No sound after installing geforce 210 in hp pavilion a1430n video card

I saw the notice on the change of device settings audio bios auto activated, but there is no audio device options in the bios of this model.

Control Panel > sound indicates 'no audio devices installed.

I installed this new geforce 210 video card (in addition to the current GeForce 6200) in order to support the 3 monitors. I have a Geforce 5200 FX installed for this purpose, but he died. The new 210 has HDMI output. Some of the responses in this forum of credit as part of the problem.

I just need audio on the helmet of the computer - do not use any external audio speakers, monitors, etc.

There is a long list IN Manager devices under sound, video and game controllers

Audio codecs

Legacy Audio drivers

Legacy video Capture devices

Media control devices

4 Audio inputs from NVIDIA High Definition - where all appear to be identical properties

Video codecs

Show all working properly

Any help or advice greatly appreciated

E of T



Install a new video card can disable the sound chip edge check so what follows.

Shut down the PC. Tap here to f10 as soon as you press the power button to access the Bios Menu - option is probably under the Advanced Settings tab.  Look for an Audio titiled "Onboard" entry.  If it shows as disabled, navigate using the arrow keys, press ENTER, use the arrows to select "Enabled" and click on enter again.  Press f10, select 'Yes' or 'Ok' and press on enter to save the change.

Kind regards

DP - K

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    I have a problem with sound after installing Windows 7 on a (PLUA1E) satellite Pro U200. No Win7 audio driver available on the Nordic pilot site. Help, please.


    Hey Buddy,

    Have you already checked the site Web of Toshiba itself?

    I found a driver for Vista 32 bit and Vista drivers most also work on Windows 7 so it s worth a try! :)

  • 3110CT no sound after installing XP Pro

    I am a novice when it comes to laptops, so here's the problem: my 3110 ct no sound after installing XP Pro. Had no noise when I bought it with another operating system, the report says no audio devices installed.

    Does this mean that I have to make a chip for laptop or a driver, I need & where can I find the driver or the part for this.

    Help, please.

    Usually, if the audio driver is not installed you will get no sound, but also a yellow exclamation point must appear in Device Manager.

    If the sound card chip is damage, I imagine that you will not be able to see the yellow exclamation point belonging to the sound card in Device Manager.

    You bought this Portege as a second hand unit. Am I wrong?
    So maybe the sound card is faulty.

    The computer uses an ES1978 ESS (Maestro-2E) and sound chip ES1918.
    Check if you can find an audio driver XP in internet.

  • Satellite A30 - impossible to get a sound after installing XP

    Am not able to get sound after installing XP. Drivers from the Toshiba web site do not help. Does anyone have an idea on this issue. Thank you


    It's old model of laptop, and all pilots must work. I'm sure you make a mistake. On this old notebook, you must install Windows XP Home SP1 edition and after doing this install all patches software, driver chipset, driver and driver sound to the less rated. The sound should work fine.

    If you have laptop model please download the drivers from the EMEA support page

    Good bye

  • Satellite L350D - 12 M PSLE0E - no sound after installing Win XP


    I installed Win XP SP3 on my Tosh laptop.
    I have everything works except the sound.

    We know of a compatible for this model sound card driver in XP.
    I downloaded the bucket full of HD and AC97 Realtek drivers, but none seems not to work.

    I'm really struggling with this one and do not want to go back to Vista.

    Reall any help is appreciated. Robbie.


    I had the same problem with sound after installing XP everything seemed fine but no sound!

    I found a solution;
    You need to install the MS patches; KB835221 and KB888111
    These hotfixes must be installed before installing driver sound!

    But I put t know how it works with SP3. I think that you need to remove the SP3 first and then you could install the patches mentioned.

    However, once the patches have been installed, you must follow with the Realtek HD audio driver installation. The latest driver should be placed also on the Realtek page too.

    Well, in my case it worked so it should work on your laptop too!

  • No sound after installing windows on my hp 620 help 8

    No sound after installing windows on my hp 620 help 8

    I can't find your audio driver on the HP support page, but I was able to locate it, which is the same engine as yours, just the latest version. According to what is listed, it supports Windows 8. Give it a shot and let me know if it works for you.


