What are the difference and relations between optimizer automatic update and Automatic Setup SQL?
    In my opinion, they are the same.

    Nothing! ATO is used when you call the STA to grant any question. The STA is nothing else than an API to the ATO.


  • What are the advantages and disadvantages for the largest block size and

    What are the advantages and disadvantages for the largest and the smallest block size block size?

    Smaller size of block

    Relatively large GoodHas air space due to metadata
    (i.e. block the header).
    Not recommended for the outline. He could only
    be stored for each block, or worse, a few lines line
    If one line does not fit into a block, for small lines with a lot of chance of chaining
    Reduced block contention.
    A relatively large air space due to metadata
    (i.e. block the header).
    Not recommended for the outline. He could only
    be stored for each block, or worse, a few lines line
    If one line does not fit into a block of chaining.

    Larger size of block

    Lower overhead, so there is more
    room to store the data.
    Allowed to read a number of lines in
    the buffer with a single I/o cache
    (according to the size of line and block size).
    Good for very large or sequential access
    lines (for example, LOB data).
    Waste of space in the buffer cache, if you
    random access to small lines and have a large block
    size. For example, with a size of 8 KB block and 50
    size byte of the line, you will lose 7 950 bytes in the buffer
    When you make a random access cache.
    Not good for the index used in an OLTP blocks
    environment, as they increase the claim to block
    on the leaves of index blocks.

  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of shredding MFT space?

    Original title: MFT Shreading

    Can someone tell me the advantages and disadvantages of shredding space free MFT, I heard a lot of different accounts of the benefits to do so.


    Grate way to remove a file or folder completely so that it cannot be recovered.

    The reason why we need to destroy unused disk space, is that when you delete a file from your hard drive, it does not get deleted from your drive hard data from the index to the file system entry is deleted. And the space that is occupied by these data is marked as free and made available for the storage of new data on it. But it is that deleted data still there exist on your hard drive physically.

    If you have deleted your data sensitive hard drive, which is secret, then it is advisable to opt for the destruction of unused disk space where the deleted data are hidden. By doing so, you can achieve the security and confidentiality of your data. What are the advantages, disadvantages could be that if you grate a folder and go back, you only may not be able to that it will be gone forever. He must be careful that crush us.

    For more information, please see the link below:

    Master file table


    I hope this helps. Get back to us if you have any additional questions.

  • For Windows 7, what are the locations and names of the circles of the game 'Architecture' of circles?

    I'm looking forward to know the places and possibly the names of structures in all of the backgrounds shown after right click on the home screen and select 'Customize' and selecting 'The Architecture' photoset.

    Some info about it here:

  • Import the audio... What are the advantages and disadvantages for the import drag vs click on the box?

    It is perhaps an obvious question for most, but I was wondering is there a preference there for importing audio to slide vs click box? I am audio importer at each of my slides, but before I get to deep into it, I was hoping that someone could clarify this point?

    Basically there is the audio option in the menu tab or the audio add on the property box. They seem to do the same thing, but is there a difference? I feel like I may be missing something obvious and don't want to have to go back and correct if I chose the wrong option.

    Thank you in advance.


    Objects have any defined transition?  If so, try to set without transition and see if it appears.

    In addition, check what invisible objects layers are on.  They can appear in another object.  I have found that sometimes Cp will show the object as being on a top layer, even if it is not.  If you select the object and use the toolbar option to place at the front, which can sometimes be displayed not correctly, even if his diaper doesn't seem to change.

Maybe you are looking for

  • cannot change the phone number of the bunch of code - it *.

    Decided to backup Keychain in iCloud. Original installation of iCloud is now a deceased # phone. (Apple HT only concern a) several device, and/or IOS) b. I don't use iPhone (and fewer people are) and can not find a way to update the telephone number

  • alarm number of calendar

    Can I do a cell causes an alarm in the calendar?

  • Satellite Pro A10 missing CD player

    Recently, when I booted up my laptop I noticed a #1 ERROR IDE, I wasn't sure what it was so I ignored it. Went to start my computer cd player. As it happened I used the backup CD to restore the computer but the drive does not appear in Windows. This

  • HP Envy 4502: Installation

    I can't install the info on the HP disc function does not work on my laptop. Download the details by the way?

  • RRAS issues! -Unable to connect to the VPN users,

    original title: RRAS issues! Hi all, I have some real issues with my RRAS VPN. All of a sudden the users are randomly cannot connect to the VPN. Making mistakes like 619 800 and so on. I activated the GRE (once the problem starts) checked to see if t