Object, bug of unwanted movements (VB4)

I am trying to get information in VB by creating a modest program of game in VB4.0 running in WIN XP - SP3. (No point in getting something more modern, until I feel more confident with the basics). There is a very persistent bug that comes and goes but who defied several attempts to eliminate or work around it. I can't recognize a trend in this appearance/disappearance.

Query: -.

There is an area of rich text, which is used to display status messages at various stages of the program. It is placed somewhere on the main form. Often, without apparent reason, he jumps from a firm position in the upper left corner of the form and cannot be dislodged.

The program is otherwise operating normally after this movement.

No other objects don't exhibit this behavior. Previously when some object or other go haywire (usually also for no apparent reason - I guess VB4 is a little unstable?) the cure was to replace the object with a similar one with a new name and change all instances in the code. This does NOT work with this bug. Not playing with timers or exchanging lines of code. Sometimes such an attempt appears briefly to correct bad behaviour, BUT it always returns.

I tried to fix the position with simple code: nothing good. Similarly, an attempt to use a line with the Method Move to return the errant box. After a brief period of apparent good conduct also failed.

I even tried a cleaning (owner) of the registry: no chance.

The problem is also evident in design mode and after making an exe.

Maybe is the problem due to an obscure interaction with a module of Windows?

The application: -.

If I can complete the program and this is finally working correctly can it put to update or upgrade by using what is the latest version of Visual Basic? Or should I start over? -I think, obviously, to try to do the thing properly compatible with later versions of Windows.

Useful suggestions gratefully received!


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    Thank you
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