Need the drivers Windows XP for Satellite 1400-103


as I said in the topic I'm looking for drivers XP for Toshiba Satellite 1400-103, part number: PS140E-03CSQ

I searched for a few days for this and found that LAN driver on the Web site of intel... On the site Web of Toshiba laptop model does not yet exist in the drivers download page...

Can someone help me please?


Satellite 1400-103 is an oldie and so XP drivers have been moved to the archive.

You choose the page pilot European Toshiba and need to look for in:

* Archives-> Satellite-> Satellite 14xx-> Satellite 1400-103 *.

Good bye

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    Windows 7 normally contains the necessary drivers and if not, you can take the Windows Vista drivers on the Toshiba site. Most of them also work on Windows 7.

    In addition, on the Toshiba page we you can find some beta drivers for Windows 7. Maybe they work for you.
    Check this box and post your result. I think that it s interesting for other users too.

    Good bye

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    Thx for the help


    Windows XP edition drivers family for different models of laptops A210 is the very current theme and before posting something you can check search option to see if there is some existing similar thread.

    By using this option, I found this

    Check it out!

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    Look at the bottom of your laptop for PSAAxxxx letters. If it's PSAANE, then the drivers are for the PSAA8xx model, as for the PSAARE model, it has PSAA9xx... Try it, it works for me. It has the same sumptuous.

  • Need the drivers Windows XP for my Satellite A135-S2326

    Can Hey, someone help me with this?

    Download Center only for Windows 7 drivers

    I put t know how help this model of laptop is not taken in charge for Windows XP Home edition.

    You need to check if there is a similar model supported for Windows XP Home edition and try to use offered drivers of Windows XP Home edition. This model is similar to the European model Satellite A100 - 232 (PSAA2E). This model has the same ATI graphics card, so you can try to use the drivers for WXP model supported.

    All the drivers, that you can find on Use option archive to find. I hope this will help you.

    By the way: If Win7 works perfect on this old model of laptop why use Windows XP Home edition.

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    I think I found the site for M6 INTEL...  Please note the link below & LC = on & CC = US & DLC = in & sw_lang = & Product = 5287956 #n264

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    F30 drivers work?


    I m afraid. Toshiba will not publish for F20 Vista drivers at this moment :(

    You know the knowledge base of Toshiba? You can find it on the home page of the Toshiba support.
    However, I studied a bit in this base and found this article:
    Microsoft Windows Vista Driver Support for Toshiba laptops models

    There are several series of laptops listed, but unfortunately not a Qosmio F20 :(

    However, the G20 is also not listed in this list, but some G20 here in the forum users have managed to reinstall Vista and additional drivers.
    Try it.

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    According to HP, they offer no drivers for Windows 7, but in many cases the driver for Vista works on Win 7, then you can try this. If you have 64-bit Windows 7, then download Vista(64-bit), if you have 32-bit Windows 7, download Vista.

    The drivers can be found here.

  • Need drivers Windows XP for Satellite P300-037.

    I have laptop satellite P300-037 n to install windows xp.
    I need the drivers for this model of windows XP operating syatem.

    Check the bottom of the unit.
    Is there a serial number?
    Satellite P300-037 is belongs to the PSPC0C?

    If yes then it is a Canadian mobile phone model and you need to find the drivers on the site Web of Canadian XP driver Toshiba

  • Drivers Windows XP for Satellite L650 - 1 M 6 installation sequence


    I bought laptop Satellite L650 - 1 M 6, but without an operating system installed.
    Then I installed Windows XP.
    But I do not know the sequence of CORRECT installation of Windows XP for Satellite L650 - 1 M 6 drivers.
    The drivers have been downloaded here

    QUESTION: What is the CORRECT SEQUENCE to install the drivers for Windows XP on the laptop Satellite L650 - 1 M 6?

    Thanks to adnance!

    The downloaded drivers are:
    (1) assist
    (2) update the BIOS
    (3) Bluetooth Monitor
    (4) Bluetooth stack
    (5) Bulletin Board of
    (6) assistant Bulletin Board of
    (7) card reader controller
    (8) utility, ChipSet
    (9) Sales Manager
    (10) common module
    (11) Config Free
    (12) controls of
    (13) display driver
    (14) DVD player
    (15) Eco Utility
    (16) facial recognition
    (17) hardware configuration
    (18) HDD Protection Utility
    (19) AlertUtility SSD HARD drive
    (20) Hotkey Utility
    (21) EngineInterface of Intel management
    (22) driver LAN
    (23) Media Controller
    (24) Media controller Plug-ln
    (25) modem driver
    (26) device registry tool network ID
    (27) information product online
    (28) PC Diagnostic tool
    (29) PC Health Monitor
    (30) play Ready PC Runtime
    (31) power Saver
    (32) rapid Storage Technology driver
    (33) patch recovery
    (34) real time
    (35) registry patch
    (36) gas station of
    (37) smooth view
    (38) sound Driver
    (39) supervisor password utility
    (40) TEMPRO
    (41) touch Pad Driver
    (42) start-stop of touchpad utility
    (43) the mode technology
    (44) public services
    (45) value Added Package
    (46) Webcam driver
    (47) Lan Wireless driver


