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can I install a player blue ray on my computer?

can I install a burner internal blue ray in the expansion Bay on my computer? How would I know if I can do? my pc has quad core cpu 2.8 concerts by heart, 4 gigs of ram and fast everything. Thank you! 

Incomplete LightScribe labels

I have struggled with this problem for some time and cannot understand why labels do not completely print. The labels appear as tasks.  These are not circular rings (if necessary).  For example, a partial label can appear at the bottom of the disc an

Is it possible to copy a CDG with my writer HP DVD Writer 400?

Just as the topic requires?  Can the writer HP DVD Writer 400 read and write subchannel data?

Change DVD player

I need to change the dvd player in my Pavilion 1010z and seeks to the Lite-On iHAS324 DVD 24 on newegg.com.  can someone tell me if it works on my pc?

Error message 1606 could not access network "0,0, Hewlett Packard" location

Hello group,   The message, Error Message 1606 object, could access the network location "0,0, software | Hewlett Packard' was received when I installed a new printer D1660 accompanied by an error report "http:www.hp.com/support for troubleshooting i

What cd/dvd burner is compatible

Hi, I recently bought the HP p6540y PC, windows 7 64 bit installed. I would get an extra cd/dvd burner drive for expansion tray.  Any suggestions on a good burner compatible?  Any help is appreciated!

Blank CD or DVD backup and restore

What type of CD or DVD blank is the best backup manager and HP restore? Recommendation for the specific model would be highly appreciated.

burner drive or software not found

I can not burn on a disc because I get this error: burner or software not found.  I checked the driver and it says: a driver (service) for this device has been disabled.  Another driver can provide this functionality.  Troubleshooting and fix, he cou


I have a problem with my HP dvd. I have a HP6310y and all of a sudden my dvd does not work. I checked the drivers and I had a yellow! Then I tried to update the driver but it says device is working and drivers are up to date. But I get (Windows canno

What CD/DVD drive?

I have a window running from the HP Elite 7 m9600t and I have an expansion Bay. Currently, I want to install another cd/dvd drive so that I can multi task. I'm not sure that one to buy or if it's not compatible. I'm on http://www.newegg.com/Store/Sub

HP DVD1035r writer

Windows XP Home SP3 Internet explore 8 Outlook Express 6 ==================== PROBLEM NUMBER 1 ================== I'm having some problems about the DVD1035r from HP writer: I insert a disc MAGNAVOX 'DVD-R' with a total of 4.7 GB of data, and a backu

Missing DVDAgent.exe?

First proactive disclosure: I'm a handyman and often used the Task Scheduler to start my programs. The theory is that if I delayed the departure of some programs that would be more quick start System. So far, the theory seems to be falling in flames,

Help - paper on DVD

OK, that's the most stupid one this year...... I stuck a label on top of my DVD-R disc and put it in my new HP p6230y DVD to burn a recovery disk. Well, the paper label was released on DVD. Any suggestions as to what I'm doing now? I can see way back

RW Drive is not recognized

I have a 4-5 years Media Center (m1070n) with a RW drive. Lately, it does not recognize the drive (message: e:\ is not accessible). I have a blank CD-RW in it. But if I put a Turbo Tax CD, it works great! I need to copy files to transfer to a new HP

DVD-ROM RW reads but won't write

I installed Windows 7 64 bit and now dvd - rom do not burn anything. She appeared in as a work Device Manager. I've updated the drivers but still nothing. I uninstalled the controllers ata so they would reinstall on restart, but nothing. I also tried

Firmware DVD GH40L issue

I have a p6210f Pavilion with DVD-RAM GH40L drive. I updated the firmware with sp44462 and power began before he finished. I can read DVD but not write. When I try to update again, it says "your system is up-to-date." How can I reflash the firmware?

Need driver for Ts-H653Q

I go to my computer and it does not show that I have installed cd/dvd rice. I go into the Device Manager and it shows my cd/dvd with a yellow player! sign. I'm trying to update the driver, and he said his update. I can also see: "Windows cannot load

Need help with a problem of firmware Samsung!

The problem is that I can't find any firmware for TSST CD/DVGW TS-H552L, ver.0614... ofcourse OEM:HP. No site [Samsung or HP] seems to show an update of the firmware. Hope someone in the community can enlighten me.  And oh... the of this is my first

Cannot copy discs

Hello I'm new here so be kind please I have a HP Pavilion P624a, I got it about 3 months. This is my first HP computer and so far, I'm happy. When I got to the computer I could copy discs without problem, but now it won't copy. It will burn ok, I tri

How can I save a clip from youtube website using a DVD - RW disc?

Is this possible? Please provide a step by step process to find out how to record from my Compaq Presario desktop PC. Please also indicate if I need additional software or equipment to record.
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