No menu or the toolbar at the top of the page, try screw up firefox and download the new version, still no menu or toolbar

I have google as my default homepage on my Mac. This morning when I opened Firefox Google home page fills the entire page, there is no menu or toolbar at the top of the page. I tried to click on F11 but it fills just the search bar with an f. I tried right clicking and clicking on 'ESC' but which does nothing. I tried to screw up my version of Firefox and download a new version, but when I opened it, it opened to the Google home page and there's still once a menu or toolbar. I did not restart my computer once I downloaded the new version of Firefox. I'll try that right now.

On Mac, command + shift + f should also switch between normal view and full screen.

Another method that may work is to drag the pointer of the mouse completely to the top of the screen. If the tab slides to the bottom bar, you can right click (Ctrl + click?) an empty area of the top (or right click on the button '+') and you should get a context menu runs with the option for Mode full-screen output.

Does it work?

Tags: Firefox

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