None of 'items' addresses the fundamental question: How can I see my favorites? Q & A are useless!

I used to have a bar at the top of Firefox, where I could shoot down my bookmarks menu. Who has disappeared. Ask "where are my favorites?" lead to useless as answers "how to bookmark a page." It has been suggested to click on the menu icon (you have to guess what the top of 3 bars right) and click on the bars to view menu, or something like that. problem is, there is no option in this menu. Who is responsible for screwing up what used to be a very user friendly browser? I might have to go back to the Solution Explorer, not a happy prospect. Firefox, you pay attention?


Hi BarryB, in the window menu, down, there is a Customize button. When the Customize dialog box opens, along the bottom, there is "show/hide toolbars.

4 balls are two different ways to do the same thing, so if the two do not work for you, try the other.

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  • W / the new Yahoo, how can I see/access the toolbar in Firefox to open a new private page?

    Yahoo turns completely to the top of the page and isn't drop to reveal Firefox no matter how I operate the mouse and/or click. How can I see and access Firefox that I use this (the terrible version) Yahoo? I'm not leaving Yahoo if possible because all my business email is there.

    Hello rinawilsam, you accidentally mode full screen? If so, please press F11 to leave again...

  • HELP PLEASE! I lost about 400 GB of MP4 (film and audio book) using Chkdsk files. He repaired broken sectors/files regardless, but it changed the extentions. How can I find new extensions? they are there, but I don't know how to find them.

    I have Vista Home Premium. I have a huge media collection for my ipod. I save all my video files and files on an external hard drive (my book 500 GB) audiobook while they clutter up my internal drive and so I can store them where my internal drive has failed somehow... Well I got the opposite happens. I started to get my video files would not open in their records. I ran Chkdsk utility to "fix" the files. When the program has finished running he had a Msg: something has changed the names of files and everything I was supposed to go to the files and the rear switch (as far as I can remember... I don't wear SPECIAL attention for the MSG that I thought it was normal and the program would take me to the files when it was done... ERROR. All desktop shortcuts no longer find files directly by going to my computer, then by looking at the HD I cannot find the files.  I used the program REcuva file hippo and it restores the few files that have been deleted out of the dirve and allowed to see some of the video files and audio books (but no tag info remained on the recovered files. I had to so I would like to know what they rename them). Other than these few files... less than 20 I t help either. Records that they are still there, but it asks me to open files with a program from a list of choices and not of the program draw files. (the choice to choose this high program open this type of file is also blacked out). Also when I run the cursor over the records of the size of the files do not match wat I know should be in the files. But if I just look at the my computer screen and run the cursor over the icon of the letter itself it show that there is 435 + GB hard disk info and 50 + GB of space left on it.
    A few questions:
    1. is it possible to see all the possible msg that the command chkdsk can generate so I can find that he gave me when he fixed my files?
    2 - How can I find these files if I don't know the extensions I'm looking for? they were for quicktime mp4 files, but I don't know now.
    3 - If the drive to my drive internal and try to list the backup files is located on the drive where I'd start trying to open the files?
    4 do I just need to cut my losses and reformat the hard disk, crying over 2 years, he took me to build the library and start over again >? (at least I kept some of my files from itunes library since itune on DVD about 1.5 years ago (about 300 GB of data there))
    And by the way the reader is set up to the FAT 32 format, that I did not know until this all happened.

    Go to start / Control Panel / folder Options / View and uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.  You should also check the box to see the system and hidden files while you're there.  This should show you the extensions of all files if that is the problem.  You can then rename the files for extensions are associated with a program that will open and read the files (you may need to experiment first with some programs to find one that works and an extension that works if they have been changed).  I don't know any way to do this for all files at once - they will have to be renamed individually (yes - I realize counts the number of files involved, but I know of no program in Vista or even a 3rd party program that will change the extensions for a group of files at a time - you can check for yourself on and

    Desktop Shortcuts no longer work because either the file type of the source file has changed and the shortcut does not open the file, or because the file has been moved and the shortcut can not find the path.  You should be able to check the path by finding files (whatever they are now called) and see if they are in the same directories in path as they were before this happened.  I think it's because the source file works more correctly because of the extension (or corruption).

    Recuva to recover lost or deleted files - not the files that are on the system (and you won't not solve your problem by deleting them and then use Recuva to recover because it sounds like the problem is with the extensions and Recuva is not going to be able to correct it (it is not part of his program)).

    There's no list of ALL possible messages that might be generated by chkdsk I know.  Here is an article on the chkdsk command works in XP and some messages it generates - but far from everything and nothing look like the one you receive (and it works essentially the same under Vista):

    The backup on your internal hard disk drive will not solve the problem - just move it.  The 'damage' to the files are already done a backup now will not solve anything.  The fact that the drive is set up in format FAT32 is not the question (and probably not the question in the first place is) and change to NTFS now is not going to solve the problem (although you can do that after all this has been resolved).

