need Photos of iMovie - explanation

Hi all

im hoping someone can explain the behavior of photos in Imovie...

I have a Macbook Pro and I created an album on photos called any vacation 1500 of my pictures/videos. My Mac is configured to record the full versions.

Ive then went into iMovie (Mac) to create a movie of my holiday, but when I go into my 'holiday' album he sees only 500 or more. Why is this? I thought that he had read the photos/videos from my drive hard mac this is not the case?  Is it because iphotos has not downloaded all the photos and movies on iCloud yet? I assumed that because I imported in the photos on my mac and I can see all the photos that they would all appear automatically in iMovie to use.

I hope I think, basically, I want to see all movies/photos in the iPhoto album in my album of iMovie.

Thanks in advance

and I created an album called vacation pictures and imported my photos/videos 1500. My Mac is configured to record the full versions.

Album?  Do you mean that you have created a library of Photos called "vacation"?

iMovie should show you all the photos in your photo library in the system.

Is the library of holiday pictures activated as your system photo library in pictures preferences > General?  'Use as a Photo library system' should be greyed out.

After you import photos, the will need time to create previews for the media browser. You can simply keep the pictures running that slightly longer wile you are not using, to complete the rendering of previews.

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    iMovie ' 08 has not been updated to be fully compatible with El Capitan. It cannot display the photo library.

    If you want to use the media to your Photos library iMovie 10.1.2 update browser.

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    Thank you

    Hi davidj123,

    It is very easy to import your videos and photos into iMovie! Please, check this link for the import of the steps. iMovie (2013): import of iPad, iPhone or iPod touch If you experience any problems during the import of some files, you can use this link to untangle.

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    These tips should have to you using your Webcam Live pictures taken on your iOS device into your iMovie in no time projects. Please use the Apple support communities to report your problem/question.

    Have a great day.

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    Hi, AppleHatesMyName,

    The iMovie version you are using is not fully compatible with El Capitan.  Problems like the one you mentioned frequently have been reported.

    There is no solution for it.  Your solution is upgraded to the current version, iMovie 10.1.2.


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    Hi, jhskyline,

    To change the length (duration) of a photo in iMovie 10.1.1 (latest version), select the photo in the timeline panel, and then click the Info button in the toolbar at the top of your screen.  It is one that has an 'i' with a circle around it.   On the right, you will see a box of duration.  Type in the length you want and press return on your keyboard.

    Another way is to expand the line of time slightly with the cursor located above the timeline and right next to the settings button.  Then, you can select the photo and drag his edge to extend.

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    You are using an older version of iMovie?  Only version 10.1.1 or later handles still photos correctly under El Capitan.


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    Thank you

    Sounds like you are doing right, but it is a bug that prevents you to access the file. Could be a thing of memory system or compatibility with a particular file.  You can let the developers know here:

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    You can simply cut the video and press the sign at the bottom right there will be the drop on the line or you can drag and drop where you want to on the timeline... hope this helps.

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    If you want to continue to do so, create a separate film project in iMovie and include only the photos you want to overlay in your original project (essentially make a slide show and do not forget to disable Ken Burns or set appropriately for each photo). When you are satisfied, export this movie to the film. Now in your original project, open the media browser, locate the slide show of your creation and touch. Tap the three dots (...) and select the type of desired coating (flayed, pip, or side by side).

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    Here is a screenshot of what I had dealt with.

    Please help if anyone has the answers!

    Posters have had success by opening the pictures before launch iMovie. Then photo library appears in your library list. These positions are for most users of 10.1.1 so not sure about 10.1.

  • Edit photo in iMovie

    iMovie 11. .  what I want to do is to temporarily remove or copy a photo from a project, EDIT THE PHOTO and then put back where it was, without affecting the timing of the video or the resolution of the photo itself.   I have some of this photos in this project.  When I try to drag the picture on the video, nothing happens, only get options for editing in iMovie, and none of the info 'aid' seems to cover it.  Any ideas appreciated.

    Thank you

    Let the photo in place.  Change the original in some application that you then use frag and drop the file on top of the current photo in the timeline panel.  A menu appears as below:

    Choose replace from the beginning and the new picture will replace the old and will have the same length of time.

    I don't remember if it works in iMovie version 9 (I do not have more) but that is what happens in version 10.1.1


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