    Order to install right WXP for your laptop model is as follows:

    Windows XP Sp3
    Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
    Realtek 6.1.7600.30111 card reader
    SW Chipset installation utility
    Intel Management Engine Interface
    Driver Intel Rapid Storage Technology
    Display driver
    Driver Intel Turbo Boost Technology
    Conexant Audio Driver
    ATI HDMI Audio Driver
    Atheros LAN Driver
    Battery Bluetooth for Windows by Toshiba v7.10.12 (T)
    TOSHIBA Software Modem 2.1.77 (SM2177ALD07)
    Conexant Modem driver
    Wireless LAN driver
    ConfigFree 5.90.18
    Common module TOSHIBA v1.0.0.6
    TOSHIBA Power Saver 7.06.00.U
    TOSHIBA Hotkey Utility v1.0.0.1
    TOSHIBA v3.37.4300 controls
    Utilities TOSHIBA V1.0.0.3
    Utility TouchPad On_Off v1.0.0.1
    TOSHIBA HDD Protection
    Smooth view TOSHIBA

    According to your list, you also downloaded stuff from Win7.
    For example: where did you find package of added value for WXP?

    Please be careful with this stuff.

  • Display for Satellite 1400-103 driver


    I need a driver windows xp to a satellite 1400-103. I have searched the archives but does, can someone help. Thank you


    I can't believe that.
    I checked the page European driver of Toshiba and looked in the Archive and found Satellite 1400-103 and the display drivers for Win2k and Win XP.

    Win XP driver is a Trident v 6.4022.

    Good bye

  • Need drivers Windows XP for Satellite A205-S5851

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A205-S5851 with Windows Vista Home Edition... I want to fresh install win xp. but I don't have driver CD. So I searched and found this link 593 & os = & ct = DL & selFamily = 1073768663

    but I couldn't find any video or sound, and lan drivers for xp... my question is, in any other place where I can get it? or a set of software driver required for this model Toshiba satellite A205-S5851, something like a pack of CD... UUST as the original CD but for XP. ?

    and... What are the key drivers that I need to do my best work laptop. like sound, video, chipset, lan, wireless lan. .. all others. ???

    Thank you

    Of course, your laptop model is not fully supported for Windows XP Home edition.
    Another place for drivers? There's no other place where you can find the drivers for your laptop model. You have the laptop model US and it will appear on American support page only.

    What you can do is compare the material on your laptops and trying to find the similar model, but fully taken WXP supported and use these drivers.
    If you do not find the only drivers so you won't find any plan because your laptop is not supported for Windows XP Home edition.

    Yes, for an optimal working, you driver touchpad, audio driver, chipset, LAN/WLAN driver, driver video driver. S, I think, the minimum on the drivers that must be installed for optimal work.

  • Need drivers Windows XP for Satellite A200 - 19L (PSAEC)

    Can someone help me to findout a valid link to download all the drivers for my laptop SATELLITE A200 - 19L.
    Its preloaded with windows vista and I need to change it to windows xp.
    I can't findout even those of the toshiba Web site.
    So can u?

    Any help would be much appreciated...

    Thank you


    I have the same problem, did you find out where to find the XP drivers?


  • Need drivers Windows XP for Satellite A135-S7404

    Hi I have a satellite A135 and need drivers for XP.
    Where can I find out who...

    Thanks nicklas


    I imagine that your Satellite is a portable American model and you can try to find the drivers on

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    I need Windows 7 drivers for my Commander strategic SideWinder

    In my view, it was VERY difficult to download the driver directly from
    so I share another link.

    I successfully installed the drivers from this site

    the owner of the web said on
    "Okay, I finally found a copy thank you guys (sarcasm) that others can download it." I put it on my site. Oh and if you author wants to software consider too low to me feel free to shoot me an email thank you. »

    This version works on my Win 7 64 bit computer.

    I also posted on my personal site so more people can use it.

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