  • Problems with sound after installing Vista Ultimate SP1 on HP Pavilion Dv4

    I lost sound after installing Vista SP1 Ultimate on my HP Pavilion Dv4... everything was fine before. Help, please.

    Go to the HP support website and search for Windows Vista drivers for your specific model number. Also look for recent updates, even if your PC comes with Windows Vista preinstalled.

    If there are Vista drivers then download to a folder on your hard drive and install all of them, starting with the installation card mother/chipset drivers, then the SATA, LAN, Audio, drivers and other device drivers.

    J W Stuart:

  • No sound after installing windows 7 ultimate.

    I bought a new HARD drive, installed windows 7 ultimate, there is no sound after installing windows7 ultimate.

    When I attach my old HARD drive, windows XP, I get the sound.

    Device Manager shows no error.

    Pls correct me or direct me to over come this problem

    email * address email is removed from the privacy *

    Thank you

    If your computer has problems play a sound, try using the Audio playback problems resolution to solve the problem. For measures and additional information, see o ink below.

    Open the troubleshooting of Audio playback

  • No sound after installing graphics card

    I just installed a sapphire ATI 3850 1gig video card and now I have no sound. I use Vista media and my photo is beautiful and I have a volume control and it read hemi healthy, but even to most top level, it makes no sound. What can I do


    Video card you have a HDMI output? If yes then your computer has probably set your audio device as the default the HDMI output. To make sure which audio device is the default, please follow the following steps.

    1. Click Start

      The collapse of this image enlarge this image

      and then click Control Panel.

    2. Click hardware and sound.
    3. Under sound, click on manage audio devices.
    4. Click on the playback device you want to output sound.
    5. Click on set as default and then click OK.


        Another thing to check is your device manager to see what is listed under "audio, video and game controllers". Please follow the steps bellow to Device Manager.

    1. Click Start

      The collapse of this image enlarge this image

    2. In the search window type "devmgmt.msc".
    3. You should now see the Device Manager window
    4. Expand it please (click the sign '+') ' audio, video and game controllers ".

    Please answer following questions.

    Question No. 1: Is your audio device embedded it listed?

    Question 2:
    if your onboard audio device is not listed then what is listed?

    Question 3:
    if your audio device is onboard listed is something else who is registered?

    Please make sure that you have adequate resources to re - install the drivers if necessary.

    If your onboard audio device is not listed, you can try to uninstall or disable the HDMI driver (as appropriate) by right clicking and select "Uninstall" or "disable". This could help to redo your default audio peripheral edge.

    Please let us know what your progress and any steps you've tried troubleshooting.
    If you have more questions, please let us know.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • HP d530: no sound after installing windows 7

    Help, please:

    My HP d530 sff (DG058A) no sound after that I installed windows 7, I think it is an ADI SoundMax AC97 Integrated Digital Audio Driver. Can you please link me to the driver audio latset.



    You should be able to use the driver Vista support page of your PC.  Install and reboot the PC.

    This package contains the audio driver for the ADI AC97 Digital Audio Controller integrated in the supported desktop models and operating systems. -Provides the initial version of the drivers for desktop models and operating systems supported.


  • HP compaq dc 7900 SFF: no sound after install graphics card

    I have hp compaq dc 7900 Mini PC... After you install the graphics card ati hd 5460 there is no sound in my pc... instead of on-board "audio device high definition AMD there." I use some youtube vedios to solve this problem and there is a solution by allow edge audio in the bios Setup... then I try to enter the installation using F10 but it ask password... then I hit "enter" 3 times and I could not able to enter the bios Setup... in audio device shipped here turn off but I can not change it... I could not change any setting in the Configuration of the bios... so please help me solve this problem.

    You are the very welcome.

    There are two ways you can solve the problem.

    1. remove the rider of green password on the motherboard, following the instructions in the manual that I posted.

    And as I wrote yesterday, if remove the jumper and turn on the PC does not erase the password, then the only other thing you can do is to replace the motherboard by one with no BIOS password set.

    2. install a video card that has no hdmi on the port.  I put a Radeon HD 2400 in my dc7900 SFF.

    This card has only one S-video and DVI port, so the onboard sound is not disabled when you install a card like this.

    Then you can press the yellow button to reset CMOS to restore the integrated audio system.