    I won't tell you to cut your losses - this is a pretty drastic step and there may still be other options (although I don't know myself).  You can take the reader to a recovery expert data (NOT Geek Squad or one of these other major centres to store) which may be able to recover some, most, or all files.  It will be expensive and only you can decide if it's worth the cost.  These people usually the game fee and do not offer a guarantee of recovery - even if they don't recover anything you always pay.  The decision is yours.

    If none of this works, transfer your question in images and videos Forum at: where people who specialize in issues related to the video may be able to help with your problem, since it's video files.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck! Lorien - a - MCSE/MCSA/network + / A +.

  • How can I see a Favorites/wishlist items to customers in the CRM?

    We would like to be able to have save items to their favorites or wish list and be able to contact one of our sales representatives to cover the options and preferences of customers. However, I don't see anywhere in the secure area parameters or record CRM that allows a web administrator to be able to know what the customer has registered in the Favorites section.

    Anyone know if this is possible? If this isn't the case, web applications offer all the features in the same direction? (In terms of selection/registration of profile and to be able to have an admin see what a customer has saved?)

    Hey there,

    Yes, BC does not store you can see in the backend on the client. It would be a really nice feature. The data is there, if it is exposed to the admin it could be added. Who knows.

    Where there is a will there is always a way, but it will have to be customized, it would be something like they have a button to request a discussion rep on their page of favorites, this auto fills a field hidden from all the favourites then it goes against the case. They then call or rep call them to discuss.

  • Web pages will not download in html format, just a long list of items on the page. How can I fix it?

    Firefox functioned normally. I downloaded the application of password of Firefox and all my web pages stopped downloading correctly. I deleted the app, without change. I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox. Nothing. This happened once before and I had to take it to a computer repair shop to get it fixed. That day, it was caused by a program that I had downloaded. I tried to restore my system, but that doesn't work anymore.

    Clear the cache and cookies from sites that cause problems.

    "Clear the Cache":

    • Tools > Options > advanced > network > storage (Cache) offline: 'clear now '.

    'Delete Cookies' sites causing problems:

    • Tools > Options > privacy > Cookies: "show the Cookies".

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

    One possible cause is security software (firewall) that blocks or limits Firefox or plugin-container process without informing you, possibly after the detection of changes (update) for the Firefox program.

    Delete all rules for Firefox in the list of permissions in the firewall and leave your firewall again ask permission to get full unlimited access to the internet for Firefox and the plugin-container and the update process.


  • BlackBerry Smartphones how can I see a calendar item that has been in my backup

    I did a full backup at home of my 8330 with BB Desktop Software a week ago.
    But I accidentally left my phone in the office and may not recover until Monday.
    I need data in a diary entry in the backup. How can I see it? I do not have Outlook or Office.

    I don't know where to start.

    Set to false.

    There are tools for this on
    It was given to me here:

  • Movies copied from my iphone are on the side. How can I turn whether right to the top?

    I copied several movies/videos from my iphone 4 in my images.  However, they are on the side.  How can I turn them so that they are right at the top?

    For viewing only... you can use VLC Media Player.

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    VLC Media Player
    (works on XP/Vista/7)

    After installing VLC open an it... then video and pause go to...
    Tools / effects and filters / video effects tab / geometry tab.
    Select the check box turn / slide the circle / close / play.

    If you want to rotate the video and save the new version...
    Windows Live Movie Maker may be worth a try:

    Shoot a video of 90 degrees with VLC or Windows Live Movie Maker

    Windows Live Movie Maker - rotate 90 ° right

    If the clips are not compatible with Windows
    Live Movie Maker... it may be worth trying to convert
    to the. Before you import into Live WMV format
    Movie Maker.

    There are many converters available on the net... some
    free... some detail.

    The following freeware converters are a few examples:

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    (1) Sothink Free Video Converter
    (Windows XP / Vista / 7)

    You will need to unzip the file... or you could just drag
    the Setup.exe from the file out of the folder and drop it on your
    desktop and install from there.

    Once installed... Open Sothink and go to... Add the files button...
    Find and select the clips you want to convert.

    Next... in the encoding settings... Choose... Video credits.
    WMV - Windows Media Video (*.wmv).

    Choose an output folder and on the left, click on the button convert.

    You can experiment with other settings later but
    This should help you get started.

    (2) format Factory (freeware)
    (the 'direct link' is faster)
    (the file you want to download is: ><>
    (FWIW... installation..., you can uncheck
    ('all' boxes on the last screen)
    (Windows XP / Vista / 7)

    First, you will need to decompress the file or just open the
    Drag FFSetup270.exe out of the folder
    and drop it on your desktop. To install left click.

    Next, after the download and installation of Format
    Factory... you can open the program and
    left click on the toolbar, the "Option" button and
    "Select an output folder to" / apply / OK.
    (this is where you find your files after they)
    are converted)

    Drag and drop your video clips on the main screen...

    Select "all to WMV" / OK...

    Click on... Beginning... in the toolbar...

    That should do it...

    Another option:

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    Free Video Flip and do rotate (XP / Vista / 7)
    (* You can uncheck the option to install the DVDVideoSoft toolbar *)

  • Problem with the radial filter, I can´t see the elliptical marquee

    Hello! I have a problem with the radial filter, I can´t see the edge, the elliptical marquee when I select, the effect so I can´t change the Center or the size. How can I see it again? Thank you

    Press the "H".

  • question: How can I open CS5.5 after the migration to the new computer laptop w / Mac OS 10.8.4?

    question: How can I open CS5.5 after the migration to the new computer laptop w / Mac OS 10.8.4? I got a dialog box indicating that I had to run Java SE runtime (or something to that effect), when I approved it, then try opening cs5.5 Indesign, the program closed unexpectedly at startup. If I uninstall program & reinstall, my documents will be free, or are they toast? Help!

    Hi rabbit Art,.

    Migration from one machine to the other problem most of the time. So I recommend you to reinstall the software. Concern is that none of your documents will be made.

    Kind regards

    Romit Sinha

  • Why, in the address bar in the url no but "go to website"? How can I see the url in the address bar?

    Why the address bar is not URL, but the "go on the web site? How can I see the URL in the address bar?

    Here's a few addons that other users have reported to cause the same problem in the past: Gom player, Ask Toolbar, DivX Web Player, RealPlayer Plugin browser Record (more)...

    in case you have one of them is present, try to disable/remove it - otherwise you could disable all extensions of your & re-enable each (a browser restart may be required after each step) until find you the culprit.

  • On my ipad, addresses in the e-mail of sellers are appearing in my favorite app of cards.  I can't remove them as I can with other recent in the cards.  How can I stop this from happening?  I'm not typed the e-mail address link.

    On my ipad, addresses in the e-mail of sellers are appearing in my favorite app of cards.  I can't remove them as I can with other recent in the cards.  How can I stop this from happening?  I'm not typed the e-mail address link.

    Maps - tap the box down a drop of addresses

    Under recent - click Favorites

    At the bottom, click on Favorites and remove addresses from this point of view - shot from right to left

  • I lost the code for the option menu 'limitations' of the iPhone 4, how can you do then? so I can come and factory reset, it is a 4 digit code, so I can be able toexample factory reset the phone, don't know if this is the right forum for my question but

    I lost the code for the option menu 'limitations' of the iPhone 4, how can you do then? so I can come and factory reset, it is a 4 digit code, so I can be able toexample factory reset the phone, don't know if this is the right forum for my question but

    Sorry, but the restriction password cannot be reset, it is part of the backup and restore a backup that was taken after the restrictions were activated, restore this code again.

    You will have to start without the help of the data backup, configure the phone to factory settings and start over. Follow the steps mentioned in this article:

    Use iTunes to restore your device to factory settings - Support Apple iOS

    If you lose or forget your password restriction, you must erase your device and then put it up as a new device to remove the restriction password. Restore the device by using a backup does not delete the access code.

    copied from: Sur les Restrictions (parental control) on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

  • I'm 'in the Community' (or I couldn't ask a question) how can I get the PW I put here?

    I'm 'in the Community' (or I couldn't ask a question) how can I get the PW I put here?

    I know it may seem silly for a computer "geek" to not write it down but... @ 81 Alheimers rules!



    Use the links below to reset your Windows Live ID password:

    If you need assistance, you will need to create a post on

  • I have 4 Toolbars list. None of them offer the spelling corrector. where can I find a spell checker and how to settle?

    original title: spell checker

    I have 4 Toolbars list.  None of them offer the spelling corrector. where can I find a spell checker and how to settle?   Help please?

    If you are looking for a spell checker for Internet Explorer, try this one. It sits on the IE toolbar, so there is no need for more mess.
  • My computer is defragged all files that it can. You, please, will address the following questions:

    My computer is defragged all files that it can.  You, please, will address the following questions:

    Fragments of files in file size that cannot be defragmented
    5 46 MB \WINDOWS\Installer\2b0c16e.msp
    6 73 MB \WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\DataStore.edb
    29 114 MB \WINDOWS\Installer\2b0c003.msp

    Total of 233 MB

    Can I remove them?

    Hi Robbie,

    This isn't a good idea to remove these files, these files are responsible for the update of windows.

    I hope this helps.

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