  • Equium A200-IVO - no sound after installing XP


    Got an Equium A200-IVO which worked on Vista and crashed. Reinstalled Windows XP and got most of the things works but Pascal get any sound. How to load an audio device?

    Tried all the downloads on the techguys site that nothing works.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you


    What version of Windows XP that you have installed?
    I ask this question because the SP3 for XP contains important updates for the sound card drivers, they needed for their work.

    After installing SP3, you can download the audio driver from Toshiba Web site:

    Check this box!

  • Satellite U300-14Z - no sound after installing WIn7

    I have the problem (series Satellite PSU30E) next: laptop computer was Windows XP, who suddenly "fallen" and again once it has not issued (as explained by problem SATA drivers). I installed Windows 7 64 bit, but after installing it turned out that the * Device Manager has no audio device *. I reinstalled the system, is now a Windows7 Ultimate x 86 license.

    All options work, but the sound did not always appear. Installing the drivers doesn't help - * OS still does not see a sound card *. What could be the tools to solve the problem?

    Hi whooz,.

    Is that what you have already installed the audio driver from Toshiba Web site? As far as I know Satellite U300 supports Windows 7 32 bit then an audio driver should be listed and works because readers are pre-tested by Toshiba.

    But it is also important that you install the chipset driver and should be installed first. So start with installing the audio driver.

    Also, try to load the default settings in the BIOS.

  • Re: No sound after install Vista - Tecra M7

    I improved my Tecra M7 to Vista (and then upgraded to Vista SP1) but the computer is no longer plays sounds (no music, no sound system - nothing)

    I installed the latest Realtek HD driver, I have the latest version of the Bios.

    Device Manager indicates that everything is working. "Speaker" icon tells me that his work (the green bar follows the beat of the music)

    The volume & button Mute works - I can't get the "speaker" modifying, turning to the top/bottom/inhibition icon. I tried the headphones in and out.

    I checked the bios if the sound card has been disabled it - but it seems that there is no possibility to change the settings of the sound card in the bios.

    Does anyone have an idea on what I'm doing wrong here?

    Maybe I can help you;

    I read on a sound problem after installation of Vista it happened if XP was preinstalled on your laptop and the mute box was accidentally activated.

    [No sound after upgrading to Windows Vista:]

    Check the Toshiba TSB article tool


  • HP Compaq Presario CQ61 laptop: no sound after installing the Vista SP2

    After installing SP2 on my new laptop, I found, on my version check, he did not mention SP1 as having been installed/added.

    Then I tried to UNINSTALL SP2, or take the computer to a previous restore point, as the problem of "NO SOUND" (confirmed by a small circle of Red containing a white "x" icon of speakers [IDT High Definition Audio CODEC] located at the bottom right of the laptop screen may have been caused by adding SP2 without previously installing SP1)


    I discovered that there is no previous restore point (it's a new laptop) - so I can't RESTORE to AN EARLIER DATE of TIME and I have not the slightest idea how to UNINSTALL SP2 - on windows xp I could have just do it through the CENTER OF CONTROL and ease "Add or remove programs.

    • According to the Sound Devices device manager both work properly i.e. the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC and the Intel(r) High Definition Audio HDMI - although I did not understand why I have two devices here, (maybe cos I tried default return of windowsn na sound?

    I guess I could use the back to factory State cd to get her back, once again on my laptop, but I hope that I don't need to do.

    Any suggestions please, because I feel a frustrated mite.

    Hi teacher Cheryl

    Thanks for your reply.

    However, I cannot locate the page you are talking about.

    I seem to have lost in these areas (see * below)

    It seems to be all kinds of pages to do with the support of drivers, updates, but do not know which one to use to do a download of the update that I seems to require (assuming that I don't already have).

    I found what seems to be the driver of Audio concerned especially for the particular model, but do not know if it is the version of correct i.e.latest of the driver or how to download.

    The details are:-

    "The software and the following drivers are compatible with your product and the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system

    ' Pilot - AudioDateVersionPreviousSize' IDT High-Definition Audio CODEC Driver 04 - 20096.10.6159.0 A ' Version: 21,02'

    Also, when I click on "Open Volume Mixer at the foot of the screen, it says"no audio device is installed"

    * I am new to both Vista and HP Care advise and indeed on the Forum.

Maybe you are looking for

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